Rules for a Positive Soulmate Experience

There are rules you can follow to have a positive soulmate experience. Growth is hard, and so are the challenges involved in a soulmate relationship. There are, of course, some rules you can adhere to help you have a more positive soulmate experience than a negative one.


The first rule for a positive soulmate experience is to have faith and trust in your connection. Instead of thinking you are insane, that the connection couldn’t possibly be real, understand you’re a rational person. And the reason you feel so connected to them is because they’re your soulmate. Don’t let the connection scare you. Sure, it makes you vulnerable but it should also give you more strength than you’ve ever had before.

Rules for a Positive Soulmate Experience
Rules for a Positive Soulmate Experience

Even if your soulmate is going through denial, don’t follow along side them. Remain calm and steadfast. And believe they will gain acceptance of your spiritual bond. If you have the faith to believe in soulmates, have the belief in them. There is a reason you came into one another’s lives. So have faith the universe will reveal those reasons to you both.


When you have the strength to know that if you’re doing the right thing, the universe will reward you. You don’t have to suffer and you don’t have to give in. And you don’t have to do all the work. The universe doesn’t want you to do that.

Another rule for a positive soulmate relationship is to stop thinking your soulmate doesn’t share your connection. Just because the two of you are reacting to it differently doesn’t mean the connection is only one-sided. Sitting around worrying your soulmate doesn’t love you or will leave you forever is giving into fear.

The soul connection and the fact you feel it so strongly should assure you that they’re in the same boat as you. It goes both ways. We realize they may not be acting like they feel the same way that you do, but that’s only acting. Don’t act out alongside them.

Stop being so concerned with your soulmate learning their lessons. It’s better for you to focus on what negative things about yourself you are having to face right now and deal with them. You need to make changes. Don’t think that you don’t. Find out what they are and get to work. If your soulmate has created distance between the two of you stop worrying and wondering if they are learning anything. Use the time productively to learn what you are supposed to. It is NEVER only one soulmate that is supposed to make changes and grow. It is always both.

Soulmate relationships often do have some negative and some positive experiences. If you focus on the positive, and behave in a positive way, you have a more positive soulmate experience.


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