Soulmate Games – Yes, Soulmates Play Games Too

Soulmate games are trickier than most relationship games.  In most relationships, people have a hard time knowing their partner is playing games with them. Many people believe soulmates never play games. So they hit a hard reality when they see the truth.


Soulmates tend to take things very literally. Because the connection comes from a deep place, they will be more open, vulnerable and honest with their soulmate than anyone else on earth. When their soulmate says something hurtful to them, they take it as face value. So they can’t see this could be they way their soulmate plays games.

Soulmate Games - Yes, Soulmates Play Games Too
Soulmate Games 

For instance, lets say Jenny is jealous and insecure. Her soulmate, Rob, has been getting a lot of recognition with their career. And it led to a promotion. Now Jenny, because she’s jealous and insecure, is afraid Rob may leave because he got promoted and now has an inflated ego.

So what does Jenny do? She could say something like “Well, you only got promoted because your boss likes you better than the other people you work with”. Now Rob believes Jenny. And he doesn’t think he deserved the promotion he got for all the hard work. And this it’s more a popularity contest. Is this true? No, it’s not, but Rob took the comment at face value.


Soulmates can also play soulmate games by testing the strength of the connection. Instead of having faith and believing in their union, they test it over and over. For example, let’s say Brian has a problem believing this amazing relationship will last. He’s deathly afraid of being hurt because he’s been badly hurt before. Instead of dealing with that issue by itself, Brian test his soulmate to see how much they can get away with.

Now Brian may lie, break promises, cheat, or do any number of things that can sabotage the relationship. Each time they’re easily forgiven but it simply isn’t enough to get rid of that fear. So he does it again. And again. Now his soulmate is starting to question whether or not the relationship is real. She believes a soulmate wouldn’t treat them this badly and risk losing them. So now, thanks to stupid soulmate games, both soulmates are living with fear. This fear will continue to do more and more damage and possibly ruin the relationship for good.

It’s so important to be realistic, not just romantic, when it comes to soulmates. Soulmate games are played in these relationships too, and unless you recognize them, you could lose everything.

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