Soul Connection versus Soulmate Relationship

Throughout our lives we will realize we have a soul connection to many people. You can have a soul connection who is a friend, a co-worker, family member and of course romantic partner. A soul connection to a romantic partner however, does not automatically mean it is a soulmate relationship, although there certainly is the potential for it to be one. A soul connection is not a fated or predestined encounter but still important to the evolution of our souls. Soulmate relationships do have a sense of fate and destiny attached to them, they were preordained and contracted before we were born. Just because a soul connection you are involved with may not be your soulmate, it is still very important for the evolution of your soul as they most surely provide opportunities for personal and spiritual growth.


When you have a soul connection with someone it will be somewhat electrifying. Sparks may fly and you will feel a deep bond with that other person. Problems and issues that you need to address in both of  your lives will be highlighted and brought to the surface so that you can address them. This of course is very similar to the lessons learned in a Soulmate Relationship. Sometimes these lessons can be difficult. Check out our other topic Why are Soulmate Relationships so Difficult for more information. Just because the connection is electrifying does not advance it to soulmate relationship status.


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Soul Connection vs Soulmate Relationship


We need to bear in mind that not every soul connection, or soulmate relationship for that matter, you encounter in your life will be difficult. Sometimes the soul connection will be easy and the corresponding life lessons will be easier as well. We must also realize that just because we have a difficult relationship with someone, does not automatically imply we have a soul connection with them. So many people find it easy to justify staying in a dysfunctional relationship by saying they  have a soul connection and believe they must suffer for that relationship. But sometimes a duck is just a duck. Do not allow yourself to get caught in the trap of allowing your romantic partner to mistreat you just because you believe it is a soulmate relationship or a soul connection.


So many times we have heard how people are suffering as a result of having a soul connection with someone, and more often than not because the other person does not acknowledge or recognize the connection. Just because you believe there is a soul connection does not mean they will. It is not wise to explain to them either how wonderful your soul connection is because more than likely they will run for the hills.  There may be times when both of you will not be able to honor the soul connection. There will be times when only one of you may feel it or be aware of it. If the other party refuses to accept the soul connection there is really nothing you can do about it but  move on. And while that may be difficult, it is the lesson that is important.


Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.  ~Dr. Suess


Soul connections to another person can be energetically intense and at times the other party may decide to move on because they cannot handle the energetic imprint. When this happens it is very important that you focus on yourself rather than allow yourself to get stuck in a cycle of obsession about the connection. Look at what that person brought into your life. Were they a catalyst for  change? Did you modify some aspect of yourself as a result of having that person in your life? Are you doing different things than you did before you met them?  A soul connection does not stay in our lives for a lifetime so in these circumstances we should be grateful of what they have given us and allow them to move on. Even if they will be back at a later date, it is important to acknowledge these lessons now.


It is important to consider that you must work on your own issues through the soul connection. It is not your responsibility to show the other all their faults and weaknesses so they can address them. Always remember to work on yourself first. They will work on themselves when they are ready to. By focusing on yourself you are honoring the soul connection and doing what you are supposed to do.


Finally, a soul connection is karmic in nature and you will become a better person as a result of it. It may not be all sunshine and roses while you address the things within yourself but on the other side of it you will have evolved and grown both spiritually and personally.



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  3. THank you for explaining the difference, it makes so much more sense now

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