Soulmate Heartbreak is a Difficult Thing to Endure

Soulmate heartbreak is a huge challenge for many people. Soulmates come with a deep connection, a feeling of familiarity and intense bonds. Many soulmate relationships, however, can end in soulmate heartbreak. Although the soulmate bond never truly breaks, the heart often does.

Soulmates are on the same page in numerous ways. They may like the same things, think the same way and even feel the same way. Quite often though soulmates are not on the same page when it comes to the relationship itself. While one soulmate partner may be ready to run off into the sunset holding hands, the other may want to run away and flee the country alone.

Soulmate Heartbreak is a Difficult Thing to Endure

Soulmate Heartbreak is a Difficult Thing to Endure

When you finally meet your soulmate you feel elated happiness. But if they feel differently about the relationship you experience soulmate heartbreak. You may believe a soulmate relationship is drama free and filled with romance and compatibility. When you learn the truth about soulmate relationships, you may find yourself heartbroken because not all soulmate relationships are meant to last.

Soulmate relationships go through many ups and downs. The highs are high and the lows are low. It is not surprising soulmate relationships end, although many only temporarily. The difficulties in the relationship make soulmates work against one another, not with one another. When soulmates are on opposing teams, you can rest assured at least one of them suffers from soulmate heartbreak.

The strength of their union and the constant push/pull can make one feel emotionally or mentally unstable. They think they know the right way to handle conflicts or opposing viewpoints. But emotions override any sort of logic to deal with the situation. When emotions are doing the thinking decisions are rarely the right ones. The love between soulmates is like nothing they have ever experienced before. The reverse is also true. When a soulmate hurts their partner, soulmate heartbreak is also like nothing experienced before.

Are you heartbroken over a soulmate relationship? Has your soulmate cut off all communication? Has your soulmate ended your relationship for no good reason? Is your soulmate in a state of denial? Is your soulmate back with their ex? Has your soulmate left you for someone else? Is your soulmate treating you badly and disrespectfully? Is your soulmate married to someone else? Do you feel as though you have lost your soulmate relationship forever?

Feeling soulmate heartbreak over any of those scenarios is understandable. But don’t lose all hope. Just as the bad times between soulmates go to the extremes, so do the good times. A soulmate relationship can turn on a dime. It can go from perfection to a horror show at a moment’s notice. But the same can happen in reverse. We have dealt with many clients whose soulmate relationships seemed hopeless. They couldn’t understand how it could be fixed or why it could be fixed. But that is the magic of the soulmate connection. All they need is a simple exchange to get the ball rolling in the other direction. If you have found yourself suffering from soulmate heartbreak, understand it may only be a temporary situation.

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  2. I think I’m in a heartbreak soulmate relationship… when we meet it was as we knew each other forever. Everything sounded familiar even if it was the 1st time we saw each other. A few months later he disappeared. 5 years after we restart talk but I think I messed up. He apologised and said we would never work out because, beside the attraction, and all the crazy things we feel about each other, we are both negative. The thing is about being negative. I don’t think so. I feel he is my soulmate. Never had nothing like this. My feelings still live the same way. Love him forever. Feel down. Messed up. Damned

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