How Strong is a Soulmate Connection

How strong a your soulmate connection? That is like trying to answer how red is rose. No matter how you try to describe it with words, it does not do justice to the deep, intense connection felt between two soulmates.


Those that have longed to meet their soulmate and believed they were fully prepared for  them even find themselves surprised. Soulmates usually experience an instantaneous bond. That bond is never broken. You will never resonate as deeply to anyone as you do through a soulmate connection. That is not to say you cannot love anyone else, or truly care about anyone else. You can, but in a different way.

You can feel love and a connection to your family for instance. But there is something extra about those you feel the closest too. With a soulmate you connect on a soul level. It is not a superficial attraction. It is not simply because you find them attractive. You feel the chemistry between the two of you. Yes, you can find your soulmate attractive, but you can find people that are not soulmates attractive too.

A soulmate connection is not just about sex, money, or any of those things. It is a sense of comfort and excitement rolled into one. Although it feels familiar and comfortable to you in a way, it also feels new and exhilarating as well.

With a soulmate, you pick up on each others thoughts and emotions. You do not need to see them to know they had a bad day, you can feel it. You may suddenly have an urge to have something to eat that you have not eaten in ages. Suddenly your soulmate says “Know what I am in the mood to eat?”? The same thing you were craving.


How Strong is a Soulmate Connection
How Strong is a Soulmate Connection

You will find synchronicity in your lives that are astounding on many levels. The one party you finally allowed your friends to go to will be the one party they came as a plus one after they were begged to. The one time you are both late to work, one had to take a detour, and the other forgot their coffee mug at home, is when you will both wind up meeting in the same coffee shop.

You will have many of the same experiences in life that creates a level of understanding and empathy like never before.

All of these things, and more, create an environment of intimacy that you cannot reach with anyone else. You will be more vulnerable to your soulmate than anyone else. Your life is on overdrive: your joy, your love, sex, you name it.


The problem though is that the opposite is true as well. No one can cause pain the same way a soulmate can. They can be both a blessing and a curse.

A soulmate connection cannot be broken, regardless of what someone says. The universe connected the two of you, period. The connection remains even when you are  no longer in each other’s lives.

The connection my become muted, and you can move on and find happiness without them. But the connection is there, it’s just not a channel you have left open.

Think of it like turning off your cable tv. Your house is wired for them to just flip a switch to turn it on and off. Turning the cable off, still keeps the house connected to cable tv. You’re just not receiving anything from that connection anymore.

So if you have a soulmate you wish to move on from, don’t worry about being stuck and unable to move forward. You don’t have to focus on the cutting the connection. But you must learn to mute it.

You can hate your sister and never want them in your life again. Fine, ignore them, but don’t waste your time trying to alter your DNA. Your DNA is your DNA. But that doesn’t mean you should be present in their lives.

Only soulmates can screw up their relationship. It’s never the fault of anyone else. No one can come between them if they stand strong together. Together they can take on anything life, or anyone, throws at them. It is when they are working against one another that the relationship suffers and they may be forced to separate.

Every soulmate relationship has the opportunity to work out if both parties work at it. That’s not true in just any relationship, but it is for soulmates. Since soulmate connections are so strong, so intense, they allow each member to open themselves up to deeper, more spiritually meaningful relationships. Soulmates will do almost anything and everything for one another. They can be each others champion and hero. 

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