Is Your Soulmate Ignoring You?

If your soulmate is ignoring you, it’s a tough place to be. Soulmates can bring more joy in our lives than we ever thought possible. They can also bring more drama and pain. When soulmates first meet there is an over abundance of communication and spending time together. But sadly this honeymoon period usually doesn’t last forever. You may actually reach a time where you have less communication with your soulmate, and you will feel you are being completely ignored.


Has your soulmate been ignoring you? Is he not paying you enough attention?  Has your soulmate taken you for granted, or just disappeared? A soulmate can sabotage a relationship by ignoring their partner knowing it will create drama. Some soulmates purposely ignore their partners feelings and words. This allows them to emotionally and physically distance themselves from the relationship. Why is your soulmate ignoring you? Is this just a phase you are going through, or is there another agenda here?

Is Your Soulmate Ignoring You?

Is Your Soulmate Ignoring You?

People go through moods, cycles, and can get stuck in a rut. Your soulmate may be ignoring you because they are looking to pick a fight. Perhaps they are angry about something you have either said or done. Your soulmate could be ignoring you because they’re focused on other things. Sometimes when people are too focused on one thing, they ignore other important parts of their lives, especially if they do not have the ability to multi-task.


This could just be a phase you’re going through. The problem could be temporary and vanish just as quickly as it began. However, it could be also be the beginning of bigger issues and concerns. Soulmates are not perfect people in perfect relationships.

Soulmates have a tendency to bring out the best and the worst in one another. The intense connection often gives a false sense of security. Soulmates can and do break up for good. Soulmates can act out and behave badly. The love and connection a couple feels for each another can help them weather the storm. But sometimes even that is not enough. So what is the real reason your soulmate has decided to ignore you and what, if anything, should you do about it?

If your soulmate has been ignoring you for several days, or even longer, you should call them out on it. Ask them what issue is causing them to behave they way they are towards you. Try and talk it out and work it out, rather than go along with your partners passive-aggressive way of handling things. That will ultimately condone their bad behavior. If you don’t get an answer you like, it may be an excuse they make up in the moment to keep peace between you. At that point they are unwilling to tell you the truth, so talking is useless. Now would be a good time for you to ignore them. Until they are willing to deal with you like an adult, treat them like the child they are behaving like and give them a time out.

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