Soulmate Lovers Have a Deep Connection

Soulmate lovers will reach a deep level of intimacy that cannot be reached without a connection like theirs. Although you can have a soulmate connection that is not a romantic one, it is more common for soulmates to be lovers. The strong bond between them also comes with mind-blowing chemistry. And this is often very overwhelming to the couple at times.


When soulmates first meet, that sexual attraction is usually off the charts right away. The desire to be in each other’s company is so strong, a first encounter can last for hours or even days. Usually neither soulmate wants the night to end. And so it doesn’t. When soulmates are lovers, rather than just friends or kindred spirits, certain issues can arise.

Soulmate Lovers
Soulmate Lovers

It is very easy for many soulmate lovers to lead one another down the wrong path. Rather than following a spiritual path of faith, they go down a dark path. Here they are being led by fear and insecurities. Have you ever noticed that soulmates, when just friends, rarely go through a soulmate separation? They never seem to have the issues or struggles soulmate lovers do. They do learn their lessons from one another. And they seem ready, willing and able to support one another and help guide each other. In truth, they hardly ever lead each other down the wrong path.


So why does the drama enter into soulmate lovers relationships? There are a couple of reasons why. One of the main reasons is people have a tendency to be more insecure in romantic relationships than they do in friendships. People rarely allow their friends to get away with the bad behavior allowed to soulmate lovers. That is not because they are more connected to their romantic soulmate than they are to a soulmate friend. It is because they hold their soulmate friend to a higher level of behavior than they would their soulmate lover.

They make excuses for their soulmate lover, rather than call them out. It seems easier to enable a soulmate lover to get away with dysfunctional behavior, because for some strange reason people believe they should cut their lovers more slack than anyone else in their lives. Any wonder why their are so many toxic relationships out there?

In truth we should expect more, not less, from our soulmate lovers than anyone else. Fear should have no place in a relationship between soulmate lovers. The faith in the connection and a higher power should help banish those fears and insecurities instead of creating more. This is what fear does, not love. If you allow fear to be a driving force in your relationship, any relationship, you need to accept the reality that the relationship will only get worse with each passing day. Nothing good can grow from seeds of insecurity.


What experiences have you had with your soulmate? Have they been positive or drama filled? We would love to hear from you in our comments section! 

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