The Lovers Tarot Card for Soulmates

The Lovers tarot card in a reading does not just represent love or a relationship. It’s more than that. It can also appear when the couple must make a decision about their relationship. If soulmates reach a crisis point, this card more than likely will appear in their tarot reading. But it may also appear if there are any other life decisions to make that will affect the relationship.

The Lovers tarot card also relates to Gemini, the astrological sign. Gemini is also known as the twins, which speaks to the connection between soulmates and twin flames. The Lovers tarot card is part of the Major Arcana. And many of those cards relate to relationships with spiritual connections. The Lovers, of course, being at the top of the list.


There is a lot of symbolism in the card itself. You can see symbols indicative of yin-yang and of the “twins” on the card. You will also see where divine masculine and divine feminine are both present. But this card also shows temptation. And if you look at the tree of knowledge you will see a snake.

The Lovers Tarot Card for Soulmates
The Lovers Tarot Card for Soulmates

As we know, or should know, spiritual relationships are not without challenges and temptations to go down the wrong path. These challenges, and the actions and reactions towards them, chart the course of the relationship. What should be and could be, a harmonious, glorious relationship can become very dark if the wrong choices are made.

All spiritually connected relationships have the opportunity to be amazing, positive relationships. But they must stay on a spiritual path. Stepping off the past creates the dysfunctional dynamic in the relationship. The Lovers tarot card also speaks of the connection between each soulmate in the relationship. It represents the chemistry, the sexuality and the passion felt by both of them.

Above the couple is an Angel, which indicates the divine union between them. She watches and guides them from above dispensing guidance to the relationship. And, of course, the divine intervention and timing for the couple as well. You see the man, Adam, and the woman, Eve. She looks to the Angel above them. But he looks intently at the woman, or Eve.

While this card can indicate a soulmate connection, the cards and placement of all cards in the reading can reveal even more about the relationship. Soulmate relationships are not easy relationships for the most part. And the cards can point out certain areas of struggle for the couple. Depending on the questions asked at the beginning of the reading, guidance and advice can be revealed in the reading of how best to navigate the relationship going forward.

Soulmate tarot readings should be given only by neutral parties, as any emotion or connection you have to the parties involved can influence the readings. This is why readers will not do readings for themselves, and neither should you.

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