Emotional Intimacy in Soulmate Relationships

Soulmates reach a deeper level of emotional intimacy than other relationships. The deep spiritual connection between soulmates allows them to open up and be vulnerable to one another. Soulmates share this deep emotional intimacy with each other more than with other people in their lives.

Usually this happens right away. So many soulmates experience an immediate feeling of safety between themselves and their soulmate. They share their life experiences, the good and the bad, very shortly after meeting. They tell each other things they have never revealed to anyone before. It just “feels right”.


Emotional Intimacy in Soulmate Relationships
Emotional Intimacy in Soulmate Relationships

Communication can go to places where they can reveal their true selves without fear as they feel safe talking in the connection. They are not afraid to talk about these things and share these parts of their lives. Instead they feel a sense of relief they can be themselves and feel understood. Their insecurities about doing so have gone out the window. They feel secure in emotional intimacy with this soul connection. This is, of course, before the mind clicks back and attempts to bring back those fears. It is at this time the reality of the connection is tested and soulmate denial can begin to surface. 

Soulmates are very curious about learning everything they can about each other. They want to know everything about them, and usually in a rush to find out everything they can  This is why soulmates can talk for hours about everything and anything. Along the way they find many synchronicities about each other, and many shared experiences they have had.


They find out what they have in common and are willing to be open to their differences. Soulmates share each other’s hobbies even if they have never been interested in those things before. They are willing to try and see if they enjoy them too. Soulmates willingly support things their soulmate is passionate about. They may discover they share in altruistic passions as well. For instance, they may share a common goal about cleaning up the beaches. As a couple they will spend their free time doing that together and making a difference in the environment. Twin flames are not the only relationships that contribute to the greater good.

Emotional intimacy is created from communication and actions. They reach amazing emotional intimacy levels when it comes to sex as the souls urge to merge. It almost becomes a new experience for them, and out of this world experience. Many soulmates say “This is what it is really supposed to be like.” It feels like having sex for the first time, because the sexual chemistry is so off the chart.

Soulmates have been given a unique gift to connect on a soul level and experience emotional intimacy in a fulfilling way.

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