Is Your Soulmate Lifting You Up or Bringing You Down?

Is your soulmate lifting you up? Soulmates should be lifting each other up, not bringing you down. The problem is when it comes to soul connections it’s either one extreme or the other. A soulmate connection forms so that each could go higher together than they would apart. They should bring out the best in one another and support each other to achieve all they can in this lifetime.


Although soulmates should be lifting each other up, they can easily bring each other down to depths they never thought they would reach. In almost all cases, soulmate relationships take one of two paths. Path one is where the soulmates accept and respect their connection. And they’re thankful and appreciative of it. They make changes and grow to better themselves and the reward is a stronger, more evolved relationship. This occurs when soulmates are lifting each other up.

Is Your Soulmate Lifting You Up
Is Your Soulmate Lifting You Up

Path two, which is the most common path, is filled with drama. A soulmate can take their connection and use it as an excuse to fail the lessons they’re to learn. The lessons are repeated, and the couple continues to fail. All the while they’re in a dysfunctional relationship that just keeps getting worse and worse.

All soulmate relationships have the ability to take the first path. When one soulmate setsĀ out on that path, in almost every case, the other soulmate will follow them. What usually happens though is one soulmate takes the wrong path and sadly the other soulmate follows them.


Soulmate relationships are the most significant relationships of our lives. They impact everything. The spiritual connection and it’s significance should be treated with respect and honor. If it’s not, there will be no reward. If you find yourself in a soulmate relationship that has taken the wrong path, you should be able to see quite clearly the negative effect it has on other areas of your life. But if you’re on the right path, even if your soulmate has not followed you,things in your life will continue to improve. If your soulmate isn’t following the right path with you, their entire lives will suffer because of it.

Sometimes you have to let your soulmate take a different path. As long as you’re doing the right thing, things will go well for you. Trust and believe the same will not be said for your soulmate. Don’t think you will be the miserable one while they go off and live this happy wonderful life, regardless of their social media propaganda. The universe does not reward bad behavior.

If you believe in soulmates, you should also believe in karma as well. When someone is ungrateful, or acts horribly toward the soulmate gift they have been given, they’re not rewarded for that? It doesn’t make any sense. Karma may not come right away. You may not get to see the karma delivered to that person. But it will most certainly come at some point in their lives.

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