Soulmate Connection Test: Are you With Your Soulmate?

A soulmate connection test will reveal if your with your soulmate. How can you tell if it is just passion, love or infatuation? No one truly knows what it’s like to be connected on such a deep spiritual level, until they find themselves in a soulmate connection. Asking friends and family won’t help much either. We created a test to help people determine if what they are feeling is really a soulmate connection or not.


1. Was there a spark or chemistry from your first meeting? Was there soul recognition right away? Were you reconnecting with someone from a long time ago, although this was your first meeting?

2. Did your feelings develop quickly and just keep getting stronger and more intense as time went by? Have they remained intense and steady ever since you met? Did it feel like love at first sight?

Soulmate Connection Test: Are you With Your Soulmate?
Soulmate Connection Test: Are you With Your Soulmate?

3. Was it easy for you to communicate when you were together one on one? Did it feel as though you were speaking with an old friend, like someone you have known for a long, long time? Was there ease with the conversation?

4. After meeting this person, did you find yourself being unable to put them out of your mind? Were your thoughts always going back to them?

5. Did you question yourself as to why you feel so strongly for them so quickly? Have you found yourself having feelings that are deeper than any you’ve ever hard for another human being? Are you scared your feelings have gotten out of your control?

6. Has your sexual relationship revealed to you a new level of intimacy that you never experienced with anyone else?

7. Do you find you can read each other’s thoughts or feel one another’s emotions? Do you believe you share an empathic connection with them?

8. Are you constantly bombarded, by external influences, with things that cause you to think about this person? Do you see a cars similar to theirs or do you see their name wherever you look?

9. If you are unable to communicate or connect with one another, for whatever reasons, do you feel disconnected from your own reality? Soulmate separations, even for a short time, can cause extreme emotional pain and dysfunction.

10. Even though you may have felt whole and complete prior to meeting this person, do you sense a greater sense of wholeness and well-being with this individual in your life?

If you are able to answer YES, without any doubt, to SEVEN of our soulmate connection test, you’re in a true soulmate connection.

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9 thoughts on “Soulmate Connection Test: Are you With Your Soulmate?”

  1. I answered everything yes to all, but am in so much sadness & pain right now, because we are both married, & I haven’t seen him for 2 months now, but I couldn’t remove him from my mind & heart. There’s no day that I am not thinking of him. I am going crazy. Pls help. Thank you.

    • we can’t respond to personal questions in our comments section, please arrange for a private reading and we will be glad to look into your situation


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