Ultimatums in Soulmate Relationships

Since soulmate relationships are all about achieving change and spiritual and personal growth, they can easily spin out of control. It is at these points, known as soulmate crisis points, that an ultimatum could turn the relationship around and get it back on track. If not used properly, ultimatums in soulmate relationships could actually make things worse.

Soulmate Crisis Point

Ultimatums in Soulmate Relationships
Ultimatums in Soulmate Relationships

A soulmate crisis point is a pivotal window of time in the relationship where something drastic must be done. This is a time when talking won’t do anything or be taken seriously. It is also a time where the soulmate relationship will almost always change to for the better, or for the worse.

This is not a time to make excuses or succumb to your fears. It is the time for you to face your fears and do what is best for the soulmate relationship in the long run. What you excuse now will not only repeat itself over and over, but it will get worse than you could imagine. It is a time for ultimatums, both verbal, and with follow-up action.

Without the follow-up action, the words are worthless and your soulmate learns your words are worthless. Bad lesson for them to learn, and for you. Your word should always mean something, both to yourself and your soulmate. Sometimes the punishment has to fit the crime.

Using Ultimatums Effectively

Do not be afraid to use ultimatums in soulmate relationships to wake your soulmate up to the fact they may lose you. Let’s give you an example. Lets say your soulmate has been sabotaging your relationship by drinking too much and too often. Their drinking is causing friction in your relationship and causing problems at their job. You can no longer avoid the problem, and are at a soulmate crisis point.

You can tell your soulmate that the drinking has to stop or the relationship is over. So what happens next? Your soulmate drinks again. Now here is another soulmate crisis point, because what you do now is most important. If you simply yell at them, give them the cold shoulder, or leave for a few days, you blew it. Your soulmate has now learned they can continue to drink whenever they want and all that will happen to them is some minor punishment, and that they won’t lose you.

They will drink more and more often, and it can easily get to the point where their drinking causes problems you never saw coming! Now they may make friends at the local bar and stay out all night. One of those friends may bring along a member of the opposite sex and something could happen between them.

Saying the ultimatum didn’t work. It is just words. The actions when they challenge you are what truly matter. The more serious your action, the better chance you have of them learning their lesson and never doing it again. The weaker your action (or lack of it entirely) will almost certainly guarantee they will do it over and over again.

Ultimatums in soulmate relationship are often a necessity, and can garner either the best or the worst results. So if you are thinking of giving your soulmate an ultimatum, know that if you do not commit to it 100%, you just made things worse.

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