Leaving a Bad Soulmate Relationship

Leaving a bad soulmate relationship is something many people are unwilling to do. They feel they would rather stay in a bad soulmate relationship in the hopes it will get better. Leaving a soulmate is out of the question for many people. What if leaving a bad soulmate relationship is the only way to save it? What if leaving is the right thing to do or the only thing to do to create positive change?


So this may seem like a foreign concept to many people. How can leaving a bad soulmate relationship actually be a positive thing? The answer is easy. Many people are afraid of ending a bad relationship because they believe it’s final. They may let someone break up with them 400 times, and let them back 400 times. But they don’t think someone would let them back or want them back. If you ask us, that’s pretty ridiculous.

Leaving a Bad Soulmate Relationship
               Leaving a Bad Soulmate Relationship

If you wind up leaving a bad soulmate relationship because your soulmate won’t get with the program, how is it your fault you left? Are you implying your soulmate is too stupid to know their behavior wasn’t pushing you away? And that eventually you might leave? Your soulmate isn’t that stupid, they know they deserve to have you leave them.

The truth of the matter is you don’t believe your soulmate will care if you wind up leaving. So you’re insecure. You believe they will be happy without you and move on quickly to someone else. That alone is enough of a reason to leave.

So why on earth do you stay in a relationship that makes you feel that way? How could you be that stupid to think you will stay together if your soulmate doesn’t care if you end it?



The longer you stay, the less attractive you will become to your soulmate. When you allow someone to treat you badly, it doesn’t make them respect you. And it doesn’t prove your love for them. It makes them see you as their victim. They will you as insecure. And someone they can’t take seriously. Their treatment of you will only get worse.

You may think if you stay they’ll wake up one day and realize how important you are to them. Well, how many days have you given them already to test your theory? What are you going to do to wake them up?

Sometimes leaving a bad soulmate relationship can remind someone how much they need you. Leaving doesn’t always mean you have to end the relationship. You can physically leave, by being less affectionate. Or you can emotionally withdraw as a way of leaving. By focusing more on yourself you make your soulmate’s nonsense less of a priority. Withdrawing ,or pulling back your attention, can be an effective way of leaving. It could be as simple as not initiating contact or begging to see them.

At some point, leaving a bad soulmate relationship could be the best thing that happens to you as a couple. Sometimes it’s the lesson your soulmate needs to learn to move forward in a more positive and healthy way. You will learn from this experience as well.


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  1. This was very interesting and can relate to being treated very poorly by whom I blv to be either SM or TF. Nevertheless, I’ll be completely honest tho. I did not put up with any kind of mistreatment , and wld call her on everything. Of course, she wld always become defensive, downplay, be deflective and disappear always. I cannot even begin to tell you how much time and energy I put into her and exhaustively explaining thoroughly why it is that I’m upset. Going thru with a fine tooth comb as I am a truth seeker and my determination, and perseverance to get her to confront and own up for just once? To face the ugliness shes displayed? Nothing. There was almost no admission to her mis-behavior of me despite telling me after 6 months smthng remarkably significant. This after me going thru so many dwnspirals and being blamed for becoming so egotistical. After an initial very strong most unbelievably period of time that begun with me coming across her online. I felt such a magnetism towards her and thought I knew her! Recognized her yet living 2200 mi away I knew there was no way. I wanna try to summarize as much as I can. Anyways, I sent her msg. We begun talking and not long she tried to leave saying its pointless. I challenged her immediately telling her yes you shldnt and go about living yo mundane life up there and playing it safe,and I’m sure it won’t haunt you. She cried all night thinking my God he’s right.

    Anyways, she had told me abt what was known to be the very 1st syncronistic occurrence some 3 months later tho. She wasn’t much for 1 to expose or tell me practically anything that was meaningful ,and this a big thematic existence. She told me she really felt compelled after I sent her a msg with me saying yes indeedy within it. I have no idea where that came from as I have never said that or texted it. We “met” on her grandmothers bday she been passed on for while,and those 2 words yes indeedy were what her nanny wld say . I am a talker and I am a risk taker I have a huge heart I do wear my emotions on my sleeve and this woman so mesmerized by me and my ways? Fascinated really and this was so unreal to me cuz for me? I had become so frustrated at time with locals on site hadn’t even realized I had ventured looking around the entire US really just yearning conversation. I was heard. She told me she cld listen,well read forever it seemed. My transperancy and being so vulnerable only felt good and I hadn’t thought for 1 sec abt how she felt or what she felt as I was on cloud nine engaging in such amazing endless convo. She ultimately told me that her father had left when she was young. He died from schorrisis of liver when she was young I’m not sure what age but told me she didn’t shed a tear for him. She told me she cannot accept love from a man and doesn’t kno either to show emotion or she doesn’t have. She’s told me both kinda or runs from it when she may feel scared. Everything really changed after that. I relapsed as I have drug addiction and depression issue and made half ass attempts at suicide but was really just to get her attention. Finally, after 2 yrs this past Than giving she faced her fear and we met. Prior she told me she knows there is no way that she’ll eva live up to what I’ve imagined thought and felt. I thought that was unfair but so was me telling her. She was a challenge but it was so much more than what I had imagined as it was magical. I went to visit her again 2 more xs but every time I come bck its the same patterns. On my part and her misbehavior of me. I blv she cldnt figa out a way to leave and wld try to sabotage constantly having me be the “bad guy” to lessen the guilt. Too many games and too much selfishness,self absorption I had truly had enough and asked her if she blvs she knows whom she is? Ohh of course I do,and I asked her so is this you here? Can you take any ownership or will you deny and say that you’ve done nothing wrong. That your communication is smthng that you are proud of? No response. Nothing. She just disappears allllll the time. This was what I blv to be the very last time becuz I am struggling and I kno she instinctively knows and also becuz she is so afraid of how deep our connection is despite the dysfunctional ways I take a lot of responsibility as well. Anyways, she sent me email saying not a day goes by that I am not there along with two pictures. 1 an angel flower vase I gave her and the other a painting my mom did whom passed in 95′. She went on to say that she needs time. A big chunk of it to find tranquility internally and externally. To bask in it. Let the pieces fall where they may fall. Walk with a pocketful of Grumption and a smile too. I have no problem remembering cuz I reread things she tell me. I told her that I want her to know smthng. Know that we’ve met before and that we will again. Next lifetime and perhaps more thereafter. That is it. Its been a week now and it’s been hell.


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