Moving Forward From a Soulmate Relationship

Moving forward from a soulmate relationship does not mean you have to shut the door on your soulmate forever. Many people freak out when we advise them to move forward from their soulmate. They immediately think we mean to let go of their soulmate forever. That is not what moving forward means in every case.


Your soulmate may be stuck and refusing to make the necessary changes to move your relationship on the right path. That is your soulmates choice, and their path. So you can follow them down their path. which we assure you will not be fun at all. Or you could begin moving forward on your own spiritual path.

Moving Forward From a Soulmate Relationship
Moving Forward From a Soulmate Relationship

If you follow your soulmate down their path, they will have all the strength and you will have none. But, if you move forward on your own path, you become the source of strength. You want your soulmate to get themselves together, don’t you? You want them to stop doing things you know are not the right thing. They  have taken you for granted, when all you want is their attention and affection.

If you follow them down their path, allowing yourself to be taken advantage of, you need to get off that path right now. It’s time to stop
doing things you know are  wrong. Now is the time to focus more on your self esteem, dignity and sense of self worth. Stop putting your time, energy and effort into trying to get your soulmate to change. You need to stop enabling them by accepting bad behavior. It’s time start moving forward without them. Let them stay stuck where they are.


Did you ever think that by learning your lessons you may actually be teaching your soulmate a lesson? Sometimes that is exactly what has to happen. First you are the student, then you are the teacher. Moving forward really means to focus your energy on yourself. Stop putting all your energy into a soulmate relationship that is not working.

Put the energy where it can actually do some good by putting it back on yourself. Go back to doing the activities you enjoyed, without your soulmate if you have to. Doing things that boost your self esteem will restore your confidence. This is better use of your time, instead of doing everything and anything for a soulmate that is ungrateful.

It is time for you to show yourself some self love and forget about trying to get shown love from your soulmate, especially since it hasn’t been working. Take a good look at how much you have been putting into your soulmate relationship. Now take a good look at how much your soulmate is putting in. You cannot carry the relationship yourself. You need to pull back and refocus a lot of that energy on yourself if you have been putting in more than your share. Let your soulmate see a new side of you. Maybe you will return to the old you, the person they treated so much better in the beginning.

Sometimes you may have to move forward by leaving the relationship for a while. Usually, if you start the process of moving on while you are still in the soulmate relationship that is not necessary. If one soulmate starts changing and moving forward, the other seems to follow suit in many cases. However, you may have waited too long to move forward so a break up or break is necessary. Quite often that is the very thing you need to do to get your soulmate to take notice and get their act together.

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