Is Your Soulmate Cheating on You?

Is your soulmate cheating on you? Do you suspect, but don’t have proof, your soulmate may be cheating with someone else? Soulmate relationships are different that most relationships. But that doesn’t mean a soulmate won’t cheat. As a matter of fact it’s one of the top ten soulmate relationship issues. It’s sad that even relationships with a soul connection have problems with infidelity. So what should you do if your soulmate is cheating on you?


The first thing anyone is going to feel is anger and betrayal because your soulmate has been lying to you. You feel both anger and betrayal because you still love them. You may be ready to walk away for good. And if you are, that’s your choice.You have free will. But what if you still want to give the relationship a try?

Is Your Soulmate Cheating on You?
Is Your Soulmate Cheating on You?

In order for it to work going forward, your soulmate must be willing to earn back your trust. That means they first have to admit to cheating. Then they have to cut all ties to the person they’re cheating with. If they say they’re confused, or don’t know which one of you they want to be with, let them go. Don’t stick around while they decide. And don’t compete to be the one they choose. That will do nothing but make them lose all respect for you.  And it teaches them they can have both of you at one time.


It may be the hardest thing you ever do. But you have to take a stand. Your soulmate needs to know it’s time to decide. And decide now, or it is over. The worst thing you can do is beg them to choose you or plead your case why they should choose you.

If your soulmate is willing to cut ties with the person they cheated with, they need to give you access to their phone, email and social media. There needs to be total transparency. They have to understand that you’re going to want to keep tabs on them and that you’re not going to trust them for a long, long time. This will also require setting boundaries in your relationship. 

They created this lack of trust and they must put forth effort to create trust again. This will help your process of forgiving them. You will never forget they cheated, but you may be able to forgive them. You both need to understand that even though you will try to put it behind you, the subject may come up again when triggered.

Soulmates, like any other couple, can survive cheating. But they can’t get past it unless both are willing to put in the effort. One person can’t fix the damage cheating creates. So if you caught your soulmate cheating on you, take the right steps to either walk away for good, or stop this destructive behavior for good.

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