The Fool Tarot Card in Soulmate Tarot Readings

The Fool tarot card can be important in soulmate tarot readings. But you shouldn’t do soulmate tarot readings by yourself, for yourself. When you have an emotional investment in the outcome, you can’t get clear answers. It’s best left to someone who has no attachment to the outcome. Putting that aside, many people ask us what it means when certain tarot cards show up in readings about their soulmate.


Let’s take The Fool card, for instance. The Fool can signify numerous things regarding your soulmate. It symbolizes a new path or the start of a new journey. It makes sense for this card to appear if you’ve just met your soulmate. This card can also signify the resistance many soulmate couples face regarding their connection. Will the couple face their fears and vulnerability and proceed with the relationship? Or will they deny the connection and run from it?

Soulmate connections aren’t always comfortable at certain points in a relationship. The intensity may feel great at the beginning. But at some point one or both soulmates may question the connection. Or try to break it. This comes from a place of fear. Should they take a chance and risk getting hurt? If they’re this emotionally invested now what would it be like in the future?

The Fool Tarot Card in Soulmate Tarot Readings
The Fool Tarot Card in Soulmate Tarot Readings


This is a hard leap of faith for many soulmates to take. So will they, or won’t they? The placement of this card, and the other cards present in the reading, will give the answer. The leap of faith reoccurs often in soulmate relationships. Will you take the leap of faith and learn the necessary lessons? Or will your lack of faith cause you to make foolish choices? The choice you make dictates the path your soulmate journey takes. Faith gives you strength, while fear makes you weak. What guides you shows in your soulmate relationship.


Soulmates are meant to evolve as individuals. And their personal lessons are to achieve just that. The connection is not just so you can have a fabulous romantic relationship. As a matter of fact if you choose to ignore your lessons, you won’t have a fabulous romantic relationship. It’s that simple. If you keep ignoring the lessons and enabling bad behavior you get to watch the drama and dysfunction unfold. You’re supposed to bring out the best in one another by being a better version of yourselves. When soulmates choose not to take the leap of faith and ignore their life lessons, they reach a stalemate.

The Fool tarot card will reveal if your soulmate relationship has taken a wrong turn and what choices either of you may choose when at a crossroads. A second chance may be indicated. If your soulmate has become a runner. The Fool can represent good news. It indicates the opportunity to reconcile. And the rest of your reading could reveal changes in attitudes and outlooks going forward. Soulmates always have an opportunity for their relationship to work out. But each individual must do what’s required for their self growth. If time was spent apart from each other, that time should be used wisely. This ensures the greatest opportunities for growth and spiritual awareness.


The Fool tarot card in the reverse position speaks of bad decisions. These poor decisions will negatively affect the status of the relationship. It can also indicate the domino affect. This is when one soulmate is faltering, whether it be with a decision of their own or keeping the faith. This causes the other to react poorly and cause even more problems. Face up, The Fool tarot card represents important choices currently presenting themselves. It could be time to let go of a relationship that no longer works for one of you, or both of you, so you can be together. You also may need to make choices about relocating in order to take your soulmate relationship to the next level.

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