Red Flags in Soulmate Relationships

Red flags for soulmates should never be brushed off or ignored. There are of course the red flags, or soulmate signs, that validate someone is indeed your soulmate. But there are other types of red flags as well.

These red flags come at pivotal moments in soulmate relationships. They  signify a crossroads, or turning point, in the relationship. These red flags are make it or break it time. Being able to see those red flags is important. You then must be aware of the choices you make once they appear. Those choices are going to influence the path of your relationship.

They represent the time in your soulmate relationship to either rise up and grow, or find yourself sinking to levels you would never have before. Of course it should make sense that if you rise up and grow, so will your relationship. Just as it should be common sense that if you sink to lower level behaviors your relationship is not exactly going to improve.

For some reason, most soulmates find themselves unaware of just how serious these red flags are, and the choices they make. The impact is huge. Patterns of behavior are being developed, and, if poor choices are made, bad behavior will become the norm. So what does a red flag for soulmates even look like? Here are some examples.


Red Flags in Soulmate Relationships
Red Flags in Soulmate Relationships

When you meet someone all the soulmate signs are there. The problem is, they are not ready and willing to accept the connection you share. They are in a state of denial, and this is a red flag. If you try and convince them, over and over again, the two of you are soulmates, you are choosing the wrong path. It’s fine to let them know how you feel, once. Over and over again? No.

Chasing after them, repeatedly telling them what they don’t want to hear, is not what you should be doing. The lesson is theirs to learn, not for you to teach. Not for you to try to control or to force. Now is the time for you to show strength, not weakness in what you know and feel to be true.

By catering to their weakness, you are showing your own. If you truly had faith in the connection, you would not need to chase them. Of course you would disappointed by their reaction to your connection, but you should have faith they will accept it at some point. You would be patient, even though it sucks. There would be inner peace in the knowing that the universe brought you together for a reason. You would know the universe would do more than you ever could to teach your soulmate the truth about your connection.

Your fears, ego, and insecurities would not get in the way. You would realize that if you don’t have faith in the connection you share, you can’t expect your soulmate to have faith in it either. Each of these choices sets the relationship on a different path. Choose wisely because soulmate relationships are not easy to begin with. If you make the right choices once these red flags show up, it may not be easy, but it will be a lot easier than if you chose incorrectly.

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