Soulmate Love Triangles Are Drama Filled

Soulmate loves triangles involve a lot of melodrama. Then again, any relationship involving more than two people usually does.

What exactly is a soulmate love triangle?

There are two main types of soulmate love triangles. The first scenario is you and your soulmate love one another. But one of you has feelings for someone else who reciprocates those feelings. It’s not a love triangle when you or your soulmate have feelings or an interest in someone who doesn’t have them. So, if you find yourself falling for your married co-worker, but your married co-worker doesn’t have feelings towards you, this is not a love triangle. Soulmate love triangles only exist when all three have shared romantic feelings.

On off Relationships

The second example of a soulmate love triangle occurs when you find yourself competing for your soulmate’s affections. Let’s say you and your soulmate keep breaking up because of an ex who keeps coming into the picture. The ex causes a break up so they can get back together. But then your soulmate comes back to you. And you have on/off relationship. This classifies as a love triangle.

Soulmate Love Triangles Are Drama Filled
Soulmate Love Triangles Are Drama Filled
Soulmate Sabotage

In this last example though love is really not involved. Instead of loving both you and the ex, they use their ex for soulmate sabotage. They don’t really love their ex. Although it seems to you they really must. Otherwise why would they keep going back to them, allowing problems between the two of you?

In situations such as this, it really isn’t about the ex. It’s about their inability to face the lessons they have to learn to have a healthy relationship with you. Instead they drag you into a dysfunctional nightmare like they had with their ex.

Avoiding Love Triangles

No one wants to find themselves in a soulmate love triangle. They’re never fun. So how can a person avoid it? First of all, don’t get into one. If you’re aware your soulmate is involved with someone else, wait it out. Create a boundary upfront. And state the relationship with you will not continue until their other relationship ends. Yes, it is hard. But it’s much easier than being in a soulmate love triangle, that’s for sure. Dating a soulmate before they are divorced will be an emotional roller coaster.

It also creates the basis of a respectful, honest, mature relationship. As opposed to starting out with deceit, lies, cheating and all the other bad behaviors that come with it. It also helps both soulmates create change in their lives right away, rather than add to what is already going wrong.

Perhaps you’re already in a love triangle situation. You need to either remove yourself from the equation or the other party has to go. Until the relationship becomes a duo, rather than a trio, their will always be friction, hurt feelings, and resentment.

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