Is Your Soulmate a Past Love?

Is your soulmate a past love? Do you find yourself looking to your past and regret letting go of them? Do you fear that your past love was your soulmate and wish things would have turned out differently? Have you wondered over the years how things would have turned out if you stayed together? Do you feel you will never find a soulmate because you may have let yours go when you were younger?

Is Your Soulmate a Past Love?

Is Your Soulmate a Past Love?

What happens when a past love is a soulmate who has moved on with their life without us?


First of all, many people have a tendency to look at their past relationships at a distance. They can forget how bad it was and how bad they felt at the time. So history gets rewritten with rose-colored glasses. Our first real love always has a special place in our hearts. But our first real love isn’t always a soulmate. Some are, of course.

Sometimes soulmates meet early in life and they can separate and take different paths. Years, even decades, can go by and yet they always remember each other.  And that connection always remains.


Many soulmates find one another again and give it another go after long periods of time apart. They may have experienced marriage to someone else, the birth of children, and divorce before they find one another again. Their life lessons have prepared them to get it right this time around.

This is not to say it’s a good idea after a long term relationship ends to go backwards into your past and look up all your old flames to see if they are single. Too many people fear the unknown. So rather than meet someone new, they look up a past love. Like everything else in life, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. It’s not about recreating the past, but building a better future.

Perhaps you’ve let a past love go and you worry you will never get a soulmate again. But don’t freak out. We can all have multiple soulmates. If it didn’t work out that does not mean the universe may not reward you with another one in the future.

Think about it. Let’s say you and your soulmate met while in high school. This past love didn’t work out because their parents got a job offer and they moved to another state. How was that the fault of the two of you? It was not the fault of either of you, and the universe will be sympathetic. You may either get an opportunity to reunite with them at a later date or get another soulmate at another time in your life.


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