Has Your Soulmate Been Misleading You?

Has your soulmate been misleading you? Has your soulmate, for instance, been misleading you about being single? There are many ways a soulmate can mislead you, and different reasons for doing so. It’s just as important why they’re misleading as the fact that they’re doing it in the first place. No one wants to find out, after meeting and falling for their soulmate, that their soulmate is lying about being single.


Some soulmates meet when one or both is in a relationship, or married to someone else.  And they may not be forthcoming about their true relationship status. The initial soulmate meeting is overwhelming. And they’re afraid to lose the opportunity to engage with you by telling the truth. They will tell the truth at some point. But they’re so caught up in what is happening in the moment they won’t, for fear of ending this magical connection.

Has Your Soulmate Been Misleading You?
Has Your Soulmate Been Misleading You?

Is it the right thing to do? No, it’s manipulative and omitting the truth. Soulmate connections catch so many people unaware that they do some crazy, and shady, things to keep the connection flowing. The soulmate this happens to can understand to a certain degree, but they’re devastated when they learn the truth of the situation. They don’t see it coming.


Can they trust them again? Can they believe anything they say anymore? If they mislead you about something like that, is anything they say true? For all the reasons a soulmate may think it’s a good idea to lie, or omit major details about their life, the results can wind up spiraling their relationship out of whack.

What if a soulmate is separated and heading toward divorce then reveal they’re going to try to work on their relationship, instead of going forward with the divorce? This happens a lot. The first thing you should realize is that your soulmate is once again misleading you. They’re not really going to try to work on their relationship. Then again, it’s better to begin dating them after their divorce.

They don’t love that person anymore. They may have agreed to try to work it out, but their heart’s not in it. There is another reason they decide not to end their marriage. It could be fear or it could be a stall tactic. There are numerous reasons people stay in horrible relationships. But don’t be fooled into thinking they really don’t have any feelings for you anymore and suddenly are in love with the person they were going to divorce.

The bottom line is even soulmates can wind up misleading you. The thing you need to remember is that the reason why they did it just as important, and you need to find out what that is.

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