Soulmates Don’t Grow on Trees

Soulmates don’t grow on trees. Of course most people would like to meet their soulmate. But many don’t understand soulmates are not easy to find.

First of all, they’re not everywhere. You can’t just go pick one up at your local Walmart.

Your soulmate is one grain of sand on a huge beach. So if you decide to put your energy into finding yours, it could take a while.


The universe created a soulmate for you. And they will create the time and place for you to begin your journey. Finding a soulmate can become frustrating because many people expect the universe to provide a soulmate for them. But they want to decide where, when and how they meet. It doesn’t work like that. It is not up to you, it is up to the universe. And soulmate don’t grow on trees.

Think about it, many people don’t believe in soulmates. So it stands to reason they’re not looking for one. Does this mean they will never meet a soulmate? Of course not. They’re going to meet a soulmate regardless of whether they want to or not. This is why so many people feel blindsided when they meet one.

Soulmates Don't Grow on Trees
Soulmates Don’t Grow on Trees

They weren’t looking for one and probably didn’t even believe soulmates exist. A soulmate will manifest in their lives at a very inconvenient time for them. Why? Because the universe has its reasons. And when they want soulmates to come together, they put them together. There is always a reason why soulmates meet when they do. It causes both soulmates to take a look at what is not working for them in their lives.


One, or both, of the soulmates could be in previous relationships that have run their course and must come to an end. It could be to take a different career path, or to focus more, or less, on their current job/career. Another reason is to break bad relationship habits. Otherwise they will just wind up in one dysfunctional relationship after another.

Friends and family may have created a toxic environment. So soulmate enters to help them break free loose what’s holding them back from happiness and their life purpose. So when a soulmate enters, something has to exit. These exits, whether they are people, or ways of thinking or behaving, bring tons of drama and resistance with them. In many cases, only a soulmate connection can give each individual the kick in the pants, or the inner strength, to create those changes that would otherwise go unchanged.

Soulmate connections are rare and you don’t have hundreds of them to choose from. And this is why soulmates don’t grow on trees. Just because you have a strong pull towards someone doesn’t mean they’re your soulmate. That pull could just be a strong sexual chemistry, which is often confused with a soulmate connection. Although soulmates have a strong physical chemistry, not all couples with a strong physical chemistry are your soulmate.

You may be strongly attracted to someone because something is missing in your life. That part of you has remained dormant for a long time. When it awakens it can feel really powerful and shake your life up. Does that mean they are a soulmate? Not necessarily. It could just be a strong attraction you have to something that you lost, or never had. There can be many instances where you meet people you feel a strong attraction to, a crush on, love, infatuation, or have special feelings for. They won’t all be soulmates. And it’s important you don’t put the soulmate label on the wrong person.


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