Relationship Limbo: Our Top 10 Signs

Relationship limbo will keep your relationship stagnant. And getting unstuck requires a big push or major changes. What exactly is relationship limbo? It’s when your relationship is in a state of stagnation. And not really moving forward. And when your relationship fails to grow and stabilize within normal healthy boundaries, it will get stuck. What are signs that your relationship is in a state of relationship limbo?


1. If you have been dating without exclusivity for beyond a reasonable amount of time, you’re at a stalemate. You are spinning your wheels yet not getting anywhere towards a relationship. At this rate you will never get there.

2. If you have an on/off relationship where you break-up and get back together all the time, you are in relationship limbo. Breaking up and hitting the “restart button” all the time, doesn’t provide stability or security to the relationship. Without those two things, your relationship cannot grow. Relationships need a steady foundation, and an on/off relationship doesn’t have one, no matter how long it has been going on.

Relationship Limbo: Our Top 10 Signs

3. If you are having an affair your relationship is in a state of relationship limbo. Because of the love triangle, neither relationship can grow. And just because there may be longevity to the affair doesn’t mean it is maturing and evolving in a positive way.

4. If you are growing apart, no matter how slowly, your relationship is in limbo. The growth process has stopped and it has nowhere to go.

5. If you are focused on an ex, dealing with an ex, or have a lack of closure with an ex you are in relationship limbo. If you cannot move forward, move past, or get over an old relationship you are never truly open to a new one.

6. If you cannot get a commitment from your current partner, and a reasonable amount of time has passed, your relationship is stuck.

7. If the passion, sexual attraction, and monogamy is missing from a relationship that once had it, your relationship has moved into the limbo state.

8. If the communication has shut down, or is only volatile or destructive, there is no real sharing or loving between you.

9. If you’re waiting for someone to have a relationship with you and they have never expressed the desire, you too are in relationship limbo.  You may even think they are your soulmate, but they aren’t. Waiting for a something that will never come to pass. And so you’re pinning your romantic future on someone who does not have the same desire. So it’s self-destructive.

10. If you’re involved with a drama queen or drama king, their issues and tactics will keep you stuck. Their behavior will constantly and continually sabotage the relationship.

These are our top 10 signs of keeping you stuck in a relationship that is going nowhere. In order to fix this, you will either need to take action or end the relationship and move on.


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