Has Your Soulmate Forgotten You?

Has your soulmate forgotten you? Have they left you behind and forgotten all about the relationship? It’s tough to move on from any relationship. But moving on from a soulmate relationship is way harder. Your soul connection and shared journey is not something that will be easily forgotten.


It is pretty much impossible that your soulmate will ever forget you. You share memories that can’t be replicated. It’s such a rare connection, never to be duplicated. That’s not something someone can just put into the recesses of their mind and simply forget about. Soulmates often separate and can go through very long periods of time without talking, texting or sharing their lives in any way.

But does that mean they’ve forgotten a soulmate? No, of course not. Soulmates don’t forget each other. We can act like we have but that doesn’t mean we truly do. We can live our lives and even find happiness in other things. Just because someone is not acting completely miserable 24-hours a day doesn’t mean they have put their soulmate completely out of their mind or their heart.

Think of all the experiences you enjoyed most in your life. Do you think you would forget them just because you don’t think of them every single day? You won’t. Because any extreme experience you have, good or bad, is going to be one of the hardest things in your entire life to forget.


Try to think about one of your exes who was not your soulmate. You know, the one that hurt you the most. The one that treated you the worst. And the one who cheated, lied or disappeared for no good reason. The one that may have played games with your head and your emotions. Didn’t forget about them, did you?

Of course you haven’t forgotten the worst of the worst. Well it’s the same thing with the best of the best. You will remember them, and they will remember you as well. Outside appearances may make you think they’ve forgotten you, but looks can be deceiving. People are very good at creating an image of happiness. But the truth is on the inside, not the outside.

We have all seen pictures of happy celebrity couples and are shocked when they announce they’re divorcing. They seemed so happy, didn’t they? Obviously they weren’t, or they wouldn’t be divorcing. But, to the outside world, smiling for the camera and posting cheerful loving words on social media, they seemed to be the perfect couple.

If celebrities can do it, so can anyone else. So if you see your soulmate on social media and they look happy or in a new relationship, don’t assume they’ve forgotten you. If you haven’t forgotten your soulmate after all this time, why should you think they’ve forgotten you?



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