You Can Have More than One Soulmate in a Lifetime

Can you have more than one soulmate in a lifetime? Even though a soulmate is a rarer find than many people believe, you can have more than one soulmate in a lifetime. There are many people alive on the planet today who have had experiences with multiple soulmates, as you all incarnate over and over again in different lifetimes. The same does not hold true for twin flames however, as there can only be one twin for each of us, if we ever encounter that person while alive.

You Can Have More than One Soulmate

   You Can Have More than One Soulmate in a Lifetime


For some, all of the soulmates have been romantic connections. It would stand to reason that if the universe brings you a soulmate, and the relationship doesn’t work out that they may give you another one. If you learned your lessons and made your changes, although your soulmate did not, you may be blessed with another soulmate connection. If you don’t learn your lessons, make your changes or only allow the relationship to bring out the worst in you, then chances are slim. You should have learned the first time, because their may not be a next time. Chances are you will find yourself repeating these lessons with dysfunctional relationship after dysfunctional relationship. And that would truly suck.


Some people have been blessed with soulmates both in romance and friendship. Take for instance, the character of Carrie in the show Sex and the City. Her romantic soulmate would be Mr. Big, but her friends Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda could also be considered her soulmates. Since soulmates are not always romantic relationships, you could have a soulmate in a friend, family member, or even a pet.


With friends, as opposed to romantic connections, it may be an easier relationship without as much drama. But there may be challenges and life lessons in soulmate relationships with friends and family members. You may have a friend or family member who helps you come out of your shell, do things you thought you would never do, or have experiences you never thought you would have. These people were brought into your life to help you become a better you. You my have fights and not speak to one another, but that connection always remains.


You Can Have More than One Soulmate each lifetime

          We Have More than One Soulmate


You may have several Aunts, but always felt closer or drawn to one much more than the others. Your family may speak of the “special” relationship you share. It could be that they are a familial soulmate. Not everyone has a big family or comes from one, but soulmates can give you friends that become like family members. A pet can also be a soulmate as well. There are many animal lovers that treat all their furry friends as members of the family. But quite often they have a special bond with a special pet. It doesn’t mean they didn’t love all their pets, it is just a different connection.


A soulmate is a unique bond and connection you share with many people in your life, but it doesn’t have to be a romantic one. It also doesn’t have to happen only once in a lifetime either as there is a very good chance you will meet more than one.

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