Moving Too Fast With a Soulmate

Moving too fast with a soulmate may be something you cannot prevent.  Due to the strong connection and magical chemistry in the couple, it stands to reason these relationships tend to move forward quickly. Since there is a feeling of already knowing this person, and the ease with which they communicate, soulmates often get serious very fast. With a soulmate it is really hard, if not impossible, to take it slowly. Let’s face it, when something feels so right and out of this world, who would want to go slow? That is like eating only a spoonful of ice cream when you could have the entire cup.

When soulmates move too fast, reason stands they should expect to stall at some point. When you come out of the whirlwind you have to look around at the dust and how it settled. You may have to get back to real life and pick up what you dropped to spend time with your soulmate.

Moving Too Fast With a Soulmate

Moving Too Fast With a Soulmate

When soulmates enter our lives they tend to envelop our entire lives. We put off things we were supposed to or needed to do. We back off a bit from our friends and family because we are spending so much time with our soulmate. We tend to slack off a bit at work, or schooling. All these things we do happily because we are enjoying time with our soulmate. Eventually, we have to deal with things we have been putting off. We have to find a way to incorporate a soulmate into our lives, otherwise our lives will suffer, which will then affect our soulmate relationship.

It is all about finding a balance. When we find that balance, everything is in sync and moving like a well-oiled machine. When we are off-balance, everything goes haywire. Don’t take it as a bad sign, or question your soulmate relationship, if there is an adjustment period. Soulmates tend to set the bar so high with marathon phone calls and spending countless hours together in the beginning. There will come a time when a happy medium will have to be reached in order to keep the balance in our lives.

If your soulmate cuts down on how much you communicate, don’t fret unnecessarily. In order to have spoken with you as much as they did, they may have put off doing a work project they had to do and now have to focus on it. It is not always personal, sometimes it is just creating a new normal. Now if they go to no contact at all or extremely sporadic, there is something else going on. That could be that your soulmate has decided to be a runner because they are battling this connection you share and freaked out. This also happens because of moving too fast with a soulmate. Later on, they struggle with the fact that it moved so fast and they are unsure as to why and wonder if it was real or fantasy. That is for them to work out, either with you or on their own.

So keep in mind that while moving too fast with a soulmate is normal, an adjustment period is normal as well.

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