When Your Soulmate is at a Stalemate

When your soulmate is at a stalemate, you can feel pretty miserable. If you have been reading our blog for a while you understand what we mean when we say soulmate relationships are often challenging ones. We say this all the time. Over and over again, to be honest. But so many folks still operate under the misconception that just because some one is their soulmate, it all will work out with divine intervention. This is simply not always the case.


Many people think soulmate relationships naturally evolve into long-term relationships. Just because someone is one of your romantic soulmates, does not mean it will easily take this journey. Actually, this is a huge error in thinking. Soulmate relationships usually require a lot of work to move them up the relationship ladder. Many times you will find the relationship just hits the wall. And realize your soulmate is at a stalemate.

When Your Soulmate is at a Stalemate
When Your Soulmate is at a Stalemate

SO what are some examples of when a soulmate is at a stalemate?

  • Your soulmate may not be ready to have a deeply connected committed relationship.
  • Soulmates can disappear, without word or warning. They become a ghost.
  • There is no growth in your relationship. It stays in the same place for a long time, perhaps even years.
  • You believe you have met your soulmate, but unfortunately one or both of you are involved in other relationships.
  • You meet someone you feel a deep connection to but they are not interested in having the same relationship you do.
  • There is problem after problem, and even breakup after breakup and it could even be an on-again off-again relationship.


When your soulmate is at a stalemate you have to take action. The universe may create soulmate connections, but what we do with them is of our own free will. The soulmate fairy is not going to come down and wave her magic wand to fix your relationship. You will have to fix it. Or make the difficult decision to end it. It is time to stop waiting for divine intervention, and take action.

Essentially people have to be forced to change, and until you create the change, you can pretty much bet that your soulmate won’t change either. But when you change, in the way you act, react and even speak to your soulmate, they will have to naturally change to reflect the changes in you.

Not only do you have to look at what is causing the stalemate in your relationship, but how you both contributed to this status. You may think it all rests with the other person. But it may actually start with you. Just because someone is your soulmate does not mean you have to lower your standards, deny yourself self-respect, and allow someone to treat you like dirt and take advantage of you.

If you find yourself in this situation, where your soulmate is at a stalemate, it is time to take action. Sarah and Sophia are experts at seeing deep into your soulmate relationship to find exactly where the stagnation is coming from and give you an action plan to guide you to bringing it back into balance. They will also be able to see if it is time to let any hope of the relationship go and give you steps to take for moving on with your life.



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