Soulmate Love is a Special Love

Soulmate love is a special love that cannot truly be understood until you experience it for yourself. You may be the type of person who has never really allowed yourself to become vulnerable to someone else nor feel really deeply connected to someone that isn’t family. That does not mean you will never be able to experience soulmate love.

It does not matter if you have not been in love before, or have trouble opening up to people. You won’t have to change anything about yourself for a soulmate to enter your life. Quite often your soulmate will be there to assist you in making any changes and learning any lessons the universe deems necessary or important for you.

Soulmate Love
Soulmate Love

When your soulmate does arrive, loving them will come easily and organically. You will love your soulmate in a way you never thought possible. Please do not think yourself unworthy of experiencing soulmate love. From our experience, you don’t have to be at a certain spiritual level or even on a spiritual path to meet your soulmate. Very often meeting a soulmate and falling in love is what gets them on a spiritual path. (Or further along on their spiritual path).

So many times clients and readers of our blog tell us the last thing they were looking for was their soulmate. Then out of the blue, a soulmate appeared. They speak of how their soulmate showed up at what seemed like the worst possible timing! It may seem like the worst time, but trust and believe divine timing has its reasons. You may not believe in soulmates, but you will when you feel the power of the love you have for that unique soul.


It is very surprising to many, and often not in a good way. Soulmate love shocks a lot of people. It is one of the reasons so many soulmates pull a runner or ghosting because it terrifies them. Many people are afraid of soulmate love when they experience it. But it really is not a fear of that love, it is a fear of losing that love. When you believe in soulmate love only to find out it does not last, fear kicks in. If you discover it was all one sided or they screw it up somehow you fear losing it. The fear really is of loss of love not love itself.

One can not really prepare themselves for the experience or challenges that soulmate love brings. You may think you can, but there is another person involved here. You do not know in advance how they will react to your connection, and what lessons the universe wants them to learn. How they handle all of those will make the situation easier or harder on you. Your willingness to see what the universe is reflecting to you that are your obstacles and overcoming them plays a big role as well. These lessons are not always easy, but they are always easier said that done.

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