When Your Soulmate Needs Too Much Attention

When your soulmate needs to much attention, your life can get out of balance. The attention some soulmates seek is just not realistic if you plan to have your own identity, a job and friends. When soulmates first meet, they spend as much time together as is humanly possible. They can talk on the phone for hours a day, and spend all their free time together.


It’s great and it’s fun. But that level of attention can’t be realistically sustained without other areas of your life suffering. At some point, everything you put on the back burner, to spend time with your soulmate, will demand your attention again. You have to get your focus back at work. You have to make time again for your friends and family members. And you have to get back to your life.

Many soulmates freak out and think their soulmate is withdrawing. They get upset things have changed. But that’s just their perception. In reality the soulmate is just refocusing on something else. It sounds very romantic to revolve your life around your soulmate.

But real life isn’t a romance novel. Most people on Earth have to work, earn money, grocery shop, run errands, exercise, and have “me” time. Some soulmates will get resentful when you pull some of your attention away from them.

When Your Soulmate Needs Too Much Attention
When Your Soulmate Needs Too Much Attention

Explain to them your feelings haven’t changed, And that you’re just incorporating them into your life. You would love to spend all your time with them, but it simply isn’t realistic. Let your soulmate know that it’s nothing personal and not to worry. Sometimes that’s all it takes.


There are some soulmates who require too much attention. And that can be a big problem. A soulmate requiring too much attention will systematically, over time, pull you away from all your friends. It will start out slowly. And then suddenly you’ll realize your friends aren’t calling you to hang out anymore. All because you said NO too many times. Your friends may even be estranged from you due to problems occurring between you since your soulmate came on the scene.

The same thing can happen with your family members, including your own children. It was your soulmate’s goal all along to isolate you. They’re jealous of any attention you give to anyone else. And they need to have you all to themselves. You may believe it’s because they love you so much. And take it as a compliment. You’re very wrong.

This is about control and not about love at all. It’s manipulation, plain and simple. Your soulmate knows you travel for work. And that’s why they either cause drama right before you go away or while you are away. It’s to take attention away from your job. They know you have a deadline, and have to get your work done, or your boss will kill you. But they decide it’s time to pick a huge fight.

When your soulmate needs too much attention, stop giving it to them. Draw some boundaries and let them know this won’t work for you anymore. You need to stop giving in to them and start standing your ground. If you want a healthy relationship they’re going to have to accept what you can realistically give them. If not, you may have to force a soulmate separation so they see how serious you are about this. A soulmate is supposed to add to your life, not strip everyone and everything else away.

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