Soulmates: Are You Really Made for Each Other?

Soulmates are made for each other. At least the people who believe in the concept of soulmates think so. Just the other day I was thinking about two little idioms; “They are made for each other” and “Marriages are Made in Heaven”. But are they really? Are marriages made in heaven? Or are they something we arrange here on earth when we think we have found our significant other? Are people made for each other? Or do we just sort of mold ourselves to the ones with whom we are in relationship?


If you believe in soulmates and soulmate relationships, rest assured. You are made for each other. Soulmates meet on the ‘other side’, prior to incarnating, or being born. Before we are born our souls have meetings with our guides and members from our soul family. This is where we determine the life lessons we will learn during the upcoming lifetime. Our soul family are the souls who travel with us from lifetime to lifetime. We will have real earth-bound relationships with these souls over and over again. We all come down together to experience life, learn, and evolve before our final reunion on the other side.

Soulmates: Are You Really Made for Each Other?
Soulmates: Are You Really Made for Each Other?

We may incarnate at the same or different time periods, depending on the nature of the relationship. If it is to be a romantic relationship we will usually incarnate during the same generation. Since we travel with these souls through time, when we physically meet there is a sense of familiarity. We experience a feeling of already knowing that person. There is a subtle recognition when we encounter one of the souls we travel through lifetimes with. That recognition should also come with a flashing billboard announcing “Major Life Lesson Incoming” . And you know when you meet one of them, spiritual growth attached to that relationship. These life lessons may be difficult.


Let’s say, for example, you need a life lesson in patience. This is truly one of the most difficult things to acquire. Don’t lose heart, when you are experiencing life lessons in patience. Because it means you are almost at the end of your incarnation cycles and almost home free! On the other hand, your soulmate needs a lesson in learning how to receive unconditional love. Both of you agree to provide this lesson to each other, in one way or another, when you create your life’s blueprint. You create soulmate contracts or agreements with soulmates to provide these opportunities for spiritual growth.


Your souls need these life lessons in order to evolve to the next level. Because you agreed to have the life lessons with that soul, you are already with each other before coming down to Earth. So you are made for each other, because you agreed to be in each others lives for a reason. It is your karmic duty to fulfill and complete your soulmate contracts and provide the lessons you each need in your individual soul evolution.

While you may be made for each other due to your soulmate agreement, it is not a guarantee that you will be together for the long haul. A soulmate can come into your life for a season, a reason or in some cases a lifetime. The number of instances of soulmates uniting for a lifetime however are few and far between. Although it can happen for some soulmates.

If you break up with your soulmate it creates the emotional soulmate crisis point we call soulmate separation anxiety. It is during that period of separation, and the resulting sadness, depression and in some cases obsession, that you will learn the life lessons. Because you will have to work through the trauma of this great loss. This is the time to focus on yourself and practice self-love and self-care. It will take a while to heal. You can get over the pain of losing a soulmate and you will love again.


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Originally posted on 05/22/2013 @ 8:29 am

4 thoughts on “Soulmates: Are You Really Made for Each Other?”

  1. I can’t believe – I just found this page! Had a specific question in my mind before I went searching and I find this! The question in my head has been really driving me crazy: what does this all mean? What am I not getting? I have been seeing these numbers too!!! Pretty much any of them, but mostly 12:12, 16:16, 18:18, 20:20, 21:12, 21:21, 22:22 etc. This has been going on for about 6 months, broke up with my boyfriend 4 months ago. I thought he was the one, still feel the same, I ended it, it was too much to handle! I can’t get him out of my mind, my memory, my cell memory! I’m really trying to see the lessons I try to let go and allow my growth, but the pain from having to let him go is too much. I find myself being more afraid of the false hope of us coming together again. It’s torture! I had to break up with someone I was still in love with and loved deeply. This is hell!! So what is it? Synchronicities, divine purpose, something guiding me and I’m not getting it? I don’t even know if I really believe in this, but the internet is full of these theories.
    Thank you for any answer!

  2. This whole soulmate topic really helps. Heart breaking at the same time. Seeing his name in some variation endlessly…everyday. I also see triple digits multiple times a day. 555, 333, etc. I feel lost and not understanding why things need to be so painful and confusing. To benefit my higher self? To what end? When does it stop…which life etc. Does anyone feel like life is on autopilot?

    • Something similar here. Confusion and ups&downs are my mates already for one year! I can feel some changes inside – like getting more mature and stronger, but I still remember my “friend” and that deep pain just doesn’t go away – like round and round but still here.. It’s hard to understand what all this means, when you feel strong affection and anger at once. And that “friend” who crosses my mind everyday! Also seeing these numbers – like similar hours and minutes when looking at the clock often – for example 11:11, 13:13, 18:18…. A mad obsession.


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