Soulmate Dreams: Do You Dream of Your Soulmate?

When soulmate dreams occur, what do you dream about? We all dream about our soulmates at different times, for different reasons and under different circumstances. Sometimes soulmate dreams are just our subconscious minds processing the details of the relationship. At other times, soulmate dreams can indicate we will be hearing from or meeting our soulmate in the near future. Soulmate dreams can feel very realistic at times, as if we were really together in some other place, talking and sharing with each other. These types of soulmate dreams we would refer to as astral dreams, where your higher self, or your soul, has met with theirs on the astral plane.

soulmate dreams

Soulmate Dreams

Soulmate dreams can occur before you have met your soulmate. Sometimes you can dream of someone coming into your life. You may have this dream more than once, but the person in the dream is the same again and again. You dream of meeting this person, feeling a strong connection them and having a love relationship. Sometimes you will see what they physically look like, other times you will only have a sense of their essence. These soulmate dreams can be predictive in nature because they are showing you the person is coming into your life. They will not present a time frame, but give you the heads up so you know there is a special relationship out there for you.

Soulmate dreams can occur while you are in the soulmate relationship. If you dream about your soulmate while you are in the relationship it shows you the relationship is continuing. Some of these dreams can be prophetic in nature. You may have dreams that show potential issues before they arise. This will allow you to find solutions to those problems before they occur. You may have soulmate dreams about where you will go, what you will do together and what your future life together will be like.

The type of soulmate dreams that are the most common, occur when you are parted from your soulmate through separation or break-up. These can be both very comforting or very upsetting. Let’s say your soulmate broke up with you and you have not had communication with him for three years. One night you had a dream about him and that dream was very real. When you woke up you felt like he was right there with you all night. It may have been a sexual dream, and many soulmate dreams are sexual in nature.

These soulmate dreams can indicate that you will be hearing from your soulmate through some form of communication. On the other hand, it can also be a meeting of the souls, on the other side or astral plane, to communicate something to each other. Even though we are earthbound in physical bodies, the souls still need to communicate. During the dream itself, a message can be delivered to you from your soulmate, letting you know that they are still there, even though not present in earthly form at the moment.

Soulmate dreams can occur when your soulmate has crossed over to the other side.  The scene at the end of Titanic where Rose falls asleep and then finds herself back in time, on the Titanic meeting up with Jack. This is an example of these type of soulmate dreams. Of course that is very soulmate-centric scene as Celine Dion sings “My Heart Will Go On”. Well the song begins with:

Every night in my dreams, I see you, I feel you
That is how I know you go on
Far across the distance and spaces between us
You have come to show you go on
Near, far, wherever you are I believe that the heart does go on


Soulmate dreams often occur on the astral plane. This is why the feel so real. When you awaken you can often feel that person was really with you. You can feel them, sense them and smell them. Sometimes it can overwhelm you, but soulmate dreams are a gift from the Universe who are allowing you to have the experience of your soulmate even when they are not present in your life. It is there to remind you of the connection, to remind you that your relationship is still alive. It can show us that even if the relationship is ended, our connection to that soulmate is still there, and that we will meet again, somewhere in time.

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  3. Mines almost the same, come maybe one to three times a year. In my dreams we always are doing an outdoor activity, encounter a problem fix it, realise we were ment for each other, kiss and just as I’m about to hear I love you I wake up ? I have never actually seen the man’s face in my dreams though, just that he has dark hair and tanned skin, his face is a blur from the moment I wake up!
    I hope you found her

  4. I recently had a dream of a guy. Very charming, it was romantic, nothing sexually explicit, we just talked but I felt love for him. I can see his face and know every detail of it… and to make things even more interesting… I actually got his name. Is it normal to dream of a stranger, particularly one you are romantically and physically attracted to and get their name?

  5. I’m only 18 why would I be dreaming about my soulmate which is something I also don’t believe in but I came across this blog because I had a dream where I’m at home and I’m opening the door for this guy, I couldn’t make up how he looked like just only his body structure. So he came close to me and as he came closer I could smell his scent which was so intoxicating that I ended saying to him ‘he smells like alcohol’ but not like a drunk person sort smell and he spoke to me I don’t remember what he said but I was so mesmerised his voice and scent but the dream ended there.

  6. I had a dream that i married rich. But i could not see the mans face of who i was marrying all i knew is that he was rich. I even saw myself in the wedding dress. CThat was the enire dream.
    I am currently in a relationship with a man who is not rich. Lol Shortly after i had that dream i was contact by an old friend of mine that is a Professor and is extremely wealthy. He tavels the world teaching. He has been an acquaintance of mine for about a year now. I have often thought my dream was about him but not sure. Please email me or whatever you can do to help me inturpret this dream.

  7. Good grief….it’s in big red bold letters they DO NOT do dream interpretations…why keep asking?!?!

  8. the dream I had felt so real and a never met this person before the guy was tall like 6’2 or 6’3 and his name was Caleb but people call him Zion which is really weird to me he knew something that no in my family knew about me and he told me that everything was going to be okay and that he loved me and we will meet one day this been happening for two months now and every time I have this dream I wake up late at night around the same time and just sit there and think about him and I’m wondering will I meet him in person

  9. I dreamed of him before I met him. I knew his voice the instant I heard him speak after seeing him in real life the first time. I dreamed of him a few times over the course of a few years, so I was well aware of him. I knew vivid details of his tattoos and was instantly drawn to him. It was like butterflies in your stomach, but with so many knots because you cannot understand how or why the unknown man you have been dreaming about is right there in front of you. It was instant. Suddenly, gravity was pulling at you and nothing was going to stop you from being together. Nothing and no one. 10 years together now, 2 children, and a love like no other. I love him and hate him all in the same breath. It’s magical and so incredibly hard to explain this deep rooted love we have between us… and it was a love affair that started out in my dreams years before we laid eyes on each other. Believe in fate, magic, destiny, and a love that will survive the centuries, and it will appear to you… Sweet Dreams.

  10. I dreamt of a man 1 year ago and had another dream with him in it recently, it was strange because I was in a strange building full of people and we were all giving the man presents like it was a reunion or something. When I gave him my present (Poe action figure from star wars) I felt a super strong connection with him like I was in love, and he gave me a 3 paged letter. I was able to read the first line, it said ” I can’t believe it’s been a year” or something along those lines and then suddenly I woke up. I think about it a lot. I wonder if he is real and what the letter said.

  11. I need to get this out somewhere.

    Some background info. I started talking to my soul mate though a website last October, long story short he is no longer a part of my life because in April he deleted his account without saying anything, not even a goodbye. a month later he contacts me says he is sorry for disappearing like that etc etc he sticks around for two days before disappearing YET AGAIN without saying goodbye. Then a month after that contacts me again however this time he has a GIRLFRIEND, so I shut the door on him saying not to contact me anymore (so I blocked him) because when we were first getting to know each other he didn’t tell me he was in a real life relationship I found that one out when his lovely girlfriend of 16 years starts using every cuss word you can think of one night and had harassed me for months after. So just in case his new girlfriend was anything like his ex I was staying far away from him this time.

    Now fast forward to the dream I had last night, keep in mind I have had NO contact with my soul mate since June (I have kept up with keeping him blocked).

    In the dream he is calling out to me to come back to him however his tone In voice wasn’t in a begging way but rather a demand, when I wouldn’t do it the demand turn into more of a chanting of a spell and when I still wouldn’t listen the tone turned into something evil like he wanted to posses me or something. And when I woke up I had this loud ringing noise in my left ear for about an hour after the dream.

    Do anyone know what this means?

  12. I have dreamed about to be sat in a table in my campus’s library studying room and suddenly I heard someone’s deep voice and sat next to me.
    Physically He’s red hair an dark blue and talk handsome man. His name is Michael barbs or Reed something a. I don’t know him but it feels good to talk to him and get to know him.
    What does it mean? Help . I guess I’ll dream it again, so please help. By the way, I can’t wait to see hoim in my dream tonight. ❤️??❤️

  13. I’m sure its not my soulmate, but its weird. So I was at work and there was this guy. When my current boyfriend was walking up to me, I (for some reason) didnt want this guy to see us together. I moved forward to meet current boyfriend and gave him a hug. Next thing I know is, he is stuffing an item we sell (rope) in a backpack we habe for sale.

    I had to get back to work, so the manager sent someone to fing me and told me to give a cashier at lane 1 a break. I went to give her a break, but she was waiting on a price check, so I stepped outside through a back door which led me to a residential area. My current bf comes speeding down the street in a fancy top down car but it’s not his and loses control amd flips the car multiple times. I just knew he was gone because i thought he hit his head. He got out of that one and saw one with all the doors open and jumped in and took off. Next thing I know, i see cop cars and hear the helicopter.

    I go back inside amd sit down with my knees to my chest and the manager and a couple employees come towards me as if they knew what happened. I cry a little, then they hand me a letter saying that this guy is right for me. The letter talks about the guy, but all i can remember is he risked his life to enroll him and his daughter in secure ID and is was signed FJ. My manager asked me if i knew someone by those initials. I said no. Then she said, you don’t know anyone with the last name of James? I thought about it, then I woke up. I wish I could have finished the dream. I couldn’t help thinking about the stranger in the beginning. Any thoughts?

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      • I need help I’ve met 3 times at my studying room on my library’s campus and was tall, handsome red hair and dark k blue eyed . Name Michael Barns or Reed. I need help. I lik d him a lot in my dreams but I want to know, because it feels so real and good to be with him.

  14. This is to weird..I’ve been seeing the titanic subject as a red thread through my life since my first love at 15. But came conscious of this thread just this year…when my dreams about this man I don’t know have started…acommpanied By 1111 333 intense dreams..I feel him…so I guess my soulmate was never on

  15. Pretty recently I had a dream where i was on a narrow walk bridge where i was just standing with this girl we weren’t talking we just kept looking at each other laughing and smiling.She was pretty and wore shirt with a tie and a skirt with stockings. She also had long silver hair. It started to get late and somebody i had seen a few times in real life told me it was late we should go. Before I did she pulled out a watch like hers and gave it to me and then we hugged. I started to leave with the guy that was when someone said her name Saikawa and i turned back around and we were getting pretty far away from her but she was still looking at me smiling until i couldn’t see her anymore.

  16. Angelica Dorsaneo

    I had a dream that I met my soulmate in the same town as me and that he didn’t have a phone so we would just talk in person. He was my soulmate in my dream. I never felt anything like the love i had in my dream for this man…I almost feel like he’s with me….In my dream one day I walked over to where he lived and his place was turned into a store….I lost contact with him for about three weeks and then we ran into each other and lived together forever. Walking away in the sunset holding hands. I feel mixed emotions from the dream. The dream had a good ending.

  17. I’ve been having I think reoccurring soulmate dreams? it’s been consistent for almost 2 weeks now. I’m not sure if all this triggered from watching too much anime as of recently or what, but In the dreams I usually speak perfect Japanese and nothing sexual actually happens but I feel an intense aura of sex or intimacy. Longing really. I’ve never experienced something like this and it’s really confusing because I’m with someone I currently love.

  18. Gisselle Aguirre

    I recently had a dream where I was in an amusement park of some sorts and I was looking through my social media and this guy messaged me but I couldn’t see it because I was about to ride a roller-coaster but as I got off and went for my tat I remembered I left my phone by the rides entrance and as I pick up my phone the guy who messaged me (I have never met that guy) happened to be beside me and said hey tu is was supposed to be my weekend here and laughed as I crouched down to talk to the baby in the stroller his family had. And from there we kind of clicked and started to go out and as we were about to kiss I woke up.

  19. I have been having these dreams for a while. It first started a couple months ago I had a dream that I was getting married but in the dream the guy I was getting married to had his face blurred out like they do in MTV or those cop shows to hide the person’s identity. Then i started having more dreams where i could see his face but not exactly remember it when i wake up. I have dreams of how me and this person first met, our first kiss, our first time, and it’s like little parts of me and him together in my dream and I wake up and just have this urge to know if he’s real and if I’m gonna actually ever met him or if it’s a sign and sometimes I wake up just wanting to go find him and idk what to do it think at this point. All I know is that im in love with someone that’s in my dream.

  20. I had a dream that I knew this guy and I would go into his room every night and cuddle with him while he watched YouTube videos. I felt so safe. Eventually we fell in love. The dream took a turn to the world ending but me and him survived with lots and lots of other people. It was so real. I can still feel him. Me kissing on his neck. Him holding me while I laid on the lower half of his body while he was sitting on the ground against the bed. He had freckles on his neck and dark brown hair. But I’ve never met this person or seen this person in real life ughh

  21. I once dreamt I was married to a girl named Rose. Rose was fairly average looking, with a lanky frame and mid-length wavy brown hair. She wasnt the most beautiful girl I’ve ever dreamt of but she was kind, loyal and strong. She was more dedicated to me than any girl I’ve ever dated was, and no matter how hard things were she kept a smile on her face. I remember very little about the dream, but I remember I was happy. it’s odd to say it, but I miss her deeply. Someone who’s never existed in real life. I miss our little house, our simple life. I miss my Rose.

  22. I dream a lot about someone though we never met. So yeah we met online and also texted a lot like 5-6 years ago and i think we did talk on phone only once. I have to admit that at that time i had a huge crush on him. However,we lost contact with each other. The only thing that i dont understand that is why do i dream about him a lot :/ i have not even met him personally! Infact i don’t even think about him now and i dream about him everytime like i’m not trying to say everyday. But yes there are some days i dream about him. We were just friends, i never told him that i had a crush on him and i don’t think its necessary now as i don’t have feelings for him and im ? he didn’t also. The last dream was that he went to Malaysia for further studies. There were so many dreams that i cannot explain.. i don’t even remember them now. I dont care about him!!! My only issue is why he is coming back and back in my dream again!

  23. I currently have a crush on a guy. I even love him. We talked for some time in social media but then he started ignoring me. I after that started dreaming about him everyday. Its been more than 5 months and I still dream about him. These dreams are random..about different things. Sometimes some end up very realistic and sometimes it just doesn’t make any sense. But he is constant in all of those dreams. Even I two times dreamt about him dying and woke up crying. No matter how much I try..I always dream about him. What does it mean?

  24. For the past year I have been having dreams of this guy that I have never met before. And, it always the same guy.
    In these dreams we’re always together in some new way and each time the dream is more memorable thand the next. But, I can never never remember what his face looks like, the second I wake up.
    In the first dream, I ever had of him, he and I were on some ship voyage and we had just returned to my home kingdom (I was some princess of an island) and as soon as we both returned, we were engaged, we’d come to tell my parents the news. But, we both found outhe they’d just recently died. He was there for me…and I loved that.
    My most recent dream of him was of us at my prom (though my prom hasn’t happened yet) but he was my date and we had an amazing time. He confessed his feelings to me.
    Is this a soul mate dream?

  25. In the year 2011 I had a dream of a boy and in this dream we were so in love but there’s a problem between me and his family. His family wanted him to be with someone else and not me. He left me a letter and he leaves for some place ( i dont know where) but i could not read the letter.
    The next morning when i woke up i miss him and think about him so much that i couldn’t eat, atleast for a week. Also the strange thing is that when i woke up i can never remember his face. I have dreamt about him 3 to 4 times now but when i wake up i can never remember his face. The last time i dreamt about him was on febuary 2017. In this dream we don’t talk to each other but we both were together the whole time on a construction building. What could this dreams be.. i have had a dream about this boy i have never met several times. And some times i keep on thinking about him and misses him.

  26. I keep having this same dream where I’m like watching it but not part of it. It’s this woman ( about 20) who is pregnant and she I guess is on the run frI’m the cops or something so she’s running through the woods and the cops are shooting her and the hit her stomach and like her baby dies. So it skips in time to where she is all healed and still on the run and she goes back to get her little sister from wherever they lived before and she always gets right there to get her and I wake up.

  27. My experience may sound crazy but everything you have explained above resonates with me perfectly. ZSince I was 18-19 (I am now 23) I have had recurring realistic dreams about someone from my past who I didnt realise I had such strong feelings for. The dreams are very real, sometimes I wake up and my heart is still pounding for a long time afterwards, and the dreams come to me at random but when they do they are really intense. I have been in a relationship with someone else for 4 years, and the person who I dream about is in a committed relationship and has a baby with that person, so I know that I could never reveal my true feelings to them as I would never want to get in the way of their family. We havent spoken since I was 18, but we were always just friends and had the one or two drunkern hook ups. I don’t understand why I keep having these emotional, heart wrenching dreams about this person. They feel so real, and convince me that I am in love with this person which is impossible because I haven’t seen them or spoke to them in 5 years! If these are soulmate dreams, how can i ever tell that we will meet up in the future? The dreams are too emotional for me to ignore but he has a family and probably doesnt think about me at all, so am I an unrequited soulmate?

  28. I had a dream lastnight that I got into a running car and I waited and a man walked out and got into the car and I said hello to him he said hello to me and we drove. Not sure where we were driving maybe but I know he was going somewhere and I asked if he mind if I drove with him. He said he didn’t mind and we drove. I remember the sky was blue and the the road was white and it we drove on and upward road. This mans face was faint but he looked like someone I’ve met before physically but not completely. Not sure what this means.

  29. I feel like these were two different dreams. The first I was at taco bell and wasn’t expecting anything and this guy called me over and we ended up eating together. It felt like a first date without the added pressure of setting it up because it just happened. The next dream he just showed up and hugged me and said why didn’t you call me. I told him that I didn’t have his number and asked why he didn’t call me. He said he didn’t want to bother me. My type of man. But I don’t know who he is. Maybe I’ll meet him at a taco bell in the future.

  30. Every time I of someone, I usually forget their faces after 3-5 min after I woke up. But this morning I dreamt of someone who I have never met in real life.I was traveling with a guy friend who was driving a flying car. Later on, the car start having some problems and stop. We end up on a farm house where a single father and his 2 daughters were living. When I met the father, his face wasn’t clear. the father help my friend to repair the car. And I, as a curious girl, walked around the house and saw two girls by the window who were doing their chores inside. I approached to the window and saw this beautiful girl. I was stunned for a second. The colour of her eyes were light silver blue. When I saw her, I felt as if I have known her for a long time. I smiled at her. Then there was a time skip. Later, I was swimming on the pool(still at the same farm house) and I saw her through the window doing the dishes. I went near the window and asked her to come out the house and swim with me. She refuse and wanted to finish the dishes. I tried to flirt with her And seduce her trying to make her fou out the house but still failed :'(
    After that I woke up. I still clearly do remember her face even after 7-8 hours.
    i want to know what does this dream mean and why is this the only dream where I clearly remember a stranger face. What does it mean?

  31. I have been very curious to find an answer butto no avail.My dream is a bit different from what I have read because I was dancing romantically in a club i have never been to with this stranger I just met and it didn’t feel like we just met even in the dream, it was so perfect and I could see his face , u woke up happier than I have ever been.Here is the twist, I met him six months later and that is not what is alarming about it, he dreamt about me too about the same time I did except that in his dream he tried to break away from me but couldnt. I like to know what it means.

  32. I keep on having a dream where I’m hugging a girl from my class and we don’t even have a strong friendship. I wonder if this means something about our relationship.

  33. I keep on having a dream that I am hugging a girl from my class and I sit next to her but we don’t really have a strong friendship or anything we just talk once in a while

  34. Well, i keep having dreams with this boy since i’m 5 years old, and i think i know him very well but he isn’t from where i am and he doesn’t speak spanish(my native tongue) and i learned english because of him(kind of) and… i don’t know. Almost every night i see him in my dreams. Sometimes it drives me crazy because i think it’s real. What do you think?
    Sorry for my bad english.

  35. I have a long distance boyfriend I have yet not met yet. I keep having dreams over and over again of us meeting. Of him surprising me in many different ways. What does this mean?

  36. My other half recently had a dream that all of his exs and girls he has talked to were sitting in chairs in a circle. Their was a gun and they all tried to shoot him, but it didn’t shoot. One of the girls didn’t even shoot him, she just put the gun down. Then a shadow out of no where grabbed the gun and shot him. Then a couple of nights ago, he had that same dream and the girl who shot him was me. What does this indicate?

  37. I had a dream last night of a girl, we immediately were very close! I’m normally aware of when I’m dreaming so I kinda fished for real info, I think her name was Jess and this dream didn’t seem like it took place over a short amount of time! I told her I love her and at first she seemed like she didn’t wanna hear it, but I said it again and she said she felt the same but thought at first I was just saying it! We hugged for what seemed like eternity and it felt warm and real! I haven’t been able to shake this dream or feeling! So I looked up soulmate dreams, and it’s making me think of her even more! So if it’s real, I’ll see you in my dreams until we hopefully meet some day!

  38. I once had a dream where it was all white and I heard piano in the background also voices singing? It was peaceful and pretty sounding. I then called out a name in desperation, my own voice felt real and then I heard a response, saying “What?”

    I recall waking up, crying.

    Also I had another one where it was all white and I yelled the same name (not going to say it) and it also sounded desperate and upset. It felt like I was actually yelling out..but I didn’t get a response.

    What could this mean?

  39. I have this reaccuring dream of a man I’ve never met. We are deeply in love. The setting is always different but the love is still strong as ever. I feel so happy and in extreme love with a man(same guy every time) I’ve never met. And when I wake up to reality I become sad and miss him instantly. I am married but he is never in it. This dream about the same man has gone on for a couple years. I have never felt so much love as I do when I dream of him.

  40. I do need help understanding mine. I would get a guy around me like a ghost. I can hear his voice and get an image of him in my head clear. Even in my dreams I can feel him. Even though he isn’t in my life I can tell when he’s changed his appearance. I just knew things and it’s like we think alike. We have things in common like his moms first and last name is the same as my aunt that my uncle married, i liked her right away. His birthday is 2/12, and mine is 7/17. We’re both from the midwest and moved to the southwest around the same time, but now we’re further apart. I’ve never had this happen to me when it came to a guy, but it’s weird too because of who he is. No, he’s not famous. I can’t get him out of my head, and he was in my dreams basically every day laying next to me. When I’d call for his help he’d be there. he’s always there like a ghost but he’s very much alive. I also could describe him without anyone telling me about him or seeing a photo. Is he really my soulmate and why does it hurt so much? Why would he be there next to me if we’re never going to be together? It’s so hard because I’ve had other voices tell me different answers trying to hurt me and him saying the opposite. When I first connected to him I would be attacked to where I could feel torturous pain. This thing would scratch me, strangle me, dive his knuckles into my ribs, and crush me while asleep but it wasn’t my soulmate who would do that. This connection is hard to handle. He keeps telling me he loves me and doesn’t want to hurt me, that he hates hearing me cry. He keeps repeating, “for work”, that he wanted to hug and kiss me when he sees me. I don’t understand what he’s saying or doing half the time. I need to help understanding if this is the guy who I think it is, is he really my soulmate, and are we going to be together? I was supposed to see a psychic but she wouldn’t see me at the time since I was pregnant. Every time I have a psychic giving me the answer in my dream it’s cutoff before I could get the truth. Help me out.

  41. My dreams used to be so positive with mine, but now I don’t get him in my dreams like I used to. They were positive, then there were two versions of him, one positive and the other negative. it was like someone was trying to hurt me. Now all I get is a lot of negative. I dream of him with other women, I cry and feel the pain in my heart when I dream. I dream of him marrying me then dream of him saying, He loves someone else. I’m so stressed out by my connection with him to where I hurt. I’m always afraid of what I dream will come true and that it will be the negative. I feel him holding me and saying, I love you, but he’s not in my life. I just can’t get out of this funk, and it hits hard to where I feel like my emotions are out of control.

    I know who he is but we never met. Yet, I have to go through so much pain while he’s happy. Every time I try to make my life go in the right direction something prevents it. I don’t understand what’s going on. I see him in my head and I hear his voice but I feel lost.

  42. I had this dream where we were standing in space and there were city building all around and I walked up to a guy and I felt my heart skip a beat. He had the most gorgeous blue eyes and a mixture of dark and light brown hair. We were walking towards each other and then we slowly sped up till we were running. I jumped in his arms he spun me and set me down and kissed me. Then I woak up and it felt like I just had been kissed. Like actually kissed on the lips. It was heavenly. I had another dream about him but instead of him coming up to me he was kinda always in the shadows and smiled when I looked at him. Almost as if he was watching over me

  43. I’ve hadn’t many dreams of my soulmate before but they’ve stopped due to.recently being with and citing ties with a karmatic toxic relationship. But one Dream In particular always crosses my mind every so often. Where my soulmate saves me from a kid napping and last thing he says while looking hurt and sad, “I’ll come back to you again one day I promise” roughly word for word. And my dreams have stopped since.
    The night of New Year’s Day this year I was about to fall asleep but before passing out I felt as though I was in a past life scenario of some kind and the man I kept starring at sword fighting (medieval era) was my soul mate. He was protecting me and I passed out and can’t recall the rest. Is there any deeper information about my soulmate I should know about? Or have a clearer understanding to my dreams?
    All I know is I have yet to meet him and this life and I tune into his energy from time to time like he’s nearby but I still have to meet him.
    I’m not sure how to explain or interpreate what my dreams mean. But I’m hoping it’s all good and it’s just a matter of time before him and I finally meet

  44. I had this dream occur a few times, So I was in some place with elevators and these symbols on the ground you have to draw the symbols out to go where you wanna go I remember the one I traced out it was like a flower but with a little more lines in it. When I got up when i got up there I went to get my sister after that the rest is blank after that blackness I remember being on ice and trying to go down a hole to save someone. Before I went into the hole I saw a guy who was sexy not gonna lie and he smiled I told him sorry I can’t stay and just continued down the hole.

  45. I had a dream about 2 hours ago and I’m trying to understand the meaning of it…so in my dream a very tall man came into my life he looked about 6’6 tall. He was very tall and handsome and we had a attraction in my dream like it felt as if he was my boyfriend but at the same time I was kind of scared of him because of how big he was. But he was still a sweet guy so I started cooking for us and I gave him some money to leave because he just quickly came into my life and we were already in love so we were cuddling and kissing and showing affection but I still didn’t feel right about him. So I snuck into one of the rooms where my relatives were on their phones I grabbed a phone and dialed 9-1-1 I told them to hurry because he’s scary and then I quickly walked out of the room pretending I didn’t do anything so I grabbed him something to drink and played it cool we were hugging eachother and then there was a cop knocking at the door..everyone was like what’s that….so I quickly jumped up and answered the door. I remember on the phone I told them to bring at least 3 of 4 cops because he is a huge muscular guy .so he cooperated with the police and he didn’t struggle to walk outside…I went n peeked outside from the door and a female cop said he got away .I immediately got scared and thought he would come find me I was panicking and racing around then all of a sudden he shows up walking up my doorstep holding my 1 year old daughter in his arms and hugging her one last time and he gave her back to me. Then he disappeared and turned into a bright light orb and it flew away and then after that I was crying and lonely because he was gone. Probably because I loved him that was a weird dream that I just had I don’t know who he is I never met him in my life

  46. I was 18 years old. Never have a serious boyfriend but Flings hmm They are countless. Until I met this guy. He was a mutual friend of mine. Its Night back then If im not mistaken Its 8;00 pm.
    I saw this guy, He texted me. Then we’ve been friends For how many months and the rest Is an history. We’ve lost our communication for a months then I start Dreaming to someone I never met it continues, Younknow we will text, call Them.after a Monthe or so We will lost our communication again, Then there are times that I will missed something I dunno if it is a person or what. But I feel Alone, so tell Me Whats happending to me? Im confused and sometimes I would feel sad For unknown reason.
    P’s; I dream a countless intimate scenes with him

  47. Hi I dreamed of a woman who I have never met and in the dream I married her twice.

  48. I keel dreaming that I’m whispering “John you are my soulmate” then I hug him and I feel really happy with him but the problem is I only know one John and we just met I don’t even have feelings for him I’m very confused

  49. Where do I call and does it Cost Money ?

    • Soulmate Psychic Readings

      There is a contact us button, and from there you will see the call buttons (Click4advisor and Ether). And yes, it costs money, the advisors do not work for free.

  50. Not to sure what to make of this?!?!?
    Last night i had a dream about a women ive never met. I dont remember a whole lot about the dream. Witch is fairly normal for me. I do however vividly remember the face of the women. Her voice and an overabundance of loving emotion towards her. I woke to be a little bit upset over this dream because the woman in the dream was not my girlfriend. I summed it up to be stress in my relationship because we are in a rough spot. This interpretation would have continued to make sence had the next part of my story not taken place.
    I left for work as a delivery driver and. Continued on for a few hours until a stop at a truck stop for a bathroom/coffee break. As i was leaving the building sombody opened the door for me. Again nothing out of the ordinary only when the woman opening the door said good morning i emeadatly reconised the voice. I looked up to see the voice and face were undoubtably the woman from my dream. I thanked her for opening the door and returned the good morning. But otherwise was terifide to say anything. I know i probably should have said something but didnt want to come off as some kind of wackadoo. She did smile a very intruging smile however. Again not sure what to think?!?!?

  51. Hi there I was wondering if you could email me please about a reoccurring dream I’ve had of someone I feel a connection with and I’m not sure why. I’d like your help please. Thank you.

  52. I had a dream that I was out of space and hiding from monsters. But out of nowhere everything disappeared, there was a girl staring at me. She looked like she wanted to say something and she was beautiful. I’ve never seen her before but I knew exactly who she was. I opened my arms and told her sorry. She just stands there crying tears of joy as if she’s been waiting for me for such a long time. I tell here to come here grabbed her, hugged her and told her I was sorry I won’t leave her alone again. I was going to have sex with her but I lost the drive as I felt so happy to be reunited with her. It felt as if she’s been calling out to me and I knew who she was but for some reason I forgot about her. The feeling of her longing for me and I’m just starting to remember her but I can’t recall anything. I remember how she looked white skin not too skinny a little shorter than average height and black hair naturally. When I was in the dream she had blood on her right cheek but I have a small scar near on my left cheek.

  53. Hello
    I just want to know one thing I have a parter and a baby with him. In my dream I dreamed about someone else and I also saw his name. Does this mean the man am dreaming about is my soulmate or something
    I only need a yes or no answer as it’s been really bugging me
    Many thanks

  54. What does it mean when you dream of somebody you’ve never seen but you 2 are physical with each other… She has her arms around you and you’re both making eye contact. OR, you dream about somebody but you can’t see their face, but you know it’s the opposite sex…

  55. I had a dream I’d met my soul mate I worked into a pub and there he was smiling with sun glasses on and called my name as I went to sit down he took his sun glasses and my heart just skipped a beat I felt like I’d known him for years and this dream felt so real it was lovely I could of stayed in that dream for ever it Was really disappointed when I woke up.

  56. I just had a dream of this girl that ive never seen before and she asked me out without even knowing me but i knew the name of her child, i had this dream back to back one where i met her and the other where i got with her when i was lost and looking for help in the same night could this be my soulmate or is it just a random dream that continued when i fell back asleep? If you know Please let me know,

  57. I had a dream last night, I met a man in a coffee shop in the city of Oxford, he had blue eyes, blonde hair & the most beautiful smile.
    He was around 5″7 & lean….he was very sweet , kind & funny & well grounded , calm & even tempered & he was a business man & was roughly the same age as me.

    I’ve never met him before in my life but woke up this morning feeling like I have met him before or I am going to meet him…..he is still on my mind….& his name began with “J” like Joe or Josh or something.

  58. Hi! I was wondering if anyone knew what this means! So first im a virgin, ive never had sex or a relationship. I had this this dream a couple of nights ago and i was at a holiday park with my family. I had met this guy which i dont know what he looks like or his name. My sister and i had a fallout at the party hall and i was bored so i went over to him for a chat. Four days later in my dream, i was in the family holiday home and me and my dad had a fight about my mum who i dont live with anymore. So i told my dad i was going to stay at my friends holiday home which i said was a girl even though it was the guy. So i went to the hall and i saw him.he comfort me and we went to tescos to buy popcorn to watch divergent at his holiday home. Wierd ha? Then i said i loved theo( four) which i do because he has brown eyes and hair. Then he said success so i know he has brown eyes and hair.We than went to his holiday home, and kissed. We than had sex both losing our vigintys. I had butterflies and everything i was so happy and exited but nervous. It felt like was losing my virginity even though, of course i didnt feel his penis. So that was that and it was sure a wierd dream but i felt like i really loved him like he was special. Do you think you have any idea what this could mean?? Thank you

  59. I have been having repetitive dreams about a guy I have never met. But in each dream we are in a relationship, and are always very happy. Everything always seems so real. I could see every detail, and every touch felt so real. I don’t understand what these dreams mean or why I keep dreaming about him. I just know how happy I am in the dreams.

  60. i usually see same person in all my dreams… i short in every day of my dream whenever i sleep… and that person is my real life friend

  61. The boy belongs to same village but he is elder then me but i didn’t meet and talk with him.but in middle i saw him in my dream and i send him friend request he accepted and we just talk normally.i had a another boyfriend but i used to see him sumtime in my dream to whom i didn’t meet ..i want to know is somthing connected with him

  62. I’m confused as to how to contact you directly for some questions…

    • Soulmate Psychic Readings

      On the home page AND on each of the advisors pages are the click4advisor and Ether buttons to get a reading. You click the button, create an account, and get a reading.

  63. i recently had a dream of a guy i was to meet the next day we hadnt met before or shared photos , in my dream he was dressed in the ssme way i met him the next day after our meeting i felt something special i havent been sleeping for while thinking of him i like him but i cant text or call him

  64. I’m not looking for an answer for this but I just needed to get it out because I don’t have anyone to tell. For the past couple years I have been dreaming about the same guy different life different scenarios different times and the most recent one I went back to college and I met him again but we were dating the same the hell is a group of her friends around and I just went up to him and I kissed him and sat on his lap and when I kissed him my heart just started beating I could barely control it all I could do was smile next thing I know we are going to a football game with my mother and I sit with my mama and I don’t know where he went he just kind of disappeared and then after the game I was waiting on the bleachers but he appeared at the very top of the bleachers calling for me I start to walk up to him and then the bleachers start to slide going down as I start trying to run up to him I start running but I’m falling down to the side of the bleachers like half of them start going into the ground on the right hand side and I’m on the ground I see my mom she comes over and tells me that she needs to go the bathroom so I wait again for my mom to get back when she gets back she said she left her phone in the bathroom. So I tell her I’ll go get it I start running to the bathroom and I got there just in time to get my mom’s phone out of the stall. When I walked out of the bathroom he’s standing there waiting for me with a big smile on his face I tell him I’ll be right back I give my mom her phone but she standing behind him and I had your phone and he asked me to go the haunted mansions of Albion. I let him know that I need to take my mom home and she says that’s I let him know that I need to take my mom home and she says that’s okay dad’s coming to get me so I wait with my mom and him to for my dad to come and get my mom and then I wake up.
    Last night I had a dream of him again this time I went to see him and he was asking me to the dance he had his own house and so did I. When he asks me to the dance I say yes and the ring is so big it doesn’t even fit in my hand it’s more like a crown we started hanging out and then ever there’s a party at my house my physical house but in my dream it’s not my house it’s somebody else’s house a friend of mine’s house. We start getting the house ready for this party it’s a Christmas party so we have a Christmas tree inside and a Christmas tree outside but something happens to the tree outside so we need to bring the tree that’s inside outside exclamation borrow someone’s skateboard and everyone just as likely that everything is good to go. The next day we have the party and I don’t know what happened some reason in my dream this woman came up to me and said that she is my birth mother but I know that’s not true cuz I’m not adopted so we go and just take her to dinner at some cheap little fast food restaurant like Wendy’s or something or Dairy Queen I don’t remember. A friend of mine came with us and he starts to hit on me in front of this guy that I’m that I’ve been dreaming of so I tell him he needs to knock it off he gets upset about this person who says she’s my mom to go sit at different tables they can talk so they go off and start talking then he starts walking out to his car with her we follow just to make sure they’re okay since he’s been drinking and he was drunk he gets her in the car and then a couple minutes later she still have no I don’t want to go with you and got out of his car and walked away and he looks at me and start screaming at me and blaming me for it at this point the guy that I’ve been dreaming of and this woman who claims to be my mother are in the restaurant again just talking when I turned back to my friend he’s yelling at me again and I told him that is not my fault and I go to walk away he attacked me and pushes me up against the building that has a little bench that’s made out of brick he goes to kiss me and I push you away and tell him to leave me alone next thing I know he has my foot and it’s Jeremy my leg into the side of the brick building what can do is cry and pain and he can’t hear me he’s just sitting there talking so finally I took him off and I walk away I need to go to the hospital and I got a cast on my leg from the pain that you cause I’m not quite sure what happened I just remember walking into the restaurant then walking out of the hospital with a cast on my leg. Then next part that I remember is that his house and he asked me to move in with him so we move my stuff in and I know it’s weird but my dog and my kitten are with me and my kitten is still the same as she is now. How we start living together something happens and he has to leave he is chasing the guy who hurt me and he gets them out of town he’s gone for a couple hours and then he comes back and hit his truck didn’t have enough gas to get back to the house sweetheart on that block right at the beginning of the block so I run to him to see if he’s OK and he says he’s sorry that he didn’t mean question if I wasn’t ready I wrap my arms around him and I kissed him and then he gets down on one knee and then asked me to go to the dance again but he space before you said dance computers writing that looks like a crown and I say yes and then I hug him and then I woke up.
    Like I said I’m not looking for an answer anything it’s just weird because I remember everything so vividly like I lived it butt I can never remember his face or his name or what he smells like but I remember him holding me and I remember his kiss it gives me hope. The weird thing is is I’ve had dreams about him for the past couple years Atmos the dreams are the same setting the same time frame the same year but different stories the ones that baffles me are the ones that had our for the past I’ve had dreams that we lived through the Witch Trials of Salem World War 2 and that we lived in Camelot. But I think the one that scares me the most it’s the dream that I had of when we were at a party it was a costume dance he was just have the date and I was dressed as a maiden I don’t remember what I was exactly it is not very long pink dress always shows up then starts to yell at me cursing me that I’m evil and she transports me to a mirror he tries to go after him but he can’t she won’t let him and then finally a dragon appears and vanishes this curse and everyone’s allowed to go back and forth between the mirror except for me I’m stuck in this mirror of world so he comes and stays in the mirror with me and then he goes to get out to try and find a way we can leave and someone shatters the mirror and I’m left in there alone for all eternity but I’m not alone somehow he still there with me in the mirror and then I wake up I don’t know why I’m having these dreams people tell me that is because I’m not on the right path the sad thing about these dreams yes it’s me but I look so different I mean it’s my hair my face my voice is my personality but I’m skinny I’m just a skinny person and these dreams that I don’t know that if that’s the universe’s way of telling me that I’ll meet him when I’m skinny or if they will never meet him because I’m too afraid to get my heart broken that’s why I keep my weight on it’s because I’m terrified of being hurt like a dream I had for my heart broke for good and it wasn’t able to be repaired…. but anyway ending the sad talk thank you for reading that crazy gibberish I hope you all have a good day and my mom used to say sometimes dreams it’s what we need to see sometimes that’s what we want to be or to that person is thinking about you as well if you’re sleeping you have a connection either way there’s days I just want to sleep forever and never wake up just so I can be with him again does that mean that I’m never going to let anybody until I find him who knows life is a mystery and today is a present.

  65. I keep having this dream where I’m visiting my sister and they have this bbq. I end up talking to this guy I don’t know his name or what he looks like when I wake up but he keeps trying to get me to dance wit him and I keep saying I don’t dance as he’s pulling me further into the yard. We get into the yad and he grabs my hand and is getting me to dance and keeps telling me like come on I know you can do better then this. I start actually dancing and having fun . Then I wake up.

  66. Since about four years oldI’ve continuously dreamt of her, although I’ve yet to meet her in waking life. Since then she has aged with me. In my dreams she’s my wife and I’m her husband, though in real life I’ve never married. We also have two children in my dreams, a daughter and a son. I’m 34, about 5’10, slim, with wild brown hair and hazel eyes (they change from brown to green). She’s around the same age as me, just a little taller than me, with brunette hair and beautiful green eyes. I tell her she’s awesomely beautiful. I have my son, he’s twelve, and looks exactly like I’ve dreamt he would. He’s blonde with my eyes.
    I know her face. Every line, every curve is deeply etched into my mind. I know exactly what she looks like, but i don’t know her name. I must have heard it and said it a thousand times in my dreams, but when i awake i can’t remember. Mine is Jacob. I’ve searched for her my entire life to no avail. I’ve been told she’s just a dream. I’ve read on dream interpretation and the anima. I’ve even prayed tho stop the dreams because i can’t find her. But in my heart i know she’s real. I can feel her in my soul. Nothing can dissuade me. She is her own person, and she is not always loving nor overly affectionate. So she seems to be neither a projection of a part of me nor a wish fulfillment. The question that haunts me the most, that burns at the core of my innermost being, is why do i dream of her if I’m never to find her. How do you love and miss someone that you have never met? All i can think is this must be some form of a soul bond.

  67. I dreamed of a guy named Travis I never met before and we were getting married ? What does this mean? It felt so real I couldn’t see his face but I felt so connected to this person

  68. theres a guy i am in love with who i used to date but just friends with now and its been like that for maybe 2 years but ive always been in love with him on the lowkey even though ive been with other guys during the 2 years my love for him never fades even though i dont think he loves me in that way back but whenever i dream of him its so amazing his touch is the best thing and i feel so warm around him and happy and he just fills my heart and it feels so right with him…in my dreams, we dont see each other in real life much but we talk online lots does anyone have any explanation as to why this happens to me?why is he only the ever man in my dreams and why does he feel so amazing?

  69. I’ve..been dreaming of the same man but older years since highschool. I am 25 now I graduated in 2009 but. Every night almost’s the same man. His eyes are sometimes blue sometimes brown, but everything else-the same. There are points where he saves me from danger or takes me and my daughter and makes us his family. Most times where were lovers and I wake up seeing his face, Everytime I dream about him. It’s so real, I can hear him talk touch him and it feels like I am touching someone or breathing with them. Not in my bed and blankets like I really am just sleeping. And I haven’t really met someone like him yet, I just don’t think it’s time. But I’ve been single for well..since before my daughter, I found out I was 6&1/2 mos pregnant with her I had already broken it off 6&1/2 months previously because he was trying to control me too much. She is now almost 5.. a month away and I still have not gotten in a relationship because I fear if i do and i ever meet this guy it will be too late. I have had other dreams that a few days or weeks out have came true but this one.. it won’t go away and it stays the same.
    Sometimes the same situation not only the same man but sometimes different ways we meet or different things happen along the way. I honestly..i don’t know what to do. I’m going through very hard times breaking my foot, losing my job because of my foot, then losing my car because of someone else making it to where my car is totaled and I’m screwed. I really need someone to have and hold through these times. But this man… He makes me stop thinking that way almost every day. I just need help deciding if my choices are okay or if it’s nothing at all

  70. Hi, my name is Allena and I been having these dreams where I think its just my brain telling me one thing, but I don’t know anymore. Well I had a dream that I was pregnant by one of my cousins best friend and it felt so real. I mean we tried talking at one point but I end up telling my cousin about us and they was kind of upset at each other. I mean this is the dude that I dance with at prom it was amazing, well anyways he end up graduating and going to college while I was still in high school getting ready to graduate. Now let me remind you I haven’t seen this dude in about a year of so. When I started going to the same college as him I started having these dreams about us being together or just hanging out and having fun and some would feel real and some wouldn’t feel real. One day I did something bad and he didn’t talk to me until my birthday came around and on my birthday I remember him telling me that he still loves me and I’m still in his heart, but I just can’t get over these dreams. Like what do they mean? Are we meant to be together. I mean I believe that we will not end up together, but I just don’t know anymore. What should I do. What do these dreams mean to me.

  71. I dreamed of a guy I’ve never seen before. In my dream, a friend of mine came to my house and asked me to go on a road trip with them. Inside the red beetle car was her boyfriend whom I’ve only met in the dream, and on the backseat was a handsome man. I sat beside him, we went to a place that looked like a paradise. The grass was green and there were beautiful flowers. It looks like a garden, the colors were very vivid. there was a bench. The mystery guy and I sat there, while my friend and her boyfriend was gone from our sight. In front of us was a high wall with a secret door. I was wondering what was on the other side of the door when the man suddenly lay his head on my lap. My heart skipped a beat. The man slowly tried to kiss me, I was so nervous then I woke up. Many years later I met a man, I was teaching in an international school. He has a different race. Then we became couples. We went to a resort. The place and the setting seems very familiar, a garden, a wall, and a bench. The exact thing happened when my boyfriend lay his head on my lap and a kissed me. It was our first kiss.

  72. So there is this guy that has been trying to start something with me. And I started to like him as well. At the begining, I had this dream of another guy I have NEVER seen in my life, and is the complete opposite of the guy in real time. Ever since then, I haven’t been interested in the guy trying to start something with me at all. When I was before this dream.
    It gets weirder.
    All I can picture me being with is this guy in my dream. Last week I saw this guy at the grocery store and he literally looked like the guy in my dream. The resemblance is kinda scary. He is a paramedic. I was driving at the complete other side of town, probably 30 minutes away form the grocery store he was at, and I saw him again! Is this a sign of something?! I work in an ER so it’s gonna be easy if he finds me again.

  73. It was a random girl from a family i know and she knew me but i didnt know her we didnt talk until she was about to leave and she said something i cant really remember all i knew was when she started talking i was in love and i knew that she loved me to like we had a bond that could never break and she tell me how we loved each othere when we were young i didnt remember but i could feel that it was the truth i had complete trust of her and she was leaving i was so sad thinking i would never see her face again then out of nowhere she shows up under my blanket im suprised but i ignored her because the mother is in the room she leave then for no reason i see her making out with a random guy im a little mad but not really cause i know that she was only doing it cause she loved me and i could forgive her for anything and i knew she did it cause she wanted me to be the guy i was supposed to but then when i started kissing her i could feal the fearing part of me come out i felt complete never felt like this before like we know each others flaws then we fix those flaws in each other even if it puts each other through he we both we both want to be perfect for each other then i woke up and she was gone but i could still feel her around

  74. I have broke up with my x girlfriend now for 7 years, I have moved on I am so happy with my new Fiancé and my daughter and soon to be jelly bean, I love them all so much. We have a new house, I’ve been Promoted At work everything looking up. But these dreams I think have happened to me and I don’t know how to think because even tho it’s a dream I feel bad that I’m dreaming of her. The dream was we were in a room and we were talking about how everything is going (she is also married now) and I told her I have a daughter and a jelly bean on the way and it was so real because I told her my daughters name, she told me also she had one on the way. Seemed more like a catch up of mates than anything ? We didn’t end well and we never talked again after 7 years. What is this situation and is it just me or if our souls are meeting does this mean she is also having dreams. And I am deeply in love with the mother of my children so why am I having these dreams.

  75. So I keep dreaming of a old childhood friend I was somewhat close to him and had a crush on him when I was younger we fell out of contact when I 15 and I moved far away about 3 years ago I visited hes mom and sister . He stop by and said Hi since he was leaving some where .Anyways I keep having dreams about him , that im trying yo get his attention but he ignores me and I feel so sad , In my dreams im always flirting with him but he never flirts back lol and its always like we are with a group of people. My dreams always feel real when it about him . Ive been having dreams about him at least once a month for almost 4 months now what can this mean ?

  76. I’ve had 3 pretty surreal dreams now. The first one was when I first moved into my new house about 3yrs ago. I have been in a relationship with this guy (that I dreamed about) for 6months. Pretty sure I gave my heart to him & it was a too good to be true relationship but that dream made it all seem like my reality. It was just us and we was at my house cuddling, and giggling like we use to.. Well waking up in a frantic because I now have been in a relationship with a guy I met after him for 3yrs then 6yrs now (present) and we have a daughter. Thinking as much love as I felt in my dream and real it felt my heart reminded me of my kid, so I went back to sleep and I went straight back to where I left off. I miss him alot. My current relationship has been on the rocks since I had my daughter and we are still together, never separated but man my heart & mind do think of him from time to time..
    My other dream has been a very strong sexual relationship. The guy is all about me. Treats me how I should be treated. Grabs up on me in public. Bc this dream I had today was great. I was with friends at a airport and get hollered at to come this way and wait. It’s the departure area and he comes a guy and swoops me up and spins me around and around. Telling me how much he has missed me. And throwing me into a wall and kissing the hell out of me. I’m just like hello, where is this lover of mine! Lol. Only thing is face is blurred out. And normally I have deja vu + end up meeting people I have before just never can place the actual time or time frame I should say. It’s a thriller to feel something so real yet so far outta touch.

  77. Trinashree basumatari

    I met my soulmate before marriage but my mum never listen to me we got separate and I got married to another I don’t like him he is very good I was not able to forget my soulmate I meet my soulmate again after 8 years I want to go back to him without him I’m dying my husband is good man but I don’t want to continue this marriage it’s 6 years gone help me please what to do

  78. So what does it mean when you and your soulmate had a breakup and one moved on but y’all are still in love and dream about eachother on the same night?

  79. Hi, my name is Sarah and I think I dreamt of my soul mate. I can remember it clear as day and it happened last week. I was heart broken to realize that I would never see my baby or soul mate again. It was so real, and my heart aches to know it was just a dream.

  80. I had a dream about my fomer lecture, i did not had a crush on him when this dreams occured. i dreamt about him at first he hold me and i actually felt his love for me inside him when i woke up and rembered this dream i was like no it just a dream but i deamt about him again and again until i notice that no i am really dreaming about this man. during those days he left college and found another job and i couldn’nt see him. now i love him a lot i just cant stop thinking about him i resently dreamt about us getting married near the ocean it was so beautiful and we were standing in the altor reading a bibble happy and smilling. does this dream mean something or nothing?

  81. So I had this experience awhile ago and I’ve talked to many people about it and lost many friends because they think I’m letting it take over my life and they think I’m idolizing the girl I dreamed of. So I’m going to tell you guys my dream experience because I love sharing it and I hope one day someone will find wisdom in my words and share it with me or something. I’m just waiting for something to happen I guess?? So I broke up with my gf was a lonely child, very sad and lonely and I met this girl named Brianna who would pray to whoever and repeat stuff in mantra form like God show me my twin flame or something like that (ever since I had the dream of her I’ve given up on new age stuff and have just started following my heart more and praying to God and Jesus I don’t see why that matters but I thought I would include it) anywho her prayers worked and she attracted a man into her life that she later married and had a child with! So I was like wow this shit works so I prayed to God and Michael and litterally stating “everyother benevolent being in the univers” to show me my twin flame or soul mate! I did it everynight b4 bed and eventually I had this dream and in it there was me and my brother walking down a familiar drive way, I think we where talking to eachother but I couldn’t hear anything and I felt a third presence with us but I never saw it, I’m not sure if o even tried to look for the third pressence, but if I did then my head was turned away by some force or something because I never saw the third presence only felt it! Then as we walked we saw three bird beings who looked humanoid! They had the humanoid body and they where all white and shinning gold o think?? They had a gold Mohawk type of hair at the top! They where all surrounding a Pegasus that resembled them and then they noticed us and there arms turned into wings and they began to run away flapping there wings like they where going to fly! Then I screamed no
    Wait we’re good then next thing I know me and my brother teleport to where they where about to lift off and the third presence was gone and same with the Pegasus! It was just me and my brother and three bird people oh and now there was also a tall lady dressed in royal India like clothes and it was all gold tinted with a burnt black color and her aura was also black and she was just tall and green! Next to her was a black cage with spikes on the outside! I wasn’t scared of this person I was just like whatever my focus was on the bird people. Then the bird people made a book appear that had grey stone covering and many thin translucent tan pages with glowing blue symbols and writing I’ve never seen then they said touch it and my brother was first to and he was shocked by lightening from the book and looked like he learned all the answers of the universe and then I touched it and saw the face of a girl I was going to meet latter on! After I touched it we all started going up
    The road and we where walking and like our steps where really big or something cuz we where walking extremely fast and then right on the corner of my road there was a rectangular mirror that came out of nowhere and was spinning then it came to a stop and faced us! Then the mirror wasn’t a mirror and it like opened up and became a door to another world that was all dark and black and there was fire in the distance then this spider lady monster started coming out trying to attack us and then the tall green black aura lady grew two more arms I think? And started pushing it back in while shooting this green energy stuff at it! Then I woke up and was like Waaaaat!? I later on met the girl from my dream by a few months I think? I should’ve told her about my dream right when I met her but I waited to long and she thought I sounded crazy and so did her mom and then we stopped talking for so long and now we’re talking again but our relationship isn’t like what it used to be I just wanna hold her and kiss her and buy her stuff always ahh gee wiz wtf is life

  82. I dreamed of walking up a stone staircase on a. Cliff that was smooth and pretty. When I got to the top it was a cliff that turned to a bridge going over a river. I went into a light cave and as I went down it was a garden at the end filled with orchard flowers and trees with big pastel colored flowers over them in blues and pinks. I then seen my boyfriends eyes. Which are blue. But not his face. When I met him I knew it was him. A man walked me to him holding my hand. I’ve dreamed of his eyes in the form of other people before but didn’t K of til now it was him. What does it mean? Where was I?

  83. I had a dream were it was dark we were in a car and I could not see her we were holding hands and had arms around each other note I could not see her because it was dark.

  84. My friend told me that before he meet me in school, he said that he saw me in his dream. Since that day we me, I treat him as my best friend. Is he my soulmate?

  85. I had a dream about my boyfriend getting engaged with a colleague friend of mine that he doesn’t even know or met yet. what does this dream mean?

  86. I have had two dreams so far this year about this guy. I don’t know who he is but I can feel him and believe he is my soul mate. Is each dream about your soul mate the same? Because both of mine have been different and I want to know if this is worth pursuing.

  87. I was a lonely guy. until last night I dream of him, a person who sit next to me driving. By looking at his face.. I totally knew he was not my typical type.. but this time I feel a connection with him.. i feel like he is so cute and the way he act I feel like I have known him.. i think he is my soulmate.. the way he made me feel in my dream.. I never felt like it before.. I have many crush.. but they never made me feel like the way he treat me

  88. I had a dream about a boy,first I saw an angel wings and a very bright light it came in through the window into my home and transformed into a huge dove with golden eyes and I ws so scared it came closer and transformed into a very handsome guy with golden eyes and glowin skin wearin white clothes with dark curling short hair .he came close sayin I shouldn’t b afraid,I should trust him that he loves me and he showed me beautiful houses made of gold by right and hand side and asked me to come with him .i looked into his golden beautiful eyes and I saw so much love that I ev never seen b4 and when said come with me I asked about my child and he said she can come along .i ws confused bt I trusted him already .then I woke up feelin everything ws real , few month later I saw a boy lyk d man I described bt with dark brown eyes we started chattin and became friends.i kept dreaming about this same boy sayin he loves me .i ev fallen in love with him bt he doesn’t love me or care about me ,I don’t understand y.

  89. I’ve been having these dreams the last week or so, it always involves this girl and we have a very strong relationship one I’ve never felt in my regular human life the love connection is one like I’ve never ever felt. The weird thing is that it fallows a story line, for instance the first dream was about us meeting each other and I remember we where hanging out in like a camp ground with cabins and we just hung out that whole day and when the night came and it was bed time we went into our separate rooms and she sent me a text that said “I like you” and instead of texting her back I went into her room and neald beside her bed and said “I like you too” and kissed her and every dream after that is more and Moore serious and the love is Moore and Moore intense! The last one was last night and was about her greeting pregnant with my baby! This the weirdest thing I’ve ever experienced and I need too know this is, Will I ever meet this woman in real life? Why is this happening too me now? Is this woman my future wife?

  90. I had a dream that i was looking for a room 19 and asked a female if that was the room she said no down the hall but i ended up going somewhere else then she started chasing me amd i was scared because she opens people chest to see there hearts and kills them if its nit the color she is looking for but she got to me and opened my chest at first it was green then turned purple and that was the color she was looking for and then i wasn’t so scared because i knew she was my soulmate and then there was another dream i had to go and talk to someone about something and when i saw her i passed out both times my aunt was in my dream. If you could tell me more i would appreciate it.

  91. I’ve had this same dream twice now we’re I meet this guy his not that good looking but I fell in love with his personality. So in the dream it starts with us meeting at a karate class, then we give each other our numbers then (you know in a dream when your one place then the other but something in the dream something has happend before you went to the other place well that what happened next) so I’m in his house and were in his room talking and laughing then we go to sleep and I wake up (still in the dream) and i kiss him then I actually wake up for real I had this warm feeling inside when I woke up it felt so real it felt like he was right there beside me when I think of that dream it makes me fell warm and happy but also depressed because I’ll probably never meet him, what if he doesn’t even exist?

  92. Hi. I’m feeling bittersweet today.. I had a beautiful dream with my stranger, i’v been dreaming about this man for months now different scenarios same person.. We had been very intimate already in other dreams but still his mere precense in my dreams affect me deeply.
    Last night my dream was about me going on a trip with my friends and for some odd reason he appeared in the dream he pick us up at the beach and invite us to a restaurant that in the end was his.. We ate like crazy from a buffet and enjoy ourself. End of dream.
    I’ve had dreams where he saved me from drowning and ends up hurt badly.
    Had sexual dreams too..
    I can’t see his face clearly but his hair cut is present in every dream. Light brown hair bit long not so short a mature man of 40s wearing mostly office work clothes..

  93. This helped me a lot, can I ask if there is a possibility of the current person I love is my soulmate? Or is it just a one-sided love because the sad truth is that we haven’t even met or talked personally or over the phone, but I see him in my dreams, and when I went to consult to a palm reader he describes me of the person I love will be my husband . but until now we haven’t crossed on each others path . I’ve been consulting 3 palm readers including my grandma , all of them describes the same person, I don’t know but I’ve been in love with this person for almost 3 years and I badly miss him so much but I cannot do anything because he lives miles away from me .. I would highly appreciate your comments on this cause this really bothers me a lot . thank you and Godbless.

    P.S the palm reader told me that I have a gift of having a high astral sense. ( I can’t explain what it is but I feel like talking to him through my mind )

  94. Dreamt this last night. Handsome guy had dark blondish-brown hair, didn’t see his eye color, popular, lots of male friends, in university, and lived in the dorm room next to mine. I lived in my dorm with another girl, and it seemed as though everyone around me knew the place & I was new, but it didn’t feel like I was new. So in real life, I’m going starting high school in a month, and i’m 5’1. But in the dream I was older, prettier, and taller. This guy was taller than me by a bit. So we were on campus, and he was riding in a friends jeep or something, and sitting at the top. He was looking at me shyly. My friends told me not to go for him as he’s popular, & I said ok. Saw him a couple more times, and kept looking and smiling at me. He talked to me a few times, & I played hard to get, but on the inside, I was dying to get to know him; I think I was falling for him. Then all of a sudden, the 2 of us were walking to a football game or something, and we were walking pretty close to each other. He asked me to move closer to him, so I did. He asked me to move closer again, & I did. Then he put his arm around my waist. I felt weird; his arm was strong, & somehow comforting, but I didn’t feel like I loved him. He asked if I knew why he did that, I asked if he liked me. He turned his head to answer, & I stood on my toes, & leaned in. He thought I was going to kiss his lips, so he turned his head more to me, but I twisted my head and kissed his cheekbone ( almost right under the eye). Later on, he walked into my class and I kissed his forehead wishing him luck. We both looked and felt happy, & the entire class was staring at us.

  95. Just want to type this so I won’t forget it.
    I just woke up. Yesterday night was a rough one. Getting into the astral plane semi-consciously and wanting to get out is only pleasant from my masochistic point of view. Happened like, five times in a row.

    But just before I woke up…
    I had this interesting non-lucid dream.
    I was at a vegan protest in my country, Greece, along with my dad.
    Every now and then I found myself wearing a shirt but no pants; only underpants. Then my father always reminded me that I did not want to get my white pants dirty and brought me another pair from his car.

    This was probably irrelevant, who knows. Good stuff comes later.

    So I meet with this girl who was just amazingly beautiful. I think she had blue eyes, honey-like coloured hair and the cutest face I’ve ever seen. And we started talking about a couple of things, and we were so happy to be on the same path of veganism. I hugged her and later on we got separated.

    The dream goes on with me sitting alone, maybe only with my underpants, not having a clue where this girl or my father are.

    And suddenly, the protest seemed to be over. Cops just came to seize the protest, or so I thought.

    In fact the protesters had started a march so the cops came to prevent anything dangerous, like always. First thing that came to my mind, let’s go find that girl. So I’m at the very back of the march I talk with some other gals there, and I sigh “Oh were is that girl…”
    And I hear a girly voice “with the big red lips…”
    And I turn around and see that it’s her. We started hugging and kissing (on the cheeks), I even remember, I leaned for her lips once but she was hesitant and I loved that, so I kissed her on the cheek instead. The dream ended with us happily holding hands.

    I hope you are real.

  96. Last night I had a dream that I met a man who fell in love with me the moment he saw me. I did not recognize his face as anyone I knew, but I knew he was the one. He asked me on a date to his place and I agreed. His house was (strangely) part of another building that nobody knew about but him and his roommates. There were guards by the door and he walked me down a long spiral staircase to his portion of the house. There was a couch, a tv, a coffee table, and a bed. We watched movies on the couch and then went to the bed, for well, you know. He was showing me dildos for some reason and I was like “no thanks, not really my thing.” Just as we were about to get it on my little sister ran in to show me some Pokémon she caught. She wanted to take me home and me and this guy were really disappointed, but I went home with her. Sometime after that I was at a market with my family and I saw him there. Our eyes met and there were butterflies in my chest. We blushed and looked away, then he went to say something to me and I woke up. I don’t even know the guy’s name. Weird.

  97. I am in a relationship already but I had the best dream of my life of someone I never met before that was trying to win my heart over… By gifts and just communication… He was charming and different and I loved him immediately. He kept trying to get my attention for me to be his gf. What does this mean?

  98. How do I get email private

  99. Hello i came across this website searching about soulmates. I just want to know if my current boyfriend is the one. Well right now we’re kind off a bit need in space because he did something awful knowing that what he did will hurt me. We already talked about it the other night and he said : he loves me more and he wants me to stay with him and he promise to not let me down again. He said soon he’ll fix it. But i dont think the other not so third party still doesnt know. We still txt each other tho but then he acting cold again. Anyway the thing is, before i met him, i have dreams about him but i couldnt see his face. One dream is i was with him in movie house. I couldnt see his face only his jeans and shirt and his beside me. And i was suprised it did happen for real although i just noticed it for a few seconds. And not only that also some other dreams before i met him happened as well although it just a mattet of second. I dont really want to end things up with him.

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  100. I just had a dream about my soulmate i suppose. Im currently in a relationship with my childs father, i gave birth to her on the 2nd of july. Him and i got into a argument and i told him to leave. In my dream i was in love with this guy. Im not sure if this guy was my child father or not. I kind if feel like it was, but its a blur im not sure. Whoever it was, hugged me from behind and said we’re pregnant. I didnt look pregnant in the dream, and in the dream i thought to myself but i just had a baby. Then i turned to him and told him i love him and he said the same. Then i woke up, from my boyfriend coming in the house this morning from me puting him out last night.

  101. Once in my dream I meant this boy who had brothers. One of the brother went to school with me. The boy I didn’t even know I never meant him before or seen him. But I could feel something about him that I didn’t want to wake up. I use too think that love was nothing but words and sexually active. But this dream taught me it wanting to see eachother when you can’t . And waiting for eachother . And to be happy and love see eachother… I forgot what love meant in this generation

  102. Sophianne Ndikum

    can we talk over email?? And does it cost money??

  103. I need help with my dream

  104. Teresa fletcher

    I see today from a dream of my lost love who is desceased. In my dreams he’s seems so real and feels so real. It actually physically hurts me and leaves me feeling all sorts of ways I’ve been awake now 3hours and I still am uncontrollably crying . I miss him very much .

  105. I had a dream last night that someone came to me and told me my soulmate and true love was someone I know and have just recently started working with which was really random because have not thought about this boy as anything but a new friend before.

  106. Last night I had a dream about this guy who I have no idea who he is and I only could see his hair and everything else was blurry. We were at the nail shop with my parents and we got in the car together with my sisters to drop them off at home then we went to the beach and there was a storm it was a “lovers storm” idek and whoever it rained on they were the perfect couple. And it rained on us so we kissed and then it ended isn’t that wired.

  107. I had a dream just this morning that my soulmate was present with me in my bedroom, we was hugging me tightly and telling me he loved me while crying, i was holding him telling him not to love me but i knew that I loved him very much. After this I leave the room and when I return he is not there and I am overwhelmed with sadness then I wake up still feeling him

  108. I met a girl in my dream that I’ve never met or even seen before in real life, but in my dream we met and fell in love and I want to know what it means. Everything felt so real and I want to know if this girl is real. please explain this.

    • I found her today I didn’t think it was true but it was her I’m sure of it and I never knew her beforehand does that mean my dreams can predict the future?

  109. Last night I had the strangest and possibly the best dream I’ve ever had. I was in a car, it was dark. My real life friend was in the passenger seat and someone I took as her boyfriend was driving. There was two boys in the back with me. One of them kept looking at me while he was talking to his friend. I felt left out and awkward. When we got to his house apparently to drop him off, I thought that was the last id see of him. But then he opened the backseat door again, reached in and pulled me out. Then he lifted me up and placed me back down, hugged me to see how short I was, and said I should stop biting my nails lmao. Then we went inside and apparently they were all getting ready to go play in the snow outside. I didn’t have any snow clothes because I didn’t even know I’d be going to this guys house. Then, last minute he took off his snow stuff while the others went outside and said he was going to stay with me. Then he hugged me again and we cuddles on the couch and he said I was different because his flirting tactics didn’t work on me in the car and then out of nowhere he kissed me. IT FELT SO SO REAL. I woke up super confused upon realizing it was a dream as well as pretty sad. )-:

  110. Erika Lastimosa

    I was dreaming about someone over and over and over, until now, we didn’t meet yet, but there are dreams who make it true..and I’d dreaming his name 3 times!! What does it mean?!

  111. I had a dream last night about this girl. Ive never met her.. In my dream we didnt speak the first time we saw each other as i was with my cousin in my dream. In my dream it was a couple days or so that had passed … And we finally started talking. I remember i kept following her.. With her permission ofcourse… There was alot of water in the streets.. We went into a house.. She seemed to know the ppl who lived there. She was very shy with me, but seemed to k ow that i liked her. And she accepted me as i am .. Flaws and all. She seemed to think of my insecurities as cute. And she was so patient with me. She knew to answer my questions before they were even asked. Then i asked her why she never spoke to me that first day. And she responded that i was with someone that day. She had the most beautiful smile. She was light skinned. . . i remember us kissing. And we were having a conversation when she said .. Something about us getting married. I joked ofcourse in my dream about it.. But my feelings towards what she said.. I was jumping for joy inside…. Then she mentioned we should do it asap. . .
    Ive never had a dream where the girl talks about marriage to me. I wonder if she is my soulmate and if i will meet her soon. What does this mean??

  112. I had a dream that the dog turn into a human ! He talked to me ! He knew my fav place moreover he carried my hand and he asked me to run with him the funniest thing is that by the time I woke up,I actually sweat .i don’t know who is that guy?! but it is weird ! After that day most of my dream are changed, I dreamed about different person but with the same nationally.oh ! sometime those dreams occurred twice. More than this I basically know his name as well as his face,suddenly I forget everything when I woke up. When I closed my eyes I saw a picture of him….a few second later you can’t remember those things at all ! All you can see and stuck in your head forever is his eyes. Is that normal? 🙁

  113. I had a dream the other night. I was myself, but I don’t think I looked like myself. It seemed as if I was in a war era, somewhere between World War I and World War II. I say this because in my dream, my fiancé was heading off to war. Well it seemed some time went by, and for some reason I had thought he was dead (can’t remember why in the dream). Anyways, I met another guy–I think he was a journalist or something, and he became like a best friend, but we also fell in love. He proposed to me, and I said yes, big proposal, but ring, etc. I remember the entire thing pretty clearly. Anyways, a couple days later in the dream, my previous fiancé came home!! Somehow there was a mixup and he wasn’t dead!!! Obviously overjoyed I completely forgot I had just gotten engaged, and he wanted me to elope, so we did. I was wearing a modest ivory dress (probably something close to a 40s era plain dress, and he was in uniform. So after our wedding night, I was sitting on the passenger seat of his car when the other guy I was engaged to (the journalist) asked me how I was, if I had been busy–since I hadn’t really talked to him since he proposed. I was kind of in shock, but I flatly told him I just got married the night before. I remember it was raining. He was obviously surprised, heartbroken, and was like “Wait. What?.” And I was numb and didn’t know what to say as he walked off. I wanted to tell him I was sorry, that it was a crazy story he would never believe, but instead, all I could muster was a “Well, in his defense, he asked first.” I specifically remember stating that line, and him replying “Well, thanks a lot.” I woke up feeling awful. Not about marrying the first guy, but that I broke the second guy’s heart. In all truth, in my dream, I loved the first one more, and was too happy that he was alive.

    I guess I’m writing this asking, is it possible to dream about past lives and feel this emotions? Or could I be intercepting other people’s dreams? I often have dreams about people I don’t know, and I usually don’t look like myself, but someone else. I also always wake up with intense feelings, almost overwhelmingly so.

  114. Patricia baumberger

    My boyfriend died almost 3 years ago. One night about 6 months ago, I had a dream that my boyfriend was there and he was introducing me to the person that I should be with. The guy who he introduced me too, I ended up meeting a few weeks later, thru work. In my dream, I physically saw this guy in my dream, before I ever met him in real life. The funny thing about it is that the guy is not the type of guy I would normally be attracted to, but I am attracted to him now. I get chills down my spine reading this article, because I really feel I have met my soulmate, but now the trick is getting him to notice me. He’s shy and kind of introverted. I feel like I should tell him about my dream, but what if it scares him away?
    I don’t know what to do, just today, I emailed him and kind of hinted to him that I like him. So I am waiting to see what he says to that.

  115. Lauren Sharples

    I’ve had this dream twice now, different scenarios coming to the same conclusion of a romance of sorts but it is of myself and a man who I do not know on a personal level. I know of him as he works at the school which my brothers attend. We’ve never spoken as I’ve only seen him from a distance. I suppose it’s just one of those things you dream of, weird things but it bugs me as they feel so real, like as though I wake up in the morning and remember the dream vividly and think it actually happened.

    It probably means nothing but I thought I’d post and see what others think

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  116. What should I do, think if I have been dreamimg of the same person for the past 15 years?

  117. I’ve been reading through these posts, and I decided I’d like to share mine as well… if anyone has a comment/interpretation I’d really love to hear.

    Well, here I go:

    Last night I had a dream. I wish I had written it down when I had more of the details in my mind. I can still remember it fairly clearly. I was with a group of people, and a man held up a photo, something like an I.D card officials use to get into offices. On the I.D card was a photo of a man with light tan skin, dark, thick hair and deep blue eyes. The contrast between the dark hair and blue eyes was tremendously striking, making me wonder why I would dream those colors in such specificity. The man holding up the I.D card said something along the lines of “this is him” indicating that I was supposed to meet this man. The next part of the dream I can remember, I was in a bed with the dark haired blue eyed man, and we were together. It was as if we were meeting for the first time, and he was reaching out to me to see if I was the one for him. I could sense hesitancy on his end. Soon the hesitancy morphed into comfort and then mutual dependency, almost like this deep connection that was a combination of longing both spiritually and physically. Oh! I just remembered another part: there was some kind of war going on, and he went out in a plane, fighting, and his dad died in the war. When he came back he was torn with the grief and there was a funeral. Everyone was wearing orange and black for some reason, and I came to the funeral but was not part of the family section…I was with the other guests (some of whom I knew). Then the blue eyed dark haired man approached me and we talked and he drew me into the family section as if finally noticing our bond and we were joined (married??) there, spiritually.

    I know it sounds weird: but here’s the twist. When I woke up, I checked my phone and a man I had met briefly weeks before had contacted me. There was something about him when I met him that gave me a feeling of security, almost like a feeling that I could have a future with him. Coincidence?

    I would give anything to experience that feeling I had in my dream again. I am so sorry I probably did a horrific job describing it, but it was lovely… almost like knowing another half of me existed.

  118. I had a dream with the perfect boy. Of course I don’t know him in real life and don’t even know if he does exist but when I woke up it felt like I really loved him. We were walking holding hands in a magical forest, and in the forest there were many dogs, especially a dog I had named Lumi which got lost long time ago in real life and I haven’t seen her, it was so perfect and sad when I woke up becausw I got to meet him amd to hug my beloved lost dog :,(

  119. I had a dream lastnight, it was so strange. I was talking to these people that I’ve never met in my life. There was a lot of different scenarios, a lot of comotions, and then at the end, there was this guy and a lady who was talking about me. I can’t remember what exactly he said about home… but the lady said… “she’s the one who needs to go home, because she’s the one who left!” referring to me. I heard that clearly, and I replied, I said “yes, I’m the one who left. If I need a home, I need to go home!” and I started running on the road. I saw a BUS, there was bumper to bumper traffic. I started calling this name while I was running to get in to the bus, “NIKKO”! There was a couple inside, it seems like they know me… they said Nikko was hurt physically like a cut into his finger but he took off already. The couple was joking around and told Nikko while he was still in the bus to write something and leave his number and maybe a new girl will find it. I looked into one of the sit, as if I knew exactly where he sat and I found a gauze with taped on it. I noticed there was a writing inside. I can’t read it so I brought it to the couple who was sitting at the front of the bus, I said “he left a letter” showing them that Nikko did what they suggest. And then I opened it, the girl and I read it but she read it for me… the girl said “Owwww, but he wrote there that he’s still in love with you!” And then I looked down, I saw my name. “Mhelanie”. He left a note for a new girl that he might have a new relationship with, but he was so honest with his feelings. He was telling her that he still loves me. I was smiling in my dream, hoping I’ll find him but it ended.

  120. I had a dream a couple years ago while I was in school. I was running around in a campground near where I grew up. I felt very rushed but didn’t know what I was looking for. I ended up at a skate park that I didn’t recognize from my waking life. There was a lot of people there but I locked eyes with this guy with really bright blue eyes and dark shaggy hair and that is the most love I’ve ever felt in my life and he was looking at me back in the same way. We were both speechless but it seemed we both knew what eachother was thinking without saying a word. Another guy who seemed like a friend but who I hadn’t seen before said something along the lines of “this is a very special moment” while we were looking at eachother. It didn’t last long but it was the most amazing thing and when I woke up I was so happy for a few weeks because of it. I miss it though.

  121. I’ve been having dreams most nights for the past two years and every time I do, I dream about a boy that I’m madly in love with. except, the second I wake up, I forget what he looks like and I never know what his name is. quite frankly, I yearn to know if he exists on an earthly plane because I would like to meet.

  122. this article gave me so much hope for me and my soulmate! I just woke up from this amazing dream: we were on the beach (alone) and we were just talking and holding hands and hugging. That may not seem like nothing, but i’m a very awkward person, i get all weird when he talks to me and it makes me mad when i do that. But in the dream I was normal! I was myself around him! and when I woke up it was like he was right there next to me, i could smell his ‘perfume’. He and I broke up 3 years ago, but we have been “distant friends” since then. I smiled when I read this article because now I know that he is coming my way 🙂 thank you for the article I loved the titanic reference!

  123. I´ve been having significant dreams of a boy i´m still in love with i just can´t forget and move on.
    I knew our history before i met him, i met him in dreams and saw a letter written and signed by him along with his birthdate.
    We are not together. He told me in a dream we would be together he told me everything.
    But then it seems he doesn´t care this is an excruciating pain to be apart and not having sure about nothing anymore.

  124. Stephanie L Moore

    I’ve been having a dream about a certain person for 3 years now and I don’t know why. In my dreams he says he’s my soulmate but in reality he’s dead. I’m very confused because I’ve tried talking to other psychics about my dreams and they think I’m crazy. I’ve got to find some answers because my dreams are driving me crazy. If you can please help me understand my dreams. Thank you.

  125. I have had a re accuring dream since before I can remember of me begin with this man that completes me . All of the dreams take place way before I was born. But then I have dreams in close to present day and I go to the manor we shared and I feel drawn and a for longing . It’s over whelming . Everything seems so firmiliar like I’ve Been there before and I need to be there . Everything is aged and falling apart . But I feel a need to go to a locked room . I have all the descriptions of the room and beyond and I have only been able to enter the room a few times and I have felt his presence that is both comforting yet fear causing . But I have only felt his touch and never been able to look at him . But I know there is the connection . I am a sensitive and feel things that many are unable to feel. My body reacts to things that most do not . I feel a sin in my body every time I have a dream in regards to this. Please any advice would help.

  126. Hi my name is Winter. I’ve been having dreams about the same guy for 2 years now. He was tall, handsome, kind hearted and we had a strong connection. He just kept popping up into my dreams which I love. I wish they happened more often…but I recently met a guy and I think he’s the guy from my dreams… He just fits it so well.

  127. Three years ago, I kept seeing a guy (around 24-25 years old) in my dream. As I sensed in the dream, that guy is my ‘soulmate’. I kept seeing this guy in my dreams up until an year ago. I sensed that this guy has tremendous love for me and I remember the way he would be looking at me (in the dream). Anyways, I actually met this guy (in real life). He apparently goes to the same university as I do. On the first day saw eachother, he seemed a bit surprised & excited to see me. He looked at me the exact same way I saw him look at me in those dreams. He kept showing interest in me for 10 months but during those 10 months, he did not speak a single word with me. Just once (during the second month) he came to me with his friend & the FRIEND asked me stuff like where I studied, my age and stuff. So he kept showing interest in me during those 10 months & now he doesn’t show up anymore. He comes to uni but just doesn’t come to see me anymore. Whenever we meet by accident he would still look at me in the same way he always does. But it’s like whatever little we had is all gone because he doesn’t come to see me anymore.

    I just want to know what you all think of this and maybe suggest what exactly might’ve happened?
    Thank you in advance 🙂

  128. Well, I have no idea what happened and what it meant, but here it is.

    I was walking from my form room to the last lecture of the day. The way the building was set out was that there were 2 doors perpendicular to each other, then I saw him. I can’t remember exactly what he looked like, but he had thick, wavy brown hair, bright eyes, and he seemed taller than me.

    He came up to me and smiled, and for some reason I knew that he smiled at everyone, and that he was taking Programming. He seemed to trip in a way, then I tripped as well (I don’t know how) and he dropped a cartridge. With that, I saw that we both shared a love for something said to be too old for us: Mario video games. He looked up, and I knew he felt embarrassed, so I said ‘Hey, I love that game too! I’ve been playing it for a while!’.

    He seemed pretty happy, then my friend who was with me started pulling me up. I told her that I would catch up, then everyone else seemed to disappear. He started asking me questions, but I didn’t really hear them, apart from when he asked why I had smooth skin. I do NOT have smooth skin, it’s one of my worst qualities, but strangely, it turned silky smooth. His fingers were rough, and he shaped my mouth into a smile. We stood up, then I swore that I had seen him before. I was just about to ask his name, when, I woke up.

    I rushed quickly to where I thought he’d be, but he wasn’t there. Or anywhere.

    I hope you can find out if he’s real or not.

  129. I had a dream last night about this girl I’ve never seen (I’m great with faces I have a photographic memory) or met in my entire life which is strange to me because that’s never happened to me before and the detail was incredible. She had blonde hair and green eyes she was around 5’5″ and about 100 to 105 pounds but what really drove me crazy was the smells. I could smell her (she smelled like strawberries) but I could also smell the city I was in which is funny because I’ve never been to new york city (I looked up what it smells like and thats exactly what it smelled like) but I’ve always wanted to go to the big apple. Another in the dream I met her before we we’re in NYC (another strange part this dream lasted longer than any dream I’ve ever had before) does this mean I’m going to meet this girl sometime in the future? I have never had a dream like this and when I woke up was pretty overwhelmed. I actually looked over to see if she was there in my bed. For a split second I forgot where I was and my heart was pounding.

  130. I keep dreaming I’m in love with my cousin I havnt seen for years. At times it’s not him but it’s the same feeling. I keep having it. I’m in a relationship, but the love don’t feel as strong as the guy in my dream. I think me and my boyfriend are too different, but scared to break up with him and hurt him.

  131. Is there a way someone can steal your fortune? My sister met someone like the man I have been dreaming about for years as being be the one I marry. I just have this feeling he is coming but I am currently dating someone else and he’s great I love him but I can’t shake this feeling someone else is coming. Is there any way my feelings are right or am I screwing up something great with someone else for a feeling I can’t shake. I’m confused

  132. I had a dream where i was a game stadium with my friends and it was a loud game too then sometime after a girl behind me said something it sounded like her voice was breaking in my dream i didnt want to turn around but i wanted to but its like im being forced not to and the girl said “I admit it..I admit it..i love you” the loud stadium was..quiet all i can hear was her and then she clinged on to my back i still wish i could look back and see who this girl is, couple minutes passd by i put my hand on her two hands which was around my neck and pushed her up a little bit so she can get comfortable on my back…then my dream faded.

  133. I had this dream and as soon as you see someone you know that they are your soulmate. His name was Sebastian and I can remember waking up and thinking it was real. I had another dream about him and we were having a conversation and I asked “why am I dreaming about you, are you real?” And all he said was “all in due time” what the hell?!
    I saw an image in my mind as I awoke and I went online and search his name and I saw the exact image! I had never seen this man before or this picture I don’t even know anyone with this name.

  134. Once I had a dream about a guy who had short blonde hair and blue eyes. We were in school and he was by his locker just staring at me (I can’t really remember the dream) but then I remember having my legs wrapped around his torso and he was kissing me. Then he appeared again in another dream I had. This time it felt so real, he was in one of my classes and he sat in front of me and I was talking to him and then he asked me out to go eat some food after class and I remember walking out and he was holding my hand telling me “I wish you would of done this earlier, I was falling for somebody else” and then he tells me he likes me since beginning and while having that dream my heart actually started to beat faster and I woke up not knowing why that had happened.

  135. Last night I had a dream I had gotten lost in a city by the beach near my sister and I kept driving almost hitting someone’s car in a neighborhood. I stopped my car to apologize and the man stood there staring at me saying it was okay because I had done no damage to the cars. He seemed so familiar to me, but I have never met him before and in my dream we kept talking and talking until eventually I had to go. As I was leaving he stopped me saying the he was the love of my life and pictures started rearranging with him in them with me and then my whole perspective changed, but I woke up and now i can’t stop thinking about this guy. I’ve had dreams like this before too, it’s always a guy with brown hair and brown eyes that is taller than me but I’ve never met him before. I feel a real connection with this guy and he’s been in my mind all day long.

  136. I hope you can help, About 2 years ago I met a guy on a dating website and we started chatting on Whatsapp for a few weeks. I was on the site to meet new people and make friends more than anything, and I have.

    While chatting I was travelling the world for business and he said he was doing the same thing. then one day after a few weeks he abruptly stopped communicating even with my attempts to reach him. After a about a month of “knowing” this guys, I decided to just let go ( as I might seem desperate). I deleted his Numbers and pictures we ever shared, and gradually tried forgetting about him. After a while, I succeeded in forgetting about him.

    In the past week, I have suddenly started dreaming about him, how he looks, how his skin feels, how his Tatoos feel, how he smells, how much taller he is to me, how he brushes away my hair from my face, and a whole lot more.. In the morning I wake up with a racing heart and it almost hurts to know how he looks but cannot and have not physically met him yet.

    Does anyone out there have an explanation for all? Could he be my soulmate? are our souls connecting in our sleep? is he experiencing the same things as me?…. Some one Please help.

  137. It’s wierd to me because I had this dream but I could not see the guys face we were in bed cuddling and having a convertsation about something but we were happy and fell asleep. When i woke up again i still felt that person holding me right. Does this mean i will meet that person soon or was it for me to just feel they’re presence?

  138. I had a dream last night that I was getting married to a beautiful man. I am ina current hurtful relationship. The man in my dream is entirely different. I knew him, inside and out. All his flaws against me and it was still wonderful. I woke up to a different man, my current love affair. What does it mean? It it my current love or my future love of my life i havemt met?

  139. Maybe y’all can help me out here. About a week ago, I had this dream about the man I fell in love with a few years ago. To lay a little history on you I had a gut feeling that he was the one but he was married. I knew I couldn’t cross the line with him , so I just decided to try to let. Ever since the first day I laid eyes on him, I knew he was someone very special. Anyways, I saw him and we started laughing and joking around. All of a sudden, I held both of his hands and we stood up. I asked him, “When will I see you again?”. The dream switched over to me in a club. Very weird! I was walking around and ran into this man who was showing a business card. On the card, I seen my guys full name on it, followed by the words, ” Ribs & CO.”. I woke up and was cracking up laughing. I’m like, “Ribs”. I researched the possibility of the meaning and found that it meant that he’s waiting for me to reach out and Ribs meant signs of a spouse, but I want to know from you guys what does it mean? Is it a prophetic dream?

  140. I dream of my kids father very often. We haven’t been together in 15 years or so. I would never think of being with him in this lifetime. However in my dreams we are happy. In the dreams I am the one who he loves dearly, even if he is with someone else. In my dream I realize that I could never be with him again. I wake up feeling warm and then recentment. Knowing I wish these dreams to stop. I keep asking why do I keep dreaming of him.

  141. I just met this guy two months ago and I felt we were sort of connected. I dreamed a lot of times about meeting him again. Is this a soulmate dream or an infatuation?

  142. I had a dream were I was told to pray to get to keep praying to get married with that said I also had a dream I was getting married on the beach with a handsome loving man however I couldn’t see his face

  143. I had dream where my crush at that time had called me and asked go meet up. I was mad because it was in the middle of the night. I walked in the street with only the streetlights to guide me. Out of no where there was a man who tried to attack me but before he could someone from the shadows saved me. He saved me and just left. I never saw his face or got his name.
    The second time I had a dream where I was at a campfire with a group of friends. Some I reconized some I didn’t. Then one guy comes and sits beside me, holding me in the warmth of his arms. We both just sat there and looked at the fire. Again I never saw him just felt him and hiis presence.
    The third time was recent. I was walking in the night and all of a sudden i slipped. A hand out of no where came and grabbed to save me from falling. Then he started to take pictures of me and we roamed the city the entire night. Again I didn’t see his face, but I felt his presence.

  144. I was in a relationship and so in love when I started having dreams that would ALWAYS have the same guy and it was maybe 4 nights a week. I have dreams that come true often so it really scared me bc I couldn’t imagine not being with my BF. I was madly in love with the guy from my dreams and so I was scared my BF and I would break up for this dream about the unknown guy to come true. I never saw his face but I remembered him so distinctly and it was always the same guy. It happened for about a year then quit. After a short while my BF and I broke up and then I started dreaming of him again, still never having met him in real life. I dreamed of him for about 2 1/2 months then it stopped for at least 3 months and I thought nothing of it. One morning I ran into the chest of a guy is never met before and embarrassed I apologized and was kind of struck by him. He asked a girl he knew from his child hood about me to see if I was interested in him. I brushed him off then finally met up with him. We clicked and for the next two weeks I kept trying to figure out where I recognized him from. I had one more dream about my unknown mystery guy and it all made sense. It was my new BF! I didn’t want to freak him out so I warned him I had to tell him something super weird. I told him I knew why he looked so familiar and why it felt like we had been together forever, I explained my dreams. He then told me he had also dreamt of me often but wasn’t planning on telling me, scared I would think he was creepy. We were very in love and dated 2 1/2 years, lived together and broke up. I thought I was losing my mind being apart. Then I would dream of him again and it was like we were ok in the dreams so I chilled out in regular life cause I could sense it wasn’t over. It’s been 3 or 4 years but we always were intertwined somehow, whether it be that he came to my work every weekend after marrying a girl he got pregnant and now we have moved far away from one another and I’m pregnant, in a relationship. Though recently I’ve been dreaming of him. I have looked up religious prayers about soul ties and how to release yourself from someone. I just want to be happy. Is he coming back or should I try releasing myself if he’s not a soulmate?

  145. I had a dream where there was this cute guy, but his face was a mixture of all the guys I thought were cute, a perfect shaped face with green eyes streaked with brown and walnut colored hair. So I went up to him and said “You have beautiful eyes” and then he said “I need to get away from you as far as possible” but in a jokingly way, so he went up to the teacher and said something and I felt so embarrassed, but when I got an email from that teacher it said “good to know you guys are together..” and I freaked out, mostly blushed when he walked by, and he liked me, and then I woke up (Which sucked) But I don’t know why I dreamed about these people’s faces mixed together to get the perfect shape of a face.

  146. In my dreams there is a guy. I have a feeling like I’ve known him for a long time.
    Last night I had a dream that I was in an unknown city. We were walking in a park and talking about things we have done together. He asked do I still remember everything.Suddenly I was having visions of different things that happen in the past but they weren’t my memories. Atleast I think so but I saw me In thouse memories with him.
    In my dream after the walk – what I remember is that we ended up at a beautiful metal bridge. It was night, light were on, water was calm. I told him that I don’t want to leave. He hugged me tightly and said: I know Lindy. I miss you just as much as you miss me but you can’t stay. You know just like I do – It’s not our destiny to be together in the reality you live in. But I’m really happy to see you again.
    When he shows up in my dreams. It feel right and how it supposed to be. Leaving me with a feeling that his someone very dear to me. Like we have this connection.

  147. I dreamed about my husband after i had met him once after that i dreamed him a whole week straight after that week he called me for the first time of my life since then we been together till this day.. ten years together and we have three kids. Im guessing thats the soulmate dream

  148. i keep on having these dreams about a certain guy. i have even searched on google to see if i can find him but nothing. is it just a case of love starved mind or does it really mean something? the dream always goes the same way. where we meet,what we do and what happens when we are together. the place where we meet is always the same and never differs.

  149. I had a dream about my soulmate for the 1st time about 10 months ago. It was amazing and he kept showing up in different dreams that I had that night. It was crazy everything felt right like no worry no fear just calm. Like I had known him forever and I was safe with him. We first met at and elevator and didn’t speak but the feelings were mutual and we walked away hand in hand. Ended up going to eat somewhere and started talking like we’ve never been a part. I tell you it was the most amazing feeling in the world ,and I hope to meet this man one day. Felt as if the world was aligned and nothing was or could go wrong.

  150. I had a dream the other night, as I’ve had a few times in the past, with a random storyline (this tmie he was showing me around a very familiar town trying to convince me to “move home” – but I live in the city I was raised in and dream city was nonwhere I’ve lived or been before (yet in my dream felt familiar). Anyways, in this dream (and other past dreams with possibly different storylines because I never wrote them down but remember the feeling) when I woke up. I woke up feeling the physical presdence… in my dream he was holding/spooning me, his face at the crook of my neck and I absolutely felt his body heat when I woke up. I also (on all of these occasions) woke feeling the biggest feeling of beign loved it literally felt like someone had held me all night and just climbed out of bed for he heat/comfort/love feelings…. like I’ve never felt that way in real life. That’s why I’m sort of convinced it’s a manifistatin of my wishes, but if just felt SO REAL I had to look into and found this… could it be real?

  151. This isn’t really a dream I had. It’s more so a question on something else. I’m not really sure who else to go to or how else to contact you. My sophomore year of high school I laid eyes on this girl and I instantaneously felt this attraction to her. Not even in the physical sense, although she was extremely beautiful. I just felt the need to be around her and to get to know her. Soon, I became her best friend. For the longest time I believed she was my soul mate, due to the way I felt when we first met and the way I continued to feel throughout the friendship. The feeling, however, wasn’t reciprocated. I’m a senior in high school now, about to graduate. She and I have stopped being friends, I felt like I had to finally move on from her. Did I make a mistake? Or did I make it all up in my head?

  152. I recently has a dream that I was trying to get into a restaurant with my cousin and this man was blocking the way putting something in his bag. He had his back to us and then suddenly turned around with a huge beautiful smile and said I’m so sorry it won’t happen again and walked way. I can’t get his face out of my head. Not to mention the dream felt more like a memory than an actual dream.

  153. I had a soulmate dream. I loved him so much all I could do was look at him. I thought I woke up and I was crying, and then I did and I put my hand over my heart. I’ll remember him forever even if I never do meet him.

  154. I have never met the guy till i saw him in my dreams but idk

  155. I met with a guy who was recording my testimony, my life story. I felt comfortable telling him everything that’s ever happened to me Two nights later I had an intense romantic dream about him. It was a very pure dream however. In this dream he had a white and sparkly aura around himself. He is a Godly man, single..and now I cannot get him out of my mind. What does this dream mean?

  156. I recently had a dream about a girl I knew a long time ago. We went to the same elementary school, middle school, high school, and even university. Yet we haven’t talked since middle school. We were really close friends in elementary. I kinda felt it was much more than friendship though, even at that early age. In fact, we actually became “boyfriend/girlfriend” (if you could call it that) during our first year at middle school. However, It only lasted a couple of weeks. Things changed with the new relationship status and we were both so young and nervous we couldn’t even talk to each other. So, after the “breakup”, we never really talked again. I guess we just got caught up in the stuff that goes with going to a new school and meeting new friends and everything. I still thought of her occasionally, but felt I couldn’t talk to her anymore because of a major change that happened in her life. (She got pregnant at 16) We both just ended up going our separate ways. Anyway, I had a vivid dream about her last night. When I awoke, I had a very strong feeling that she was my soulmate because I still have feelings for her after all these years. I’m pushing 40 now and live halfway across the world from her. I’m married and have a child and so is she. (She actually married a good friend of mine and I’m happy for them) I love my wife very much. Is what I’m feeling real or am I just being stupid and this’ll just pass?

  157. Well.. i used to have a crush on this guy for 6years and i never knew he liked me back until the last day of school last year ( it was my last year there, i was immigerated later to another country) i saw him once or twice after he told me he likes me back but each time i saw him.. his smile used to disapper and he would just get lost! I havent seen him for 9months as i have imigriated to some other country.
    But i keep dreaming about him .. the first few times i dreamed of him.. he didnt speak to me in my dreams he would just stare at me.. the next time i dreamed about him. I asked him if he still loves me and he just laughed in a way like he is trying to tell me to move on! But recently when i dreamed about him.. he told me he loves me and he hugged me and it felt like … it felt like home! Is he my soul mate?

  158. I had a dream recently where my sister and acouple other girls ( i dont remember their faces) were walking through a neighborhood and out of no where 2 cars show up and all these guys got out , it was dark and they were approching us so i ran ( im assuming the other girls ran too) and this one guy with a red shirt comes up to me i was scared son e he had been in that car. scared i close my eyes when he’s about 2 in away from me , expecting him to hit or rape me he insteads started kissing my neck out of the coner of my eye. I see a sherif so i ran , the guy i guess followed me and comtunied until i was my sister and the other girls looking for me ( we were all seprrated thr same amount since it was near the side of a house , i guess they were doing the same thing i dont know ) & so i sent up to them to hear the other guys cheering at the guy i had been with.Out of no where im bCk at my house on a porch and i guess i see the car again (its a one way street ) and put my middle finger up i think i thought he used me since i never met him and then a girl shows up which i think ibhappen to be friends with because we used and she goes you really hurt him and all these other things and i was like how i never metbhim i dont know who he is but she keeps going but i strangley felt bonded to him so i said csn you talk to him for me and then i wake up

  159. I had a dream and someone show me my soul mate,i heard a voice of a man

  160. I had the weirdest dreams about a person by the name of Michael. It happened over a period of 4 years now. The first time I dreamt of him, I didn’t know his name. I actually thought I dreamt of one of my ex boyfriends. We were lying in bed and the person was sitting up next to me but with his back to me. He was worried, you can see from the way he was sitting with his head in his hands and sighing. It was like I was above the scene. I leaned over and stroke his back as if to say, don’t worry it will be ok. That is only when I saw this was not my ex as this person did not have the same birth mark on his back. So then for a couple of weeks nothing. Then one night as I was just drifting off to sleep I saw a person trying to come through but 2 men were holding him back. He said “Michael my name is Michael.” Now this is where it gets weird. I was visiting with my mother one night and about to go but had to go back into the room for something. She said she saw someone in the hallway waiting for me. The way she described him, he look the man I dreamt about the first night. I can never get a clear picture of the face. The hair is always like a brown redish colour. Tall, somewhat slim with broad shoulders. So anyway that was it for a while. It happened this Monday night. I was in a very low place on Monday. Just felt that everything that was happening around me was becoming too much. So I dreamt that this man was with me in a room full of people. He stood next to me but did not say much. His friends from what I could gather were talking to me. They invited me to go out with them and we need to get ready. So there was this bathroom with a lot of tubs in it. So everybody was taking a bath and getting ready and they told me to do the same. But the weird thing was there was nothing sexual or weird about it. It was as if were all small children and not aware of our bodies or something. So I took the only empty bath and ran the water and took a bath. After that one of his friends told me what a great guy Michael is that he always helps others in their darkest times. So I was given a pure whit bath robe to put on and I think that is about where I woke up. I don’t think this was a soul mate dream. I may be wrong and it was. But I kind of get the feeling that Michael watches out for me in a weird way. Because I felt light again the next day. Like I can face the world and cope.

  161. My bday 2/6/91.. I don’t believe in love at first sight, but maybe that’s because it already happened. In 2005 I was with some friends and went to a friend of theirs house. I walked into the room with my friends to see a few strangers. One of them.. Their auora struck me like a ton of bricks. I didn’t even know him yet, but I couldn’t keep him off my mind. His birthday is 10.13.92. We started dating later that year. I had boyfriends before, but I loved him more than life itself. We lost our virginities together. We have dated 4 times throughout the last decade. I see 1013 on the clock almost every day ever since I knew of his birthdate and still do to this day. He has been visiting my dreams for over a week now. I’m in love with everything within his soul, every part of who he is. I want to contact him, though I’m worried he’ll want nothing to do with me. I’ll be alone for the rest of my life BC no one is him. Not a soul could top his.

  162. I recently had a dream unlike any other dream I have had before. I dreamt that I was in a relationship with someone (who is not my current significant other) and I felt a strong connection to this person. The dream felt like much time had passed while I was dreaming even though I wasn’t asleep long maybe 6 hours. The place I was in felt familiar I was with this person I felt the strong connection too and even spoke with his mother and brothers although in trying to recall what they looked like I can only remember a few details about the person like hair color or build but I cannot remember the face, it’s almost a blur trying to remember the face. I felt such a strong connection to this person and his family and it felt familiar. I woke up feeling happy but my feelings changed at the end of the day because I almost felt as if I cheated on my actual significant other and felt myself wanting to have another dream but then feeling guilt because I love my signifiant other. We have been together for years and it hurts me to think of this dream person being real and me having to choose but at the same time thinking of that dream gives me peace and makes me feel calm and I sometimes do wish he was real. I have never experienced an emotional feeling that intense it was so unfamiliar I have a strong connection to my boyfriend in real life and have had intense feelings but this was different. I also remember details about them and remember their house they even had a dog similar breed to mine and I pointed it out in the dream to his mother (the family and guy I dreamt about). Example I remember a yellow refrigerator in the rec room of this house that the guy and his brothers play guitar together.. and so on. I can’t stop thinking about this dream even days later. Any insight into this?

  163. I had this dream when I was in my third year in high school. I dreamt that I went to college in a university which in reality never crossed my mind to attend to. It started very normal, like how every first day in school started. I was able to be part of a squad, we were like 6 to 7 in the squad. But, I was more intrigued by this guy whos part of the squad. We got really close that wed talk everyday; I remember telling him that I was still inlove with my first love and him, being fresh from a breakup and has been in 3 relationships already. Time passed and I fell for him, I accidentally blurted it out to him and he did not reply. and that was pretty clear to me. I was rejected, for short. It was only in my third year that he kissed me and apologized for being so late to realize his love for me. then I woke up.

    the minute I woke, I completely forgot about his face. I remember his description, but I can never seem to remember his face. I can never picture it out no matter how hard I try. I gave up and completely forgot about that dream.

    until now. Im in my second year in college, and I realize that Ive entered the university in my dream. The squad I am part of now ranges from 6 to 7 people. I fell inlove with one of the guys in the squad just like in my dreams. And his appearance fits the description of the man in my dreams so perfectly. I also got rejected, and the fact that I also tols him about my first love and he was able to be in 3 relationships already really freaks me out now that I try to remember it. though I still cant remember the face of the man iny dreams, someone in reality has fitted the descriptions and everything was in perfect timing. Does that mean I was able to predict his arrival? Is he my soulmate?

  164. I kept having this same dream of a man who is just standing there and his face is darkened, i cant see him. Doesnt feel threatening though , i just sort of think “oh youre the one for me” repeatedly. been having it since im about 12. Npt very often recurring. Like mayb once a year or two years once. Im 33 now. Then in my 29th birthday i had the same recurring dream again but in just that short less than a minute the surrounding gets brighter, then i suddenly can see his face. And its just that i can suddenly notice alot of details: his jawline, his eyes colour, his hair. And i could feel suddenly there is so much love towards him, thats hes the sweetest person ive ever seen. I never met him (yet) in my actual life until now. After that i never dream of him again but keep wondering where is he. Is he my soulmate? How come he still doesnt come into my life?

  165. I love someone so much and he loves me too, but we have never met each other. We have been in a 7 years love relationship and still we are. we are unable to be together because of family issues. since the very first years and till now I always get these same dreams about him, may be the scenes and timing change but the dream is always the same. The dream is that it is always me standing alone and afraid mostly weeping and searching for him and he always shows up and holds my hand and tells me that I am here I am always with you don’t be afraid and he hugs me. I can feel his touch I feel everything. I don’t believe that I was dreaming when I wake up and I weep as it wasn’t real. I can feel his touch and whispers for days. I always feel that my soul is with his, I can feel a strong connection. I sometimes as I am awake hear him talking to me. I feel deep inside that I have been with him before I know his smell I know his touch I can feel his breath on my neck. In real life as I am awake, I many times picks up my mobile for no reason and just at the exact moment he sends me something(he doesn’t text me in a specific timing I mean there is no routine). It happens also sometimes when I am sleeping that with my eyes closed and im totally unaware I pick up the mobile and again at the exact same moment he sends something. I don’t know if that happens because I love him so much or it is because there is some kind of connection between us.

  166. Can someone email me?not a computer a person.

  167. Hetal Rajesh Rao

    Thanks for the beautiful article. I lost my husband to cancer this year and we were together for 30 years. Recently I have been having wierd dreams where I am supposed to meet him and I miss it. He’s coming back from somewhere and hasn’t or I am taking his favourite lunch for him and am unable to do so. It’s like I am meeting him and I miss. It’s extremely disturbing. I know for a fact that he is my soulmate. We spent 24 hrs together and yet after all these years also couldn’t get enough of each other Inspite of being parents to two beautiful children. I am just waiting for my turn. Are these drama which mean I am going to meet him soon?

  168. ive had this same dream 10 times since i was 4 about a guy with dirty blonde colour hair and ocean blue eyes and i meet him in a coastal hot area why im there i dont know i dont remember what we talked about but i remember crying and dont know what for and comforts me and hes a trady. At least i have some idea of what to look for australia has a lot of beaches

  169. I keep having dreams of this guy with really darkish black hair. I have had three dreams including him, but I’ve never seen him before in real life. The first dream was him having to leave in a rush for safety reasons and we passionately kissed and I woke up but could still feel the touch of his lips lingering on mine. The second was us having to hide our relationship and sneak around. Finally, it was us gettin married and so finally learned his name Blake. Please help me understand this

  170. Its confusing bc its the same dream over and over but its like different events. Its the same guy and we always fall in love, and I’m always wondering if this like means something or like will I ever actually meet this person bc the guy I keep falling in love with in my dreams I know I have never seen before in my life

  171. I have a recurring dream about my soulmate Nick, scene are different, like we are experiencing different things together, we laugh, hold hands, and even kiss a lot. Wondering if he is still feeling me, and if he still wants a relationship with me. Can you help please

  172. I dreamt of an unknown man the other night. He told me his name is Victor. I didnt recognize him but he was beautiful. We were in his bedroom and in his bed. It was so comfortable and safe. We stared into each other’s eyes deeply. I felt so much love. We discussed our children. He said he had a son. We cuddled and then I woke up. Ive been sad and longing for thay dream it felt so real. What could this mean? Is it possible to dream of someone before you meet? Ive dreamt of people and seen them the next day but never someone I dont know. He told me his name as well.

  173. i have heard that real soul mates who are meant to be with you meet late in life is it true and if it is then why is it like that

  174. I have been having several dreams over course of a little over two years now about meeting the one for me in several diffrent locations. The first one was when I worked at Six Flags Over Texas as a Games Operator and she was aRide Attendant. The second one was when I was at school in the halls. The third one was when I was at a youth event. The fourth one was when I was at another Church just to check it out. Now here is the last one of which I have had. I was on my college campus and we bumped into each and ended up talking to her then I left, next thing I know a couple years had gone by I’m at my friends Wedding Ceremony and my friend introduces us to one another and we remember each other, we get into a kissing circle at that point I still have not my first kiss and she urges me to give it a try so I do, after she pulls me to the side and tells me to kiss her as I go in she stops me and says your not doing it right as I dive in and says you’ll hurt me if you do it like that, so than she gently pushes herself into me and whispers are you sure you’ve never done before and chuckles alittle bit then she proceeds to rub my back in a spot that turns me on that I never told anyone about and goes in for the kiss at first just a puck than a full on making out session than Ihold her softly andproceed to pull her in, a couple years pass by again we’re married and hav a teenage daughter she has dark brown hair, a tanned skinned tone greenish blue eyes, and my wife has blonde hair and hazle eyes. I have not meet this person that could be my potential soulmate unless I just overlooked her before. What do these dreams mean and could this person in my dreams be my potential soulmateand could my daughter exactly look like that and could I olny have one child and also what would happen if I don’t stop talking to he could I alter the time frame of which I get married to her?

  175. I have some questions about a couple recent dreams I had. One with someone I was in love with that recently passed away and one of so.someone I’ve never met that felt I was in love with and that was in love with me in my dream. Please contact me. I can’t seem to get these dreams and 2 people off my mind. I really need some answers. Thank you & I’ll be looking forward to hearing from You. ??

  176. I had a dream about a man with long blonde hair. Blue eyes and a button up shirt. He had a
    Very free spirit, almost hippie like, was an only child, and his parents were pretty good off, I remember I thought he was the sweetest thing in my dream, telling me not to worry about anything that he’d be there.
    A week later a long blonde haired, white with blue striped button up shirt, blue eyed guy, I have never met asked me on a date. Well I had to say yes, turns out he’s an only child, his parents own a construction company, and has the exact personality as in my dream….I’m kinda freaked out.

  177. My soulmate and I have been broken up since May. I have many dreams of him mostly of him standing over me looking down at me and lying next to me. He lost his 15 year old daughter in a car accident one month ago. The dreams have been bizarre ever since. This morning I felt his torment at his first holiday without her. He is blaming himself. I was able to comfort him in the dream. I felt all of his emotions. I pray I was able to help and comfort him even though we have no physical contact with each other.

  178. Hello my name is Davanay. Last night I had a dream I was on a beach with my nephew and one of my cousins. It was a crowed beach in not sure witch one. These two gentlemen walked past us and out of no where one of the guys started fighting my nephew. Me being the protective auntie that I am I started fighting the other guy. Once the fighting was over the guy I was fighting pulled me to the side and asked me why I never spoke to him that day. I was confused but my dream self responded with a I’m very shy. Then I remember I’ve had a break about him before user different circumstances. So we started walking towards where my family was and he was holding close to him. It felt so real. As we were walking I seen a huge figure comin out off e water and it was a killer whale and it was eating people’s dogs, and taking pictures like he was pose if and everything. When I looked up all I could see was the back of his head and he was walking away. When I looked back at the killer whale who had a mouth full of dogs he smiled a big smile and went back into the water. After the ended where you see a bunch of killer whales showin the tails out the water. End credits came on and it was a movie. But it felt so real and it feels like I’ve met him before. He didn’t give me a name or a number but it just felt like I’ve seen him before.

    • If I had to describe what he looked like. He was mixed idk with what. He was tall light skinned beautiful brown eyes and long brownish hair. He was skinny with nice teeth and just all around a gorgeous man. So idk if this is my soulmate or just a figment of my imagination.

  179. while I was asleep with my hand on my girlfriend’s head,i had a dream in which I saw a man though familiar he seems with the person being somebody I know(this person is late).After I wokeup because it was a dream that caught me in a short sleep.i started feeling that the man was killed and that something might be going on now. On the second thought I felt maybe it’s another man meant to be for my girlfriend later in d future (maybe her future hubby)
    .Am confused.I love my girlfriend and i’ll be proposing to her on her birthday

  180. Hi,

    I had a dream about two people. A boy and a girl about high school age. They were best of friends. Just like one sole and two body. I even saw how these two meet at a very young age of about 3-4 yrs at a family gathering and since then they are together. I viewed them go for trips do adventures things such as gliding, tracking, forest camping. But they weren’t in love or may be they didn’t figure it out that this is love… How is this dream to be related to me.. I mean why did I have this dream. I have loving caring husband am happy then what is this dream meant to be??

  181. I am currently in a relationship with a person who I believe is my soulmate for various reason. How ever her and I seem connect on many levels. We’ve been dating almost a year but have never seen each other in person I can often think of her and she calls me. Or vice versa. Sometime im able to tell her whats shes thinking about and be correct. Lately ive had a few dreams about her. She lives in Vegas and I live in NY so we are very far from each other. Some times the dreams are sexual. Sometimes we just spend time. But normally she come to where ever i am in the dream. The latest dream i had which was last night was kinda different. She lived in New Jersey and i just appeared at her home. Nothing sexual happened. I was introduced to her family and she was able to finally meet mu daughter. As the dream went on we just talk and spent time as if it was a everyday thing. Tonight i told her i would like to see if we could have almost the same dream. If i would be able to actually meet with her in my dream but she has close to the same dream as well. Do you think this could be possible? We are very spiritual ppl and are firm believers of are Zodiac which we both are Geminis Yin and Yang Twins. Im just very curious

  182. Hi, I was wondering what if it means if this happens.
    My friend had a dream about this guy and it turns out one of our mutual friends know him in real life. When she saw a picture it was the guy. When she asked if he does air sifting he did an son her dream there was a specific place. When describing this place to our mutual friend he said that is the place in the woods behind his house where they air soft. She has never seen him before but even got his name right in the dream. His real name and the name in the dream are both the same. Someone please help me figure this out.

  183. My ex and I broke up a long time ago. I have not spoken to him/seen him/ thought about him since we broke up being that we were on bad terms when we broke up. Then about a month ago I had a dream about him. I had a dream that he called me. He called me at my new number that he has no way of knowing what it is. He called me to tell me that he had met someone and she had recently had a baby girl. He also told me that he loved the baby but things were not working out between him and the mother of the baby. He told me that he still loves me and that if there was any way possible I would take him back he wanted to work things out. That having all of this happen with another woman made him realize how much he really wanted all of this to happen with me. I was asleep but I could hear his voice in my head so clear it was like he was in the room with me. I could feel a presence in the room with me when I woke up. It was this overwhelming feeling of someone sitting right next to me as I sat in the bed. I then realized that when I woke up I had my phone in my hand like I had been talking on it in my sleep. I found out a week later that the morning I had the dream around the time I had woke up from it (I wrote down the time I woke up from it for some reason) that his new girlfriend had given birth around the same time I woke up on the same day and it was a baby girl. It’s strange because I have found out (I knew nothing of this before) that even when the other woman was pregnant he was still in love with me and he had said that if she hadn’t have gotten pregnant he would have came back to me.

  184. I’ve had many dreams more than once ..of where I see my ex in the same room I’m filled with nervousness n anexiety n I can’t bear to look at him n the finally we look into each others eyes n for a slit second but it seems like it was longer than it should be .. But after that one little gaze .. We just continue on with what we’re doing there never initially speaking

  185. I recently had a dream that there were 2 of my husband and I didnt know which one I loved more. Do you know what this means?

  186. Ive been having this dream for But two days in aroll now. About this man I don’t know who he is but we are in a relationship with eachother he’s always with me right beside me. He’s Brown, tall, skinny not too skinny just right. Really nice face. I woke up about 3 times and go right back to bed and he’s there again

    I don’t know who he is. and I can’t talk in my sleep or I wake my self up

  187. I had a dream the other night about a guy friend of mine. And we were just hanging out and stuff and then out of no where he said to me “come here so i can kiss you” and i went over and kissed him. It was amazing, he was a great kisser and then he said to me after “i love you, i know its too soon but i do” i didnt reply back to him. Then in the next part of my dream he was walking away with someone else in his arms. What does that mean?

  188. I had a dream about someone I really like in reality but still didn’t have the chance to officially meet .He’s with me in the university and I often see him much.The dream was that we finally met in my house in an abnormal way and we were both happy and satisfied.While I was also a friend with my old love whom I don’t talk to anymore , in the dream we were so close friends.Can you please predict for me the meaning of this dream ?!
    thanks in advance ❤️

  189. I dont know if he’s my soulmate or not but its pretty creepy. There’s a boy that continually is in my dreams. I have no idea who he is. He just appears since the time I was 6 to now. Often he is like a prince in shining armor. I found someone that looks exactly like him. For some reason i cant remember other guys faces but his i remember every single detail.could he be the guy I’ve been dreaming of? Is the guy In my dreams my soulmate? Are the guy I’ve been dreaming and this guy the same guy?

  190. I had a dream of a man I had dated 2 yrs ago,in the dream it was like we were standing somewhere and happy he told me he love me then I woke up about 3 in the morning.That morning while I was at work about 9 in the morning he text me saying hello I ask him what made him contact me he said he was thinking about me.Can somebody tell what do that mean?I told him about the dream he said wow!!

  191. I have had a few dreams of this nature of just being with a women who is most beautiful, fair hair and blue eyes and it feels so right, we don’t speak but we are just together, I can see her face and she is looking at me such love, it is much higher than sexual. I feel we are on a much higher level and when I wake I just feel so sad that I am back on earth, this sadness lasts most of the day. I knew a girl when I was 17 who I worked with and I liked her, she came round to my parents house whilst I was in on my own and sat with me on the sofa where I was too shy to make a move but I had started to fall for her, I wanted to kiss her but did not have the bottle and I just let her leave stupidly and she then moved away and had children of her own, I regret it even now 25 years later and still have feelings for that girl but life and circumstance change people and I am now married with children but I still love that girl. I recently made contact on a network site but decided against trying to go further, it is strange that a few weeks after dreaming of that beautiful person in my dream who I feel is my soul mate I should make contact with the first girl I started to fall in love with. This only strengthens my belief that I will be with her again at some point. Some people may not believe this kind of thing but I think it is something that one has to experience to believe.
    God Bless

  192. Hi i continuously have dreams of the same man… Its like when we both see eachother i get overwhelmed and sense he does too … Its a sigh of relief like we are saying to each other (finally we are together ) dream time …..i feel such a strong conmection to him …i do know this man and when i lived in the same town as him there was just something i could sense about us …and i could sense his connection to me aswell …most of my family could feel there was something between us buy we never acted on it .. Then i moved away … Im currently in a relationship and so is he … But we continue to meet up in our dreams where i could swear it was
    real ! We hug and i can just feel this intense energy from me and him … Also a feeling of us both puting out the energy of “ive missed you so much ..”but in a “i love you way ”
    I just really cant explain it … Is he my
    soul mate ?

  193. As a child I quite often had dreams of this girl and in the dreams, we ran away together once, we visited at a school, and I felt a strong connection with her through many other dreams. But in the dreams we never appeared our current age and we were always a bit older. Well as I grew up I forgot about this childhood dream crush until a couple of days ago she appeared in my dream again. this time she was packing up a van, she said to me “just a bit longer” and I went can I at least get your number. she tried to tell it to me but for some reason I could only hear some of the numbers, and when I asked again for it, she teased me joyfully and started to say it, but the dream started to change so I wasn’t able to get it.

    I am glad this article is here cause it makes me feel like these dreams are not just coincidences and that soon I will come into contact with my soulmate. 🙂

  194. I have the same dream of a girl Im still in love with but where not together , where laughing always having fun but never see her face is there meaning to these dreams

  195. Hello

    I think I had a very powerful soul mate dream. We had a very strong connection. I woke up bawling, and that has never happened. I am wondering if you could interpret it.
    Thank you

  196. Hey there. I recently had a dream last month and there was this boy. I haven’t met him in real life. We kept talking and laughing like we’ve known each other forever. That boy makes me happy in my dreams and I have a very strong feeling he is real. I know he is and it’s just beautiful. I knew he was the one. But his nickname or name changes all the time but he’s the exact same person.

    When I wake up, I would write down the names but it doesn’t make sense. All of these were different regular boy names but I know he is the same person.

    I’m in High School and all the dreams I had we were both in High School. Am I going to meet him soon? Is he a different person all along? Is he not my soul mate and just a random person I made up in my head? I have no idea. My friends think I’m just making things up.

    • Soulmate Psychic Readings

      First, as stated numerous times on this blog,no one will answer your questions. This is not a forum, sorry. And, since you are high school, you cannot get a reading nor get advice as you must be 18 or older.

  197. I am currently with someone ( for 8 years) I do have premonitions ( mostly dream formed) but this dream was different. I had a dream I ran in to this guy ( who spoke like he was from england) and his two teen children. And the second we locked eyes it was a feeling I can’t describe, like I couldn’t breath because of the love I felt for this man. It was indescribable.I don’t even remember his face . it was so vivid I even could smell his cologne . ( I remember his body type tho) when I woke up I was so sad , and missed him. I still do 2 days later. I never experienced this before.

  198. I have been having dreams of someone that I have liked for a long time. We did hang out a couple of times, but I think he freaked because I was older than him. but nonetheless,, I have a great deal of respect for this man, and like that I get to have him in my life. We don,t see each other often, but we always have a good talk when we do .
    The first time I dreamed of him, this will sound bizarre, but I was in an accident and he was holding me and crying because I was his soulmate. I conciously had not thought about him for a long time, so I found it weird that I had dreamt of him. And not only that, when I woke up, it seemed very real and I remember shaking myself because it threw me for a loop. On my way to work, I saw him that very morning.

    I have had other dreams of this man, and all good dreams, and sometimes it feels so right. I wake up wondering if I am not missing something.

    Any advice

  199. I had a dream I broke up with my boyfriend and he was totally okay with it.. I was hysterical and this guy I’ve never seen or met in real life came up and hugged me (we were at some party) and he took me to his car we dri e to the store and he went in alone.. When he came out he had bought me a beautiful gown and took me to a VERY formal party and we danced and just talked about everything one could talk about. I believe the most intense dreams mean something and this one felt so real.. My bf and I have been together for 3 years; we have a baby and our relationship is going like any other relationship.. so this dream makes me feel kinda guilty. What could it mean?.

  200. I was in a very bad relationship at age thirty. I went to sleep next to the man that I was in this bad relationship with. I had a dream in which I was in a tent with a man in a blue, Civil War uniform. He was a young soldier. All I remember was that it was night time, there was a fire smoldering outside and he said, “I have missed you.” I never met this person before. I woke up and had this profound sense that this was the absolute best dream that I ever had.

    I feel as though I have lived many lives. When I was younger, I never had any past life regression. However, I remember being a toddler and not having the ability to speak yet. Nevertheless, I remember having full thoughts such as, “this must be my mother” as my mother was changing me. I remember having thoughts like I was a fully functioning adult with all of the associations within the context of society, but without language. It was like being trapped in a shell before I could speak.

    Is it possible that this man that I met or reunited with in this dream was a past life lover or some other significant relationship?

  201. Hi, I’ve been dreaming about my friend for about 10 years now. We grew up together from we were 3 years old, our parents were also best friends when they were younger and his great grandmother and my great grandfather were brother and sister. He is my husbands best friend and they did not meet through me but then we all started to hang around with each other as teenagers. About a year before my husband and I got married our friend went abroad and after a few months I started dreaming about him. At the start they never bothered me because I never looked at him in that way but as the years have went by I can’t get him out of my mind, I feel as if I’m pining over him. I feel it has really affected my marriage and I can’t talk to anyone about it. It’s got to the stage I can barely look at the fella if we are in the same room but at the same time I can’t keep my eyes off him. When I look at him I still don’t feel attracted to him but I just want to be with him, I know I’m not his type either. I honestly feel he’s not the same around me (as in he feels weird or reading my mind when we’re together) but I’m not sure if this is just in my head. We never had awkwardness between us but the past 6 years have been weird. Can you tell me if this sounds like a soulmate?

  202. Helo I keep having these dreams of the father of my 2kids,we have been together for 4 years,he has moved on with his life,we have never spoken since,I would like to know why do I keep having dreams about us begin together(sexually)and we are very happy in the dream

  203. I once had a dream where I was with this guy it look like I was in love but the weird thing was it look like we were on a different planet it was dark I can’t get this dream out of my head

  204. I had this dream last night where i met this girl. Ive never seen her before in my life but in the dream we knew each other very well. I can see her face so clearly when im awake now. In the dream we were together and i could feel my heart beating within the dream. So, now its bugging me for the whole day of who this girl is. I wish there was a way to go back into the dream to ask questions on who she is. Could this possibly be the thing you are talking about?

  205. Isabelle Harding

    I need advice on my possible soulmate.
    About three years ago I had a dream about this guy that I was going to meet in my theatre class and in my dream we instantly fell in love and it was the real thing. Two weeks later, I met the guy from my dream just like I dreamed it. I walked into class and he was new so he was talking to the teacher. when I walked in he turned and we made eye contact and we both just instantly stopped and stared. we were like that until I looked at the ground and moved to my seat. over the course of the year we both grew feelings for each other but I denied mine. he constantly tried to get me to go out with him and never stopped making moves and everyday told me that I was beautiful. I was scared and didn’t buy in because I didn’t think it was possible he really felt that way and I didn’t want to get hurt. after that year I moved to a new school. even after I left I found out he still talked about me a lot. when people asked why he didn’t move on he replied “because she is the most beautiful girl ive ever seen, and ive had feelings for her since day 1” after I heard that I realized that all this time he really did love me. but out of guilt for the way I treated him in the past I stayed away. now he has moved 5 hours away after graduating and has a job and home. I cant stop loving him, not since I first met him. ive tried to date other guys and I just don’t feel anything. I got real tired of being a lovesick puppy and did some deep meditating on him. I came to ultimatum that If we weren’t meant to be then I would move on with life. but if we were I asked the universe for a sign. after that ive had non stop dreams about him and in my dreams we are together and happy. but no matter how much I wish to have him back into my life he hasn’t come back to me. are my dreams telling me to wait for him, or just wishful thinking.

  206. I have had dreams of the same woman a few times between the ages of 20 to now, I’m 27. Every time we’re in a city-like environment and it’s snowing outside, and we’re walking hand-in-hand along a sidewalk. I can not only see her clearly; a little shorter than me, dark brown hair, and pale green eyes; very pretty, and an overwhelming sense of love and completion. But not only that, I know her name: Emily.

    I’ve known for a while now that I must be dreaming of my soulmate, but for something so vivid, and rather specific, I don’t know why I haven’t met her yet in seven years. Although throughout those seven years, I’ve only dreamt of her about four times. It makes me equally hopeful and discouraged. I don’t think it’s normal to have such vivid and specific dreams of your soulmate, but I haven’t met her yet anyway. Maybe I’m not actually dreaming of my soulmate?

  207. Omg really?I just had a dream that someone staring at me talking with somebody else.I know that in my dream is very real it’s like 2x i was dreaming of the same person and it’s real

  208. I’ve been having really vivid dreams for a few weeks about the same person, I haven’t met this person in real life all tho’ I do know who he is (he isn’t famous either but he’s pretty popular) and when I wake up from these dreams or think about them I get this really odd almost creepy feeling, but at the same time a happy feeling. I have strange dreams all the time about people I don’t really know so normally I don’t think twice about them however these dreams are always tweaking slightly, like, I am always in a very close romantic relationship with this person and we’re generally both very happy. However sometimes it’s a long distance relationship and we’re just doing something like skyping, sometimes I am on a plane with him and some times we’re just doing something like snuggling in bed together watching a movie. They’re never extremely sexual tho’ so I doubt it’s a soul mate thing however I feel such a weird connection with a person I’ve never met face to face or even really spoken to and they have no idea who I am. I dunno I just feel weird about the feelings and thoughts about this person I haven’t met before.

  209. I once had a dream of this guy before I entered high school and in the dream we were trying to get to each other but people around us wouldn’t allow it and I didn’t think much of it until I had a class with him and I knew I saw him somewhere and I instantly got butterflies in my stomach weeks later I got out of the class and it turned out he had a crush on me never had I talked to him yet we had a thing for each other, strangley enough we had the same personality’s, same likes dislikes we both loved to draw but we soon stoped talking and he soon got a girlfriend but the next year we had a class with each other and he couldn’t keep his eyes off me, he would sit next to me and we would draw once he tried to hold my hand and told me I was so posed to be his girlfriend and I just smiled and when his girlfriend wouldent come to school he would walk me to class but I didn’t let him get to close since I respected the fact that he had a girlfriend after a couple weeks he stopped coming to school. During that summer his cousin started to talk to me and well I was talking to him so that maybe he can tell me something about his cousin which was the guy I saw in my drem and soon enough his cousin started to get feelings for me and well at that point in my life I didn’t want to be mean so I ended up being his girlfriend it didn’t last long maybe 3 weeks or so the weird things is that he told me that his cousin stopped dateing his girlfriend when I started to date him. Then soon enough I had an other dream about him and my feelings for him wouldn’t go away and occasionally out of no where I would see him in choir banquets on the street etc. All I knew was that I just wanted him so since Instagram was new and I herd he had one I worked my butt off to get a new phone to maybe start talking to girlfriend so I got an IG and soon he got a new girlfriend but he liked one of my pics and I didn’t even have him as a friend on there and then I just decided to friend request him so he accepted me and well we wouldn’t really talk just like each others pics but resently I put a pic and I asked everyone to give me an idea to paint and he suggested something and I was surprised but obviously happy and then later on he posted about something about his life not going the way he wanted it to be and so I replyed maybe you need to get away a little while and he replyes that would be nice… You know I’m not saying this man is my soulmate but I can’t get him out of my mind and when I do something happens for me to go back maybe a dream or I see him I just don’t know what it is am I waisting my time or should I keep trying to pull him towards me… I just don’t know anymore…

  210. I met this guy when I was 18, I fell in love at first sight. we had a instant connection like a connection I’ve never had with anyone. From then on I nearly saw him every single day for a whole year because we had the same group of friends. We would look at each other a lot. Sometimes everyone else would be talking and it was like we were in our own world just staring at each other and smiling forgetting everything else that was going on. We got along well made each other laugh. The only problem was that it was a difficult situation something was in the way and it was stopping us from telling each other anything. So I kept how I felt to myself, he never told me how he felt but he gave enough hints. After that year I moved away and haven’t stopped dreaming about him, I went to visit where he lives to see a friend and the night before I had a really intense dream which he was in like a sign I was going to see him the next day I did see him. We got into a conversation about dreams and I wanted him to know but didn’t want to come across weird I just said that I have weird dreams and people I know are in them and he said me to, it’s like he wanted me to know. That’s the first time I saw him In nearly a year. The connection was still there we still looked into each others eyes and we were still close. I know when I bought up the Conversation about dreams he knew, because he didn’t look at me like I was weird or anything he just looked really relived I said it, he was looking into my eyes when we were talking about it. I just know something is there I have a weird love connection with him.

  211. I’m just giving a little details. I had a dream 2 times about a dude. The 1st dream was so loving and I remember waking up wanting him. The second one was different. But all I remember was his smile. When I moved from Florida to my current state. We end up meeting each other and instantly I was in love. I started telling him how I was afraid of him and he was telling me the same. When we 1st held hands i could have felt his heart beat. When we would go though things i would dream about fixing the problem. We are know longer together and i cant stop dreaming about him. I even had a dream about him mom. Every night for tge past 3 months and i still cry. My soul misses him so much. He told me in one of my dreams that he was comibg back. I cant move on my soul will not allow me. Please help me understand this. Thanks

  212. I dreamed that i met someone it was back in April of this year 2015 and we was talking and specifically gave me a time frame when we was to meet but not a day or time but this has yet to happen . Did i missed this time of meeting him?

  213. I dreamt in june, that i was watching a match on TV and i was with my current boyfriend, when the match ended one of the players got out of the Television and came to where i was seated and asked me out n said he wanted to marry me, my boyfriend had loved out abit, the guy insisted on marrying me, then my boyfriend came back and we left.. while at home i became so confused if i shd go and meet him then i woke up…. bt just last week my country soccer team had a match and after the match a soccer player contacted me and now he says he wants to marry me, the guy is tall and fleshy and black just as i saw him in the dream… this has left me so confused… please advise me

  214. I’ve had the same dream almost every night for four years now about the same guy. It always been one of my friends whispering something to him and then him walking up to me and literally picking me up and walking over to the corner. Everytime in this dream he says the same thing: “So I heard you liked me.” I always jod at him a blush. Like I said that dream has been happening for four years now. But I could never see his face until just two nights ago. It happens to be a guy at my school that I see often. He really sweet and nice and always looking my way like he recognizes me from somewhere. It makes me think that he has these dreams to.
    But like I said I saw his face for the first time two nights ago in my dream. Ever since then the dream has changed.
    It’s starts off the same with my friend whispering something in his ear and then him picking me up and taking me to a corner. But he says something different: “I had the dream to” The night this happened I woke up in a shock and it made me think that it was actually him talking to me and not the dream.
    The next day at school the guy looked at me and smiled. I smiled back, but I was still shocked from the dream. It makes me wonder if he’s my soulmate.

  215. I had dreams of this handsome well dress guy for years and it was always at a night club I could never hear what he saying and my dreams would end as soon as where about to leave together out the door.last year on my friends birthday we went to a open I went out side to get so air then there he was I’m very shy so I didn’t say anything to him ,but my friend though he was cute he look like a Abercrombie and Finch model she walk over and started flirting with him and his friends and she waved me down to join them I walked over and said hello to everyone and stayed quiet while everybody talked he kept looking at me like he was looking at cake his friend offers me and my friend gum then he said it was lased with drugs my friend spit it out they started laughing and looked at me and I said sarcastically (I guess it’s going to be a crazy night lol).. then he smiled at me and started asking me where I was from then I guess my friend didn’t like that and pulled me away the hole night I would see him looking across the room at me .that’s the last time I seen him but I trill dream of him sometimes

  216. I had a dream about a man last night. I had never seen him before but he was protecting me in some way. I remember waking up thinking, this is the man I am going to meet soon and probably end up with. It was pretty awesome.

  217. I had such a dream last night I believe. I have never had anything like it. Recently in my life, I have been feeling lonely and losing hoping of finding romance. I have a history of short lived romances gone wrong. After getting out of the most toxic one, I dove into my art; stand up comedy. Since then I have discovered and learned more about myself. I finally feel emotionally ready to date yet there is literally nobody. Not even a crush and it’s been disheartening for me. So the dream. Not too sexual. As I am not that experienced but full of passion and love. It was a man I had never seen before but he was so specific, I had to draw him this morning. He had sandy blonde hair down to his shoulders, a good physique (he had his shirt off) and laughter in his eyes. We were laying in bed together and he kissed me like he never wanted to stop. It was fantastic and I could feel my stomach on his body and was not ashamed. (this is the most interesting part to me since I am overweight and obviously a little insecure about my body.) Then we laughed and said “Okay we have to stop. Let’s go work on our next hour (writing stand up for a special I assume) and meet back. I just want to be in that dream forever. We loved each other and somehow I was also a successful artist. WE were. Based on my recent anxieties, I don’t think this dream is one of those computerized dreams where we dream about our feelings; otherwise I would have been naked at school or something. I can’t shake the feeling that this dream was something else.

    • The woman in my dreams: This is the second dream in a row I had waking up and passing back out to finish the dream with you in it! Who are you? it’s so vivid I remember everything to wake up to nothing. In my dream last night we found a way to talk to each other through Dreamworld and reality. But I woke up to find the sign didn’t work.

      I know this sounds crazy but the dream wasn’t so far fetched. Everything about you is perfect to a tee so where does the moral of the dream come in to play? It always starts with you working at a store then we connect. From there we are closer then ever asking questions only to find out I’ll say the same thing or we’ll say something at the same time then smile at one another.

      Yesterday’s dream starts off the same and ended wishing we could still have contact. I didn’t think anything of it. Last night’s dream starts off the same but this time I wake up in the middle of the night to turn off my music that’s blaring at 2am to know that song was playing at your work. I let Camo out for a pee and go right back to where we left off.

      So now your friends are helping us keep the connection stable. For sure I’m in love by now (I’m making a post not a novel so I’m leaving a lot out.) So I wake up and check my phone instantly to see if you texted? That was the key to us having contact. There’s no text message. I never got your name but I’ll never forget your face so whoever you are if you’re real I’ll know right away and I hope you’ll do the same.

      So who are you? Why come to my dreams? Why am I having the same dream over but different things happen? All I can say if our bond is so strong I hope to dream of you tonight and get the moral of this dream and what I’m supposed to do in reality.

      Ryan Luken <3

  218. I am happily married but before I met my husband I used to live with a guy a few moths older than me and his family (parents included). I really liked him but we argued a bit but got along amazing when we did. I moved out and we got along even better. It was borderline flirting without either of us realizing it. I haven’t seen him in a few months but I dreamed of him last night.
    I was at the old house we used to live in and he drove up and came inside. We talked for a bit and he left. This happened about twice more and then we kissed and it was like nothing existed but us. We had sex and I could feel everything and in the back of my head I knew that I was no longer with my husband. After that he left and I was invited to his house by his mom. I hung out there until he came home and when he saw me his face lit up. We snuck out to the garage and embraced eachother and kissed passionately. That’s when I woke up. I could still feel him even though I was in bed with my husband.

  219. I had a dream, its all about a guy that I never seen before.Since I was young, I always saw him in my dream, then I can’t see his face. And every time Im near to wake up, I feel crying and I feel he reminding me that we were gonna see each other in right time. I want to know what is that mean. I have a boyfriend but I saw that guy in my dream.

  220. I wanted to talk to you about a dream I had, it was about this girl, I have no idea who she was or is.

    The dream started with the sound of waves crashing at the shoreline, I could see the sunset though the curtains in the room. I was lying on a king-sized bed in a large room that had huge windows with thin white curtains to le theft of me, a door to the right and wardrobes/normal things forward of the bed, it was a very spacious room, but I wasn’t alone. I could hear an adorable faint snoring coming from beside me, I realised that I was cuddled up next to a beautiful woman, she was about my age maybe a little older than I am now but still only about 18, she had this beautiful bed of rich golden/ginger hair and about 12 adorable freckles. When I was cuddled next to her it felt amazing, I felt so warm in her embrace, it was like a fresh cup of coca on a winters night kinda warm. It was a feeling I never will forget. I had another dream of me and the same girl, I won’t go into detail but we were hiking and climbing/ hanging off broken down trees like monkeys and having a blast, I have no idea why, but I felt something I’ve never felt before with her. What is this? Who is she?

    • Soulmate Psychic Readings

      Dream analysis are not given in blog comments, as stated numerous times.

      • hi !! do you mind helping me ?? okay so i have this dream , few months back but i just can’t forget it no matter how . the dream is like me meeting this guy , he seem like an asian-american mixed . we met at a pet shop , he worked there and we talked for awhile and soon we became friends . *just going to forward till the ending part*

        i don’t know how but all of us(yes , my friends appeared out of nowhere) ended up inside my house . and they left the house (including that guy) leaving me alone . in the dream i was sick , having a sore throat or something so i could’nt raise my voice . i ran to the door (it was locked , i could’nt open it) and i tried shouting goodbye to them . but due to the sore throat my voice was’nt loud enough to reach them . i was so sad i fell to the floor and started crying . while i was facing down crying , someone patted my head and said softly “it’s okay , i’m here” when i looked up it was that guy .

        and then the dream ended . but when i woke up i have tears in my eyes . i have no idea why and i was also still feeling pain in my heart . around 2-3 weeks ago , it was around 11+ at night . i was waiting for the train to go home . and i was standing at one corner , the station was crowded with people . i don’t know why but my head just turned to my left and i saw someone , it was him . the guy in my dream . he was standing at the other corner looking at me . he looks exactly the same as how i saw him in my dream . but he was wearing a different type of clothing . at first i felt abit awkward and not yet remembering that he’s the guy from my dream so i looked away for awhile , and when i turn back to look at him he was still looking at me . he was giving me a confused look like he’s trying to say “hey , iknowyou . but at the same time , i don’t” he was staring at me all the way till his train arrived and left . even inside the train he was still looking . at that time i felt both happiness and also the urge to cry .

        can you please tell me what does that mean ?? will i ever see that guy again ? (i know he’s staying very near to where i’m staying because the train he took is heading towards areas near my neighboring area)

  221. I’ve been having dreams about this guy since I was in third or fourth grade. He would always walk down this road, and I was in this kinda resting spot where you go to get a break from hiking, or running through the forest. But, anyways, it would always be these group of girls surrounding me, and I could tell that they were bad news because I could sense it. So, when they started making fun of me, I went to feeling very low about myself and hoping to go home. But, he stepped up and defended me from them and I could tell that they were jealous. However, from that moment on he would smile, and flirt with me, and even sat close to me on the bench. I remember there being a road ahead of us, and he was so excited to walk down the road. I was too. But, I could never really see what was coming down that road towards us. But, I was really happy.

    I also had a dream about him again, I was in middle school. We were in college and this girl was flitting with him and I was so jealous but I didn’t show it. It was like he knew what I was feeling because he picked me up in a bear-like hug and squeezed me. He would do that until we fall unto a bed laughing and I would wake up. I’m eighteen now. Still having those dreams.

  222. I had a dream about a guy before I met him. He resembled another guy I knew with black curly hair, but I knew what his spirit looked like. In the dream he said “wait for me I’m coming” and took me into his arms and held me. We were really happy in the dream and I felt loved and love. I met him recently, he looked just as the dream had him. Everything was decent for a little while but he’s an butthole. He keeps running away and standing me up. What kind of dream is this if he is supposed to be my soulmate? I have never experienced meeting someone in a dream like that before.

  223. I have had these dreams since I was 6 about once a month it started out with him as a boy. His green eyes all ways made me feel safe. He grew as I did. As a teenager the dreams were like three times a week up till I turned 16 When I had started dating the dreams started getting stronger I started to feel every touch. He would tell me to be patient that when the time is right he will find me. As I’ve gotten into my 20s these dreams are more frequent like every night. I know his scent, I know his voice, his touch. Last night I told him I didn’t want to leave our little dream world, he made a sad face and told me you have to wake up , I’m going to find you I promise. My dreams always takes place in the woods it’s normally dark except for the light from the moon. This makes me feel like I’m going crazy. I’m hoping it’s my soulmate.

  224. I recently had a dream that a lady told me I was pregnant with this guy I used to have a crush on in middle schools baby. And my real life husband and middle school crush was standing there when she told me. Then my husband had dissapered in my dream and my middle school crush was trying to talk to me about but I didn’t want to talk to him but at the same time I was happy that it was his baby. What does this mean???? Someone pls help me.

  225. I recently had a dream that a lady told me I was pregnant with this guy I used to have a crush on in middle schools baby. And my real life husband and middle school crush was standing there when she told me. Then my husband had dissapered in my dream and my middle school crush was trying to talk to me about but I didn’t want to talk to him but at the same time I was happy that it was his baby. What does this mean???? Someone pls help me.

  226. Hi.

    Thanks for this article ?

    Wanted to share my dreams,it happened few months ago i fell asleep after meditation , in this particular journey (not calling it dream) i met my guardians more than 15 of them, humans and other beings i have no idea how to describe them, at the end of of this meeting i felt someone hugged me from behind the touch was more real then a physical touch,i felt the love,warmth and so many other things that particular person was feeling for me, soon after that i met someone and mistook him for the person i met during my journey (couldn’t manage to see his face since he was hugging me from behind but i remember seeing his eyes ) after few days i lost interest in him because he wasn’t the one i wanted in my life, i got busy with my life and totally forgot about dream guy, last night i dreamt of him this time real dream ,again i didn’t see his face just body in my dream i was sleeping and he was laying next to me (noting sexual) he hugged me the same way as he hugged me in first meeting ,same intense feelings and emotions enough to make me cry and i woke up , there was very very strong feeling and sensation of another body pressed to mine but i was alone…i am not dating or anything nor i am interested in someone now i feel that i have to find this person but my guides say go with the flow..any assistance from you will be greatly appreciated

  227. okay so I’ve been dreaming of the same guy for the past couple nights. the dream is always different but HE is always there. in each dream we do something different like seeing a movie together or a romantic dinner ect.. but never anything sexual. the problem is when I wake up I try to remember who the guy was, but I can never remember what he looks like or who it was. am I dreaming about my future soul mate? or do I just miss having a boyfriend because I’m single at the moment? please help..

    • I keep having the exact same dream as you!!! Its always the same guy, but the dream is always different. This has been happening to me for months… i can never remember exactly what he looks like… ive been tring to draw him, but i can never get it right. Any advice?

  228. I often dream about an athlete, I first seen 3 or 4 years ago. I naturally dream about nonsense. I raaarely dream of my own family, not even my own daughter. I usually dream about schools,for a while my mom’s house but lately nothing is memorable. But now and then he’s in my dream. Recently i dreamt of meeting his family, and we were by some mountain. Then it went on to being held. Would you say he might be a soul mate or am I just infatuated?

  229. Long story short. Last night in my dream I was at a party. A group of people walked in and this particular girl caught my eye. We made eye contact and she smiles. I asked the people sitting next to me who she was and the name Emory was brought up. Never in my life heard such a name. She was on my mind all night. I end up talking to this couple about love and music. After our conversation I was determined to find Emory but we never crossed paths again. I was asking people where Emory was but she couldn’t be found. I wake up this morning and decide to try Tinder. I was a little freaked out and a little excited due to the second match that comes up is a girl named Emory. Does this qualify? Please help explain this.

  230. I’ve been having a dream about a guy I have never met. I have had conversations with him in my dreams, and we seem fairly close. The ones I can remember most clearly are ones with him and the ocean was a huge aspect in the dreams. One was when I was drowning in water and he was trying to save me (he did not succeed. He ended up jumping into this part of the ocean with me and I can’t remember the rest). The next one I recall was when I was on a flying animal with him and I jumped off into the ocean and him screaming after me. Once again he came after me trying to save me, but I swam to shore and he caught up with me. I’ve also had other dreams with this guy I have never met, but these two stick out the most. Does this mean anything??

  231. This person has been in my dreams for as long as I can remember. I can’t really see him and my dreams are not about him but he is always there in the background. I believe he is my boyfriend/ex boyfriend now. Ever since I met him 2 and a half years ago, the person in the background of my dreams is him. Sometimes my dreams are about him but he is always there even if they are not. When he is the focus of my dreams they are always about daily life with him. Just being happy at home. Just being together. We broke up 2 months ago and I still dream of him every single night. I wake up feeling like he is next to me most mornings until I realize it was just a dream. I feel like a part of me is missing and I don’t think I will ever really get over him until the dreams stop but I really don’t think they will.I knew him before I met him and I knew the moment I met him that he was literally the man of my dreams. I don’t know what to do. We can’t make it work but something won’t let me let go either. I don’t know if he is my soul mate. It feels more like he is my soul. Like he is a part of me. It almost feels like we were twins in the womb wrapped around each other and then separated at birth. The immense pain I feel being apart from him is unbearable and never ending.

  232. I’ve been having the same type of dreams almost every night for the past few weeks about a certain stranger, and every time I can never see his face. All I’ve been able to tell about him is that he has medium length black hair, tan skin, deep voice, and that he’s tall. Well, in most of these dreams we’re together as if in a a relationship and sometimes they’re intimate. The dreams seem so real that when I wake up I question if I’m in reality or in a different dream. I can smell his scent (kind of like fresh rain) and when we kiss I can still feel it once I’ve woken up. I do know his name in my dream, but none of the men I know with that name have the same aspect. I feel guilty at times dreaming of him because I’m in an amazing relationship with another guy at the moment, and it scares me I’m dreaming of someone else. I wish I knew what it meant.

  233. I made him up when I was in 8th grade but I didn’t really think of him much till I had a dream of him and we was in high school and we was juniors. I’m going to the 11th grade this year. My ninth and 10th grade year I had more dreams the last two dream was vivid and when I woke up I felt him and I still to. The second to last dream was we was at the park and he was chasing and we said I love to each other. And the last one we was planing our wedding and then we got married those two dream felt really real like I was actually living them. I had other dreams where we had a child or two. But anyway does these dreams mean he’s real and I’m going to me him in my junior year in high school since most of the dream was set in my junior year.

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  234. Hello 🙂

    Please provide me with info to contact you.

    Its been almost 5yrs since a breakup with a soulmate (must of been one soulmate). My first serious relationship. He cheated online with another girl. He then went overseas to model and I battled to trust him. He broke up with me over Facebook and said that he can’t be the man I need.
    I have had dreams involving him quite often over that time.
    I’m Single. I don’t think of him at night before rest but in waking life I remember experiences in life which he was apart of.

    But my dreams are so different, sometimes strange. But he is normally always in them, either protecting me or romanticly kissing me. One time we did drift away from each other. But Never hating each other.

    I don’t know why its happening and if its my subconscios or he is trying to communicate. But I am curious and sometimes heartsore it happened upon awakening.

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      You can reach us via our individual pages where our call buttons for Click4Advisor and Ether are. We conduct all our readings through their services. Thank you!

  235. I am currently in a relationship going on 1 year now. I work at a gym and don’t really see much of night crew since I am an opener there. I finally met the rest of the crew at a meeting. An employee there I had never met. We couldn’t stop looking into each others eyes and smiling without even saying anything. There was something about him.
    Two weeks later he’s in my dream. In the dream we are standing in a crowd listening to someone speak. We scoot real close to eachother. He gently reaches for my hand. As he touches me slightly I feel a burst of tingling sensations run through my body. We then got closer. The closer we got the feeling intensifies. We were holding eachother about to kiss. Knowing in my dream I am in a relationship I back off and run away. The intense feeling that was rushing through my body had stopped.
    He felt right.

  236. Ok so I’m a Muslim and we are not allowed to date. So in my dream I was going to the store with my mom and she decided to wait in the car while I got the groceries. When I came out I saw this beautiful girl with long red hair leggings and a tank top. We both bumped into each other and then we started talking. We only talked for a while because my mom was waiting in the car but the girl gave me her number and I told her that it would be hard for us to date because I’m a Muslim but I would still try to see her as much as I cloud. Then the next day I saw her again, but it was actually her twin and she showed me where they lived. Her name was Mallory and the one I was in love with was Chloe. Can you please help me understand this dream. Thank you.

  237. I have always had dreams about my boyfriend, when we were together and even when we were apart for a few months. Recently I had a dream where’ve cheated on me and I witnessed the whole thing happen, this is the first time I have ever had a bad dream about him. Last night I ha a dream where I was looking for him all over the place asking people where he was and then I finally found him. I have these dreams a lot but the end a different way usually I can’t find him. What does this mean?

  238. I dreamt of this particular guy putting on white shirt. He was so close to that it somehow look like we are courting. I could see him so clearly in fact in the beginning of the dream we were stirring at eachother. It was so unique, I’ve never felt that in a long time. And then I also saw two different who came separately to approach me, we exchange names in this same dream. it’s so clear but I don’t have definite meaning to it. Pls help me out.

  239. How do I get hold of the interpreters cause the options above are not displayed on my screen

  240. About a month ago I had this dream, I was living abroad for the summer in Europe. I meet a man who I fell inlove with but there were obstacles we had to overcome, in the end we where together and the passion and love was beyond what words could explain. That morning when I woke up from my dream I still had him on my mind and clear image of what he looks like, the crazy thing is when I was on my way to work and stopped at my local IGA there he was walking past my car we exchanged several looks and as I saw him walking off he kept turning around to look back at me. I now realised he works 10 buildings up from me and we have had a couple conversations and what not but we keep bumping into each other. like last week my girlfriend and I drove to one of 5 locations to get lunch and before I walked in the door I could sense he was there, when I looked up I could see him and the way I feel when I around him is happy, excited, nervous my heart litteraly will beat faster when we start to talk and stops when he looks at me…What does this mean?

  241. Hi, where would I contact someone for a reading ? Ive had this dream. I can’t stop thinking about it. I’ve had many unusual dreams but this one was different. Very different. It was so real. Where would I contact someone. I know you said click4adviser or ether but I don’t know what that is.

  242. I recently met this guy through a friend when we went to a movie and it was nice. We got along really well. But that same night I dream about him and that he was telling me we are ment to be together. It wasnt a sexual dream just really passionate about being ment for each other. It was weird as I dont usually have dreams but this was just so vivid. Could the dream be telling me he is my soulmate?

  243. My boyfriend and I broke up about 3 weeks ago. It has gotten easier, but every night I have a dream about him or he is just present in my dreams. I can’t go a night without him being there in my dreams. Its almost torture because I miss him incredibly. Also, everywhere I go I see his name or meet people that have the same name as him. Its almost like being haunted by him. Why is this? What does this mean? Because its like I try to move on, but I can’t. Im stuck..

  244. A long time ago I had a dream about a boy named Michael and we were just alike. He loved what I loved like the flowers, sun, moon, stars, and nature period. Michael was like a boy version of me. In the dream I even met his family and also we played together and held hands. When I looked in his eyes it was like we belonged together. So last night I had the same dream about Michael but the only difference was he disappeared and I cried like a little baby cause he was gone. The dream creeped me out cause I’ve dreamed of him twice. I feel like I’ve found my soulmate. Well have I found my soulmate?

  245. I had this dream about a guy I’ve never met before and it was a romantic dream. Then a yr later I actually met him and we fell in love..but shortly after that we broke up.. usually when I have dreams like that they mean something though. .it’s not the first time this has happened. That’s how I met my ex husband as well, through a dream.. and I was wondering if my dream about this guy meant he was my soulmate and if it did, why didn’t it last? Also the time I dreamt about this guy I was with someone else at the time..and when we were together he also had a similar dream to what I had before I met him.

  246. i met a very spiritual man who I did reiki with he has helped me a lot and I became friends with his wife but she had a problem with possessiveness and jealousy of other women around him including me… I no longer see them but did feel very drawn to him .. I’ve had a couple of dreams about him which feel so real… The last one him telling me he feels me near .. Extremely intense feelings and very real but got woken up .. I felt very woozy when I woke … I’ve bumped into him recently .. I am single but as far as I know he isn’t !!! But not 100% sure .. I feel we are spiritually connected in some way … I felt very awkward around him ..

  247. I’ve had this dream tree day in a row I’m in a relationship and I’m starting to fall for my dream more than my partner I don’t know what’s happening but I wake up wanting to cry I long for their touch and smile I’m so comfortable in my dream and I’ve even met their family in my dream then I wake up and forget all names but I long for her.. please help me I want to do a reading.

  248. I literally just woke up from having the dream of my life until it ended. I dreamt of what I think was my soulmate. I’ve never seen him in my waking or have never dreamt of him before. I’m single as well. it started with him holding me , I felt so comfortable and so safe in his arms I felt as if I could live happily forever with him, when he spoke to me I felt I had no worries. He is the first guy to ever make me feel the way I did ,he’s the first I I’ve actually got see his every feature. I feel he’s what what I needed ,like one day he’s going to be what I get to keep in my waking life. At the end of my dream , it wasn’t so pleasant . There was this other girl that came out of no where . My love had started to hold her like he had held me , he looked into here eyes like he did me , but he kissed her ! I walked away and then I woke up . What does this dream really mean ? I honestly feel he is the one but the last part has me confused . I remember everything about him like no other , I wish I knew someone who could draw so then I could see my dream guy in person ..

  249. So… when I was younger, I was told my soulmate had died by something I couldn’t see, but hear, not understanding, I said okay…. a few years ago, I saw a person in a photo, and I was instantly connected to him. My friend told me he had passed years ago. I found out we were interested in all the same things, we are so much alike. Then a few more years passed, I started dreaming, but it was so real, I can feel him, hear him… I feel like I’m going insane. .. This person…that I’ve never met, I’ve never felt so whole in my life until now… I was told he’s waiting. … what is this, and why is he coming to me now?

  250. I’m currently fighting with my now ex.
    Last night I had a dream and long story short I met this guy and latter on I was back with my ex but in my dream we were dating. We went shopping and he had his ex with him and he was treating me like real shit. We ended up having a fight and I left. I ended up seeing the guy again and he came to my rescue (I have never met this guy but there was such a strong connection between us) long story short I went back with him and he let me in about his life and it all felt so real I knew I was safe and I wanted to be with him, and so much more. He was treating me really well and then we kissed and when he let me into his past he had a friend who died it was intense. But I saw how he lost his friend and how he found out like it was really weird to describe. It was so intense I woke up but I can’t stop thinking of this guy I have never met.

  251. Is there a way to do an interpretation via email? I’d really love to get some clarity on dreams I’ve been having.

  252. I keep having this dream about one guy over and over again, the dream is different all the time,but he stays the same I even know his name his name is jason he has black hair and blue grey eyes, and the weird thing is I have never seen or met someone like him before in my life, and In my dreams I am really inlove,and I felt such a connection to him that when I woke up I still felt him with me, what could this mean, even when I hear the word jason, all I see is him, his eyes his face,and I remember my dream of him, and there is always something that reminds me of him please let me know what this could mean

  253. I had a dream that my boyfriend was walking in the door i could hear him turn the keys and i could hear my dog braking that he was at the door he could get im through the back door so he came in through the front door he came to the room because he thought someone else was there with me but when he found out it was me he went to the bathroom and i thought that ge was gone but i could hear him coming out and he came in the room and gave me a hug and i was relieved that he was here but when I woke up it was just a dream help me to understand the dream please

  254. I am always dreaming about my ex bf, every other day. in my dreams he is ignoring me and avoiding me and always forcing himself not to b closed to me!! What does this means?

    The time we meet for the first time, it felt like it was destiny and it was meant to be.

  255. shweta chaudhary

    I love one boy very truly and he also love me truly one day I saw that we are maaried couple and we have a baby girl she is very beautiful as we really want in future and I also saw that he love me sooo much after a baby like he love me before

    can u tell what this dream tells can this will happen in future…

  256. I’m in a long distance rs.
    it’s very complicated. We’re together since 3 years and met one time.
    Because of the difficult circumstances I plan many times to leave.
    Both of us can’t really let go.
    While our rs , we both dreamed already more than one time,dreams which came true or one of us is dreaming what the other person has on their mind.
    Are we soul mates ?

  257. Hi, I just wanted to ask about a dream that I had. It was a member of a band which I love but I’m not really into that member. Though I admit, he is my 3rd favourite band member. But in that dream, he was singing my favourite song and I sang along with it. He then noticed me and walked towards me. As he was walking, my heart skipped a beat and I swore that my cheeks were bright red. He came near me and hugged me and I woke up that very moment. Do you have any idea what this is because I am not really that into him but he was the first member that I had dreamt of.

  258. Hi I just want to ask about the dream I always have. It became more often when I moved here in Sydney. I dream of the same guy and in my dreams we are in love but I can’t see his face. Every time I wake up I can just remember that that is the same guy over and over again and slowly I can remember his physique and complexion but I can’t still remember his face.

  259. I have very vivid dreams about a blurry faced (not scary blurry) looking at me smiling with dark brown eyes brown hair and some sort of white clothing. It is also bright and warm out. There is a blurry faced man standing next to me to thd left. I feel a overwhelming emotion of happiness and love. I don’t know how to explain it. In a different dream she in standing next to me at a funeral of somebody I do not see and there are people around me but the only one I wanted to look at was her. I start to feel was tears roll down my face and I wake up really sad and I do not want to go back to bed.In the dream she huged me. It was partially cloudy and the coffin was dark brown glossy wood. I also had another one where she is in a house I walk in and she is holding a baby I say hello she said hi. In all these dreams I have full control over everything I can do anything I want but I limit myself to what I could actually do on the physical plane as if I was actually there. Anyways I look around the house because I am curious and it looks like a normal house. all these dreams happened before I met this brown haired dark brown eyed girl with the same smile from the dreams. She is also the next crush I have had after 6 years of no crushes. And the ones before that I lost interest in a few weeks so I thought the same for her. But no it just keeps getting stronger. I should also mention the blurriness in the first dream I metioned seems to be from something covering her face unlike the person to my left that just looked like a blurry face Nothing blocking it. Has anyone else every have these dreams?

  260. i have always had very vivid and realistic dreams about this guy i truly admire and i look up to him as my inspiration. he is just an year older though but the thing is that he doesnt know me but in every dream we are together and happy. these dreams make me feel happy and warm and honestly i swear i have felt being touched and held!
    is there a way to explain this?

  261. Hello, I wanted to ask about a dream I’ve had reacently.
    It was sunset, and I could hear the sound of waves, so I was near a shoreline, but I was in a fancy room, with this huge bed, everything I saw was covered in the sunsets’ colours of Red, Orange and yellow. But what the weird part was that I wasnt alone in the bed, there was a girl, about my height, maybe taller, I think she was a brunette but she was sleeping. We were tangled up hugging each other and the heat that radiated off of her body, it was so welcoming, so relaxing. I felt complete. Since when I woke up to now I feel this ache, like something I need is missing. Is this anything?

  262. Since 2010, I’ve been dreaming of this guy I’ve never met. For the first two years, I didn’t even know who he was; all I saw was a face and could tell you qualities about him and things he loved to do. Then I kept having reoccurring dreams of him after that and quite frequently. In 2012, I found out who he was and all of those dreams I had where I could tell you about him- they were exactly on point and every quality, every detail, was right. I still dream about him almost every night and the dreams feel so real. When I wake up, I actually cry because he’s not there with me but it feels like he is and then my emotions are unbalanced. Sometimes I’ll think of him holding me and can actually feel him touching me, or I’ll think of kissing him and can actually feel his lips against mine.
    All I want to know is if he’s my soulmate or not?

  263. I'd like to keep it a secret

    Hi,un hello. Haha.. So um I have these dreams and have been having them for around 3 years’s usually with a man brilliant bright soul capturing green eyes. He has messy brown hair a bit long,tall and sorta lanky. He gives me tingles just thinking about him..I’ve seen him in real life. Once, in every dream I have it’s like really happened sometimes we are at a coffee shop,or at the beach,or at a concert, or just simply laying on the couch with our legs intertwined. It feels so real I can remember how he smells… I could feel the sand in my toes… More than ten times i have ended up being late for work because how real these dreams feel.. I feel like I may have a connection to him…it’s really stupid and really crazy but my mind is on him every single second. I have this weird feeling in my heart when I think of him.. Everything about still is captured in my head like a picture. I’m smiling thinking of him right now,I stopped in the middle of my suicide attempt because I had a weird flash in my head of him and be watching a movie holding eachother. I feel like I wouldn’t be alive without him…this is all so crazy but feel like I know him and I love him,its hard because I can’t talk to anyone about this. I’ve had many weird flashbacks when I go to certain places like I went to this coffee shop and I had a flashback thing and saw me and him standing in the same spot I was on…well..yeah I guess that’s it thanks x

  264. Last month, i had a dream that i am in relationship with a stranger. he is nice, tall and handsome. he went to our house to visit me and bring some food. We talked about our future. unfortunately i woke up. i thought it was the end of my dream. and then last night i had a dream that i went his parent’s house and they said please take care of our son. We went to his grandparents to visit them also and they showed me his childhood pictures. And his grandmother talked to me she said that she is thankful that his grandson met me.

  265. The first memorie I’ve had of her is when I was a child, I was still innocent of this world and its experiences. Anyways we had never seen each other before yet when we met she wanted to play with me and my toys, we played for sometime it seems like a day had passed yet she stayed so we continued to play till the sun began rising, she looked at me with sadness and said she has to go. I remember her opening a trap door in our floor and climbing down. I woke up then. I’m 36 and still can recall that dream perfectly. Today this am I saw her again, yet she is my age or near to it, this dream was set in a post apocalyptic world, she would find me and help me to hide from something, I never found out what it was tho. I would emerge and began to look for her, when I looked I’d see people I’ve known through out my life, I still haven’t found her after that. I can remember being chased before I awoke. I don’t know if I’ve ever met her, but I’ve never remembered meeting her. Who ever you are, I miss you, I wish you the Love and happiness I’ve felt spending my dreams with you. I know you exist I feel it deep inside my soul.

  266. i been having this dream about a guy i was talking long time ago n the dream is really vivid, we became friends on myspace then we began to talk but he never took me seriously (i think) we met once and after that we stop talking n like a year after we started talking again then we stop i haven’t seeing him since the first time . and now after 1 year that we stop talking i been dreaming about him and it feels so vivid , in my dream i dream im with him n he hugs me n things look serious but i end up waking up and it sucks , and i start thinking about him again. im so confuse what does it mean!!
    (i txt him and he dont replay)








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  268. I am in a relationship I am happy. I keep having multiple dreams about a friend of ours. This friend is (male ), I once played cupid with him and my best friend. That didnt work out however, I have had dreams about him multiple times. we’ve been friends in the dreams, had relations and been in a relationship. The thing is I dont think about him. He is not on my mind. What does this mean?

  269. I had a dream that i was cleaning up my someone apartment in when I walked in the lights came on in i heard a man voice i couldn’t see him idk wat this means

  270. Noresa Quebido Banuag

    Hello, I have this dream of mine where I dream of this boy sometimes. I am just curious that when it comes into my dreams his physical figure was really very clear but after I awaked in reality or in my dreams I cannot already draw his face, rather I cannot already memorized his face. Is this what you call soulmate?
    Can you give me an answer of this? Thank you!

  271. Last night I had a dream that was so vivid and so real I thought I was truly falling in Love. There was this man with blond hair and blue eyes and we began talking one day, because we were on some sort of vacation. We began talking and bonding right away. One day we were sitting on a little ledge bench and he came in and kissed the little space between my jaw line and neck I turned and that was when he truly kissed me. I felt everything, as if it was reall the kiss was also different then other kisses I ever had. Which let me know that this wasn’t a recurring scene from a previous kiss. After the kiss me and my family had to go do something and so this cute guy gave me a card. I never looked at it until later when I realized I didn’t know where I’d find him. I took out the card and that’s where it was written. In green marker ink his name was written “Anthony Greaves”, his phone number which I can’t truly remember and a time and place. “Somewhere and 3pm I can’t remember the place either”. There wasn’t much more to the dream before I woke up. Because I never did get to go find him. But out of curiosity when I woke up I searched his name in Facebook and the craziest thing was I found him. His name was Anthony and he looked exactly the same as the guy from my dream.
    I have a big feeling he is my souls mate, because how common is it for a guy you never met in your dream to tell you his name and it actually be his name in real life. I guess will have to wait and see if he becomes my soul mate I guess than.

  272. I had 11 dreams in 4 years about a girl I didn’t know. First I never thought she existed, however over the years my dreams evolved from a myth and nonsense towards truth and fact. Turns out shes lives on the other side of my street for years just noticed her last year! Dreams are real and true and are linked towards what happens in real life in my view they are not nonsense they have some validity but not 100% true either.

  273. So, about 5 months ago, I had a dream of me and a guy walking through the woods together and it was very snowy. The last thing he said to me in that dream was “Regan, I love you and I need you to wake up now.” And then he kissed me and I awoke. I have been having dreams about him for about a year and a half. I have never seen him face-to-face until a couple nights ago. But, I can’t remember it. I know I will meet him soon. I know that I love him. He is kind and he has almost everything I look for in a guy. I have no clue what to do.

  274. This guy and I have been together for maybe 3 months…. Although it doesn’t seem like a long time but I swear I can feel love in my heart. We have not kissed, but when we brush I feel like my whole body is rippling with fire. Lately though, I feel him leaving a little more each day. I’m going to be left helpless, I already know this. But I have been have a dream every night, every time I drift off I have a dream. the setting and circumstances change but he is always there. Every dream, we kiss. I’m always so forceful it’s life I have an extreme thirst for his lips. I just want to know why I’m having the same ending to each dream, which happen every night. I started having them when I felt he was leaving.

  275. Last nigh I had a dream of this man. I can’t remember much of the dream but I remember wanting to be with him. I’m in a relationship of fiber years at the moment but in the dream I told the man that I’d leave my partner for him he was leaving down this dark street (it was night time) I remember him having jeans on I had on a white sleeping gown and I was barefoot I chased after him I ran to him grabbed him by his jeans and begged him to stay begged him not to leave me . Then I remember the both of us laying sideways on a bed just talking not doing anything but just talking . When I woke up I felt like I wanted to be back with him all day my heart speeds up when I think of him I long to be with him again and I don’t know what it means. I love my partner I always have but this dream man keeps coming back into my head. I don’t know what it could mean can anyone help

  276. hi just wanna ask what’s the meaning of dream that you are having a lover or bf that you really dont know and he dont have face or you dont know what he looks then he always say, i’ll wait you after 7 years it is started since april 2007 and my last dreamed about him was on May 2010 where he say it again after 7 years we will meet again that was the last dream of him i dont know i think that was a halucination or just imagination but every april and may i again but it was all black and i.just hear a voice speaking the same thing he said before. what is the meaning of this? will you help me , please Thank you so much.

  277. I had this dream. We had a presentation and a dog bit me. This guys who is my ex and my present-friend was with his bestfriend sitting over there. And he is looking at me. When the presentation was done, I said to the teacher, ( a male teacher, i forgot who) I said lets go swimming in the pool. But the, he said he has no clothes to wear after swimming. I ran i dont know why. I slipped on a slide and a boy in black helped. He was there watching with his friend. I bet he’d like to save me. The boy who I guess was 13 or 14 helped me, grabbed my hand, and he shaked my hand. Like saying hello. Or nice to meet you. I continued running and I saw my cousin and his crush. I satlk his crush on Facebook. So beautiful. And I was running back, I saw our teacher and at the same time, my cousin. We had a conversation. I ran back and saw the whole place turn into our city. Idontknow. I saw him waiting for me because were about to go home. I said “Why are you here?” he said nothing. There were many boys and my classmate. My classmate (a boy) went home first and I saw these butterflies and fireflies on my sorroundings. I was so happy. And he looks at me. The place turned violet and yellow or violet and orange. So wonderful! I always dream of this guy. and I still communicate and see him, we study on the same school. I like him but he says, he dint like me. What does this mean? Help me.

  278. How do you know these things do you know more

    • I digress, I had these dreams for the last 15 years. I am always in a relationship but when it is bad (not us saying it and sometimes we do) I have dreams of so much love in my heart. I know that I am going to love someone else. My dream about that doesn’t lie.

  279. I always have dreams while I am in a relationship that I fall in love with someone else. I mean TRUE LOVE!! When I have these dreams, I always get into another relationship. Last night I had another dream about me falling in love again. Can it be true that you can have so many soulmates in a lifetime? I’ve had at least 5. The last three times I had these dreams, I said to myself that I was going to be with someone new. I don’t break up with the previous person at the time……….it runs it course. Also, I don’t have a side person at the time.

  280. Hi

    There is this guy whom i am attracted to at work…even he is attracted to me but we havd not spoken properly yet..just hi and hello. I dont know whether he really has feelings for me…I saw a dream that he was sleeping next to me…no physical intimacy just next to each other and facing each other. What does this mean?

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  281. I was lost in the woods and I found a black colour house fill with a lot of tree trunks. The house was so huge and the environment was creepy. Without any hesitation i went in and I met this giant lady. An old lady fill with tree trunks in the house and she scream at me. I was frightened with her action and I quickly ran to the second floor of the house. At the second floor, I met a few of them who are same size with me guiding me to the safest floor and warn me not to disturb the first floor giant lady who was the owner of the house. I was clueless why they are here and they guide me to the window. To my horror, I saw a big flood. The water level is so high till many houses been swept away and many people are crying for help at the highest floor of the condo. The water level and the flow of the water was so fast and dangerous but I was surprise that the black house that I was inside did not have any affect is was because the giant lady have become the root of the earth. She has make the house as high as possible and as strong as possible with herself to be the stand of the house.
    After the heavy flood, the environment of the outside was clear and the whole place was cover with golden sands. And in that house, I met this guy who appears to be the giant lady son. He was not as big as the giant lady who is his mother. He was quite tall, thin, fair and charming with his smiles. He was not alone during that time. He was with his brother and he invited me to go outside of the house to play with the golden sands. I agreed without doubting him that he will bring any harm to me. To my surprised, we have fun at the golden sands and the feelings I have in him was so real and I couldn’t explained how can this happen especially someone that I never meet before in my real life. After we played, we have a small talk while we resting. While we resting, most of our conversation I have forgotten because it was a dream and I don’t usually remember my dreams very well but I remembered he told me that he have another month to live because he have a stomach cancer. I had no idea why the moment I know the news I cried so hard in the dream and I hugged him as in I have known him for so long. The love I have with him was so real and I felt warm during the hug. My heart was sank and broken when I know he left another month to live but I will never forget how did he told me that he left another month to live. He smiled cheerfully and with his tiger tooth which is so charming and attractive.
    I cried. After awhile, we went back to the black house and his mother who was so fierce at the beginning of our meeting. Suddenly she was nice to me and told me to go upstairs for my safety because of the floods. I was surprised how the giant lady treated me. After the giant lady talked to me, he hold my hand bring me to the upstairs and I was awake.
    I hope to meet him again in real life..Will I be able to meet him in real life? Will he be alright?

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  282. I had a dream about the same guy twice but after both dreams I couldn’t remember how he looked. I remember his body frame but not his face. The face dream was crazy… It was like we wasn’t serious about each other we were just talking. One day I txtd him and he came to protect me and my daughter. It’s crazy because having a men to protect me and my daughter is important to me. It felt so good to hug him. It felt Sooo real. The second was kinda the same. We weren’t that serious then the next thing ik it was our wedding day and I was getting my makeup done. I was so scared I felt myself shaking and crying idk what this means.

  283. My ex and I broke seven years ago as the relationship ended badly. Over the years I have been astral travelling and seeing him. In those dreams he is always at a distance, watches me but never wants to speak with me as I had messed things up between us. It was only until last night that he allowed me to speak to him. I have never interacted with him during my dreams until last night, every other night he is holding back. I wonder what the next astral projection experience with him will be, but he is allowing me to speak with him again.

  284. Please help me. For a while now I’ve had this one dream and it happens anytime I fall asleep. It’s always about me and this guy I like, Ronnie. In the dream he appears in my home and smothers me with hugs, kisses, and attention. Then we both walk outside and enter this train like building. After that both of us are pushed in what seems to be the lower class section of the train and suddenly I see that my belly has grown in size, almost as though I was several months pregnant. The next thing I know, Ronnie is by my side and I have a new born baby boy in my arms. The dream ends there.

    Now I have never meet Ronnie before, but we are very close and talk as though we are dating but we are not. I just need clarification as to what this recurring dream might mean.

    Thank you.

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  285. There’s this girl I’ve met online. We have been together for over a year and we are so in love. But the thing is, we’ve never actually met in person. I feel such a strong connection to her and I have dreams about her almost every night, dreams that feel like reality. When I wake up it’s like she was there the whole time. I don’t know if I’ll ever meet her but I really want to.

  286. Hey i have these dreams where i meet someone and i am so happy! We fall inlove and all through it we know Im going to wake up and he says things like we’ll make the time last while we can. I hate it because I’m so happy and then i wake up and forever lose him. I’ve had a few dreams like this.. like its been to stages where i have told him my name and he said his and ive remembered it and looked it up on facebook and still couldn’t find it. I really hate these dreams..

  287. Hello.
    I have been dreaming of the same guy every night, for an entire week now. He’s someone I know. He’s a friend. And I just want to know if it means anything. I have dreamt of him before, a few times. But the dreams were spread out. I’ve just really been dreaming of him a lot. And the first time I ever met him, which was back in November, I felt comfortable. Like we’ve been knowing each other.. And that’s weird to me, because I’m so uncomfortable around people I don’t know. But he’s easy to talk to. And I’ve had a dream expert analyze a few dreams I’ve had of him, and he said there’s a potential relationship with him. It’s just, I honestly feel that He is going to be something in my life. I look at all the little things, and I just wonder.. I have had very realistic dreams about him before, but these dreams I’ve had of him this week haven’t felt completely real. They have seemed real, as in they are realistic, but didn’t FEEL real. But he’s just always there. Is he of significance?

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  288. I have had this recurring dream for the past few years, and i have no idea what it means. But quite frankly it scares me. It starts off in my dream with a strange tapping noise, which is a pelican tapping its beak on my bedroom window. So i look out my window, and i see these very mencing animals sitting in a tree outside. It was random animals, tigers, birds, snakes, etc. And I just had this feeling they wanted to kill me and take my blood. Its weird, I know. Then i would try and run to my mother and fathers room for help, and they would be watching a movie with my younger brother, and ME! Like they had replaced with a copy of myself! I was begging for help from them, but it was like they couldn’t see or hear me. Please help me, this dream has been haunting me for years. Please help me understand what this means!

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  289. I had a dream about this guy….I have never met him in my life never seen him either…I was at a store I believe… And I walked around d looking for candy and snacks for a party….I then turned around and accidentally bumped his for head with mine…and we laughed and both looked up at each other to say sorry…we locked eyes and both asked have I met you before at the same time…and replied no at the same time…he then asked if he could hang around me for the day that his friends ditched him and I said sure…so we talked for ever and he told me we should hang later on a d I said okay where…he said cafe do Mon in the French quarter and that is my favorite place…so then I found this website and wanted to know will I meet this person one day…and
    yesterdayhe was in the dream but this time he was a soilder… And iI am in JROTC so I pretan with the army….

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  290. I’ve been having dreams about my friend and 3 other people. Two guys and one girl. I don’t know the other people but they have come out in all 3 dreams

    In my first dream me and my friend were in the forest walking and talking then she just ran so I chased ger then we heard footsteps running behind us so we kept running then this girl with red hair curly ran in front of us and I woke up

    Second dream we were in our health class that we have together and I was talking to the guy and the red head and then theywent to talk to the other guy then my friend came from the restroom. My friend came to me and asked me who I was talking to then she turned around and had a moment with the guy. Out of nowhere he pulled her toward him and was being really pocessive of her. Then I woke up.

    The third dream we were in a food court and my friend was with the guy. I was across from her and to my right was the other guy. I didnt know what was going on but the red head said dont forget and my friend said I wont. Then they turned to me and said you wont forget right and they all stared at me but I woke up
    The weird thing is the three people I have never met but they come out and it feels so real.

  291. I know you say you don’t give out help on here so would it be possible for you to reply back with a link or email address so we could talk further. In great need of advice. Thank you. -amber

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  292. Well I had a dream and was wondering if you guys could help me out

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  293. Can a soulmate dream have a guy you’ve never met before? Last night I had a dream with a cute guy and at the end of my dream I gave him my number. The next thing I knew , I guess it was months later I was at his house just chilling with him.

  294. Last night I had the most wonderful dream. I met someone and it was just full on perfect. it felt so real… almost like I could feel what was happening. I could feel his touch and emotion. But it was the person I’m in a relationship with now. Lately I have been questioning are relationship. I just don’t feel the Same about him anymore. There’s No glow. But in my dream the glow was so strong I know I felt it. And now I can’t stop thinking about it.

  295. I had a dream almost 8 months ago can’t remember in great details but in the dream i knew i was dreaming and i was going to wake up. I was with this man i couldn’t see his face but i remember his height, hair, skin complexion and the smell of him i also loved this man so much that it hurt that i had to leave him. I remember saying goodbye to him walking away then turning around and running to his arms i just wanted to hold him smell him one last time cause i knew it would be awhile before i see him again. I woke up and i remember having some sort of peace, happiness that he was out there a month later i met my ex the relationship didnt last long but i knew he wasn’t the guy in my dream from the moment he hugged me the first date. Reading this website it said something about seeing there essences i guess your right cause i couldn’t see his face, but when i meet my soul mate and he hugs me and i smell that colonge I’ll know it’s him regardless of what he looked like in my dream.

  296. Ive had this dream 5 times…I wake up in a car and I look around and see that I’m in the passenger seat….I look over and see this man I’ve never met or seen staring at me…he grabs my hand and squeezes than smiles…I look over at the mirror and see myself but I look older than I actually am…I’m 16 and in the mirror I look 26 anyone have an explanation

  297. I keep having these dreams that dont really feel like dreams, but i close my eyes and i can hear a mans voice and we talk and i can touch his face and his hands and feel if we hug, but i cannot see anything its just a black room. I say it doesnt feel much like a dream because i can wake myself up from it and i go back almost every night and im welcomed by the same voice but we have different conversations. At first i thought maybe im just talking to myself or maybe i had created this person for some reason, but i feel like its real as if one day im going to meet a person with that voice and they would feel the same. These dreams make me feel like theres a man having the same dream. Who knows maybe its just my imagination or maybe it is a soulmate dream. Im just glad to hear that some people experience soulmate dreams so its still an option. I just feel like i really need to meet this person, sometimes i wake up and my hand looks like it was holding someones hand. It was just so vivid other than not being able to see them. I just hope im not talking to myself.

  298. So I had a dream that only happened once in my life where I was in a dimly lit bedroom and I was talking to this man. We were deep in conversation and I knew that I somehow knew him, even though I had never seen him. By the end up the dream I woke up in a sweat tinking omg this is the person im supposed to b with. Well about a yr or so passed and I was at work one day when we got a new employee…which I was not thrilled about. He started to introduce himself and as I slowly turned around my heart stopped dead and I got light headed and almost fell off the stool I was standing on. I thought I was going to pass out. It was the same person from my dream. Exactly the same. He smelled the same. Talked the same. Had the same facial expressions. Looked exactly the same. I ha bf at the the time I met him. I was in a very verbally and physically abusive relationship. But non the less it was still a relationship. So I ignored the feeling that I had even though I continued to dream about him almost ever night. I was afraid I was going to end up saying his name in my sleep at one point. After two years of working together I had to leave work bc of a serious health issue that I almost died from and am still battling. After I left I continued to think about him and my dreams of him were now every night for the past 4 months. And everytime I woukd wake up sitting straight up in bed covered in sweat. I felt like I had to find him. That I had to talk to him. It was like this weird magnetic pull that I cant explain. When I ended the abusive relationship I found him and contacted him. He came over and we talked. I found out the whole time he would have similar dreams about me for those past two years and ever since I left and that he had just given up bc he thought I would never b out of that relationship or that he would ever see me again. So here we r talking and we both cant help but wonder is this just one big coincidence or is there some kind of reasoning behind it? Any opinions would b appreciated 🙂

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  299. Okay so I had this one dream and in the dream was myself and this one guy that I know really well (we kind of like each other but thats a different story). But in this dream we were homeless together. But the weird part is, we were really happy. In the dream when we like slept at like a park or something, he would hold me. I felt really comfortable with him. Like it was a really strong feeling. Just being near him made me happy. It didn’t feel like we had nothing. but it was perfectly fine. We knew we didn’t have much, and we were okay with that because we had each other. It was a very short dream. But that’s all I got. Hope it helps you.

  300. Does the call cost? And where can I find the number?

  301. When I was In high school I met a guy named Kyle. We had two classes together, and I began to grow a crush on him. He later than ended up moving to a different state , I never got his number or anything so we just never spoke again. When he moved away my heart broke a little but I brushed it off because I knew it was only a crush it was never nothing serious, it didn’t even seem like he was in to me anyways. So I soon forgot about him after 4 months of him leaving. I was 16 when I met him and I’m 20 now. I recently had a dream about him. The dream felt real, the dream went like this:
    I was at the mall shopping with my sisters and he was with his brother at the food court and I remember him telling his brother “wait I have to let her know she needs to know” once he had said that I saw him and approached him (in the dream of course ) he than asked to hang out later and he took my number so he could call me. Than in my dream we were hanging out at his place or it seemed like it was his, his brother came out and said Kyle come on it’s time and Kyle turned around to me and said you need to know, you’re my soulmate. Please always remember that. You were always my soulmate. It’s you.
    Please help me. I just want to know if he is or not. I can’t stop thinking about it and what it may mean. please just let me know if he is or not !

  302. I have dreamed about this person for a long time and I never knew who she was. I never cud explain it and now I have met sumbody and her face is the face I have been seeing on my dreams and I have a feeling like I knw her frm somewer like I have loved her bfor

  303. Hi, I was just wondering if you only do dream analysis through call?

  304. i recently had a dream where I was walking with some friends through a mall this really attractive girl was sitting on a bench with her little brother and sister playing a game on an iPad. My friends knew her but I didn’t and when I looked into her eyes I knew I had fallen in love with her. We were all walking and out of nowhere my friends disappered and it was just me and the girl. I walked her home and we found each other the next day at a park. she was sitting on a bench and I sat with her we talked for a while and we just started dating. I got up to go get us some drinks and when I came back to her this kid that I absolutely hate was trying to get with her and she said no and he kissed her on the cheek and ran away and I saw all of this. I chased him punched him twice. After all this I walked her home and we kissed and it felt like heaven. Then these two girls that I know and don’t like showed up out of know where and so did some other people and I was running around screaming because i was so happy, I was screaming I have a girlfriend over and over again. The dream ended and I woke up and it felt like she was real like I was actually dating her. This girl I knew a while back ago before she moved. Then two years later one of her friends told me that this girl liked me before she moved and wasn’t sure if she still does. I really liked this girl too. She had blue eyes and had dirty blonde hair. Is this girl my soulmate?

  305. I was looking for interpretation of a lucid dream I saw today morning and somehow ended up in this site. I even wonder if I should call it a lucid dream.

    I dreamt of meeting a strange, weird, shabbily dressed person while I was travelling and visiting a temple in some hill top with my father. The moment I saw the person I realised that I have already saw him in my dream. After offering my prayers the person came up to me and asked me if we have met before. To my surprise he said he saw me in his dream where we dated each other and got married. I was taken aback and looking at his condition and his appearance I outrightly claimed that even though I did see him in my dreams we never married.
    I did wish I could see some more but I woke up.

    I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that you will reply at a point of time.

  306. I know this is an old post but im hoping somewhere ill get an answer.i have been dreaming of a guy his name is either Bradley richard or Richard bradley,its started when i was around 13.the first dream he came to me with a love letter in the dream he was my age but it was innocent nothing sexual like i got older i just couldnt forget about him he ages with me,we are intimate in these dreams,i dont know how to get closure,because i feel so much love from him everytime he came to see me.i do believe that our souls meet and the sexual experiences is nothing i have ever experienced on this earth.i always feel so protected and loved when i wake up that its starting to get difficult to be in a relationship in real life,i know what he looks like.his 30 or 29 years old,fair skinned .1.7 tall,black wavy hair dark eyes soft smile..his got a face of a cancerian.i hope i find him if soulmates are real

  307. During my evening nap (which happened to be 4 hours), I’ve had multiple bizarre and conjoined dreams, but one had stood out to me the most. I had happened to continuously pass a room filled with an orgy (odd). My conscious mind knew something was weird about it, but did not question it. So, I walked into the room and found a man with his friend seated on a sofa, separated from the orgy. I approached him and well, he grabbed my hand and held it. My mind thought he was going to ask me if I wanted to have sex, but he actually told me that my fingers were hairy (the knuckle area). I have an insecurity with hairy fingers, which is why I pluck them off; however, this man had smiled and accepted me. For some reason, our connection seemed so real and so immense. I’ve never seen this man in my life (possibly have since it’s said that the people we dream about are the people we’ve seen) or at least I don’t know about him and he openly cuddled me. He made me feel warm and happy and it felt so right to be by his side. Before the dream ended, I was seated closely beside him while hugging his right arm and resting my head into his side. It felt so real, like I could feel him. My heart felt happier than it has been in a while. I woke up quite disappointed it was a dream, and I cannot stop thinking about this guy. I try to exclude him from my mind since I’m in a relationship and because I do not know him… But I cannot help but to think about him and want to fall back into slumber to meet him again.. Hopefully… Is he my soulmate?

  308. In this dream and for days after, I feel as though I’m emotionally exhausted or sad. I feel I have never had a connection so strong as the one I am experiencing in my dreams..
    The first dream I ever had of this person was extremely vivid, I could almost feel myself responding in waking life as I was dreaming but anyways, I walked into an indoor pool area where there was a set of bleachers with a small audience and I walked over to a single chair to the right. I stood over there when this women walks out of a room behind me with a toucan on her shoulder and told it to fly around. The bird hovered near me for a second, flew in full circle around the room past the audience and back to me. The toucan then stopped and was fluttering at my side. I remember the old women muttering something like, “Oh he likes her,” I could also feel her energy as she was watching. The bird flew around once again but this time when it came back to me, everyone in the room was gone and the bird was now a lifesize macot version of the toucan and it took the head of the costume off it’s shoulders, revealing a guy inside and then appeared another male and a female right behind him. The first one felt like my absolute lover (these were all assumed feelings of each of their roles in my life), the next male felt as if he were my fighter, someone who would defend me and the female felt like a keeper in my life at that very moment, someone who would give me guidence. I cannot explain why these assumptions would take place in my mind while I was dreaming but I swear it was as if I was there.
    Next, they explained that I was the chosen one and they’d have to all protect me in some way whether it’d be my mind, heart, or body and we ended up in this underworld where dark things were trying to come after me because of something they wanted from me. I’d fight along side my fighter in the dream where he was teaching me to fight these creatures and people off, then the female would tell me whether it was a good idea to go after each of these things or to run and my lover kept reappearing when I felt a strong need for him and then we’d make love anywhere in that exact moment.
    I eventually woke up and felt like someone was coming for me, into my life, positively- not in a negative way.

    Today, I had a more realistic dream and the lover was in it and I remembered his face only while I was dreaming and the exact way he made me feel while I was in my dream I had a while back.

    Please help? I need a reading. I need to know if this person exists and if he may look like this person, if i’ll know it when I see him

  309. Hi, I keep on having recurring dreams about my first love. The first time I had the dream was at the beginning of last year and only recently it has become very frequently where it has been once or twice every night for the past few days.

    I dreamt I am in this room and walks in my ex with his kids. He notices me, comes over to say hello. We start chatting and I ask him how it is going with his wife, he reply’s back ‘I am not happy with her’ and as soon as he says it I wake up. When I wake up I feel unhappy and confused at the same time because it felt so real.

    • i see him most of the nights in my dreams
      we area part and today he is marrying with someone else
      last night i clearly seen he was regretful and wanted come back to me , but his marriage didn’t let him. he was really sorry
      but in real life he is marring today with that woman. what does it mean.

  310. I had a dream about my soulmate and ever since then i have this painful feeling as if i miss the person in my dream a lot. But i cant recall what he looked like. Just bits and pieces.


  312. Yes I keep having dreams about my high school teacher recurrent for many years now, I’ve been out of high school for about 18 years now, I did have a crush on him, and I felt like he had a crush on me as well, I’m pretty positive about that. The dreams are always nice, and I enjoy them. I just would love to know the meaning behind this, I haven’t seen him since I graduated, but these dreams have continued all these years.

  313. This is the second time I have dreamed about this girl. I dreamed about her before. Never thought anything about it. I live in Ohio and she lives in Georgia. I know her but we just say hi thats all. In my dream we are together and happy and feels like it was real. We are both Christians. We have no ties of any sort with each other. Does she dream the same dream when I dreamabout her?

  314. I keep having dreams about the guy I’m in love with me and him have a sexual relationship I dream about him all the time and in my dreams we always end up together in a relationship could he be my soulmate

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  315. I honestly don’t know, but I have had numerous dreams about my soulmate and when I woke up, it was like he was there the WHOLE night beside me and as I go through the day, it feels like his presence is around me. Every dream I’ve had about my soulmate is that he always basically comes back to me, everytime. We are not together in physical form because he completely broke my heart, and I’ve tried everything to move on… But nothing has worked and everything just feels so hopeless now. I love him with every piece of my heart but he doesn’t know it. When we split I began to see repeating 11’s wherever I went… And it has escalated to other numbers now. Anyways, I’ve accepted the fact that if he wanted to be with me, he would be with me… No games, no excuses. But that’s not the case, so I’ve been pondering on the reason why I’ve been having not the same dream every night, but it all basically ends up the same way… He always comes back.

  316. Last night I had a dream about a guy that I am friends with through Facebook. I have never meet or even thought about any type of romantic relationship with this person buy after lastnight I can’t get him out of my head. I have a strong emotional feeling overwhelming me as i type this letter and it’s unlike anything I have ever felt before. All I want to do is go back to sleep so that I can feel his spiritual presence again. Is there anything to dreams & feeling like these?

  317. I need some answers here!!! I been having this weird dreams about my old high school crush I mean it’s been happening a little often now but the thing is that I never even spoke to the guy when I was in school I had a huge crush on him and we would have like a staring contest in class I had a feeling he liked me too I never spoke to him because I was a shy girl and he was also the same way but the point is that I keep dreaming of him when I shouldn’t because I have a boyfriend that I love with all my heart and we have a son together so I feel weird every time I dream about my old crush but I haven’t seen or heard about him like in 4yrs and this dreams just happen in random times and in my dream im always talking to him or looking for him like if I want to see him desperately its just so not me help!!!

  318. Hi, I had a strange dream just now.

    Hope you could help me. I dreamt of talking to a colleague of mine about my lovelife. She asked me what’s the name of my crush. Knowing I have none, I made up a name.

    She then searched for the name in Facebook. It had a match. She showed me the guy’s profile. He has short black hair, fair skin, black eyes. Handsome.

    In the dream I was in shock I told her I was just joking. As I looked at the guy’s photo it gave me an intense feeling. It’s as if I have seen him before.

    I woke up very confused. I am in a happy relationship right now for four years (no, it’s not with the guy in the dream) and I was thinking why I’ve had this dream. I haven’t seen this guy in real life.

    I couldn’t remember the guy’s full name now. Though I remember part of his first name and two last names (I am yet to determine which is which).

  319. I see a person in my dream all the time holding a rope travelling across the ocean with me I even felt the sand touching my feet and its all so real but I haven’t met him and now I’m getting married to other guy a family friend he’s very nice man but those dreams … what should I do?

  320. I’ve been having dreams about meeting people, in which I fall in love with and I am able to watch this relationship progress. However, each night, this person is different. What does this mean?

  321. Once in a while I’m dreaming of my soul mate. I find myself running through unfamiliar places chase by someone and within the crowds of faceless people in the middle of the street, we embrace.

  322. I had a dream in which this girl that I know partially well was basically my life partner. I saw how me met and how we fell in love, we got married, had children and grew old together. The dream ended when I died with her by my side. It was a very speffic and long dream, even detaining other people’s enovlvment in our relationship. When I woke up, it took me a few minutes to realise I wasn’t in a relationship with her and that we hadn’t married and done these wonderful things together but her face was still strong in my mind, as it was in the whole dream.

  323. Hey,
    So lays night I dreamed about the love of my life who does not really exist I even remeber his name it was demrah/demitri de mayo he told me before I left which is when I woke up
    He worked at a concentration camp museum wierd I know ( prolly because I saw a documentary about it on tv ). Anyways we spend the whole day together it was love at first sight when my family came I left and kissed him goodbye . We were so close and in live one day that’s all it took and when I woke up it felt real . He told me he lives jn la whin is where I wanna move later anyway and his number started with 619 516 the rest I forgot
    What does this mean I’m confused and I miss him even if this feels stupid to say

  324. Hi, I’ve had a series of dreams over the last few days. All of them connected, I remember them very vividly and almost all of them lucid or astral in nature. I think you may find them very interesting, but most of all I need some help deciphering them. I know this post is fairly old, if you do by some chance read this and are able to get back to me I would be extremely grateful.

    I eagerly await a response.

    P.S. After talking with some of my family it seems that prophetic dreaming may run in my family.

  325. I had a vivid dream of being held by a man with a ruffly knitted jersy. He had was unshaven and I could not see his whole face. The love I felt for him was mindboggeling. I have never felt like this before. So intense. When I woke I felt so sad that he was not there. I am married

  326. I m so much confused about someone.why he always appears in my dream.when we were in end of class fren said he likes me.n then we became together.I wont say its love but it was just a liking n nothing year we were separated without reason but it was time passed..i went to college n meet new people..i missd him to be there.the fact was that if he s near i could feel his presence..till now..we met one or more time.i had relation with other but his dream couldnt let me forget him.every day fromclass 7 to still now. i am 24 right now..i m having recurrent dream almost daily.. in dreamalso i feel he is close to me.whenever i think of soomeone before sleep i see him has become everyday dream..but in rreal life we dont talk though we are friends.why is this happening..10 year is too long to see someone daily in really troubling he my soulmate coz when i think of someone he comes in my dream to be together..plzzz help me..what would i do?.i tried to contact him but he doesnt talk me well.

  327. Hi, I fell in love with your article. It helped me a lot, but I just to know if you could let me know if what I am experiencing is either for a reason or if it’s just infatuation. Which I doubt but theses dreams just keeping recurring.

    Long story short I had met this guy and after a little bit I met his son. He acted like he had feelings for me, and I ended up falling for him, but now things with us is just wishy washy. I had told him last week to just leave me alone, because I’m not going to sit and let him keep playin with my feelings or hurt me.. but Ive been having theses dreams about him and in the dreams his son appears to b in them .. and I just really want to know what this means, so I can actually get a reading from you.

    Please helping me..

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      As stated on almost every post on here and on the blog itself, the advisors do not analyze dreams OR do readings from comments on the blog or via email. Please contact them on click4advisor or Ether for dream analysis or readings.

  328. I need help please ,
    There’s this guy I talk too , but we’ve never metnand we’ve known each other for years now , and lately I’ve been having dreams that we’re together and we are about to meet soon , and these dreams are often and it’s him , because I recognize him .
    What does this mean ?
    Thank you.

  329. Thank you for imterpreting dreams. I have dreaming of someone a guy i met him personally but we were not close and we didnt talk that much. It just an officemate frok other department whom we seldom see each other. I always dreaming him always what is the meaning of this by the way im a girl. Thank you

  330. I had a dream recently, that has really left an impression on me. I never really get obsessed with dreams and feel like I have to find their meaning, but this one has. I will try give as much detail as possible. I was in a place that seemed to be like a park but it was really run down. I decided that I needed to go to the bathroom to wash my hands (which was in a cubicle) my best friend was with me and she suddenly said that i must come look at something. I got the feeling that she knew what was going to happen. I came out of the cubicle and saw 3 well dressed gentlemen carrying red roses and were singing to music that had no source. Then a beautiful blonde man walked passed them. I had never met him before in the waking world. I didn’t know him in the dream either. He didn’t tell me his name but asked me to be his girlfriend. I didn’t hesitate and said yes, despite not knowing him. I felt a sudden connection with him. He was shooting a movie and asked me to be in it . While filming, we danced next to a river or water feature or something. I cant remember exactly I just remember water around us. I feel a strong connection to water whenever I am around it I always feel calm despite the mood I am in. The next few bits I cant remember very well. I remember being chased after that and everything was chaos but he was there running next to me ,protecting me. I need help with this dream. Is it my soul mate?

  331. So once i was sitting on the outside tables in my school and this girl is sitting beside me she is wearing a white shirt and she looks at me and tells me if I wanted to go out with her i said yes… The thing is that the girl from the dream is a girl in my science class i didn’t even know she was in my class until I recognized her face what does this dream mean?

  332. Someone i know said they had a dream that me and my girlfriend were married and that she had a baby they said they keep having reaccuring dreams of me and my girlfriend and in the dreams were always close either married or its me and her and shes having a baby. Also my gf had a dream she seen that after a break up we once had that we were in a plain like a valley and we both decided to go seperate ways but as we turned to depart a strong magnetic force pulled us back together put our hands together to continue walking the path. I also had dreams seeing us in different aspects in the Future living together and also even doing ministry together what dose that mean?

  333. Hello, I have been told b many that I have a strong and large astral aura, and I know my emotions very well… But I have been having dreams of a female that I feel safe/secure and deep unconditional love with, I wake up missing her and go to sleep trying to project my astral form onto a plane where I may meet her, I don’t know what to do about this anymore and it’s driving me crazy. I just want to hold her in my arms and tell her how much she means to me even though we haven’t even met yet.. If someone could give me some words of wisdom I would greatly appreciate it.

  334. I had a dream about a boy at my school who is in ninth grade my grade and I saw him in the hallway and on ten news show and in my dream we fell in love then got seperated the found each other and I woke up

  335. Uhm..I am at least 13 years of age and every month I have a dream. At first it’s dark, Then I’m always somewhere in a house or something. Its hard for me to remember all of it. But I had a dream in October about a haunted house and I’m with this boy. He’s at least 15 and I was riding on his back. We talk about something that I can’t remember but it was sweet. Then I wake up but the feeling of love and safety lingers for a couple minutes. I can’t remember what he looks like, but I can remember the feeling of his shirt and his smell.

  336. hi..i don’t know what to say about this dream that i always having a dream someone life.i feel like he enjoy his life and i seeing his life as a movie.Even last night he suffering with his personal issues.I feel hurt.I never mined that dream but this time.I feel like stupid who can’t help him though i know him well.what that dream come to say me.this not my first time i had the dream when my day happy and success,good.But that dream ruined my happy night to worst morning.

  337. For a year straight now I have a bad dream where my love Jenny leaves me after ten yrs of being in a bond even before we got together also this past year she has stopped talking an stopped being her all together

  338. I had a dream last night of some guy I never met and it’s like we knew each other and the feelings I felt for him in my dream seemed real I can’t stop thinking about him now I’m currently in a relationship and I have never felt the feelings I felt in my dream before for anyone it felt like we already knew we loved each other I remember saying in my dream I asked him where have you been all my life I really don’t know how to explain the feelings I felt for this man I never met or don’t even know if he exist …

  339. I had an intense dream about a man with black hair and blue eyes. For some reason we were in Scotland as he wanted to introduce me to his parents. He showed me his parents home that was a huge mansion type house on top of a big green hill.
    I didnt dream going inside but my dream ended with him saying he will wait for me !!!! Weird as iv never been to Scotland.
    This dream was a few years ago and strangely enough i had a spiritual reading who read they saw a man.scotland and a castle portrayed…..
    I had forgotten about the dream until then.
    i did meet a guy a couple years ago with that description.we only dated a couple times but he seemed reluctant to a committment.
    we keep in contact and both still single.
    But strangely or just a coincidence he mentioned recently he had to go to scotland on a family visit. His parents died a while ago but i didnt know he had connections.
    HE would be an ideal partner. I liked him alot and know he likes me. Neither of us have committments and despite us trying to match time off for a date again hes always busy but wont end the contsct.
    what does this mean??? The world is his oyster so why bother hanging on to my contact ????

  340. Two years back I met this guy on a temple, later I found out that he lives beside my house. My family shift edit this new place. D night I saw him it was like he was d one for me. We became friends then went into a relationship. He is my inspiration since his doing mbbs. After having 6 to 7months of relationship we started having problems caused by my friends. They told him that I was a bitch etc when they knew that my boyfriend was d only guy I ever talked about. Later d girl who was creating problems ran away with someone else n things got better between me n my boyfriend. They own a shop so there were two other staffs who created problems. One was them was later caught stealing from d shop n d other one is still working in his shop but she’s still creating problems. Our problems got so worst that y x hates me now n his not even telling me what I did wrong. I tried moving on but.. anyways I having been having dreams like in one dream his mum is advicing me to just have patience n whatever I want I will get in future n not to say anything to anyone cause if I do that I will b blamed for everything which turned out to b true. In d other dream I saw that I have decided not to attend a prayer cause my x would b there but somehow I end up there n my x puts a bindi on my forehead. Another dream I saw was a older woman telling me that some day me n him will b together. N this morning I saw that I’m asking him if he will leave me n go away.. n he says that he will never leave me. Where ever I c him he acts like he hates me. I don’t know whether my dreams mean anything o not..I believe his my soul mate cause whenever I asked god for a sign he gave me a positive sign..please help me

  341. I have had vivid dreams of the same person for as long as I can remember. I am now 38. I never saw his face, but it was always the same man. It has been a while.since I dreamt of him. Last night I did. I finally saw his face. We knew we were soul mates in my dream. We knew we had been looking for each other and finally found each other. I hope this means that empty hole is close to being filled.

  342. Ok, so i keep having dreams of this girl i know i’ve never met…the first time i dreamed about her, ( yes, they where all really vivid) I was in a car with a bunch of my friends and they kept saying someone was waiting for me when we arrived at our destination…well when we got there i saw MYSTERY girl as soon as i got out of the car…it was the weirdest feeling…i knew everything about her that mattered, i knew without a single doubt in my mind she loved me and missed me…i could feel it to, its like a heat rushed over my body, so much love and joy all i could do was smile at her stupidly and try to figure out something witty to say, turns out i didnt have to, she walked up to me and hugged me…best damn hug ive ever had, dream world and real…she said she missed me like id been gone for a long time…i could feel that i deeply missed her to…i remember us talking and laughing, sharing what weve done and what we should do…it was so perfect…after some time of us talking she said she’d see me again…i got up and started walking towards the car…right before i got in i could hear her say, “I Loved you even before you found me” car door closed and i woke up……that was the first dream i had about this MYSTERY girl, I’ve had 5 total now starting less then 6 months ago…i can describe her almost perfectly down to the purple hair tie she was using for her shoulder length blond hair that looked like it had old hi-lights in it….i remember her grey, blue eyes so full of love and wisdom, her white ivory skin, and her soft touch…i remember the white low cut t-shirt she was wearing with a blue shirt underneath…every time i dream of her i remember everything…wheres other dreams i cant remember anything… anyways just figured i’d put my dream out there!

  343. Hi there I have never met a certain man before but just before meeting him and seeing him through pictures I know that this will be the man of my life the man I will marry I even have these vivid visions of me and him having 3 kids and what they will look like sometimes I feel like I am living in my past life but in my recent life. I feel that he is my soulmate so strongly and I’m not sure why but I feel like I already love him for lifetime after lifetime I can’t stop obsessing about him and I wonder if he feels the same we haven’t met but we did talk a few times he’s on business trip but he will be back soon to my hometown . It’s so weird. Can u please answer my question . Do you think he loves me or has the same feelings as me? I know for sure he is the one true love of my life I just feel like I know him it’s a really hard feeling to describe.

  344. I was on a bus and some guy came sat down right next to me and he kissed me and I was shocked, it felt like I met him before and I knew him for along time but I have no I idea who he was

  345. I have had a few dreams recently – but last night was so vivid. I was getting into the back of a car, and when I did there was a man who took my hand in his and I felt so safe and loved. He then said that it was time for us to be together now. I obviously have not met this man but I have always felt he was out there somewhere and that I do have a connection with him. Will I know him when I meet him?

  346. i had a dream yesterday. In the dream, i was in a car trip with my parents, two aunts who i do not know in reality and this guy i never meet before. It seems like we are good friends. He was considerate, kind and took care of me well. what does this dream mean.

  347. i would like to notify you by email, but I don’t know yours to where I can describe my dream. Doing this by a mobile phone does not help me very much. 🙂 So please reply with your email because I’m eager for answers.

  348. I had a dream about a man that I ance never met. But when I woke up with my fiance next to me I felt disappointed. I felt heart broken. I can’t remember his face fully but how is it that I know my soulmate is out there when I’m in love with the father of my child.

  349. i keep on dreaming about the guy its more than 2years now he is married and i am too. HELP does he love if he is why cant he tell me?

  350. Hi I had this dream for the first time two days ago and I keep thinking about it. I dreamed I’m riding in the passenger seat of this red car and im looking out the window and admiring how beautiful the city looks at night I let down my window and put my head out the guy driving (whose face i cant see yet)starts to laugh and I do also I then started messing with the radio and a song comes on and we start dancing and singing loudly and off key I look over at him and I can finally see his face he had an olive skin tone dark eyes and black hair there was an imperfection w/teeth i can’t remember what it was mayb a chip tooth or a gap or an over bite but when I saw him smile I thought it was beautiful and I felt an overwhelming happiness I felt so lucky to be with him and I could feel he felt the same for me. The dream felt so real I could feel the vibration from the speakers and the wind hitting my skin I woke up and almost couldn’t believe it was a dream. I have never seen this guy a day in my life does this dream mean anything ?

    • I’m not asking for an interpretation on this dream just want an opinion on if its meaningful. Usually I dont continuously think about dreams after I have them but I can’t get this dream out my head especially that overwhelming happiness I felt when I looked into this guys eyes and saw that perfectly imperfect smile

  351. Many times I dreamt of a man to whom I couldn’t see but I can feel him. Today I saw that I met him through my friend and we are having fun as if we know each other in past. I saw we are on bike ride like couples. That feeling was wonderful. I felt him as if he is in real. We both were so attached and we started liking each other. But this time for some reasons he vanished from my dream and I am so worried. I was searching him everywhere. Asking everyone about him. But then I woke up from my dream. I want to see him again and feel him. After i woke up i was Feeling so incomplete. Please tell me what does it mean.

  352. For months I have been dreaming about this one person that I haven’t seen in about four years. I continuously dream about meeting them again but each time he looks different because I can’t remember what he looks like. The dreams feel very real and I always wake up feeling disappointed that they were not real. Is he my soulmate? Will I see him in the near future? Is he dreaming about me too? Please help!

  353. I have dreamt of the same person for the last 8 years, and i have never meet them! What does this mean, if anything?

    I will dream this guy is my lover, friend, in my dreams his voice will always be familiar but when i wake up i cant remember it. Sometimes i see his entire body sometimes just his face or eyes. but his eyes are so significant , they are dark , very dark but warm. sometimes i cant see anything in my dream but his eyes or i cant remember anything of the dream when i wakeup but his eyes. Even when i read a book and there is a love scene or love interest i think of this”mystery guys” his eyes pop up and he becomes the lead character. Or when someone talks about a relationship i think about his eyes. In the end its always his eyes. I know they say eyes are the door to the soul. So maybe its something that I have wrong with myself that im conjuring into a man? IDK any thoughts i mean its been about 8 years.

    his eyes are so warm and they always make me feel safe , he always makes me feel safe and like loved completely. Even when i dream we are friends i feel pure love from his eyes when he looks at me . And i have never seen that from anyone in my life when they have looked at me. I might be crazy in know!

  354. My mother and I both had the same dream at the same time on the same early morning while i was going through a very messy divorce. The dream consisted of me walking in a gray haze when all of a sudden a man with brown hair and intense brown eyes appeared before me. He looked deep into my eyes,held my face in his hands,carressed my cheeks with his thumbs and left me with a feeling of utter fulfillment, romantically, sexually and every ounce of sadness from the divorce was gone…instantly. I woke to the sound of my phone ringing. It was my mother freaking out about having just had a dream about me…she descrbed the exact same dream but she witnessed everything as a bystander . Even the haze was the same. For years I was obsessed with finding this person..after 4 years i moved from ny to Illinois to a tiny small town of 400 where on the 3rd day of being here….I met him! Boom face to face .It scared the bageebees out me at first. Weve been together for 17 years now! Id say premonition followed by soulmate…..but my mom having the same dream REALLY creaps me out. Any other commentsor wisdom?

  355. i had this dream in which my best friend (which i have known for 10 years now) were in love with these boys and they were brothers. i had the same dream a couple years ago but didnt remember it. when recently a week before my 18th bday. i had the same dream. and this dream went on for about 4 nights. the first night i woke up, i was all sweaty like something bad had happened all remember is the end; two boys with me and my friend and we were eloping. my mom and my friends om helped us run away(idk why but they told us that were helping us) we ended up in some garage when i heard my bf phone beep. i took it out and read the message from my mother saying dont go to this garge on some street(cant remember the address) there is danger in that garage.(what kind of danger i have no idea) i panicked looking at my bf asking him about where we r . when i turned to find a shadow walking in from the door and the two boys coming infront of us to shield me and my friend. the 4th night i saw that me and my friend had engagment rings on our left and all four of were walking on the beach hand in hand. in the dream i was about 19 yrs old and my friend was about 18 and both the boys were about 2 yrs older than us. i had this dream again that we all we walking on this beach recently last week again. when i woke up i felt that it was soo real. and i could feel that he was there and that he loved me. the way that he looked at me i could never forget it. he was about 6 feet or so and his face was blurry and he had beautiful eyes. what does this mean??? plzz help

  356. I had a dream about a ex boyfriend of mine and it was like he was trying to actually get in contact with me we both expressed how much we still loved each other and it was a very physical dream and by physical I mean sexual we talked and talked like we haven’t talked in forever I haven’t seen him for about 3 years now and I have these dreams all the time and the way they always start is we run into each other and schedule dinner that night to catch up and then it goes from there! I would like to know what this means because at the end he says every time I will see you again soon and then very passionately kisses me and then when u wake up it feels like he’s here all day watching me waiting for me!! What does this mean please!!

  357. I was in a serious relationship with my ex for two years within those two yrs we broke up more than once and would always get back together. In November we broke up and it does not look like we’re going to get back together. But since December I have been having dreams about him. Then the dreams would stop. I had a dream about him lastnight. Before that dream I have not thought about him or had a dream about him in weeks or maybe even months. The dream was about us in a car not his nor mine. A friend if mine was in the car with us to. She helped me carry some things to the apartment And we went to a apartment not mine nor his. It seemed as if we lived together.

  358. is dream interpretation free? And how do I contact you?

    • Soulmate Psychic Readings

      No, it is not free. And they are not done on the comments section or by email. If you would like a dream interpretation please contact the advisor of your choice via click4advisor or Ether

  359. I keep dreaming about my guy friend. As we were a couple like he kisses me and brings me flowers with a box of chocolates and we even go to school together. But we are just really good friend we known each other for 6 years now. So what do me dreams mean? He really cares about me and I keep dreaming about him every night. That we are like a couple and he’s hugging me and kissing me. What does this mean?

  360. I had this dream 3 times with the same boy in it. First dream I had was when we were at this party or something..and this girl was obsessed with him. Later on, they started dating, but then he realized he had deep feelings for me. So he started singing and trying to prove he loves me. Then he came up to me and I grabbed his shirt and pulled him to be and we kissed. It felt so real. He chose me over someone else, and it really bothers me that I don’t even know who he is. BUt i had this same dream 3 times in a row. So does this mean he is my future lover/soulmate? Please reply..this isn’t exactly personal. Thank you! 🙂

  361. For as long as I remember, I’ve had dreams every once in a while about this boy. He and I will be in love and together but when I wake up, I can’t get him out of my head. All I can remember is that he has dark brown, almost black hair, dark, soft green eyes, and that he has slightly long hair. He is always the same – the only thing is that he looks a tiny bit older in my dreams every time I dream about him – like I’m almost seeing how he looks like in the present….. I don’t know what these dreams mean but I hope it’d be like a soulmate bond thing like the article is possibly suggesting….

  362. I have a son almost 2 and I am 9 months pregnant with my 2nd child with my boyfriend of 4 years. But lately I have been having dreams of being happy with this one guy I have never met or seen in my life. In my dream, I’m pregnant and my son is around.. I see my boyfriend but he doesn’t bother me. In my dreams I cry because I am so happy. What does this mean?

  363. I always dream about this ‘mysterious guy’ who acts like my ‘lover’ in my dreams. I can’t see his face but, I can see his features (hair, skin..). Although some of my dreams are showing his face but after I wake up, I forgot what he looks like.

    I never dated anyone before, and I haven’t seen anyone who has the same feature as his.
    Please reply, I know you can help me. This dream has been bothering me for 1 year. Thanks.

    • Soulmate Psychic Readings

      Sarah and Sophia are not able to respond to questions about dream interpretation in their comments section. Please call for personal guidance. ~web designer

  364. i had a dream that i was in netherland (been there this summer) and i met this beautiful girl there, i remember her face tough i never seen her before, she was brunette with long hair tied up in ponytail and she had brown eyes and a pale skin, her mouth shape was small and her nose had cute little shape, her body wasn’t curvy but she was cute so it didn’t matter but the thing is in the dream it felt like i knew her for daayss before and she knew me well too, also she was in netherland on a vacation too, she’s from the states but i’m not, but in the dream we were hanging out and we’ve been touchy and acting like a couple and i knew there is something behind it like i knew we were going to be more than that. Also in the dream she was hanging out with us in my uncle’s house and i asked her if she had facebook and she showed it to me, her name was Jia mcklovikx or mckloviktch i didn’t get the last part of the name, but i thought in my dream she must have been russian. I know they say it’s impossible to read in dreams but i do read in dreams many times before, i can lucid dream abit but i’m still not at the level where i can control everything in dream, i can only read in dreams and wake up when i realise it’s a dream. anyway i tried to search her name in google also in facebook it didn’t give any result. i hope someone could tell me what is the meanning of this? is it really soulmate dream??

  365. I had a dream about this gorgeous boy. We connected like I’ve never connected with anyone before. In the dream I couldn’t stop staring into his eyes and vise-versa. And throughout the whole day I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I just wanna meet him so bad. The dream was so vivid and felt so real

  366. I had this dream recently i don’t remember all of it just some i remember a boy with blonde naturally spiked hair with blue or great eyes and it looked like i was a teenager. So we fell in love them broke up. We met in a hotel/empty hotel it looked new but i was at a sleepover with people i don’t know but then it was so wierd but i felt like i knew them when i have never seen them was a sleepover In a hotel but it seemed like just us and some girl at the counter.but when i looked into his eyes i feel in was so wierd and confusing but i couldn’t wait to go to sleep. I know at the end of the dream we broke up but the next night i sang a song about moving on them we got back together. It’s just an amazing dream!

    Its an actually fact that dreams are something u want to happen or will happen or giving u little hints about the future. I didnt know him so it wasnt the first one i think was the second one because it was so detailed idk well thats all

  367. Thanks for giving me information sorry i have no e mail facebok or another account b caz……

  368. I had a dream that I really felt was had my soul mate in it. I don’t remember a whole lot but I remember a very realistic moment and she was on a couch and kissed me. I had the feeling she is from France, which would make sense because I sleep during the day so if she were dreaming at the same time I think it would have been night time in France. This dream is really messing with me, I can’t stop thinking about it because it was so great and makes me sad because I have no way of doing anything about it.

  369. I had a dream just now that was weird but felt too real. I was getting off from work and it was a rainy mist outside. Before I was going to my car I went to throw a bag of trash away. When I turned around 2 women approached me asking me could they buy my car keys from me an I told them no. They started following me an I began to run. I hear the other lady behind her say girl go get your man. As soon as I heard that I looked to my right an she was right there while I was running. I asked her what are you doing? At this point we are running side by side in the parking lot to my car. She replied I know everything! I automatically know what your going to do an then she says why do you think I’m here? An I said soulmates? She nodded yes. I said me an you? An she nodded yes. We got to the cat she began saying something about me having 18 deeds and something about bridges and riches and then she something like she was asking question. Like do you evn know where you live? An ask she was telling me all this I was shocked an surprised cause in my mind I’m wondering how does she know these things and how does she know about my future. She began to cry an as she was crying she began singing this beautiful song too me. She keep saying do you remember? Do you remember? Listen. An as I’m listening to her sing it sounded very familiar like I’ve always heard it before but I couldn’t remember it but it was familiar. But in the song she said something about us in a past life but we’ll always be together. Then I woke up but I woke up an my eyes was open. That’s whn I realize I was sleep with my eyes open. Does anyone hear know or can tell me what this means

  370. I saw a man..he is the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen. I was meditating on whether another gentleman was right for me…I went to sleep at about 8 p.m….in my dream I was with the man the gentleman..we made love we then appeared with his family who are very very dark..I was so scared…
    I ran away it seemed..I ended up at a friends house.the house seems familiar as if I knew the people…I came was a couple..a woman her name is Alexis..
    we sat in the kitchen and I told them all about the first part of my dream..and then something weird happened..the man and I locked eyes…
    he’s eyes …his eyes were the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen…from moment everything else disappeared but his eyes..
    the moment was interrupted by her pulling him closer…and then I woke up exactly at 11 p.m….I was so scared and happy all at once…I talked about him for days..

    three days later I saw him at one of my meetings…it was him the man of my dreams..we didn’t talk.when I came home

    • I recently found out that he is part of the same community that I am a part of…I finally contacted him..I told him that we should be friends..seem to be very very weirded out..voice in my head kept telling me to be patient but I do not..I feel now I should have never called him.he text me a day later.told me he was seeing somebody..just like my dream..I told him thank you..he tried to tell me that he will call me when he was single…I rejected that notion…we said goodnight…and use all my mind every single day.he is in my soul.

  371. Hi have a nice day
    I want to know what is the meaning of my dream I’m always dreaming a guy maybe 4 times I dream him but I can’t see his face we are hugging near in the beach and the place is very nie

  372. I had a dream last night, I’ve never had a dream quite like this before. I met a boy (btw I’m only a teenager) I don’t recognise this boy to be someone I have associated with in real life. I Never got a name of the boy but in my dream we communicated and spent time together. When I woke I felt like I had real feelings for him. But I’ve never met him in real life? People say you only dream about people you have actually seen but reading this article could it have been a soul mate dream?

  373. Hello.i dream about a man i am in love with .we are in a long distance relationship and is being two years now without seeing each other.i am always worried because we dont communicate.our relationship is silence but i feel the strong connection between us.last night i dream about us ,is like we were sitting on the banquet table, between us was other guy that i knw,he proposed me before.and both of them started fighting to each other and finely my man win. And i see my man joining his hands with mine tightly.Can you please interpret that dream to me.thank you.

  374. I recently had a dream that I met my soulmate. And I felt him, it was so real. I was very conscious that I was in a dream. He pulled my hand and wanted me to follow him as not wanting to lose me. But I knew I was dreaming and did not want to follow. I felt our hands slip away… Does this mean I may meet my soulmate in the near future?! I hope so! 🙂

  375. my soulmate has supposedly passed away 85 days ago with some very sketchy events. He has continued to awaken me each night between the hours of 2-4am with his physical touch. I awaken with the strong sense he is crawling back in bed beside me. What does this indicate?

    • Soulmate Psychic Readings

      He is visiting you in your sleep – this is the time that spirits visit the earth he was not ready to leave the planet when he did. We are so sorry at the loss of your soulmate. Many blessings to you

      • Truthfully I do not know for sure be is passed. Would his awakening me shed light into this?

      • Soulmate Psychic Readings

        Hi Lynn, we are not mediums and can’t ascertain if someone’s energy is present in this world or the next… but.. his coming to you in a dream could indicate that he has and is visiting to comfort you.

      • It isn’t in a dream. His literal touch awakens me.

  376. Help! I had a dream about a guy that I’ve never talked to but seen in school a few times and we were kissing! Does it mean anything? Thank you

  377. I had a dream of a kinda long dark hair smiling and waving at me who was kinda built tall just my type had this same dream about 8years ago 3Times in. On month I don’t know him and I still believe he was my soul mate I’m just wounding

  378. I had a dream my sister was my soul mate from a past life. I’m a female.

    • Soulmate Psychic Readings

      That could very well be as soulmates are not always romantic partners, but friends, family and others in our lives. The journey of soulmates is to incarnate over and over again in different forms so this makes sense.

  379. i always had a dream to a guy stranger i never meet, my dream he is my bf or husband im not quite sure but we had a relationship i guess:-)and were very happy, he always smiles at me and we had a baby gosh im happy with him,contented but then i wake up..what is that mean?..

  380. I just recently had this dream. I was at a party with my ex boyfriend. I admit I have been thinking about him a little bit lately. In the dream I was at a party with him. We were talking and having a good time, we seemed so in love. Then in the dream he left the party. He left me alone there. Somehow I ended up outside with some people giving out Halloween candy to the kids trick or treating. This woman was saying to me “I see he left the party. I see he left you here by yourself. He doesn’t really love you. There is a guy in the house that has been watching you all night. He’s been talking to everyone telling them he wishes you were not with the man you are with. He loves you.” I end up going inside and running into a guy that I know. He tells me “Hey, you have something on your face.” and he wipes it away. Then he says “You look upset, come talk to me.” and takes me by the hand and leads me away. We end up talking and he tells me that he woke up one day and discovered that he really likes me and he wants to be with me. The dream ended with him kissing me and my waking up crying. The guy in the dream that confessed his love to me has never really declared to me or anyone else that he wants to date me. He’s flirted with me but that is all. Is this some way of telling me that he is in fact my soul mate?

  381. I woke myself up this morn saying don’t go I won’t to meet my soul mate ,wAt can it mean

  382. My boyfriend and I broke up and last night I had a dream that I was wearing a wedding dress and we met in a harbor and we kissed. The kiss was so good and I had the “coming home” feeling. What does this mean ? Just a wish from my subconscious ?

  383. I had a dream last night that I was sitting with my soulmate. We were in a large hotel room and he was really happy to see me. He is a man that I have never met before but he should be his face in my dream and he was the only thing that was it color everything else is in black-and-white. And he got really sad because he told me that he was going to kill himself. I begged and pleaded for him not to take his own life and he said it was too late that it needed to be done. In the moment I thought to myself maybe I could beat him when I wake up and stop him from doing this. He shot himself in front of me. I was devastated I cried cried for days and didn’t leave my house. That he came to me because the spirit he was black-and-white. He kissed me so tenderly and apologized for taking his own life. He invited me to go with him to the world he lives at now. I told him know that I could go but I wasn’t ready.
    I awoke with a feeling of deep love radiating around my body as if his love was real. I also felt incredibly sad as if he had really taken his own life. I have spent the day crying. I would like to communicate with him perhaps he is my spirit guide. Do you have any advice for this?

    • Soulmate Psychic Readings

      This is not a spirit guide because a spirit guide would not say they are going to kill themselves. This seems to be just a random dream or perhaps you visited one of the lower planes of the astral plane in your dream time.

  384. I would like to start by saying that I am married for four years and we have a three year old son. Early this morning I had a dream of a guy, whose face was not clear to me. He didn’t say much to me but I felt indescribable love whenever I looked at him. In my dreams, he looked out for me and had my back. It’s like we connected on the highest level, he completed me. He didn’t have to do much to make me feel loved. I woke up feeling overwhelmed and kind of sad because I realised I was dreaming. I don’t know what to make of this dream, the feeling that I still have is extremely deep, like I need to be with this person. I love my husband and child and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for them but I need to understand why I had this dream and what it means. Please help me.

  385. last night i had a dream…i saw i went recharge ny ph. early morning. But the shops mear my house were closed so i kept on walking to a find an open shop. There i saw a guy with curly hair nd a slightly long hair with a camera hung on his neck standing. I hate guys with long hair, this guy’s hair endedin between the length of his neck. i hate that toi but somehow that guy caught my attention. I walk passed him but touch his back with my hand I don’t know why I did that. He then came behind me and was asking did I touch him and bla bla I denied. He didn’t seem angry to me. He was smiling while asking me those questions. He thaen said my name and I was shocked and when asked him how he knew my name he didn’t say anything. I thsn ran away from there. When I reached the recharge shop I met a women crying she said that she and her family lived in abroad for so many years and today they came here and her son is lost, even though her son was big but he knew no one from here. I asked her his description and it was the same guy I met on the way. Then I saw she found him and I came back home. Then he and his family came to my house and turned out to be my father’s friend and he said that he has a pic of me as a baby and he loved me from that age. I blushed I was so happy. Does this mean something?

  386. i meet a realy nice girl who i think she might be my soulmate her name is Sarah when i was little i had a magnary friend named Sarah

  387. 22 urs. ago I dreamt a man who was not my type. I was a teenager. He made the comment, “I am Dutch”. Every man. who has come into my life since, I wondered. For decades.

    A year ago, a man came into my life. I felt it may be him and wondered. He looked like the man. One night, while talking in bed, he said, exact voice and inflections, “I am Dutch.” Had I been standing, I would have fallen.

    Recently, our relationship has crumbled and we are apart. Trust issues for valid reasons, on my part. It has been/is difficult. I have PTSD and it is out of control. I am becoming emaciated because I CANNOT eat. I have no focus. Therapy is not helping because it is an answer I am seeking. I realize that answers don’t always come.

    I am here because, as an intuitive, I can FEEL the answer but cannot let go enough to capture it. Tried everything. I have always been unae to read myself. I am TOTALLY broke and cannot go anywhere where someone can read for me. I’m just happy I can afford not to have my phone shut off.

    I DESPERATELY need help to stop these obsessive thoughts and nightmares. They will wane with time but I CAN’T eat, no matter how hard I try and am wasting away. 7 more pounds and I will be emaciated. I have NEVER had an eating disorder.

    I am reaching out for help from anyone who might be able to see ANYTHING. Even an inkling of an answer. I KNOW I was shown him for a reason. It always seemed to be the man I would be with. Now I am beginning, for valid reasons, to wonder if it was a warning.

    If you can help, PLEASE do. I am a painter.whose work is in galleries. I own nothing and sales are low. I can offer you beautiful artwork in trade.

    Thank you! Please don’t take this as a self-pity party. It is not meant as so. Only an explanation for why this is so important.

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        The site is not monitored by Sarah or Sophia but me their admin person and I monitor all their websites.

    • Firstly I am sending you love and light – I do understand the all consuming nature of this connection. Abuse and hardship, as well as intuitive abilities are often commonplace amongst those who have an intended – as if to know true love we must know true pain. I had PTSD too and part of my path to my own intended was facing those demons.Firstly, in your desperation for answers others can easily take advantage of you so if anyone offers you a service for payment walk away. I expect nothing in return. To be free from the desperation you must do 2 things – firstly you must trust in the source and the universe’s plan for you, we are often shown our intended and then separated so we can lessons that ensure when the time is right you and him are in perfect balance, secondly you must walk your path do not focus on him but instead pray/meditate and ask for peace within yourself and guidance as to what your true purpose is – following your heart will lead you back to him 🙂 Finally get to a doctor – your body needs help even meds may help you focus 🙂

    • Soulmate Psychic Readings

      If this was a soulmate relationship it feels the soul gift of this relationship was to cause you to get some help with your trust and PTSD issues. No relationship, soulmate or twinflame or whatever, can truly survive unless both people are whole. It seems you may need to get some sort of psychological counseling that Sarah and I are not qualified to give. It does not feel like a warning but it is a message from spirit that it is time to heal what is broken within you. When we obsess about someone who is no longer in our lives it keeps us stuck in place and from moving forward. WHen we dream of someone we have a glimpse of what ‘could be’ but it is up to the TWO involved to do something with that connection. Sadly he has run from the connection but in doing so has left you with the soulmate gift (that is what soulmate relationships are for) to work on yourself. It is time to grow and evolve into your next ‘best self’. This is the true meaning of a soulmate relationship. Unfortunately only about 20% of soulmate relatonships stay together. Blessings.. Sophia

  388. I’ve been in a relationship with my man for 2 years now but he’s been incarcerated. I keep wanting to have a dream about him but when I do which has been twice I only see him in jail. I’ve never had a sexual dream about him. He told me that when he dreams about having sex with me, he never sees my face. What does this mean with us? He never sees me and I never see him

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      Sarah and Sophia are not able to give personal guidance or dream interpretations on their comments section due to confidentiality issues. Please call for soulmate reading.

  389. I am 19 going on 20, and have been having a dream about the same guy for over half a year now.. He is so amazing, Lebo.. I think that’s what I call him in the dreams I can’t be sure.. He is light skinned, 1,7 m or so tall, a bit chubby.. The 1st dream I had was the most vivid.. We were in church, we did not know each other.. As da worship team sang, everyone began to dance and we were no exception.. He approached mi.. He had a loving gaze and a caring smile.. Happiness filled my soul when he stared at me.. I forgot for a moment that we were in church.. We danced and danced and danced.. No holding each other, non of that.. We just danced, barely even touching.. It felt so good being in his company.. The dreams are almost identical as we are always dancing in church, but there is a change in the clothes we wear.. This dreams haunt mi.. I am in love with a man that probably does not exist.. I try to forget him but my soul yearns for him day and night.. I wonder if he dreams of me too.. I wonder where he is, is he married? Is he as caring as he is in my dreams? I’ve never had sexual dreams about him Lord we have never even kissed or hugged.. He just stares at mi so perfectly.. I have pushed away people I loved because of the hope that he is out there.. That I should wait for him.. I have prayed to God for a catalyst.. I sometimes can not sleep, thinking of this mystery man.. This mystery man that has stolen my heart.. I am in love with a man that might not exist.. #sad

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  390. For the past year I’ve had the same dream. when it first started i woke up feeling somebody next to me. i could feel his kiss on my cheek and everything. this had been going on for a year now and in the dreams we talk and everything. I’ve dreamt that we have children and i can see them and him perfectly clear. I recently dreamt of an address and when i woke up i googled it and found that there is one exact match to the address. my friends all believe i should go since i went on google earth and it was exactly what i dreamed it was. I want to find him but i’m terrified he doesn’t exist. what do you think i should do?

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  391. In soul mates if one dies so does other is it true because if one ends so does the unbreaking dreams I mean comma

  392. Ever since I was a very young child I used to dream of a blonde haired boy but I could never see his face (it was a blur), but he always was standing by me bit if I ever turned to look at him he would either run away or just keep shifting to my side vision. A few years ago when I switched schools I had a class and I saw this blonde haired boy who looked really familiar. I had no idea who he was but a week after school started I had a dream of a low lit room with beads and dream catchers hanging from the ceiling, the blonde boy I had never been able to actually look at came into focus and I got to see his face. He was the boy from my class. Now whenever I dream of him he is always standing by my side but I can see his face.

    Do you think he is a soul mate?

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  393. Okay so, i had a dream of this booy who i havent seen in like 2 months since we left school theen all of a sudden hes been in my dreams telling me he loves and everything??? Im confused??

  394. I’m having dreams of the same guy over and over again. Every time I’m with him I feel like I’m complete but when I wake up that feeling is gone. I’ve never met him before but I feel like I’m getting a heads up that he will be here soon.

  395. I had this wonderful dream last night, it felt so good. I dreamt I was with my boyfriend (I think it was my soulmate cause it felt so good) and he was taking me to his parents’ house on holiday and I felt like for the first time in a very long time I was loved just for who/what I am and he loved me and accepted me completely just the way I am and I felt he was proud of me and of introducing me as his girlfriend. It felt so real and so good I woke up with a smile. I don’t know the guy in my dreams, I dont think I even saw him in my dream but what I felt was priceless.

  396. Hello! I’ve been having continuous dreams where I can’t really see what the man looks like, but I’m terrified of him. Like I’m super scared of him, but yet I love him….in bed especially. And I have a boyfriend right now, and I’m not terrified of my boyfriend, and he’s not that great in bed. But we talk about our future all the time.. Is my current boyfriend my soulmate or the guy in the dream?

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  397. If you are real… you would’ve known I’d come and message you. The energy is real. I feel you have gifts, but solely confined to this specific area. It’s still a great gift.
    My story needs to be confirmed. I’ve searched everywhere and still find the same answers, but confused. I want to see if another person can see anything else I’m missing.
    I met this guy online 2 yrs ago. Not my type, but I said I’d talk to him as friends. As we talked, I fell into a friendship with him but refused to go out with him every time he asked, even though I really wanted to. We texted every day for 6 mos… idk how, why, or when…. I fell in love… I dreamt of us in our past lives… dreamt of him 3 time now. I still haven’t met him, but I believe he’s moved on. Is he my soulmate? There’s a strong, weird connection from my heart. That’s enough for you to see the rest. Ty n I believe that I have gifts also. I just want to see what u see fr tge general info. Ty

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      Sarah and Sophia are not able to provide personal guidance through their comments section due to time constraints. Please make arrangements with them for a private confidential reading.. Admin

  398. I have had 2 dreams about the same person but I have never seen him before in my life. In my first dream I’m holding our child a baby boy and I can clearly see “the man of my dreams ” face. Were happy in love with our little family. The 2nd dream I had same man were making love and I have never seen this man before. Could this man really be the out there?

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  399. I might be young, but I have like atleaste 5 dreams of a boy that looks very familiar. Like he was one of my classmates in school. But I just can’t quite put my finger on it. I need help to figure this out, ’cause it’s really bugging me. So if you want to help me find contact me by email or cell.

    – Thank you for reading this!!! But help me on this!!!!

    • I’m the person who commented before this. Ok this is my dream, I’ve had many times before. All the times I dreamt it, the same events happen. First thing I see is that I’m in a room that looked like a living room. With a couch with very close friends of mine the guy that is in my class. They all get up and go to separate rooms. My cousin named Pablo goes into a room with my classmate. I follow them and see that they are playing call of duty. The classmate gets up and leaves the room. I follow him back to the couch to find an other person there too. He looks like a band member from 5 second of summer. A band that I like very much by the way. I think it was Ashton(the drummer of the band). The classmate comes up to me and says to me. “I like you”, with hope in his eyes. Next thing I know I’m in room that has Legos on the floor and bed with little boy covers. I walk out to find the same room and couch. I walk out of the house to find my close friends and my classmate in swimwear, but they all look older. I look down to find my self wearing a white bikini. Everybody jumps in a lake and I jump in too. We came out and went back to the house. And that is when I woke up.

      I don’t know what it means but I really want to find out. So thank for reading!!!! It’s really bugging me.

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        Sarah and Sophia are not able to provide dream interpretations through our comments section due to time constraints. Please make arrangements with them for a private confidential reading.. Admin

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      Sarah and Sophia are not able to provide dream interpretations through our comments section due to time constraints. Please make arrangements with them for a private confidential reading.. Admin

  400. Before I met my current partner I used to dream a specific dream every few months which was myself stood at the joining of two roads in a woods facing them both. One side of the road (to my right) was where my ‘friends’ and current boyfriend at the time of my dreams would be and the other (to the left of me) was some of my family.
    There would be a man who would walk from the side of my family towards me and my heart would miss a beat the feeling was unreal I was deeply in love with him whoever he was it would just give me such a big strong feeling like I’d never had before. He would then slide his hand from the right side of my face away into open air and we would walk away towards the left side of the road towards my family and I would leave my boyfriend and friends behind.
    I would wake up and as I was with that old boyfriend I would feel bad that I was dreaming about someone else who I felt so strong about when I was with him.
    I met my current partner just over a year ago and since then I haven’t had the dream but the feeling from the dream is what I feel about him now. He also looks exactly like the person in my dream hair colour height weight etc. It is beautiful to think I could of dreamt about the love of my life before I met him 🙂

  401. I keep having these vivid dreams about this guy. We never actually dated but always had a connection. When we would hang out, everything felt right. He unknownly ended up being best friends with my brother.. but my brother passed which brought us alittle closer. We would always flirt and would show our feelings for each other but it never went past that. Ended up taking separate ways which I completely regret.. thought I was in love with this other guy I met but im not… I keep repeatedly having these real dreams with this guy ive liked, in a relationship, together, as if this dream is actually happening. Then I wake next to my bf… it doesn’t seem and feel right. I feel as if I’m with the wrong person, like I took the wrong path… I always liked the guy I keep dreaming about him, like major crush, but never got the chance to actually get to know him which I dont understand. We liked eachother and just the feeling of being near eachother and bearly even knew each other. Is he my sould mate? I believe he is… then sometimes my friend says its obsession..

  402. I have dreamt about the same man since I was a little girl. He spoke to me in my dreams to help me. I woke terrified once when I was little and he put his hand on my chest and told me to sleep and I feel back to sleep. Now that I older the dreams are romantic but not sexual, for the most part. I’ve only ever kissed him. its like being close is enough. He comes with different faces. The only thing that stays the same are his eyes.

  403. Since she left me for another man over 9 months ago I have had several dreams about us that always seemed so real as we were talking to each other face to face. Sometimes in my sleep I could hear her voice and we would have a conversation like we were talking on the telephone. And in these dreams and conversations she would always tell me she was so sorry for what she did and feared I would. Not forgive her anymore and I wouldn’t take her back. But I would tell her she was my only true love and I would take her back. In it she would tell me that she loves me and can’t get me out of her mind but doesn’t love this man or he love her but that she feels stuck with him At the moment and has to find a way to get out as she is not happy without me. These dreams and voices I was hearing for awhile but seemed to have stopped lately which I don’t know why. But in the these dreams I feel them in my heart and even during the day I still feel her in my heart. Sometimes it makes me cry as I miss her so much and life without her is unfulfilled for me. I sense her presence in my heart even though I’m not having these dreams at the moment but doesn’t mean they won’t start again. But just recently I had two very interesting dreams but she wasn’t in them but her dog was. He was lost running along the beach. I noticed him as he was running around lost. When he saw me he ran straight to me and jumped all over me and was licking me. His tail was wagging and he was so happy to see me. While he was doing that the man she left me for saw him with me and he called out to him to go to him but the dog refused to go to him. He wanted to stay with me. At this he looked at me and saw that is it was over for him as the dog choose me over him and her dog wanted me to take him back home not him. He looked at me as to say u are my owner not him.

    In another a dream an unknown man came to me who came as his brother but I know it wasn’t his brother it was more like an angel who was in my dream. He came to me to reveal things about this man and how he has lied and cheated on her and that he is not the man she thought he was. That he was going to hurt her so much. That her eyes will be opened to come back to u because she will soon realise u are the only one who never would hurt her.

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