Kindred Spirits are Valuable Relationships

There is a difference between kindred spirits, soulmates, twin flames and karmic relationships. We have all experienced relationships or friendships, male and female alike, where you feel a certain close bond. You share many of the same interests, styles, colors, favorite movies and hobbies. You have many of the same attitudes and opinions about things. Together you will laugh, smile or cry. You connect on many topics of conversation. You have a bond and feel very comfortable and at ease being around them. More than likely you are close friends, even best friends and you have a lot to share with each other. You feel a close bond with them because you are kindred spirits.


Kindred Spirits are Valuable Relationships in Our Lives
Kindred Spirits 

Kindred spirits are earth bound relationships, although there is probably a spiritual component to your relationship. Additionally there could be some karma to work out with a kindred spirit. But these relationships are not as karmically heavy as soulmate or twin flame relationships. The connection with kindred spirits can certainly be deep, especially if you have a very close friendship with someone. But for the most part, kindred spirits are relationships we formed after birth. Usually during our adolescence and adulthood as we navigate around the planet meeting people with whom we click.

When we have friendships, or relationships with kindred spirits we have a strong connection. They are similar in fact to a soulmate connection. For instance, let’s say your best friend calls you one day out of the blue. But you have been thinking about them for several minutes. And she asks you what is wrong. You reply nothing at all but why did you call me. Don’t be surprised if she says that she had a strong urge to call you for the past several minutes. This is about the same amount of time you had been thinking about her.


Kindred spirits don’t always have to be platonic relationships. They can also be romantic in nature. If they are romantic in nature we can often confuse them for soulmate or twin flame relationships. Kindred spirit relationships usually do not come with the massive undertaking of learning life lessons as described in soulmate relationships. There can of course, due to the karmic nature of the kindred spirit, be spiritual growth. But usually not the type that brings the challenges of soulmate relationships.

Likewise, soulmate and twin flame relationships are also different. Many confuse soulmate and twin flame relationships, but there are many differences. Many people believe twin flame relationships have to be more difficult than soulmate relationships. They hold on to the notion of the twin flame runner.¬† But we believe that is more of a myth. If soulmates and twin flames are constantly running from each other, making everyone miserable, what is the point? Does the Universe really never want us to have a relationship that can actually come together? No, we don’t think so.

Regardless of you connection to another soul, kindred spirit, soulmate or twin flame, they will all bring value to your lives. They encourage you to grow and evolve into a better you.

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Originally posted on 05/22/2013 @ 8:42 am