Is Your Soulmate Causing You Anxiety?

Is your soulmate causing anxiety? Is your connection causing you more anxiety than joy? When it comes to soulmate connections, we need to remember the connection is on both ends. The way you’re connected to your soulmate is the same way they’re connected to you. It goes both ways. You’re not alone. And regardless of how your soulmate is behaving, the connection is on their end as well.


They may be causing anxiety on purpose because they want more control in the relationship. Not all soulmates are ready to accept their connection at the same time. You may be picking up on your soulmate’s anxiety, which in turn is causing you to feel anxious. Some soulmates share an empathic connection and pick up on one another’s emotions. They don’t know why they’re feeling these feelings, they just know they are.

Is Your Soulmate Causing You Anxiety?
Is Your Soulmate Causing You Anxiety?

Trouble starts when soulmates don’t recognize they’re picking up their partner’s feelings of anxiety. They tend to rationalize emotions as their own. Then look for a reason why they should feel anxious and believe its’ their own anxiety. This can make a person feel like they’re on an emotional roller coaster that simply won’t stop so they can get off.


Your soulmate may be causing you anxiety because your relationship is not a healthy one. If you let your soulmate get away with too much bad behavior it makes sense you feel anxious about them. Their bad behavior has led to feelings of insecurity on your part. When your soulmate mistreats or disrespects you, it makes you feel as if they don’t care for you, the way you care for them.

Once you’re emotionally invested in the relationship you can’t help but feel anxious that it’s only a matter of time before they leave or find someone better. Or maybe don’t love you any more. When this is coupled with the intense emotions, you feel you could lose the love of your life. These feelings can make you do stupid things.You may be afraid to voice your opinions, express your feelings or stand your ground due to fear of losing them.

The problem with coming from a place of fear is that we can make things worse by enabling our soulmate to treat us badly. This will then create even more anxiety, as well as soulmate stress. So it actually is creating the scenarios you most fear. If you’re having stress and drama in your soulmate relationship you need to get to the root of the problem. If you let your anxiety get the better of you, you’re just creating more issues.

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