Will You Always Remember a Soulmate?

Will you always remember a soulmate? Of course you will. And they will always remember you too. When your soulmate ends your relationship you can move on from them. You will always remember them, but you don’t have to keep them in your life.


Sometimes you have to let a soulmate go, which is very painful. Sometimes a soulmate must learn their life lessons without you in their life. Although it is painful, it’s actually less damaging to the soulmate relationship. Even though time or miles may be between you, the memories of what you shared will remain for both of you. When they finally realize the mistakes and bad choices they made, they will remember when it all went downhill. It’s that realization that often brings soulmates back together after a long period of no communication.

Will You Always Remember a Soulmate?
Will You Always Remember a Soulmate?

The lingering memories can bring couples back together even after decades have passed. The soul connection never breaks. And it makes the mind wander, and wonder. The should haves and could haves and what ifs come into play. When the one for you becomes the one that got away, they’re pretty impossible to forget. You wonder what could have been “if only”, especially if you’re the one who caused the soulmate relationship to end.

If it was your fault, or your decision, that ended the soulmate relationship it can haunt you. You now know what a real soul connection is like, feeling emotions you never felt before. Soulmate recognition is something you’ll never forget. You’ll always remember it, and nothing else really measures up to it.


You could both meet someone else but it just isn’t the same. There’s something missing. Even if you can’t put your finger on exactly what it is. Deep in your heart you know something important isn’t there. This is another reason soulmates often reunite. They can’t be replaced or replicated. And once that’s accepted, the only rational thing to do is rekindle the relationship.

If your soulmate hurt you and left you, don’t make your primary goal to forget them. That won’t really work. Accept that you’ll always remember them, but you won’t obsess about them. Allow them to be a part of your past, not your daily life. Accept the connection but distance yourself from the pain.

This will take time so put it in the hands of the universe. It wasn’t your fault they didn’t honor your bond. The universe won’t punish you for things that weren’t your fault. You may reunite with your soulmate at some point. Or you can be blessed with another one. We will always remember our soulmate, but sometimes we have to keep ourselves from digging up old memories that hurt us.

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