Is the Pain a Soulmate Causes Worth it?

Emotional pain and turmoil are present in most soulmate relationships. The soulmates themselves determine the degree of pain. The universe does not set up the soulmates to endure pain due to their connection, but to grow and thrive thanks to it. If soulmates are resistant to change or taking a more spiritual path, they are destined for a difficult soulmate experience.


Soulmates are not supposed to hurt one another, or turn their backs one another. They are supposed to aid each other on their spiritual journeys and support one another’s growth. If they do that, they grow spiritually. And their relationship blossoms and thrives. If they act out, or enable one another, the drama that they create causes tremendous amounts of pain. It is up to them how much love and how much pain their go through on their soulmate journey.

Is the Pain a Soulmate Causes Worth it?
Is the Pain a Soulmate Causes Worth it?

You may be ready for a soulmate. You may be ready to hold your soulmate and yourself to a higher, spiritual standard. But your soulmate may not be ready to embrace your connection. They may be operating more from a place of fear and not faith. They may sabotage your soulmate relationship by acting out. They may freak out so much they become a soulmate runner.


None of that is your fault. Yet the pain your soulmate is putting you through is excruciating. Is it worth it? The thing is, all soulmate relationships can be wonderful, amazing relationships. So they all can work out. The problem is, there is only so much you can do. You can’t force your soulmate to accept the connection. Or be ready for it.

Nor can your force or convince them to want the same kind of relationship that you want. The only thing you can do is do the right thing for yourself. That is what the connection was for in the first place. Learning those lessons and growing from them is definitely worth it. It’s not worth repeating your mistakes or enabling your soulmate to treat you like crap.


If you’re going to sink to a lower level to keep your soulmate in your life than no, it is not worth it. Take the opportunity the universe gave you to come from a place of faith in the universe and yourself. Then it will all be worth it in the end. Stop worrying about losing your soulmate, and realize you lost yourself along the way.

Get your self-respect, your dignity and your sanity back. Tell yourself that no relationship is worth destroying yourself. And stop allowing it. In most cases, doing that forces your soulmate to change. You have shown them they are no longer to repeat their mistakes, and that it is time they learned their lesson. It makes them see you differently, in a better light, and they then aspire to be better and do better. When you realize you are worth it, they realize you are too. Don’t change for the worse for your soulmate, instead let them change for the better for you.

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