Is Your Soulmate Losing Interest in Your Relationship?

Is your soulmate losing interest in your or your relationship? Was your soulmate emotionally invested in your future but now you feel there is distance between you? Does it feel as though you cannot do anything to get your soulmate’s interest anymore? What could have caused this? You may have been over it again and again in your head but cannot come up with anything tangible. You may be worried that if your soulmate is losing interest eventually they will end their relationship with you.

First of all, calm down, it may not be as bad as you think. When we are caught up in the connection and emotions of soulmate relationships, it is easy to go off the deep end. Before you obsess on every worse case scenario you can think of, there could be some easy explanations. Your sou mate may not be losing interest in your soulmate relationship at all. It may just be that reality and real life have entered the picture and adjustments have to be made.

Sure, when you first met you talked on the phone for an hour every day and spent entire weekends together. Now your communication has dropped off considerably and even the time you spend on the weekends has dwindled. The first thing your mind jumps to is that your soulmate must be losing interest. Couldn’t the most rational explanation be that the way it was when you first met is not a way that is actually sustainable long-term? Doesn’t your soul mate have to work, do his laundry, pay his bill, and spend some time with family and friends?

Is Your Soulmate Losing Interest in Your Relationship

Is Your Soulmate Losing Interest in You?

When you first started this relationship, you may have created a little bubble for the two of you. I hate to burst your bubble but at some point you have to focus on things you neglected and parts of your life you have been ignoring. Now you have to incorporate your soulmate into your life, not make them your entire life.

Healthy people and healthy relationships have full, well-rounded lives. One person cannot do it all. It is not up to one person to be your everything, it is too much pressure and responsibility. So before you think your soulmate is losing interest, it could simply be you have come back to earth after your whirlwind and now have to make it work within your individual lives and responsibilities.

Don’t let insecurities get the better of you. Handle this with your mind and not your ego. Change your romance novel too high expectations into mature realistic ones. Think about it, if they have spent that much time one the phone with you, surely they let some things in their life slip through the cracks. They may have work to catch up on, family matters they put off, and the list goes on and on. How exactly do you expect to maintain what you had at the beginning without making a 48-hour day instead of a 24-hour day? Should they go without sleep? Obviously not.

So, if your soulmate can’t spend every weekend with you, or talk every day for hours on end, or seems a bit distracted, you have two choices. You can jump the gun and jump to negative conclusions, or you can give them the benefit of the doubt. If you jump to negative conclusions you can make your soulmate feel that you are simply too needy and demanding. Stop yourself for a minute, and give your soulmate a reasonable amount of time to turn their interest back in your direction. Give them support instead of drama.

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