Lies Between Soulmates Will Damage the Relationship

Lies between soulmates are usually a sign of avoiding a bigger issue. Soulmates usually make drastic changes for the relationship to really take off. It can be easier to lie about those changes rather than actually create those changes.

For instance, let’s say your soulmate is in another relationship that clearly has run it’s course. For whatever reason they have not left a relationship that is toxic, dysfunctional, and loveless. The universe steps in by bringing the two of you together, to help your soulmate. With your support they can let go of that relationship.

Lies Between Soulmates Will Damage the Relationship
Lies Between Soulmates Will Damage the Relationship

That is, unfortunately, not what usually happens. In reality the soulmate in the bad relationship lies about why they can’t leave their current relationship. Sadly, there is now a soulmate love triangle. They begin lying to their soulmate and to the person with whom they are currently in a relationship. Lying to at least two people (and more, if you include their children, family members and friends) while having an affair, makes lying come way too easily.

Being deceptive, after a while, becomes way too easy and a part of life. These lies create an element of distrust and breaks down the foundation of both relationships. Yes, it is hard to get out of a relationship and it rarely goes smoothly. But it should be just as hard to deceive everyone in your life. The universe gave you this gift of a soul connection to help you better yourself and live your truth. It did not intend for you to avoid growth and change by lying and making up excuses not to do the work you need to. That is not going down a spiritual path, and the universe will not support either of your lies. The moment of truth will come no matter how much you try to avoid it.

Soulmates, sadly, play a lot of games with their partners. All of these games involve lies. It could be their fear of being vulnerable that causes them to lie about their feelings for you. They may downplay them or deny them outright.

It could be a fear of commitment that causes them to keep breaking up with you all the time. Since they are not addressing the real issue, they will lie to you and tell you stupid reasons they are breaking up with you that make no sense.

Regardless of the reason, do not fall for your soulmate’s lies. Don’t excuse them, and don’t allow them. You know the truth. If they have broken your faith in them with their lies, you may have to walk away until they are in a place where they are willing to put forth the effort to rebuild that trust.

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