Soulmates Must Be Ready, Willing and Able

Soulmates must be ready, willing and able for the relationship to work and overcome obstacles as a couple.

Both people, not just one, must contribute time, energy, and effort to make this soul connection the special relationship it can be. If only one soulmate is ready, willing and able, the relationship will become dysfunctional as time goes on.

You can’t show up for a wedding without someone to marry. Likewise, you can’t show up for a relationship by yourself and expect it to work out.


Soulmates Must Be Ready, Willing and Able
Soulmates Must Be Ready, Willing and Able

If your soulmate is pushing you away, or with someone else, then remain on the sidelines until they’re available. Live your life. Do what you need to do for yourself. And don’t let your life revolve around theirs. At least not until they’re an active, productive part of yours.

Both of you must be ready to become better versions of yourselves. They must be ready to open themselves to the intimate connection you share. So they must be ready to change what they need to for themselves as individuals. And for the relationship as well.

You should both be ready to face your worst fears, and rise above them. Until you do the relationship can’t be productive, only destructive. You must be willing to drop any bad habits and toxic behaviors your learned from past relationships.


It’s time to stop playing games and become truly vulnerable. Both soulmates must be willing to stop making excuses. It’s time to stop lying so you can come from a place of truth. Both partners must be willing to stop using their connection as a crutch to engage in undignified behavior or excusing undignified behavior.

Soulmates must both be willing to accept the connection and stop abusing it. You must also be willing to treat your union with the respect and reverence it deserves. Both of you must also be able to have a relationship. Committing fully to your soulmate relationship is required of both of you.

If either of you are already in a relationship, your should end that relationship rather than pursue an affair. You must be willing to overcome insecurities, push through their self sabotage and resist the urge to run from overwhelming feelings. In soulmate relationships, the connection won’t create a healthy, happy, long-term relationship. Both soulmates being ready, willing and able to put in the work.

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