The Soulmate Relationship Roller Coaster, Time to Hold On

The soulmate relationship roller coaster may sound like something you want to ride. With all the ups and downs and twists and turns soulmate relationships bring, have you really prepared for the ride of your life? Soulmate relationships are not for the weak of heart, so you better buckle up. Get ready for what, at times, could be a very scary ride.


At the beginning of the ride you go higher and higher and higher. Nothing scary about that, right? The same thing happens when soulmates first meet. The recognition of souls occurs and emotions go higher and higher and higher. But then, out of nowhere, comes the downward plunge. Now here is where it gets scary.

At an amusement park the plunge downward lasts only a few seconds. In a soulmate relationship the plunge downward lasts way too long. And it goes to lows one would never expect. So how can you ride the soulmate roller coaster and keep from screaming or getting sick to your stomach?

The Soulmate Relationship Roller Coaster, Time to Hold On
The Soulmate Relationship Roller CoasterĀ 


Well, the first thing you need to do is prepare yourself, as best you can, for the downward plunges that almost always happen. At the amusement park you strap yourself in for the ride and hold on for dear life. And you need to do the same in a soulmate relationship. You have to ground yourself. You have to remind yourself that you share a connection and you need to hold onto that connection for dear life.

Let that connection give you strength, and keep you centered. Don’t let the connection lead you astray. Don’t let that connection give you the excuse to do things you wouldn’t normally do, or put up with things you normally wouldn’t put up with.

Soulmate relationships should be held to a higher standard than other relationships. Yet for some reason, too many people lower their standards instead. You can’t expect to have a relationship on a high spiritual level if you engage in lower level behaviors. Set higher boundaries. And be prepared to enforce them. Stand your ground. Don’t ever be afraid to do what you know is right.


You won’t ruin a soulmate relationship by doing the right thing. You can ruin a soulmate relationship by doing the wrong thing. If your soulmate is doing the wrong things, don’t join in. Let them learn their lessons. Or you will learn your lessons the hard way.

Learn to ride out the bad times, and don’t get impatient. The bad times will pass if you don’t add your own energy into them. If you do, you’re ensuring they will last a lot longer,and do a lot more damage. It’s really not worth putting yourself through a lot of pain that could have been avoided by staying strong.

Your best bet is to let the roller coaster run its course, while you hold on tight. Even if you have to white knuckle it at times. Do this until you and your soulmate are back on solid ground.


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