How to Make Him Afraid of Losing You!

If your guy is not afraid of losing you, you need to sit back and ask yourself why. The quick and easy answer to this is because they have no fear that you would ever leave them. You have made it to easy for them. After all, they have seen you tolerate their countless nonsense, bad behavior and bad manners, so what’s one more time going to hurt? You are the one getting hurt, not him. So why should he stop for fear of losing you? Since you haven’t left yet, he doubts you ever will. When you make abnormal behavior acceptable in a relationship, it becomes the norm in your relationship. This is the fastest, quickest and easiest route to a dysfunctional relationship.


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    Make Him Afraid of Losing You!

If you want him to be afraid of losing you, you will have to stand up for yourself. No one is afraid of a weakling. A strong, empowered woman knows that she has to back up her words (or ultimatums) with actions and her punishment with actions. If you don’t mean it, he will not believe you. You have to be believable. If he knows that you are terrified of losing him, no matter what he does to you, how could you possibly expect him to have any fear of losing you whatsoever? When you show him you will stay with him at the expense of your own self-respect, dignity, and happiness, why in the hell should he be afraid of losing you? He shouldn’t and he won’t!


You want him, or any other man you date or have a relationship with, to have a natural, normal fear that if they screw up badly, they will lose you. But in order for that to happen, the first time he screws up so badly you have to end things, end them in a believable way, even if you are just making a point and hoping he will beg your forgiveness. If it is not believable, the fear goes out the window and you are scary as a puppy. Think about all the things we fear. We are afraid of these things because they will either cause us to lose something, hurt us or kill us? That’s where most fears come from, fear of death, loss or pain, don’t they? If you are the only one feeling any pain or loss, then why should you expect him to be afraid? Do you think he will be afraid of your tears, your pain or your broken heart? He won’t!


A good place to start working on healthy fears in a relationship is to examine your own first. If your fear of losing him is so great it allows you to tolerate his bad behavior without taking a stand you will never get the relationship to have proper balance or mutual respect. If you are afraid to risk losing a relationship that isn’t really working for you anyway, you need to examine why you allow yourself to stay in a relationship where you are under valued and not respected. Remember, once they lose respect for you (and you for yourself) their feelings will change anyway, it is just a matter of time. Why? Because you cannot really love what you do not respect. By putting up with intolerable behavior you may hold on to him longer. But expect the bad treatment to continue, or get worse, because you have taught him he can do terrible things to you and won’t lose you. Don’t expect him to feel too guilty either. If your hurt feelings are not enough for you to put yourself first, you can’t expect him to put your feelings first either.


If you want him to be afraid of losing you because he wont tell you how he feels, then stop telling him your feelings as a first step. If you want him to be afraid of losing you because he has no time for you, then don’t have time for him, as a first step. If you want him to be afraid of losing you because he has not yet made a commitment then don’t act and behave like you are already committed to him. If you want him to be afraid of losing you if he cheats, then if he does, end the relationship immediately and go quiet for a while. If you want him to be afraid of losing you, then you have to act like he is losing you when he does the things you consider deal breakers.


If the man you love disappears on you out of the blue and then shows back up in your life out of the blue you should realize there is a good chance he does this because you showed him that he can and that he can get away with it. He is not afraid of losing you because he has done this so many times and you never moved on, found someone else, or turned him away. Sure, you may have bitched at him about it, but he is not afraid of your words. He would only be afraid of you moving on or turning him away when he comes back. Have you done either of those things? If you have not, don’t sit around dumbfounded that he did it again and again. You have to see how he is not afraid of losing you. Every time you allowed it to happen you proved to him that he can do it again and should fear losing you when he does. So your choices are to either grow a set or accept the fact that he will never be afraid of losing you because you are not a person to be feared.


It is time to accept certain facts and to be honest with yourself. If you truly believe he can change and that he loves you, then it is time to put your foot down. If he really can’t change, why keep waiting for change that may never come? Most people only change when they have to, so shouldn’t you make him HAVE TO? If you are hanging in there because you believe he doesn’t love you enough to change or that he doesn’t have it in him, then what are you doing with him anyway? How long do you have to be unhappy before it dawns on you that being in this relationship makes you unhappy? Don’t you want and deserve to be happy either with him or without him? If being with him is a sure-fire way for you to be unhappy, then it is time you faced your fears of losing him!


Why should you let your fear drive YOU? Why are you so afraid to demand respect? Why do you fear telling him how you deserve to be treated? Are you like that with everyone in your life or just with him? If it is just with him, then you need to ask yourself why you changed for the worse for someone who treats you worse than anyone else in your life does. Why would you want to be with someone who does not bring out the best in you and instead brings out the worst in you? Until you are strong enough to face the fact that you may lose him, you are only going to continue to lose yourself to the point where you no longer even recognize the woman you have become.


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Make Him Afraid of Losing You!

Not every man is going to be afraid to lose you. Many men withdraw and mistreat women as a way to get rid of them. The problem is many woman simply won’t let go and instead will hang on tighter than ever. A psychic reading from us can tell you if he cares about you and the relationship enough to ever be afraid of losing you. Sometimes we are not valued by the people we love the most, but either way, don’t you want to know the truth or do you just want to waste more and more of your time living in fantasy land? Just because you believe in fairy tales or miracles does not mean they will come true for you.


Keep in mind that by standing your ground and creating and enforcing healthy boundaries does not insure he will step up to the plate. Each relationship is unique, and he may simply not be afraid of losing you because he doesn’t care enough or love you enough to do what is right. He may enjoy the unhealthy dysfunctional relationship that you have and resist any change. We can tell you if he will regret losing you and will step up to the plate or if he will let you go and find someone else to treat like dirt. What you do with that information is entirely up to you.


Fear can keep us from taking the one we love for granted, keep us from stepping out of line, or doing something to risk losing the one we love. If only one person in a relationship has that fear, the relationship will forever be one-sided, and will never grow, mature, or last. It is time to face your fear of losing a relationship that is going nowhere, and it is time to implement the element of fear in the one you love, or it is simply time to let go and move on to something better.


If he does not value you, or the relationship he shares with you, how can you value yourself? You can’t. You won’t. Because if you did, you would get away from this idiot who places so little value on you. . So why do you continue to place value on the relationship? Why are you so afraid of letting it go? It wont bother him if you did let it go anyway – so what are you holding onto?

What it all boils down to is that a little fear in a relationship is actually healthy for the relationship. When both parties have a natural fear of losing each other they respect the relationship and each other. When you are the only one with fear in the relationship, the fear grows, and so does the neglect and mistreatment. There may be a chance to get that healthy fear back into your relationship before it is too late. You owe it to yourself to find out if you have a chance, and how to go about making your relationship better.

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  1. I love this im just aftaid to do it…i want him to fight for me like i am for him…he says he wants to be with me but when his ex is around he argues with her and he pay attention to her…he also ignores me when he feels like it i want consistency and for his actions to prove his words he says he wants to be with me then why wont he go all out for me?

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  3. I have been with my bf for almost 3 years. He went on vacation and went to a bar and met a girl from the place.( he admitted. This girl is looking for foreigners because of the groups she is at . She added him on his fb and now having luvy comments on his page. I dont think it is healthy and its disrespect on my end. We have a great relationship and tells me i do not have to worry. Do you think this is acceptable to just understand him just because he just went on vacation to have a good time?

  4. My ex and I have been broken up since Sept but of course we are still seeing eachother once a week I feel like there is someone else but when I ask him he says there is absolutely no one. I’m tired of trying. Everytime I stopped contacting him he contacts me so it’s confusing. Maybe he doesn’t have anyone else Bc why would he still be reaching out. The only thing I’ve learned is to be strong even though I still love him gotta love yourself more what’s meant to be will always be .

  5. I most definitely agree, and I would add On Golden Pond, The Family Man, and A Walk in the Clouds.

  6. Thankyouu for sharing this! when I was just 19 years Old he treated me like a princess ? but when I get pregnant and has 2 kids he changed a lot! He never respect me. He do talk bad about me , he always puts me down. He always tell me if I leave him no one will love me they will just used me and throw me. He keeps on telling me i am useless person. I don’t have the right to control or to talk or to complain about him.I It is time to conquer my fear! And to value myself , I shouldn’t let him mistreated me ..just because I’m afraid of losing him doesn’t mean he can do all the bad to me… I hope I will be better . And I hope I can find my self happy without him and without depression

  7. I have been in a great relationship for a couple of months. Now its over. The only thing that happened was that i began to cry alot in the last few weeks. Everything was going smooth just then he suddenly started to treat me secondary and sometimes not even that. I wasn’t given time and every time he had some excuse for it. Before that he was the best boyfriend ever. But after a while away from me he had changed. Ultimately i started crying alot and i decided to leave such a relationship. I thought he would stop me. He didnt initially agree to getting seperated but later used my “crying” as a prime reason to not get back together or even trying to fix things. I started to keep myself busy and happy which was somewhat visible on social media. But feelings dont die and even though i kept myself busy i always felt dissappointed that he didnt even try to do something to get back the beautiful relationship we had. I still expected him to make it upto me or atleast make an effort. He said that its pointless to get back together as i will start crying again and be unhappy. He said that now that im happy it should be like this. He agreed that he wasnt necessarily happy but he was fine. And also that he wont again be able to make out time for me which will again lead me to crying. This was his reason for not doing anything and just being laid back. I still love him but he is just clinging on to the fact that i cried alot and not doing absolutely anything. What should i do?

  8. Hi, I’ve been talking to my boyfriend for 3 years. We have been officially together since Jan 11, 2015. He has no respect for me. We live together. Every time he wants to be “outside” he stays gone for days and tells me we are not together. He won’t answer my calls or respond to messages. Yet he never moves his things out then he waits for me to ask him to come home for days or he just shows up like nothing happened. This has been happening for two years. He always says he wants to be single, he disappears for a few days and then comes back like he’s so in love with me. I know he’s cheated. He confessed last year about cheating multiple times. I recently saw texts in his phone Monday. He felt no need to explain them and instead he’s been gone since and Aid if I don’t leave him alone he will come home and move all of his dtufff out. I really don’t understand why he treats me so bad. He calls me out of my name, he accuses me of having sex with guys which I have never done since him but I just don’t understand. Please help me. How much are your psychic readings? What must I do to scare him (if he cares) to realize he’s going to lose something great. I have threatened to leave before but I always came right back when he called. What Must I do for him to be the man I want and need with respect and without cheating? I feel we should be focused on marriage.

  9. I love my boyfriend so much and I know he loves me too but he’s tired of the relationship cuz I refused to have sex with him cuz I’m still a virgin. I’m scared he will cheat on me cuz he’s always complaining we’ve been dating for close to 5 months now. And he told me if I’m not ready to compromise he will still cheat on me. I don’t want him to do that how will I have him all to Myself without the sex

  10. I am not a drama. I left the man I love 1 year ago. He is 59 and i am 56. He is my forth. Been threw it before. I passed away. 10 years i been with this man. But I see him when he wants me. But now I found a picture of a woman with phone no. He got angry at me. Then he told me he has it just in case he needs to talk to someone. I called her. And talked to her nicely. I don’t know if I did right. But I told her my hopes is for to go back to each other again. She was very nice. But it seems I am pushing him more away from me. And it hurts! I wish I was stronger and not see him anymore.

    • Sorry I wanted to say this is my 4th man in my life. 2 cheated on me. The 3rd. Man in my life of 10 years passed away. Then I met this other man 4 years after. Was with him 10 years also. But I had to leave him. I still love him. And been seeing him when he needs me or want me. Now I found a picture of a woman with phone no. And I called her. She seems very nice. He got angry and told me he only has the number incase he needs to talk to someone. Its hurts me so much and I wish i can let go.

  11. He said he loves me, he would do anything for me. I gave him my all I am empty I can love another only him now am sick and he is left me says he has issues to settle and planning life for us. What do I do?

  12. what if he says you have to be on a break because he has a lot of problems to solve and he is scared to loose me…should I worry or not ???

  13. Feeling like a third wheel...

    I’m having an issue with this and it’s a very long story. To keep it kind of short, I’ve been in the relationship with him for almost 3 years and he’s my first love. When we first began dating his best friend, also a friend of mine, started to hang out with me more. He would make me hold his hand and hang out with him by manipulating me with the threat of killing or hurting himself. When I finally got the courage to tell my boyfriend he didn’t seem to care… instead of getting angry on my behalf he defended his friend in his own words “Like a white knight”. He called me delusional and that women with similar experiences to me with the same guy, they started talking about it after I did, he said we were feeding off each other. He cancelled plans with me for him last minute and each time I bring it up he shuts down and wont tell me anything. He says the friend is “like his brother”. Each time I think the issue is resolved I find out he’s talking to him and playing video games with him in his free time. This next time after reading your article I told him this is his last chance to fix it or I’m leaving him. I don’t even know if it’s worth it to ask him to stop hanging out and being friends with the guy considering I have before and it didn’t work, and it also wont make me feel better unless he does it himself. Any advice? I’m so scared of losing him and but I’m going to stand up for myself this time. I hope I’m doing it right.

  14. I have known this guy since we were 15 we only started dating a few years ago off and on he argues with me about leaving or who I am with argues about us could of been married yells at me then apologizes this time I walked out of his life my last words were was leave me alone I just didn’t want his drama and now he’s asking about me to our friends and getting his family to text me get me to come visit he’s no longer mad they say I’m been doing good on my own yes I miss our talks and cuddles and time we spend together wen we do get along I can’t stand his jealousy and mean words then again he’s sweet guy wen we are together.

  15. Hello,
    Well my boyfriend and i have been together for one and a half year now and we’ve been theough a lot! We love each other to the end we both work in the same place and live together!
    The problem is he get’s drunk all the time… as we work in hospitality it is quite easy and common! But i know this is not the kind of man i want for ever in my live!
    I am sick of telling him he has to change and hear his fu**** shit he tells me when he is drunk and then seeing hes upset face the day after… he aso knows I am upset and i wouldn’t like him to do this! But he still does no matter what i say he gets drunk after work at least ones a week and speaks to me like i am shit!

    Anyway after months and months! I got to the point where i am not upset anymore i am just fed up!
    Bit then when i think of my life without him… i start to cry! I LOVE HIM but i think he soesnt deserve me!

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  17. wow it’s like you are really referring to me right now…. tnks a thousand tyms you hv really added to my life…

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  19. We’ve be seeing each other for almost 3 months he has a girl live with him but it’s just for the baby’s safety and he’s not happy only thing there that makes him happy is the little girl that’s not his. He text or calls daily and he says he misses me or he’s upset because he can’t see me more often. But I feel like they have more going on that he says but all of his friends say that their relationship is messed up and btw his friends have no clue about us… the other day I broke and let’s my emotions get the best of me. Later that day he text me to make sure I was ok and I said not the greatest he said he wasn’t good either and he was thinking about me and us. And he was going to figure something out. Well I seen him 12 hours Ago because he text me this morning saying he needed a hug so we meet up at a store shopped and he got his hug. I haven’t heard from him mind won’t stop. Also we were just talking the other day about child services because the mother has a case well he’s been saying he’s scared to lose the little girl. Less than 24 hours the mother gets a phone call for a emergency hearing. And now I don’t know what’s going on with me I’m an emotional wreck. He text me at 6 am and wanted to see me so I got ready really fast and then he said his friend needed him it’s an emergency I get that and would do the same.. but since I’ve told him how I felt it’s been a emotional roller coaster

  20. We’ve be seeing each other for almost 3 months he has a girl live with him but it’s just for the baby’s safety and he’s not happy only thing there that makes him happy is the little girl that’s not his. He text or calls daily and he says he misses me or he’s upset because he can’t see me more often. But I feel like they have more going on that he says but all of his friends say that their relationship is messed up and btw his friends have no clue about us… the other day I broke and let’s my emotions get the best of me. Later that day he text me to make sure I was ok and I said not the greatest he said he wasn’t good either and he was thinking about me and us. And he was going to figure something out. Well I seen him 12 hours Ago because he text me this morning saying he needed a hug so we meet up at a store shopped and he got his hug. I haven’t heard from him mind won’t stop. Also we were just talking the other day about child services because the mother has a case well he’s been saying he’s scared to lose the little girl. Less than 24 hours the mother gets a phone call for a emergency hearing.

  21. My bf and i havd been on amd off for a while now. He lied about little things over amd over. Hes been unfaithful mainlu through chatting on social media but also everytime we argue jumos to someone else. Ive pit ky heart into this msn this is a love that as grown for me. We cant talk about past ..eben if it was a week ago.. he totally disregards what i ask. He has cheated on me and never really admits it.. jist says its past. I had an embarrassinh drunkrn blow out because i knew on a night out togerher he was on the phone to another girl. I felt strange to start with as it was his family and friend forst time really met them in 3 years. He made me feel even begore we went out that something was wrong.. i feel like i embarrass him and on that day.. i admit i did. I got totslly drunk with nerves too. I was out of order that day..ive apologized as much as people will let me about that. Thing is there were resons on me i acted out of character. I was in despair inside. He tells me he loves me makes me feel calm when we are alone without phones .. but as doon as i ask and uncomfortable question about the past.. hr ends it.. says thats it for good. I asked him as we are not officially back together.. if there was anyone else.. well thats it he wouldnt talk. Started to put me down and left saykng that was the last chance. Hes broke me this man he cant even say sorry for what he did to me. Trys to justify cheating hecause we maybr had a row that day or week
    Sats he was single do its not cheating yet we prob split a day ago and yet was back a couple days after. Am i wrong to feel thats cheating .. hes saykng hes in lovr with me. I couldnt do thst to him

  22. Thank you so much I have learnt a lot tonight, letting go is a remedy to all

  23. I have a boyfriend that loved me so much, then just like dat my ex-boyfriend show up and something led to anyother we had sex i have never cheated if not then and i wanted telling him but i was afriad of losing him so after some month he want for test and he say he was sick and dat i gave him the sickness i had to confess dat i cheated on him, and promise never 2do it again he beats me and wounded me leaving mark on my face and body i just have to plead with him 2 forgive me and he did, now he has change totaly he told he love me now out of pity and beat me up at any little thing i do to him i spend most of my time with him every day we see each other we broke up december and i discover that am pregenant for him he plead with me to go for abortion i took drugs and injection no blood came out and we went for scaning they told we no baby only infection after then he ask me to leave his life alone i left quitly without saying goodbye i cant live without seeing for days but i just have to give myself respect and not go for days now no calls from him and i love his so much

  24. That’s what is happening we are married for 3 years and we always have our ups and downs but our downs are more deep than other people cos we can last for a week without even talking to each other . Whenever he is disrespecting me so much and I try to talk to him he is not responding just stating quiet and I realise the next day he is the one who is upset and I alwaays wonder upset for what ? ) he did wrong not me I just mentioned it …. so I don’t want to give him that I try to beg for him etc so I always wait for him to come and talk to me first or doing the first step so sometimes we are not talking for a week cos he is too stubborn … I feel like he is disrespecting me he really does. Sometimes he is so so nice and trying as well I see it from his actions but sometimes ( it can be any reason ) he is just very very rude with me .. when I say I wil move out he is saying : okay I’m not gonna force u or is anybody gonna die ? Etc. So I don’t know if is pretending that he doesn’t care or he really doesn’t . He is not the talking type at all if he wants u or anything his actions will speak not his sweet mouth . We are in a fight now we are not arguing nothing just not talking to each other at all … honestly I just don’t know if he loves me anymore. I don’t know what can I do ???

  25. We have been together for 20 months, we don’t live together, I can count on one hand how many times I’ve stayed at his and visa versa. He doesn’t like it. We spend lots of time together but come 7pm he’s away home. He knows lots about me but I no little about him. I’ve been struggling this week with were are relationship is heading he knows this. says get loves me, I just think he’s very dodge around me.vwoulcnt leave his phone around me, I haven’t met any of his friends except one. We did take the kids (1 girl each to prior relationship) away for few nights camping over Xmas but I paid my own way. I called things off tonight with him. Mixed emotions so your article has helped me thank u

  26. He cheated on me.than he cald the women n broke up with her. In frond of me.someday he went back and fixed things wth her. Das he love me or afraid of losing me.

  27. He s not understanding me @all ..he s younger than me 1 nd half year it’s thg he s not understanding??i m confused about my relationship.. what to do .. pls help me

  28. What if you love him so badly that even after all the stuff he did to you, you cannot imagine your life without him? What if you know he dosnt care dosnt give a damn to your tears but your heart is just not ready to leave him?

  29. Men are trash. But i love them. <\3

  30. I’m in a two year relationship but he never makes time for us
    Please help me

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  31. I don’t know what to do I’m seeing this guy he is my bestfriends stepbrother and he says he really likes me but he is not ready for a relationship he says that it’s not me that he doesn’t want a relationship with it would be the same thing if it was someone else and he likes what we are doing but I want a relationship with him I have never felt this way about anyone and when we talk about it all he says is that he does not want a relationship right now and it hurts but I like him so much I don’t know what to do. plz help.

  32. Thank you so much. I have been deeply touched by this article. I fell in love with a man and over the past seven months I have allowed myself to be disrespected and have enabled. I finally had the courage to end it a month ago….But I still bump into him from time to time and even invited him to a concert last week. Why have I allowed my boundaries to be erased? I’m learning to find my voice again. Thank you for speaking truth.

  33. Hey,
    My ex boyfriend broke up with me In June, all the te begging me not to cut him off/block him because (he did have a lot of family problems at the time) he wasn’t coping well and needed to sort his head out. I found out in September that as of the 23rd of august he had gotten with another girl all the while telling me he still loved me and wanted to be with me behind this girls back (I didnt know about them till September) I waliked away I coked him on everything and unfriended him, he turned up and my house a few days later and told me everythign, that went off and started crying saying he was an idiot for losing me. I told him I would need time to learn to trust him again. His mum doesn’t like me and has three tinder to disown him if he gets back with me. He hasn’t spoken to any other girl since than and keeps saying he wants to get back with me but needs to work his way around his mum. I’m so confused rn he hurt me so bad and honestly I just don’t want too be hurt again, what do I do?

  34. Hi I have a serious question my boyfriend claims he carried a woman on his taxes I thought nothing of it. So seven months later she calls and I happen to answer his phone because he was sleep and she said ” oh you still in the picture because I never left.” So of course I was mad and upset he denied all my suspicions and all her allegations or truth. His routine is changing she’s calling all day texting all day that she calls because he’s calling her. I don’t know what or who to believe and worse of all he calls me weak and insecure because I let her bother me because she is trying to hurt him or me until he pays her. Please help!!!

  35. I hope I can do all the things you mentioned here. I cried while reading this. It is really what is happening to me right now. I can’t understand why he treats me this way and yet I cant let go of him though I’m trying really hard to stop holding onto him.

  36. Hmm very good I always come here to read this the problem with our relationship is he thinks I won’t ever leave and everytime he tells me to see him I always do I make it easy for him I broke up with him because he was doing things I did not like… … & I move out he’s texted me a few times but nothing about changing … He’s blaming me and saying I left this and that

  37. my bf puts his mothet priority and he isnt willing to spend his 2 days off with me at all mondays is his day shopping with his mother even tho we have a 4 yr old son together

  38. I am in a relationship w a man of 43, my age for the past 4 years now . Both of us are separated from our spouses and have one kid each . Right from the day one he said that his wife didn’t like to stay w his parents so left him and staying at her parents home in the same city Along w his kid. She hardly visits him and hardly lets kid meet his dad as well. She refuses to stay w him in his parents home and he refuses to stay separately w her as he grew up in a joint family . So they have been staying separate for the last 8 years . Married for 13 years .
    I stay separate from my hubby too .
    My lover n I have been happy w our relationship w all its ups n downs . However these days his kid has grown up n asking him to take him on a holiday . He was rejoiced and requested his wife too to accompany him. I was very upset because he said he never loved her after she left home . So now how suddenly he decided to ask her on a holiday ?
    When I confronted him he says that it’s for kid. But each time they meet up socially he n wife have fun. However they go back to their own houses. In the past ten months he never met his son because she never let him meet the kid .
    Suddenly things changed and he says he wants to go on a family holiday
    I feel very upset though I understand the kid needs him, how can this man forgive a woman who walked out him just 4 years after marriage ?
    And on the top of it she never let the kid meet his dad frequently . Each time he had to beg her to go out w the kid.
    I have been extremely loyal to this man , made him my top priority in life and never even wished to get back to my husband .
    Now this man is saying that he will go on a holiday with wife but he loves me only .
    He is ready to make me his friend overnight if I have a problem with this arrangement .
    I’m devastated because I’m deeply in love w this man for years n loyally but when his wife , who never cared for him , is ready to take him on a holiday he jumped n agreed.
    Did he ever even love me ? I’m devastated . I’m heart broken .
    At the beginning I never wanted to be his lover n wanted a simple friendship but he insisted saying that he loved me and will b w me forever and never loved her .
    Now what is this ? I can’t disconnect from him as I truly love him , I don’t know if friendship works and exactly what’s in his mind !
    If he had really loved her what was I ? A backup ?
    Should I accept being friends ?
    If I say no to friendship he wouldn’t force me .
    He is fine with anything I decide but I can’t see him enjoying him w wife on holidays and coming back to me . Will he even ?
    Help me please . Am going crazy

  39. my problm is … bf and i toghter for 1 year and a half he loves me and me too but i think tht hes hiding things from me cuz im in a country and he is in other and when i saw hes pics on facebook i knew tht its not him and its a pics of some actour but he dnt know tht i know about the pics i know he is hiding things but i dont want to ask him cuz he will be mad and angry all i fear is losing him,,,,,he is all my life i loved him and i still do he love me too but he still hifing things and and dnt text me a lot and idk why just one time a day thn gone idk where and idk why and if i couldnt talk to him he will be mad im scared of letting me and go to other im so jealous cuz tht i cn kill anyone take hil from e but mom takes phone from me now and dont wanna give me it back plz tell me what to do i dont wana lose hil i love im soooooooooo much plzz give me an opinion

  40. Ma guy is no more thinking about me but he sometimes does things for me see dat he still luvs me but other times too he changes and I don’t know wat to do bcos am no more near where he is. But I luv him too. What should I do?

  41. I needed to hear this. My boyfriend treats me so bad. He’s never touched me not once but he says things that he knows going to hurt me more then anything. And I’ve tried to say its over but it hurts me so bad that I just start to cry and tell him I could never do that. I love him more then anything but it hurts me more being with him then it to be with out him. He’s killing me slowly from the In side out with out even realizing it. I can’t even tell him how I really feel about it because he gets mad and will start fighing with me. He breaks up with me at least twice a month then comes back and says hes sorry and I take him back over and over because im afraid to be with out him. I just don’t know what to do anymore I’m tired of feeling this way.

  42. I need help, honestly he takes me for granted every day.

  43. I have my bf who posted that he has married and yet he has not and due to that he is now wanting us to break the relationship please help, coz me I don’t want

  44. Thax for thee advise i hope to deal away with my fear

  45. My boyfriend has broke up with me because we argue a bit. But I never thought he would be so brutal I’ve pleaded and said sorry and we’ve made up and been intimate after and he’s broke up with me again he says he doesn’t love me anymore yet before the argunent2 months ago it was him doing the running around. He won’t even contact me. Being apart has made me realise how much I love him. How do I get him back.

  46. Found this very interesting, this man keeps acting like a yoyo when we have been together he acts very intrested then when I’ve left he is very unintrested dont know what to make of this

  47. someone please help me decide on what to do .

    i met someone a little bit about a month ago who is a little bit older then me . he has all sorts of problems thats been goin with his life & is basically stuck at this point . hes going through a really bad relationship. before i knew what was going on. we will see each other almost every single day . not only that but we will text & speak to eachother on the phone. he would say things like how he cares, how he wants to be happy with me, that he wants to be with me & etc. it can actually go on & on . the past week or so it just hasnt been the same & we still kind of talk now, but it just doesnt seem that appealing . i have told him i didnt wanna give up, cause i really do like him. my issue is i dont wanat to stick around if its all going to be worthless…….. its soo annoying !

  48. The guy I gave 2 years of my life to, has probably lost respect for me long time ago, after I tolerated being mistreated or forgave multiple nasty things that he’s done (not picking me up from home, rarely taking ms out, being shady and mysterious, not replying on time or rarely initiating conversation). We are not a couple and never has been even if it’s been 2 years, but the saddest thing is that he told me he loved me many times without even proving me that.
    Currently we’re in a not talking to each other situation, after he messed up by going on vacation without inviting me or without at least saying yes at my suggestion to join him a bit later. Even if he screwed up, he is still the one that did not apologize or initiated conversation.
    The whole situation makes me extremely unhappy and frustrated and even if I tried many times to finish and to cut any connections with him, I ended up missing him and initiating contact. This is why he lost any respect for me and this is why he behaves like that. And yes, I fear I would lose him, because if I don’t initiate contact, he never will, but at the same time I’m perfectly aware he is not worth it. He will not change and he will not miraculously start to respect me and treat me how I deserve. So all I really want is to move on, but it’s so hard. I need some help

    • Soulmate Psychic Readings

      It takes time. Either stay stuck on the idiot or take your time to separate him. You can’t lose him, because you never HAD HIM. You need to lose HOPE because THERE IS NONE.

  49. WOW..!! Exactly what I’m going through right now!! Thank you for how I really feel but I keep it all to myself with the fear of losing him! I’m 50yrs old and think I should just zip it and give up on happiness outside of my marriage, I know my husband isn’t happy neither. Just needed confirmation on what I need to do with what’s going on with us. Thank you for pointing out what I’ve been feeling for a while! Time to stop the madness!!

  50. We both are in love since 4years . caste are different now he start to avoiding me because of his parents .. But I don’t want to break up wat shall I do now

  51. Im still inlove with my ex boyfriend and it makes me to meditate about him everytime when am with my boyfriend,i spend most of the time trying to find ways on how to forget your but its hard for me to let go even now


  53. I feel like my man is hiding, the truth, when I ask him where do I stand with him is there future betwwen us, he just ignore that question, we got 7 to 8 months dating and he is devorced Im always supportive and care and respect but sometimes I fell like im the only one compromising for the relationship we have ,sometimes he accused me for nothing and end up apologizing for the depression he cause for me

  54. I have been dating this guy since Jan of this year. He says he wants to marry me one day but yet to take me out on a date one on one. I haven’t met his family and friends and they all or lovely but our relationship seems so distance some times. I need advice please

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  55. Lol this is blowin me out i had taken every step on this page b4 i found this site. Sittin here now reading it i know i have done all i could on my behalf to try help and every step to get them to c. Atm im gettin my own house as for the man he has a long way to go b4 id even trust him in my own door now just being apart for a few days id seen how much id changed i wasnt me. Remember girls the man in ur life chose u for u not somethin they turn u into if they dont like u for u they never will. Ur a gem always deserve to b happy remember that

  56. That was just what I needed to read. It was like this article was written at just the right time in my life. I am taking your advice and never looking back only forward I am worth it!!!! Thank you Wendy

  57. So he took the initiative and told me he doeant care about me and that he was only with me for the kids.
    But yet in the night he calls me and iam not answering his calls. I told him that if thats what he want hes not going to change than he wont hear from me anymore. But yet still calls. I feel alone, maybe because i was used to him. I want him to see that hes not going to hurt me anymore what can i do to show him that.?

  58. I have been with the father of my 2 kids for 5 yrs. He makes me cry and says am nobody to tell him anything, yet he does what ever he wants and doesn’t even let me get my hair or nails done with out him asking for pictures of where i really am. He breaks up with me then acouple of days later he calls…. am unhappy

  59. thanks a lot I have really learnt a lot that am the one entertaining his bad manners for so long that he can’t get afraid of losing me..I will show him that I don’t care and am also ready to lose him

  60. My boyfriend and I have been in a long distance relationship for a year. We got in a huge fight because he friend requested a hot girl on Facebook and when I asked him how he knew her he got completely defensive and mad at me. He told me she was some random girl and didn’t matter. So I asked him if she was so random why did he friend request her? He told me I was an idiot and hung up on me. We haven’t talked in two days and he didn’t call me for our 1 year anniversary that fell in that fighting time. It makes me feel guilty for losing my cool and accusing him, but I didn’t do that until he got so defensive. Now all I can think about is that during this stonewalling is that he’s deciding wether to dump me or not. I can’t help but think he’s talking to other girls to see if the grass is greener. That very well might just be me being paranoid, but I can’t help it. Please help me.

  61. I am bestfriends with this guy. We work together everyday. We are extremely close. We share everything. Nothing has ever been off limits. We’ve been having sex and hanging out for a year. There are no feelings of love, no future let’s get married, or live together plans. And we help eachother when ever we need it. But about a week ago, for tge first time he has disrespected me. Talked down to me. I’m very surprised by this because we both are very respectful and caring to eachother. I don’t know how to react. I tried talking to him but we just fought and now are talking eachother. He’s my bestfriend, I don’t want to lose that part. Please help

  62. wow this just showed me something that I never thot of
    I’ve been so sweet to someone who’s doing me wrong and do it right in front of my face with a chick he got back with in my present
    ho can I act on this coz I love him but he only told me that once , he never said his happy whenever his with me but his always happy when ever I’m not around and his been silent the whole day I Shud always b the one who text him always

    I need to let him go. but where will I start please help I can’t stand this any longer please

  63. Very insightful things i knew all alöng,though it was easier 2 turn a blind eye n believe things wud be ok.easier said than done bt will take into consideration the good advice that so make sense

  64. I’ve been married for almost two years and everything was fine until I got pregnant. Once we found out I was with child he started to inbox other women on Facebook as well as on dating websites. I’ve asked him numerous times to stop. He even was engaging with women that he used to date or sleep with. I’ve also asked him to stay off of Facebook for awhile until we get our marriage back on track. He agrees and then is back on it the next day. I want to be with him because I want a family for my baby but I can’t help but to think my marriage is over.

  65. I love him more than nethn and we have a distance rship which makes than. He doesn’t seem to care anymore instead he decided overnight he wants to enjoy life and be young. I feel like I would literally die without him. Y does life have to be so hard

  66. My thing is I’m too passive in my relationship & give too many chances when it comes to our problems. For example he will have a random mood swing without reason & all of a sudden is ignoring my calls & texts, & then come to me like nothing happened at all. When we have problems he never wants to talk about it, he just expects all to be forgotten within an instant & BOOM! We’re back to being happy again..(so he thinks). Even when i still have whatever happened on my mind i feel like i can never talk about it because then he’ll get mad all over again because he feels like what happened is over & the problem is automatically solved.

  67. I love this reading, ineed to keep reading this everyday. Makes me stronger. I’m in a situation where i feel like my boyfriend isnt scared to lose me anymore cause he knows i’ll be around him no matter how stupid or bad he did to me. There’s no more mutual respect or i dont feel valued anymore. He is an alcoholic yet he knows im coming back to him when he gets sober, so in a span of a week he can just disappear to me and say nothing. In my side im going crazy.

  68. Is there any chance he will treat me right,

  69. This was exactly what I needed to read. This gives me clarity, and I appreciate it. Everyone views him as this nice guy, and he is. He continually does exactly what he wants. He wants everyone to like him- to see him as a great guy. Everyone. In doing so, he makes no time for me, and he is okay with this. Up until now, I had been okay with accepting this. Believing his words, but he is all talk. He doesn’t view me as the amazing woman I am. He sees me as replaceable and not valuable. He calls late at night- I think out of feeling bad or just to make sure I will still answer. He only comes over late at night after he’s been out to the bar with friends. Although he doesn’t kiss me or anything, I am his emotional booty-call. he gets his shot of female attention, and then he’s off being in everyone else’s life but mine. He continues to act like the nice guy- and I can play this game, too. Instead of reacting, I can take action. He is nice to me- the obligatory hi (if he happens to be in the same place by coincidence)- but he makes sure no one around us sees him talking to me. I deserve more, and I am no longer settling for this. I had believed him to be a good man- a good man of decency and integrity. He’s definitely different than other men. Other men are outwardly jerks with their words, actions, and behaviors. He plays the “I’m such a great guy” card when reality, he’s not. Now, I finally have the clarity and freedom to move on- to meet someone who truly values me and wants to be in my life. No more settling for someone who sees me as an option and not a priority.

  70. Are you still helping people with this situation?

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  71. I read this and it nearly brought me to tears, as it was exactly the situation i find myself in.
    I’ve been dating my boyfriend for a year now, and we’ve been doing long distance. It is a 4 hour drive and we take turns to drive.
    I am in my late 20’s and I’m dating with the purpose of marrying him, but I get the feeling he has no clue what he wants. I also feel like he says things on purpose some days to make me insecure, to create the fear in me that he can get better at any time. I would expect the man i plan on marrying to always make me feel secure, loved and worthy. I love and adore him and always let him know that, yet he doesn’t do the same for me. Instead he creates insecurities.
    Then we also have the priority issues, I am always at the back of the line for his time. When its his weekend to visit, he has cancelled or postponed numerous times….even this weekend.. which is my 28th birthday.
    Then there is texting and social media….. Facebook has recently become an issue in our relationship. He said he will never change his status, and also never posts pictures of us or accepts my tags…. yet he posts pics of his trips with the boys. I feel like a state secret! Im also not the needy type to text all day, but when he texts I try to reply as soon as I can. He does not do the same for me, reads them and then doesnt reply. Or replies a few hours later.
    I sometimes feel that he is a grown 30 year old man stuck in a childs body, shares personal marriage conversations with friends. And then when we gather they ask me : Sooo, when do u want to get married… with a smerk on their faces. Like its one big joke behind my back.
    I really need advice as I am up to here fed up!

  72. Hi there I really need good advice, I have been in a relationship for 3 and a half year I have a 18month old with my partner but ever since she’s been born it’s been going down hill,
    He causes fights and goes out a lot at weekends while I am in with the kids he disrespects me calls me hurtful names laughs at me makes me feel useless why can’t I just walk away?

  73. I think am in a dead end relationship ?Wee have a beautiful 18month old together but that doesn’t seem enough for him to stop disrespecting me going out every other weekend and leaving me and kids…
    I just need some help or advice.

    • Soulmate Psychic Readings

      The article does give help and advice. It is up to you to take it. If you don’t want to do what needs to be done, which is take a stand, then just keep letting it get worse and worse until you have the guts to. It may be too late to undo the damage by then, but that is the price you pay for allowing this behavior.

  74. I fear him leaving after every single fight because he threatebs to leave. Two days agao he did just that.. Packed his stuff and said i needed to find happiness in myself before he could make me happy and that i currently drag down his happiness.. That we needed a break.. He continued to tell me over text that he loves me bur acted like a friend towards me. The main reason we fight is because when I tell him how i feel he takes it personally and then says i always start fights.

    Yesterday i was booked into hospital. He did not rush to make sure im okay. When i told him over text i needed him to atleast just talk to me he said he would later. Later he said he was tierd and went to bed. I am so hurt by him. I love him woth everything inside of me and i know he loves me. I am just no longer a piority to him. So this morning i started ignoring him. Ignoring his morning messages and his calls. He got rather angry saying he tried, i didnt answer. Have a good day.

    I haven’t replied since. He has sent me another message.. “Marco”. I do not want to lose him.. I just want him to appreciate me. Am i pushing him away??

  75. Eveything you have said is me now it’s the situation I’m in now it’s so painful he continues to hurt me but I am going to for the last time walk away I have already made the first move which is I stopped him from seeing me it’s been over a week since we seen each other and we used to see each other every single day, but now I’m must walk I want him in my life for ever and he has decided for the 50th time he wants me and loves me but only wants me as his very best friend so he dosnt feel guilty if he talks to another woman but as friends this is not going to work as it increases my pain and puts me further into a depression so I will update you
    My one wish is that he comes running back and we live happier ever after but I won’t know until I walk away and if he never comes running back then he never did love me now I loved him thank you for the information it was like reading my very own story

  76. After reading this I had a reality check at 43yrs old. My guy ,38, that’s besides my point. I just want cry be on a planet by myself.

  77. will he come back if i leave him he is always choosing his friends over me and the kids and acts like he is never wrong

  78. I loved this article. It’s exactly what i needed to know. So now all there’s to do is the work. I’ve made alot of mistakes already.walking away has always been a hard part for me. I want better now so i have to do better. Thank you for these words.

  79. How do I get a psychic reading

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  80. Thanks for posting, I’m going through the same thing. I’m trying my best to keep the door close for good this time. I love this man but he doesn’t love me and only comes back when things fail between him and the person that he really wants….I’m learning to love my self more.

  81. my husband does not defend me at all unless its convenient for him .I love him but im tired of being treated like crap.

  82. This really made me think and honestly while it hurts I know I have to be strong and figure out whether its worth it or not. I’ve been with him for 5 years and he seems like he truly hates me to where I question if he ever loved me or if I’m just being used. we have a family and I just don’t want all of that to have been in vain. I just want to know is it worth it to try to make him afraid of losing me or will it jut be a waste of effort???

  83. Bottom line….we all have our own journey we will never become who we really are if we are to focused on someone else’s journey. If the person loves you they will walk beside you and if they don’t want to walk beside you ….well you just keep focused on YOUR journey and if you have a hand to hold in the beginning middle or end be thankful for that hand . Blessing to all!!! WE ARE ALL WORTH SOMETHING and no one person is the only outlet to give us the love we seek. There is love in this world…and it will find you if you stay true to your own journey ♡

  84. This was so helpful to me. I’m in such a dark place in my life and marriage right now. My husband and I were crazy in love for 7 years but something bad happened in his life that made him withdraw from me. He started leaning more to his friends and co workers. He quit coming home and pretty much quit caring. In the past I would have never stood for this behavior, but he’s different to me. He is the only man I’ve ever felt real true spiritual connection with and it’s making me so weak and fearful of losing this relationship. We went through a year of tears and yelling, and I feel with every bit of intuition I’ve ever had that he has cheated multiple times with other people. In fact I have spent so much time learning his behaviors I can predict it every time we are gonna have a bad day or week. But when we come together in love on the rare occasion we rediscover that bond, the love we miss. I know he wants to be with me now. He has realized I’m with him through it all. But he seems to be having a hard time sticking to focusing on us and our marriage. He gets sucked into things and situations easily but u can see the guilt and shame and feel his sadness when he hurts me. What can I do to really open his eyes to the possibility of losing me in his life? If something does not give soon I fear for my health. The stress I have suffered through trying to love him thru hard times has caused my health to go down. I’ve lost almost all of my hair, my estrogen is really low, and my dr just recommended I start on some anti depressant meds. I would greatly appreciate any insight you could offer me…

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  85. My boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship and we had a rocky start where I slept with someone else before we were exclusive and he found out. He was in an abusive relationship prior to me and I believed left him emasculated. I find that he is trying to solidify his manhood because he tends to act really arrogantly. An example is if I start a something like a fight, he wont talk to me for like a week and waits till I beg for forgiveness. At times this silent treatments drives me to crazy mode. He says he is removing himself from a situation he does not want to be part of but you don’t do that by not talking to your woman for a week. Its more like torture. In his weaker moments he declaires his love for me and fantasises about a life with me and then when he feels like being powerful he will neglect my phone calls and act all cool as though we are having a casual thing. When I become distant suddenly he picks it up but he never shows me blatantly that it upsets him, he finds cool ways of saying something without coming across as needy. The thing is he thinks I don’t see what he is doing but I know him so well, its all an act. I felt for some time that he is very sure about how much I love him because I do not fail to show him and let him know and this has made him not fear losing me. Just last week i distanced myself and he had the most heartfelt apology and I let him know how touched I was and then this week,I was on my period and in a demonic mood, I texted him things that annoy me about our relationship. He then started with the silent treatments and he even pretends not to see my messages and I know he reads them. I have written him a long letter that I will no longer tolerate this unloving behaviour because I am worthy of so much more. I have decided to block him and erase him from my devises. If he really wants to see this relationship, he needs to change his arrogant attitude. I told him that in future if he ever wants to have a life partner to grow old with, he will need to humble himself because arrogance is weakness disguised as strength and diminishes wisdom. He will need to work very hard to get hold of me since we don’t even live in the same continent. Reading this has confirmed that I did the right thing. Thank you.

  86. This is very helpful

  87. I need help I the one who is so afraid of losing him. I love him so much and it’s hard to believe I mean nothing to him. I have been living with him for 2 years and in the beginning it was great but after just 3 months I was replace with someone eles . His mother.. now I feel un unappropriate under valued, and most importantly not afraid of losing me. I feel like all my love and time spent with him has meant nothing to him. And that is theosteoporosis painful feeling in the world. I would just like to know how he really feels.

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  88. My situation may or may not be as bad as some think. it directly effects me as a person. My husband and I are both active duty military. we were together hardly 4months an di got pregnant. we married out of bliss for the child. today we have been married just over a year. My issue is this, I am a compassionate woman, I find joy in other people and animals, if I helped ANYTHING today I will feel accomplished, I will feel a self-worth. he on the other hand is anti-social, doesn’t have a anything that makes him better. recently my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer, me being the person I am .. I rushed home with my daughter. now in the military we only have so much leave available to us. My husband and I planned to go home a few months after this tragedy hit us. me taking this leave cause “our” leave to change. He still throws it in my face that I ruined his leave. HIS leave. yesterday I found out a near and dear friend had passed away, I am across the country from this, I am devastated… my husband comes home turns on the PlayStation tells me to go get dinner.. after crying most of the day I didn’t want to leave the house so I told suggested he go, knowing the pain I am in he looked at me and went into the kitchen made himself something to eat and continued playing the game.
    This is just a few things he has done that are inconsiderate. he belittles me if I simply leave an outfit on the ground.. he threatens divorce often. if I come to him sad about his actions he ignore the fat I said anything at all. or blames me for him reacting that way. The other day we pulled into the parking lot of a store.. he gets out and hits the car next to him with our door. I looked at him and he says “well your the one who parked to close” now is he really blaming me for his PHYSICAL actions??? I don’t understand?

  89. I was with my guy for ten years and we have two kids. I’ve always been there and loved him with all my heart. He started pushing me away and talking about a break. I gave him his break thinking it would only make us stronger only to find out he moved out to move in with a girl he knocked up. Killed me and hurt my kids. Anyways I’m really still in love with him and he comes around telling my we will work out and everything will be okay. He sleeps with me and then runs home to her and their son. I’m not happy I’m hurt and feel so used and thrown to the side like I was nothing. I want him to come back and be a family again but I feel he pulls me along. I’m so scared to lose him all together to a girl who knew about his family and does nothing for a living.

  90. My problem with my boyfriend is so exhausting….
    Too big to comment on this page…reluctantly….I have decided to give up…
    I am in tears as I type this…
    I have lost all hope…
    I have given up…
    on him…
    On us…

  91. I am in love with this post. I’ve had my share of broken relationships and I’ve learnt through them and now I am seeing this man that just started to act weird. He will pull away for couple of days and just come back, and at first I thought it is enough to just be natural and act indifferent but then he did it three times now that it annoys me. I wanted to act back and I was a bit worried because I really like him and I wish he feels the same. Now I am sure I will just sit aside and just ignore him for couple of days. I can’t handle such behaviour anymore and I think I shouldn’t in the beginning but I thought of his excuses and I decided to be “cool” .. thanks a lot for this insight!

  92. This is amazing article. I wish i saw this article last year. Im in a long distance relationship and we are 1 year and 6 months. and we havent met yet coz of his works. He got a online friend but havent meet her also. He met this girl before me and they were like really close. 6 months ago, i found out he lying to me. I found his chat with tht girl when i opened his skype. How he flirts with tht girl and exchange pictures. After that he break up with me and then come back again ask for chance. I gave him another chance. But the problem is, i dont trust him fully because of what happend. We keep fighting because of that girl. 2 weeks ago. I ask the girl to avoid my bf and dont talk to him. she said he delete him in skype and avoiding him. But 2 days ago.. i saw they were both online in skype. And i did ask my bf if he chatting with her. He said nope. But i dont believe him then i approach the girl, calling her a liar and a flirty girl. That girl didnt respond. And then yesterday, my bf told me that girl told him what i said AND he said to me to stop doing that. I get pissed because they lied to me saying they not talking to each other anymore and i ask why they lie he said because i never gonna allow him to be friend with her. But i told him last time that im really uncomfortable with that girl and i ask him if he really wants to talk to her just tell me so i will go.. he keep saying im too controlling that i never allow him to be friend with other girls which is not true because i only not allowed him to that girl.He said i should think whats the besy for me.What should i do? I love him but everytime he lies, i lose trust on him.. why does tht girl is like important to him that he did lie to his own gf.. Give me some advice pls… i really confuse now.. ty

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  93. My boyfriend is a workaholic, he doesn’t seem to be scared to lose me to some other guy. He even say he is married to his work and I may have to suffer if going with him,

    Th thing is when he has time for me, we bond together, sing karaoke with friends and amazing hot u sex. I thought we had a thing. Maybe I am wrong. I need urgent advice how to go on

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  94. I have two children and one on the way with children s father i made the decision to leave i wasnt respected i did everything i could to make my best friend love me treat me the way i should be treated i treated this man as if he was my husband ans he repeatedly told me i would never be his wife it hurts im living with my parents now i have no job i go to doctor appointment alone he doesn’t seem to care at all that i left that im even pregnant im miserable 9 years i put into this relationship

  95. Me and my boyfriend have been together for 11 months. Everything was going fine. He did cheat in the beginning & I forgave him. Now he’s saying that he doesn’t know what he wants because he wants to be single again because his uncle just got a divorce and is out having fun. We did fight all the time and now we’re on a break. Do you think I should just break up with him or give the break some time too see if it makes him realize what he has in front of him???

  96. I have been going through something really hard with someone. I just ended it last night but it doesn’t feel good at all. At first he was really sweet and wanted to spend a lot of time with me. He would come over and just hang out and we would do homework together. I finally told him I liked him and he felt the same way. He said he wanted to see if we had a future and he wanted to progress. Before this he was being hot and cold with me whenever it was convenient for him. He would want to hang out with me all the time one minute and talk, and then next he would continuously ignore me and treat me like crap. He said he respected me and that he thought we were close. But then he would become really distant. I have never been in a situation like this and it makes me feel really awful. I have always been the type of girl to just cut it off and let go, but for some reason I keep holding on to something that makes me still want him even though I ended it. And then when I did end it, he acted like he didn’t care at all. I don’t really know how to feel at this point.

  97. My boyfriend and I have a 18 month old daughter he now sleeps im the livingroom I sleep in in bedroom , he gets mad when I bringnup our relationship, oi left for a week he had no idea were in was what I was doing, when I came home to get more clothes he begged me to stay balling of course it was good for a month or two but back! To the way he was I don’t do nothing he does everything he takes !y money he makes !e feel everything is my fault then makes me cry then he is sorry idk I wanna walk out but if he is willing to change I! Good

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    To get a reading or advice contact the advisors via click4advisor or Ether. They do not do readings via blog comment or email.

  99. It’s a different story when your financially tied to this person and don’t have means to leave or take care or yourself.

  100. This is whats happening me the last 3years he ends the relationship and then i keep contacting him till i decide to move on and when i do he comes back i give the threats in saying youve lost me but i dont even get a reply how can i ever make this change and make it stop he was begging for chances and i gave it and he dumps me again for no reasom

  101. I started talking to this guy hes real sweet hes open we can talk about anything..idk its me ive been used so much that I cant really trust things he tells if I call him he wont even bother to call me back and then ill text him the next day and he will come up with an excuse..he tells me hes always busy..I dont know what to do please help

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  102. I was told once by a guy that I needed to put my foot down & not 2 call my man & that he promises that eventually he would come back only if I were 2 put that fear their but, Isay if the man really loves u why in the heck should u have 2 even go as far as 2 do these kind of things. We’re all adults here & we should all act like 1 instead of all these mind games. alway’s the girl is getting hurt because they show 2 much love & all they do is act like we’re the 1’s in the wrong because we love so hard!THAT, I FIND VERY SELFISH!!!!!! I guess like some of these comments say, is basiclly we are worth more than the way we get treated & I guess just go on no matter how it hurts. Time heals all wounds? I don’t know I’m in the same boat & getting crapped on as we speak! My heart bleeds for all of us women that get dumped on & wish that prince charming would just hurry up & come sweep us off our feet!!!!!! All I can really say 4 sure is that it will happen 1 day if we allow it 2 happen 4 us & get rid of the d___ head once & 4 all!!!!

  103. I wish I would’ve seen this long ago. My fiance had been putting off marrying me for two years and always pa himself first. Every time I try to being up my feelings he gets mad and says “that’s not how you feel, you just WANT to feel that way”. I know he loves me, but I feel that he’s just so afraid of growing up that he puts himself as the victim and his personality has reverted into that of a slimed child.

  104. Woah I would’ve seen this long ago… Have two kids with him and he’s been putting off marrying me for two years.. Ever since our first was born he’s been greedy in our relationship and puts himself before me. Every time I bring up how I feel he says “you don’t feel that way, you just WANT to feel that way”. I know he does love me but he just puts himself as the victim all the time and is so afraid of growing up that his personality had reverted into that of a spoiled child.

  105. Wow! Your so right. Thank you for your encouraging words. God bless you.

  106. the guy im with has talked to another girl once so I left him but we “worked things out” and ever since ive been with him he always talks atleast 1hr to 6 hrs to text back and he never answer my phone calls idk what to do to make him realize that I cant deal with this foreal.

  107. Ok. My issue is a little similar. I am in a long distance relationship. We carry on as if we are in a relationship until I express that she has done something that I don’t like or she feels that I’m disappointed in her. Then she would say things like this feels like we are in a committed relationship. My issue is I feel that she takes my feelings for granted until she feels that I’m giving up then she shows the appropriate interested. I know she loves me but, I feel that I have given her too much of me and she does not feel it necessary to be very expressive to me. How can I help her to see what she truly would be losing.
    I love her so much.

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  108. Well he acts totally different since I had my daughter . He barely calls , we use to talk everyday. I’ve found out that he talk to other females and spends time with them but he isn’t trying to make his family work. We been together for 4 years and yes I’ve done some messed up things whole we was together but since I got pregnant and had my daughter all I focused on was having the three of us happy and together. But I ask him would he like to just Co parent and break up but all he claims is that he wants his family and he loves me and that we are together but it’s not the same . All he focuses on is his self , work, coworkers, and the females he mess with. I just want my daughter to have. Father something I never had

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      We are unable to provide personal guidance here on the comments, please call us for a soulmate reading for confidential insight into your personal situation.

  109. Well he acts totally different since I had my daughter . He barely calls , we use to talk everyday. I’ve found out that he talk to other females and spends time with them but he isn’t trying to make his family work. We been together for 4 years and yes I’ve done some messed up things whole we was together but since I got pregnant and had my daughter all I focused on was having the three of us happy and together. But I ask him would he like to just Co parent and break up but all he claims is that he wants his family and he loves me and that we are together but it’s not the same . All he focuses on is his self , work, coworkers, and the females he mess with. I just want my daughter to have. Father something I never had

  110. After I had my daughter I found out he had been talking to other females .I accepted it and let it go [well I tried to let it go] because out of the 4 years we been together I have talked to other guys but since I was pregnant , had her and till this day I don’t talk to anyone .I focus on making my family right. He rarely calls but he’s on the phone with everyone but me . All he focus on is his job, coworkers, females he talk to, and himself. I ask him would he like to Co parent and break up buy he tells me he loves me , he wants his family, and he wants to be with me. He A rather spend time with these other females than to spend time with his family. I just want the three of us together and happy and I want my daughter to have two parent home because that’s something I never had

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      We are unable to provide personal guidance here on the comments, please call us for a soulmate reading for confidential insight into your personal situation.

  111. honestly i feel like he used me or his takung advange and taking me for granted he even talks to me how ever he wants and it super hurts i cry everyday i dont know what to do 🙁 but then he says he wants to prove that he has change his way not my way and il be amazed at how things will turn out 🙁 and he tells me am disrespectful amd that i shuold kniw when to talk and when not to and that before i ask some questns i should check with my partners mood 1st and he tells me how impatient i am and that am a control freak:-( i dont where to from here because i dont know if he really loves me he doesnt even put effort and when i dump he tells me things will change and that he doesnt want to loose me because he really loves me but his actions say a different storry…PLZ HELP

  112. I have been dating this guy for 2years he started cheating on me when our relationship was 5months at 1st i didnt know what was happening he suddenly went cold and stopped communicating with me i had to follow up and ask him whats happening but he could tell me until he oppend up and told me he needs a break to find himself i gave him space because i loved him alot and iv never loved someone like i did wit him then suddenly he came back and we started allover again it felt right then i gave him my virginity. we went on dating until he started again asking for space i didnt understand why and he couldnt tell me why and i guess i had to live with it. he came again and asked for forgivenes telling,me that its him not me because he has some issues he had to deal with and that he doesnt know what his doing because his father died when he was young and so he had no strong father figure to guide him, i accepted him and forgave him then we spoke about changing our relationship status at facebook but then he said thats something we both have to agree on i understood then once again because i loved him then he did it again asking for space until i was told that his seeing this other girl from his church then suddenly his relationship status changed and he posted a picture of them saying this is mrs so n so i asked him he tjen said he didnt put that pic since well he didnt have a phone that had access to facebook but hr later removed that pic after i asked i had to tell him how i feel about him it was like qm begging him to stay because i know what i feel for him but hr would ignore me then i left him and moved on early this year he came back then again left then came back strong and i felt like his changed then he told me his changed and that his not seeing that girl again and that its only me,and i believed him suddenly after a week i saw his text in that girls wall saying i love you my love then i was told that his still dating the same girl but he kept on telling my source that i respect him and im what he needs in a,woman (love and respect) and that it looks likr he loves me then told me that with that with that other girl he diesnt get that. i confronted him asked him whats happening he didnt want to tell me until he did and said his afraid of loosing me thats why he couldnt tell me then i told him i dont trust him anymore so he needs time to think because that girl is in his mind and m in his heart but hefeelspity forbecause he changed her and that she had low profile that girl later threatend me to leave him i told him he was so ashamed he then sqidi am choosing you because i have to choosr someone who is gest for the future then i asked him prove to me his not cheating me anymore by chqnging our relationshi staust to in a relationship wit so n so but hr douldnt do it because his q secretive person then i asked him m i a secret love he then said no then i asked him to delete her everywhere so that we can start afresh and be happy but when i asked he became so protective he even told me m direspecting him then i asked him whats his vision about this relationship he then sid he doesnt hve one but that doesnt mean his not serious about me then iwas surprised then he lashed at me telling me disrespecting him and i must stop treting himlike a child and now he tells me that he loves me so much that he wanted to breakup wit me but couldnt because he loves mr so much but he tells me his not going to remove that girl on sovial nrtworks and wont delete her numbets because hr says m magging and i wont get anything from him as long as i keep on nagging him when i sk why you still have her number he says i dont chat to her but sje does and i ignore het and il remove her at my own time and its my phone dont force me il remove her t my iwn time now he went ti church competitions when i ask him why he didnt invite me he then said i forgot then i said i wana come see you he made an excuse saing his with his church people nd that its packed he doesnt want to be with me whee their lots of people then he switched off his phone or his battery died..i dont kbow whay to do..becuse he sys his serious about me talkes about the future with me sometimes but its like he doesnt care about my feelings or even losing m becus iv alwys been thre

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  113. I have a best guy friend who treats me like i’m disposable. Or at least, it feels like it. When one of our mutual friends and I had an argument (because this guy disrespected what i believed in one night at dinner) my best friend sat there and let him tear me to pieces. Another time he told me that I should go around and sleep with random guys so that I don’t get attached to men. What kind of guy who cares for a girl says that? Even just as friends?!
    Also whenever we talk, he always takes days to reply to me, and when he replies he does it so casually, like he knows i’ll just forgive him. I admit i can be easy on him, but i have on the occasion gone off my rocker at him for not replying within a reasonable amount of time. He knows that’s the one thing i can’t handle, and he still does it. I feel overall like he has no respect for me, yet he tells me all the time that he does and that he’d fight for me if I were to ever close the door on our friendship. Which i don’t want to do, but sometimes i feel like maybe I need to, to wake him up a little. Our other friends always tell me i’m just insecure and he loves me to death, a few of them even think he fancies me. I don’t see any of this; if he truly cared, i feel like he would make more of an effort. Would love an opinion on this, I’m so lost on what to do.

    • Soulmate Psychic Readings

      Seems like he is very controlled and controlling and if he truly did care for you he would not treat you this way at all! If you need advice please call us for a private reading.

      • Hi I’m azna my boyfriend is ignoring me soo much

        He is not like before he is changed I always cry with him saying please don’t ignore me it’s painful? but he scold me once when I cry and just drop the call

        It’s hurting me a lot I still dont know what to do I’m depressed what should I want to do now to regain the love ?

  114. My ex bf broke up with me a month a go now, at first I was all needy and tried my hardest to get him back but he just didn’t want any of it then and also mentioned he had feelings for his co worker. He would then go out to dinners with her and he would say to me that their only friends.
    But I found out one week that he is stuck in the middle of both of us and I did tell him that I can’t be in this love triangle I’ve got to go. He starts calling me off his phone and his mothers phone constantly and then would send a message about me not being their for him when he needs me just to get my attention and I gave in and thinking he only wants me to actually have that fall back in my face when he rings up and says he’s had a shitty day he’s going out to the movies and I knew it was with her. Theirs just so much I can take, I keep telling him that I’m slipping further and further away from him and it’s sad that he actually doesn’t realise.
    I’ve just had enough of being second best, im not an option.

  115. actually, your post is so interessting! First. My BF loves me I’m sure about that, He always next to me, he’s honest and I can read his mind easy, he’s so nice ! even I trust him and I know he won’t break what he built ! Almost 03 years with him but I feel that he’s like a husband for me ! We kiss we hug! we learned how to trust and how to love !! I never loved any guy before ! but I loved him, he’s telling me the same and it’s true ! he drops tears for me, he gives me love letters, He’s not like the other boys, he’s the perfect guy for me, the problem is these days I care a lot about him because he’s in a hard period, you know Bacalauriat, So I send him messages every single minute, I care and I call him every time I feel that he’s not okay or busy with studies, I wish him luck ! I just make my impossible to let him feel better, because I know that I must care about him, and I want him to feel my presence ! the problem is he doesn’t feel all this ! he doesn’t feel that I scare about him ! It doesn’t mean he’s busy, but I realized that when you care too much you’ll lose your importance, he used to send me messages and tell me good night ! now if I don’t send him a message he does not, i decided tonight to don’t send him a message because this afternoon when I called him he told me that a problem happened to him ! i told him what happened baby?he told me I’ll tell you later ! till now no message ! no call ! NOTHING ! please I need help ! I showed him enough care ! and ps: I didn’t care about him like this way before, I didn’t show him my care when we was together ! he always send me messages and feel scared about me ! now when I start caring about him he becomes like that ! ignoring me and he doesn’t know about me ! please tell me what can I do ? I can ignore him and I can stop caring ! I just care about his feelings, It’s not my fault if I care and feel scared about him ! I’m waiting for reply thanks

    • Soulmate Psychic Readings

      we can’t give personal detailed advice about these situations on our comments section due to confidentiality issues. Please arrange for a call for proper advice for this situation. this is common though, when you start to care about them they very often shut down and pull away.

      • You’re right ! you care too much you lose too much .. is it better to leave him for a while ?

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        we can not give advice in an open forum due to confidentiality issues. If you would like personal advice please arrange for a reading with us.

  116. My marriage is just like that. He will treat me badly and then threatens me he is going to leave and this last time I didn’t try to stop him. I’m miserable and unhappy and he is the most selfish man I have ever met In my life. I try so hard to do what I think makes him happy and it’s never enough no matter what I do. I’m just tired of being the only one trying. I am at the point where I want him to go but I can’t seem to tell him that. I don’t wanna go through splitting everything up again and plus I made a promise when I got married and I’m tryin to hold myself to it. I’m just lost. I don’t know what to do anymore.

    • Soulmate Psychic Readings

      thing is if he is not willing to work on it, he just wont change. yo have to ultimately be responsible for your happiness.. blessings

    • Yeah this is pretty much my life in a nutshell. I’m very unnhappy Thanks! I feel the exact way you do…

    • I’m in the same situation. I’m actually crying now downstairs while he’s sleeping fine, after telling me I’m not welcome here anymore- it’s his birthday and I had presents and breakfast made this morning- but tonight we started fighting- by that I mean him getting defensive about nothing then telling me he wished he’d never met me and I’m the reason for all his problems. I’m a terrible mother … Etc the whole fight its me defending my love for him! My devotion – him yelling and telling me he’s in a “bad place” with his stress levels- while this year he’s given me an std.. Five family members have died. Plus my dad just has been diagnosed with cancer..
      I’ve given every cent I’ve made since he said I didn’t “contribute” I ask for a hug and for him to be nice to me-then he yells about me being “unstable” after he’s thrown things and flipped out- why do I love this horrible person!?????? I’m losing weight and hair- not in a pretty way. Plus dealing with this std– that he won’t admit to giving me…. Yet I’ve caught him on multiple dating sites receipts for condoms… Etc . I get yelled at for “assuming things”. . Yet he’s in a ” ” “bad place”

    • yup we have the same situation i want him to pay respect on me. he has ni job and i am the one is working while he takes good care of our baby.everytime i am late from work he always scolds me and accusing me tht i have an affair with someone else and telling me disrespectful words. he smoked and dribk liqour everynyt. instead of talking to me after i go to work he prefer to drink beer with himself! we have house near ib the place and when we have a figth he always said g?o away in this house go back to ur mother. hi mistreated me like that knowing that i was the ine who provided him the food and everthing does my child need while him no work he drinks liqour and smoke. i want to leave him but i am afraid because i dont want a broken family..

  117. invisible as can be

    do you respond to personal emails? I have something I want to say but I didn’t want to put it on the site.

    • Soulmate Psychic Readings

      we do not give advice or do readings via email.

      • i need to ask something about my relation. the guy i am dating with loves me alot but dont respect me. ALways stop talking rudely without any reason just because he says i want good ansers from you, i want you to cheer me up but if i dont or i dont understand the story behind his “rude behavior” he yells at me or show his anger by telling i should have done anything, i always do because i want something from you. Even though when he is with his friends he dont text me because he doesnt want his friends to know about me.. but on the other side no matter what i am doing i always reply him. He loves me more then anything but doesnt do anything what i say, like shaving or wearing something i want him to wear. there is more too but for now i guess it is alot.

      • Soulmate Psychic Readings

        We do not give advice or readings via email or blog comments due to privacy issues and time restraints. If you feel you need a reading, then get one via click4advisor.

  118. invisible as can be

    Have a question, do you answer emails? I would like to send you a detailed email but I don’t want it posted on the site.

    • Soulmate Psychic Readings

      we are not able to give personal advice via email. We dont do readings via email either. The only way we give advice is using either Click4Advisor or Ether through phone calls.

    • Yes, I do have a question. I would like to know why my boyfriend of 4 yrs. pushes me 2 the side & stay’s with his mom when I’m so good to him & do everything 4 him & tell him great things about himself. he say’s that he’s in love with me but all the time has to run back home to his hatefull mother because she needs him to do things 4 her or cook 4 her & she say’s he doesn’t do crap but watch TV & drink beer. She doesn’t allow me at the house but any guy friend that he has she allows them over even if she knows that they are up 2 no good. she shelters him like you wouldn’t believe & he is 52yrs. old. When I call 2 talk 2 him she say’s what do you want now! if he calls me she is steady gripping about us talking & even has grabbed the phone outa his ear. doesn’t want us using the cell phone when they have a plan 2gether & she doesn’t use her mins.she gets online 2 see who & how many times he’s been on the phone that day & if it’s me OH MY GOD!!!!!! She alway’s gripes about me!! I can only imagine what all she say’s behind my back. I don’t know what 2 do! He say’s that I smother him by calling but, I would like 2 see him more than 3 times a week & when he brings me something is not so pressed 4 time because she’s gonna raise holy hell. What 2 do? PLEASE HELP!!!! I’ve never been in love with no other like I am with him. It hurts so bad I feel abandond & used. THANKS, despratly seeking answers

    • My boyfriend I’m living with still keeps his ex girlfriends cell number in his phone and tells me when she texts him, does that mean he is seeing her behind my back??

      • Soulmate Psychic Readings

        The advisors do not give advice or readings via email or this blog. If you want a reading, contact them via click4advisor.

  119. invisible as can be

    Yes this is happening to me. I fear of losing him and another taking my place and going on trips that we have been on. I worry about stuff I can’t control. He flirts really nasty on facebook with other women and I have told him I don’t appreciate it, and instead of stopping, he thinks he is hiding his comments by not going to his page that often, but I still see comments he make. I tell him don’t tell me he is going to call me back, and then don’t because that irritates me, and he still does it. If I speak on these and other concerns, he only makes it worst by doing doing it more. forgot to mention, he is married.

  120. invisible as can be

    Yes this is happening to me. I fear of losing him and another taking my place and going on trips that we have been on. I worry about stuff I can’t control. He flirts really nasty on facebook with other women and I have told him I don’t appreciate it, and instead of stopping, he thinks he is hiding his comments by not going to his page that often, but I still see comments he make. I tell him don’t tell me he is going to call me back, and then don’t because that irritates me, and he still does it. If I speak on these and other concerns, he only makes it worst by doing doing it more.

  121. Awww… I should have read this last year… I’ve been wanting to do the first step of breaking up with him but everytime I try to, I pitty him. I know he loves me but he doesn’t seem to be respecting me. Our relationship has been so toxic for me. All I want is for him to speak up but he’s doing the other way around. Until I decided that I’ll just wait for him to break up with me first but when it happened, it hurts to the bone. It was so hard for me to move on because we always see each other almost everyday and it’s killing me whenever I see him happy with the other girls…

    • Soulmate Psychic Readings

      best thing to do is to put this guy behind you since he clearly seems to lack respect for you and the relatioship you shared

      • I have the same problem with my partner, he lost respect to me. He treats me like his servant, make me do everything for him. When we go out at the club, he is chatting other woman and looking around all the time for good looking chicks and winking at them. Or if I’m with him in the car, he look outside and looking for woman and saying hello and talking to them that he seen them before just to start a conversation with me in the car. I don’t know if he loves me or just want to hurt my feeling. Please advise me what to do to rhis man. I do everything for him and go to work with him if he ask me and work like a demon, he is making me lift things eventhough i can not lift. I am only tiny and 42 kilos and he makes me carry things heavier than me. SOMETIME I TALK TO MY SELF. Why is he treating me like this. If i want to go to school and farther my skills, he said to me why can’t i just expand his business and get qoutes so he can get more jobs.

  122. this is really helpful… I find it to be talking to me because i’m in the situation i feel that he has lost respect for me… He is dating this girl publicly and yet he is screwing me…. It has just made me find my inner self though i am so hurt at the moment and i feel so used… Like i can delete times that we were ever together from my lifetime amd just forget that we used to be…

    • Soulmate Psychic Readings

      the best thing for you to do is stop seeing him and allowing him to use you. it is the only way you can regain your respect.

    • My man has stopped respecting me since the time our relationship has opened up in front of our parents..I have been a lot patient to care n love him… But since we got engaged all I have heard from him is that he is busy with stuff…. Nw I am fed up of holding…. It makes me feel like i m d only one who is hanging to dis relation… Even if I say that I won’t talk, he doesn’t care… Nw I want to make a schedule where he is not der in the list…thnx for reminding me, that I should give time to myself, rather than OTHERS..

    • I’m in the same situation he can’t see life with out me in it with him but he on FB with this check he go see her and home to me and do all couples do but says he wanna take it slow with me but he don’t know where his heart Is but loves me too death and just talks shit about this other female to no end and always saying he done with her it’s a lost case with her.i don’t Know what to do

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