Soulmates Are for Life

Soulmates are for life. It needs to be said. Too many people have asked us in readings if their soulmates feelings for them have changed and if they are still soulmates.

Contrary to popular belief, you can’t cut some invisible cord, or some other nonsense, so someone is no longer your soulmate. You may choose not to have anything to do with them, but they are still your soulmate. You have choices about what to d,o and what not to do, with your soulmate.

Think of it like the bond between blood relatives. They are your family, and you are connected by blood. This does not mean all families never become estranged. You can never speak to your brother, sister, cousin or even a parent ever again and be just fine with it. You don’t have to walk around with your spirit broken and lament that you don’t have a relationship with them. If you realize your life it better off without them, you can move on without them. You can also feel totally at peace about it. But that doesn’t make them your blood relative anymore, just because you don’t have a relationship with them anymore.

Soulmates Are for Life
Soulmates Are for Life

The same thing with applies to soulmates. You may have learned your lessons but your soulmate refuses to. You can then decide you have had enough of their shenanigans, move on and leave them behind. They are still your soulmate, but you can live a happy life and find love again. Many times the Universe rewards us with another soulmate.

We all have a life path. The universe puts soulmates in our path when they feel the time is right. It might not seem like the right time for us, but they have their reasons. We do not have to give our soulmate an indefinite amount of time to get their act together and walk alongside us on our spiritual path. We can walk that path alone without them. When we do this, someone else comes along that path who is more on our level. That does not mean you will always be vulnerable to them. Usually they no longer have the same affect on you that they once did. As you progress on your spiritual path, the wounds from your soulmate will get better. The experience of the soulmate relationship with them will heal.

On the other hand, just because you and your soulmate had a little fight, don’t worry their feelings have changed for you. This is part of being in a relationship. It happens to every normal couple. Even though you can move on from a soulmate, it does not mean it is easy by any means. The dynamics between soulmates have to be so toxic that one has to call it quits to save themselves from going down a dark path. It is literally a last resort, when everything else has tried and failed. A soulmate connection is too strong, and the decision to let go is never made lightly.

Soulmates are for life, even if they are not always a part of your life.

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