Is Your Soulmate the One Who Got Away?

Is your soulmate the one who got away? Have you lost your soulmate and feel you will never find a connection with another person like the one with your soulmate?

We hear from many people, all the time, who refer to their soul mate as “the one who got away”. Sometimes you may have mistaken a false soulmate as the one who got away. They may have seemed like a soulmate, when in fact there was just strong chemistry between you. Over time, the relationship would have evolved, and the intensity would have diminished. The relationship would have eventually ended as it should have.

Is Your Soulmate the One Who Got Away?

Is Your Soulmate the One Who Got Away?

But when a relationship with a false soulmate ends early on, it is very easy for people to believe that was their soulmate. They think of what could have been. They over glamorize it and think of how perfect it would be. They never really knew this person because the relationship did not last very long. They only experienced the honeymoon phase of the relationship, and didn’t get a chance to see their true colors.

They measure every new person that enters their life against this amazing connection they think they had with the one who got away. It makes it hard, if not impossible, for them to move on.

Now, if the person truly was a soulmate, there is a good chance they are not gone. Since the connection always remains between soulmates, these relationships can be rekindled (If both parties are willing) at any time. It doesn’t matter if they have gotten into other relationships. It doesn’t matter how much time has gone by. Some soulmates have reconnected after decades apart. None of those details are important, because when soulmates are both ready and willing to reconnect, what happened in the past no longer matters.

Soulmates can overcome any obstacle that they choose to. There is nothing wrong with holding people to a higher standard and being choosy about the people you allow into your life. If you had a soulmate that left your life and refuse to accept anything less, there is nothing wrong with that. If it is your soulmate’s fault that the relationship ended, and they never got their act together spiritually, the universe will not reward them with another soulmate. But, they will reward you with another one.

So even though you may not believe it, or cannot imagine it, the one that got away may not be the best one for you. Allow the universe to bring that person into your life. Don’t shut the door to that possibility, especially when it can lead you to your true soulmate and life partner.

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