Free Will and Soulmate Relationships

Free will still comes into play in soulmate relationships. We all have free will. God gave it to us so that we can make the choices we want to make for our lives.


Soulmates have the right to exercise their own free will to decide whether or not they choose to remain in the relationship. There have been many times when clients have asked how soulmate relationships play out when free will comes into play. This is a catch-22. Because we have to consider it within the framework of soulmate contracts we make with each other.

Since it is a soulmate relationship, there is a predetermined agreement you make to meet during this life time. You decide this prior to coming onto the planet. You and your soulmates agree to meet during a lifetime to provide lessons and personal growth. And this soul advancement assists you during your journey on Earth.

So soulmate meetings are predetermined using divine timing. You can, however, delay your meeting through your courses of action as well as other life decisions you make. This is where we see free will in motion. They can be a delay. Or the meeting could take place at a different location. Or under a different set of circumstances. But the two soulmates would still meet.


Free Will and Soulmate Relationships
Free Will and Soulmate Relationships

When there is a soulmate contract between two souls, the two souls are bound. For example, Suzy and Bill have a soulmate contract to meet on May 1, 2021. They are set to cross paths at McDonald’s at the airport in Austin, Texas. But Bill decides, on a whim through exercising his free will, to extend his Belize vacation a few days. He is having the time of his scuba diving. Does this mean they missed their opportunity to meet? Nope! I just means that their meeting will take place at a later time.

Bill and Suzy are soulmates. They have a contract to meet and begin a romantic relationship. This part of their destiny is etched in stone. While everyone has free will to decide the course of action they will take in their daily lives, a soul contract is one of those karmic agreements that has a path of destiny attached to it.



When destiny is attached to your meeting, you will meet. You just may not know when and how. Because you both exercise your free will and make choices along the path of your life. It will happen according to the divine plan.  A soulmate contract provides several different options in terms of meeting each other. You can’t force it to be fit into one time slot. Doing so will violate your free will. You will meet. So relax and do something fun for awhile.

Do you want to know how free will could possibly affect your soulmate relationship? Do you need to know if your soulmate could exercise their free will and decide to permanently end your relationship or use their free will to come back to you? A psychic soulmate reading with soulmate psychics Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise can reveal any free will decisions your soulmate could made concerning your relationship. But don’t worry, it will also reveal any free will decisions of your own that you could be making that you may not yet know about. Knowing what to expect in your soulmate relationship keeps you prepared for what is coming and keeps you on track as your soulmate works through their own issues.


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