Soulmate Signs: How Will I Know My Soulmate?

There are many soulmate signs to help identify your soulmate. Too many people encounter a false soulmate, mistakenly believing they’re a true soulmate. When you first encounter one another the connection makes itself known in a big way. You feel as if you have been struck by lightning. And the connection feels so deep and strong right from the start. Your soul is telling you, and you can feel it, that you have found that special someone. There is a sense of familiarity, as if this person you just laid eyes on you have somehow known for a long time.


After the initial meeting, it’s impossible to get this person off your mind. This is one of the many signs and signals you have found a soulmate. You want to spend every moment possible with them. You’re shocked, and delighted, by how much synchronicity there is in your lives. And how much you have in common. Everything just clicks.

Many people are unaware of how real soulmate signs from the Universe present themselves . Even if they’re seeing one right after the other, they tend to question if what they see is real. They wonder if it’s just wishful thinking, or if they are just being a hopeless romantic.

They may even be afraid to discuss it with their friends or family due to fear of ridicule. But for those of us in the know, the soulmate signs are obvious. You can’t just chalk them up to random coincidences, because there are too man. And they happen way to frequently.


Feeling a very strong, instant connection to someone is one off the soulmate signs. This connection will not be like any other feeling you’ve had for anyone previously. This will be a new experience. This connection is not just chemistry and attraction. It’s a deeper, more spiritual, intellectual, and emotional one. It sparks something within you that you didn’t even know was there. Whether it’s conversations, intimacy or depth of feelings, neither of you will have know a connection like this even existed!

Soulmate Signs: How Will I Know My Soulmate?
Soulmate Signs: How Will I Know My Soulmate?


Another sign is sharing an empathic connection with your soulmate. What is an empathic soulmate connection? You pick up on each others emotions as if they’re your own. You could be having a wonderful lunch with your girlfriends, and laughing hysterically at their anecdotes, then out of the blue you are hit with a wave of sadness. Your friends notice the change in you and ask what is wrong.

So you  tell them nothing is wrong. You wonder why all of a sudden you felt sad when there’s no reason. You finish your lunch. And as you’re driving home your soulmate calls to tell you their Aunt died. This is the source of your sadness. You were picking up empathically the sadness your soulmate was feeling at the time.


If you’re constantly reminded of your soulmate by outside sources, chances are these are soulmate signs. Let’s say your soulmate has a van that reminds you of the Scooby Doo van. And you often joke it. Now let’s say the two of you had a really bad argument and haven’t spoken to each other for a week. You’ve been miserable. And to make matters worse, have been bombarded in the oddest ways with images of the Scooby Doo van! You wonder if the universe is trying to torture you. No, they are not. They’re sending you signals your soulmate connection remains intact. They’re showing you this person has not left your life. This is just a bump in the road and a chance for learning.


Another telling soulmate sign is feeling at home right away when you spend time together. When you can be real with someone right way, this may be a signal they’re a soulmate. When you feel a sense of comfort to be who you are, and a sense of safety and understanding, chances are you are experiencing that soulmate connection. It will just feel right, and you will at ease.

Soulmate signs remind you to keep yourself in check and if you have to, put your soulmate in check. You know right from wrong behaviors in relationships. Unfortunately people often allow soulmate’s to behave in ways they would never have tolerated prior to meeting them. It’s a sign, a warning sign, when you see repeated bad behavior with your soulmate. Especially if you keep allowing this bad behavior. If you wouldn’t tolerate it from anyone else, you shouldn’t tolerate it from a soulmate.

Soulmate connections are not an excuse for either of you to act out, misbehave or disrespect each other. You’re both supposed to be operating at a higher level, not a lower level. So if your soulmate relationship has drama, it should be changed at once.

When you both ignore the signs it becomes a vicious cycle. And the relationship sours and becomes a dysfunctional one. Many people in dysfunctional relationships often use the soulmate connection as an excuse. It’s never the connection that makes you put up with bad behavior, it is almost always fear and insecurity that does. The connection should be a source of strength, not a weakness. The choice is yours in how you use it, and the same goes for your soulmate.


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