Grieving the Loss of a Soulmate

Grieving the loss of a soulmate is one of the most painful experience person can go through. It is bad enough when a soulmate runs out on you or when you go through a break-up. You do not know when or if they will ever come back. The situation seems hopeless, but there is still a chance for reconciliation. But what about when a soulmate dies?

Losing a soulmate is one of the worst experiences you will ever have. Because the connection is so deep and meaningful between soulmates, the grief is debilitating. It feels as though life has lost its meaning, and as if a part of you has died as well. How can a person move past their grieving to move forward when the desire to do so alone isn’t there?

When you have been blessed with the gift of a soulmate relationship, it is hard to fathom life without them. You feel sad and depressed in an overwhelming way. Grieving seems to take over every minute of every day. Then you switch to feeling angry at the drop of a hat. There will be a period of shock, disbelief, and during this time you may feel empty and numb.

Grieving the Loss of a Soulmate
Grieving the Loss of a Soulmate

Sadly, this is all to be expected, because having loved as much as soulmates do in life, they grieve just as hard in the event one of the soulmates passes on. It is going to take a very long time to find a way to cope with the loss they have experienced. As with any loss of a loved one, there will be stages that one must go through. The closer we are to someone, the more painful it is when we lose them.

Soulmates are connected on a deep level, so grieving from the loss is as deep. When soulmates come together they often speak of how they feel as if they met their other half, and now feel whole again. Now they feel as though half of them is gone, and they do not feel as though they can go on without that other half. Their life feels somehow incomplete.

Soulmates need to take their time to accept their loss, and find a way to live as an individual again. It will, at first, seem almost impossible to find meaning in life without their soulmate. But eventually, with time, they will find meaning and pursue happiness again. Some may choose to live out their lives alone, some may not. Each soulmate must follow their own path, and continue their journey in a way that feels right on a soul level for them.

They could choose to honor their soulmate relationship by continuing the good works they may have done together. Some may write a book about their experience. Some may decide to do the things they always wanted to do with their soulmate but were not able to. There is no wrong answer here.

Every person has the right to move forward and choose to live out their lives in whatever way they choose. If you have a soulmate that has passed on and can offer advice so someone who may be reading this, please leave a comment below. Your comments may offer comfort or guidance to someone in need.

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