Does Your Soulmate Want a Divorce?

Divorce can happen in soulmate relationships, although that’s hard to believe. When you met your soulmate you knew deep down that this was the person you were going to spend the rest of your life with. You went through so much together. The good times were better than you could ever imagine. The bad times were rough. But your soulmate connection helped keep you together. You thought there was nothing you and your soul\mate couldn’t get through. When you married your soulmate, you really believed in forever. You never imagined your soulmate would want a divorce. You didn’t see this coming. How did it ever come to this?


Believe it or not, some soulmates do get divorced. Just because you marry doesn’t mean your marriage is protected by some invisible source. We all, as humans, have free will, and your soulmate’s free will may have them seeking a divorce. Whether or not the divorce goes though, or they change their mind at some point, is another story all together. Sometimes, when marriages are going through a rough patch, even soulmates consider divorce. The strains of life, such as money, job loss or illness can be taken out on the marriage even though the marriage didn’t cause the strain.

Does Your Soulmate Want a Divorce?
Does Your Soulmate Want a Divorce?

Wanting to change one’s life suddenly can make someone feel they must abandon the life they are currently living. That kind of thing can even happen in soulmate marriages. Your soulmate could be going through a mid-life crisis. The soulmate you knew and loved so well may now be acting like a completely different person. You may barely even recognize them and feel like you’re living with a stranger. Will your soulmate snap out of this and come back to you? Or has your soulmate truly changed into this person that is alien to you? Sometimes, sadly, the soulmate seeks a new life journey and leaves their soulmate behind. Others do come to their senses and return, even after a divorce is final.


Your soulmate could want a divorce for all the wrong reasons. For instance, they could be on the wrong path, and become an alcoholic. Their alcoholism could be causing major problems in your marriage. Your soulmate may want a divorce because you are against their constant drinking and the behavior that comes with it. Their disease can be so strong they think it’s easier to let you go than let go of the alcohol. Their alcohol addiction is why they want a divorce, not because you are no longer soulmates. In a case like this, you have let them hit rock bottom and seek help without you. You could enlist their friends and family to have an intervention. But your soulmate may not be ready to break their addiction. It is hard to watch your soulmate self destruct, but the choice to do so, unfortunately, is theirs.

Your soulmate may have found a new love interest and wants a divorce. And yes, this even happens to soulmates. It could be coming from ego, complacency, age, so many things. This is one of the toughest things for soulmates to go through. So what should you do when your soulmate wants a divorce? Should you give in and make it easy on them? Should you fight your soulmate and make it very difficult for them to divorce you? It depends on the soulmate couple and what is best for them in the long run. Each situation is different. Let yourself get over the initial shock of the impending divorce. Then try to come from a place of logic and try to keep your emotions in check. Although your soulmate has free will, you don’t have to go along with it. You have free will too, and if you want to fight for your marriage, then that is your choice.

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