Time-Out in Soulmate Relationships

Time-out in soulmate relationships can help your soul connection. Is there ever a good reason to give your soulmate relationship a time-out? How can a time-out be the right thing? How could a time-out help a soulmate relationship? Soulmates can benefit from time-outs as it can actually reinforce their connection.


Because of their deep connection, a time-out can be just what they need. Emotions run very high in soulmate relationships. They love to the extreme and they battle to the extreme. Everything is extreme when it comes to soulmates. The love and affection are on a higher level, and fighting is just as intense. So when soulmates are at odds, it could be a very good idea to go to separate corners for a while.

Soulmates may need a time-out to shift gears from wanting to hurt one another to missing one another terribly. They need those feelings of anger or hurt to die down, and love to surge again. When soulmates fight they can act like bitter enemies. And it looks like they hate one another. Often if you give them a few days apart, they are bawling like babies because they miss each other so much. And then could care less about or don’t even remember what they were fighting about.

Time-Out in Soulmate Relationships
Time-Out in Soulmate Relationships

So yes, there is a good time to give your soul mate a time-out. When your soul mate is acting out is the perfect time to give them a time-out. If you can’t reason with them, or they are looking to fight, then let them alone. Let them know you aren’t going to be around them when they’re acting like this. Instead of letting them wind you up over something stupid or irrational, give them a time-out.


They’re obviously looking for you to sink to their level, and nothing good will come from that. Don’t go there. Do something constructive instead of destructive. Of course many soulmates are terrified that a time-out will lead to a break up. This is just silly. Do you think a time-out will do more damage than is being currently done? Do you really think they will stop loving you?

Love doesn’t work that way. Do you really think they will get over you and find someone else? In a few days? Again, that is just silly and melodramatic. No one falls out of love and in love with someone else in a matter of days. Put your fears aside and do the right thing. When it is time to give your soulmate a time-out, then do so.

Don’t confuse time-outs with on/off relationships. If you’re giving your soulmate time-outs constantly then there is clearly a bigger problem. Some people use time-outs as power plays and to create an on/off situation. That is relationship dysfunction 101 and not a good idea at all.

When giving a time-out, do so in a calm manner, or as calm as possible. Let them know how long you will be gone, or how long you want them to leave. Tell them this isn’t the end of your relationship, but an effort to make things better. Let them know you will be thinking a lot about things. And that you both need time to get your heads together and your hearts in alignment. Explain to them you’re doing things for the good of the relationship, not to hurt it. Agree to not have any communication until the date you agree on. Make a plan to meet for lunch or dinner on that date. A time-out may be just the thing to give your soulmate relationship a much needed reboot.

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