Instability in Soulmate Relationships

Instability seems to be a common problem in soulmate relationships. And that’s due to the challenging nature these relationships often bring into our lives. If you are in soulmate relationship, or have been in one in the past, we can pretty much guarantee there was instability at some point in your relationship.


One of the most common ways a soulmate relationship becomes unstable is when one or both partners are have issues with the connection. Many people find it weird and unsettling to experience a union in ways they have never experienced. The feelings and synchronicity are unexplainable. And perhaps even foreign, because they are unlike anything felt before.

It’s hard to deal with these feelings when they are new to you. It makes many question their own sanity. So it’s easy to see why soulmates often resort to simply denying the connection exists. The instability remains until the soulmate works through and accepts the connection. This is when the foundation of the relationship suffers.


Instability in Soulmate Relationships
Instability in Soulmate Relationships

Usually when a soulmate is in denial they often become a runner. Everything can be perfect in your relationship. But the soulmate will still run like hell. In some cases they will drop off the face of the earth, out of the blue. And without even a warning or conversation.

All communication ceases. And they refuse to see you and may even can block you from social media. This is when the soulmate relationship should be building a strong foundation. But the resisting of the bond creates instability, causing the relationship to go into soulmate limbo.

Soulmates are often very fiery. And both their love and their arguments will be infused with passion. The levels of love and affection are often matched by the levels of acting out and fighting. Disagreeing also causes a lot of instability in the relationship. They do things to each other that people who love each other could never do. On the flip side, they forgive each other for behaviors that others would seem unforgivable.


They may be struggling with the intensity of the relationship. So it’s very possible they understand what the other is going through. Since many do not want to lose their soulmate, they let them get away with anything and everything. They’re afraid if they take a stand, and air out their differences in more healthy ways, their soulmate will leave. And they don’t understand, no matter how many times we explain it, that if they allow bad behavior without consequences, it will be recurring. And become much worse.

This causes the relationship stagnate. And this instability does a lot of damage. What they’re trying to save, they are actually causing to deteriorate. Their worst fear, losing their soulmate, is going to manifest. All because they won’t do the right thing for themselves and the relationship.

When a relationship is unhealthy it gets to a point where it is mostly negative and ends. In every relationship a couple is supposed to set healthy boundaries and enforce them. If they don’t, the relationship gets more and more dysfunctional and unstable. It has no choice but to eventually come crashing down around them. Drama, acting out, cheating and game playing are all causes of soulmate instability. Those bad behaviors and actions need to be changed or the relationship will never be the harmonious one they both know it can be.


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