Soulmate Reunion: When Soulmates Reunite

Soulmate reunion is another way of referring to soulmates getting back together. It also refers to them meeting for the first time.

Just like any other relationship, a soulmate reunion is not guaranteed. We would like think that there is a kind of relationship that is exempt from breaking up, but there isn’t. Soulmates break up too.


Unlike most other relationships, soulmates have the best odds of a reunion. Why?

A soulmate is a hard person to forget. You may try and put them out of your mind. So good luck with that. They always creep back in no matter how hard you may try to move on. This is especially true if you were the one that caused the breakup with your bad behavior. When you know you were the one responsible for the breakup, it is exceptionally difficult to let go of your soulmate. You torment yourself with thought of “what could have been”.

Soulmate Reunion: When Soulmates Reunite
Soulmate Reunion: When Soulmates Reunite

Now if you are hoping for a soulmate reunion, try your best not to despair. What may seem hopeless right now can change on a dime. You may see your soulmate on social media posting as if they are the happiest person in the world. It appears they are having a wonderful life. So you just assume soulmate reunion is no longer possible.

Please understand that looks can be very deceiving. Soulmates are known for going over the top in trying to prove they are “over” the relationship. So don’t be surprised if they get into a another relationship right away. Or they could put themselves on a dating app. That does not mean a soulmate reunion is out of the question.

When they do things like that too soon they are just going through the motions. And they are truly not emotionally available to move on. It’s unfortunate they are behaving this way. And we understand how hurtful it is.

Just don’t lose all hope. We can not speak for all people hoping for a soulmate reunion. But for many, many people this kind of behavior is “normal”. It is part of their soulmate denial, or soulmate sabotage.


You would be surprised how many soulmate reunions occur after one soulmate, sometimes even both of them, gets involved with someone else. It is tough to go through, and tough to rebuild trust, but it can be done. Some clients as well as comments on our blog have said “Well, my soulmate has been gone for (insert time period) so they must never be coming back”.

What does the passage of time have to do with anything? There is no designated time frame put in place for soulmate reunions to happen. Sometimes a break up can last a day, sometimes it can last a year. It all depends on when the one who ran away decides to cut the crap and stop running.

That does not mean you have to wait an eternity for them. It just means that there is not a cut off period for soulmate reunions. Each couple is different, so of course the time it can take for a soulmate would be different for each couple.

A soulmate reunion also occurs when they meet for the first time. This is truly the essence of an initial soulmate meeting. You planned for this meeting to occur before you were born. It is all part of your soul blueprint with this particular soul. First meetings between soulmates can feel very cosmic. It can be unsettling and even a little ungrounding.

This is cause by intense soul recognition between the two souls. It is similar to love at first site. But in reality the souls are acknowledging the connection to each other. It is very similar to a twin flame reunion, but happens between soulmates. There is a knowing that this person will someone important in your life. And you would be correct.

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