Has Your Soulmate Made You Depressed?

Has your soulmate made you depressed? When you meet your soulmate, you think you finally found “the one”. You imagine it will be smooth sailing from now on. Your last thought is that the relationship will make you depressed. You thought when you got together your interactions would be filled with nothing but romance and happiness. There’s a strong connection between you and the chemistry is unbelievable. You never imagined feeling like this. And you know this relationship is something different in a good way.


But now you feel you’re being tortured, and you can’t understand what’s going on. Soulmates aren’t supposed to make you depressed, right? Your soulmate should lift you up, support you, and take you to higher levels, shouldn’t they? But in order to take you to higher levels, change has to occur.

Has Your Soulmate Made You Depressed?
Has Your Soulmate Made You Depressed?

Rarely is change easy. And change is also often painful. Getting to the soulmate high takes some hard work. Being depressed sometimes comes along for the ride. You may think you’re excusing bad behavior and taking the high road. But you’re actually doing the opposite. When something comes up between you and your soulmate it’s one of your tests. Something is being revealed about both of you that needs change to improve your relationship.

If you let it go, and your soulmate thinks they’re getting away with it, you both fail. When you don’t do something to help the relationship, you’re hurting it. These tests are going to show up. And they will repeat themselves until you both learn. Your soulmate may have made you depressed, but you probably assisted in that. You may be responsible in some way, shape or form. Let change start with you.



Some people in soulmate relationships feel depressed because they feel powerless. They don’t know how to stop the actions or words their soulmate uses to hurt them. They feel unable to make it stop. So they’re miserable and depressed. If you keep doing or saying the same thing, as your reaction to those words and actions, the dynamic will never change. You’re not powerless. But you are afraid to do something different.

It’s your fear that is controlling you, not your soulmate. Fearful people feel powerless. They also feel depressed. Take your power back and get rid of your fear. In doing so, you may also begin the process of getting rid of your depression as well. You should also see changes for the better in your relationship. You may get resistance at first, but stay strong. And allow positive changes to occur for you and your soulmate. Make the required effort, instead of the same thing that never works. And only makes things worse.

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  1. ive been searching for my soulmate..i think ive found him but he is a twin flamea
    and and not even aware.he is trapped in a disbelief of who he once was how do i help him break free he is struggling horribly


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