Is My Soulmate the One for Me?

People often call us asking if their soulmate “is the one for me?” That’s a hard question to answer because it depends on many different variables. It would be great to be in complete control of the success or failure of a relationship all by ourselves. We would then be the only ones responsible to make it work or make it fail.


That is not how it works in relationships. Both parties, and what they contribute to the relationship, decides the outcome of the relationship. No one is “the“one for you” if they treat you like garbage. The universe doesn’t put you with a soulmate so you can suffer. That’s just not what they have in mind for you.

Is My Soulmate the One for Me
Is My Soulmate the One for Me

Being in a soulmate connection doesn’t mean you have to subject yourself to their bad behavior and hurtful words. The universe isn’t going to reward you or give you a medal for enabling and tolerating hurtful, disrespectful treatment. As a matter of fact, doing so is keeping you off your spiritual path. Suffering does not have to be a part of a soulmate relationship. Change and growth can be difficult. But it doesn’t have to go to the extreme levels of difficulty some soulmate couples experience. It’s not necessary at all. The way to minimize the difficulty is by not contributing to it.


Yes, you may think your soulmate is the one for you. But they may not be the only one for you. The one for you is not supposed to be the person that hurts you worse than anyone else in your life. They’re not supposed to be a constant source of heartache. They need to get their act together. And they should be willing to treat you better. Otherwise you may have to remove yourself from the relationship and focus on yourself for a while.

Although this is hard to do, it stops the problematic dynamics from getting worse. It also forces you to reconnect with your own faith and strength. This stops you from coming form a place of fear and insecurity. Doing this may be the hardest thing you have ever done. But it can be the very thing that forces your soulmate to change and grow as they need to.

The universe created the union between you and your soulmate to give you both the opportunity to have the best kind of relationship. They are the one for you to challenge yourself and be open to change. They are the one that should give you strength and purpose. And to see the bigger picture. It’s not all about romance. But it is finding what it is you need to let go of, to heal, and to change. And it’s the same thing for your soulmate. So expect there to be some growing pains for both of you.

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